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3 yrs ago
My username may contain wolf, however, I'm actually a dog. Give me attention.
4 yrs ago
Do you realize that if you call a restroom a bathroom that has no bathing facilities in it, you're just lying to yourself and the rest of the world? :D
4 yrs ago
I'm back :3


Yo. I'm a university student. I do the honors program with a major in Biomedical science and a minor in microbiology. I might have a brain but I don't always use it (aka I say a lot of dumb shit). I love getting to know people and I've met some life long friends from this site. With that being said, I am very busy during the school year but I hope to be around here a little more like I was before guild fall. I guess I grew up on this site a little. I've been around here since I was 15, so I've been roleplaying for quite awhile. I love fantasy, slice of life, anime ....and the kind of stuff you only RP in PMs *SUBTLE HINT*. Guinea pigs are my favorite animals and tofu is my favorite food. Oh, and I'm not a white person. I'm more of a dark white.. not really black but grey if you will. I'm not really a normal person.

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Plz turn the music down. I'm trying to sleep.
ESO is crappy.

Quija boards are NOT TOYS

Have you played with them? XD

When the co-GM says somethin and you know they must be on something,
so you're like:

so ya waiting for the GM to come back and straighten things out
Removed for privacy! :D
basically: f*uckin attend class, you ain't need sleep, talk to people. Thanks guys. What about relationships in college tho?
I'm about to eat ALL of the Ben & Jerry's Half-Baked. @Gonzo Everywhere you go. No more.
@Gonzo No one cares. Approve my CS plz.
@wolverbells nuttin :D
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