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What level of power are we talking about here? I know that "superhero" was one of your tags, but this ain't exactly The Avengers :D
So... any updates on this?
This sounds great! I'll start on a CS. Very intriguing concept.
I have two ideas for superhero stories I'd like to GM. Hoping for enough interest in one or the other to actually start an RP (meaning at least three actual players). I've decided not to use any rules set this time around; I'll just ask for a few things to be delineated on the character sheet.

1. Situation Excellent!

"Hard pressed on my right; center is yielding; impossible to maneuver. Situation excellent, I am attacking!" – French Marshal Ferdinand Foch, 1914

A group of outlier superhumans are hired to deal with Extremely Weird Things Happening That Threaten The World. Inspired by books like Planetary, Atomic Robo, Nextwave, and Doom Patrol (especially the Grant Morrison run). Lots of weirdness; a mix of the deadly serious and the absurd.

2. The Ultra-Moderns

"Whoever said that money can't buy happiness, simply didn't know where to go shopping." —Bo Derek

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.” – Harry Winston

In an alternate Earth of rapid social, political, and technological changes (think Future Shock or Michael Moorcock's Jerry Cornelius books), those few individuals who have super-powers are promoted as hyper-celebrities: branded, managed, and paid extremely well. When former members of a disbanded super-team are being murdered, the surviving members must put aside their old squabbles and combine forces to find and stop the killer (while still looking fabulous). This game is as much about relationships as it is about super-fights.

If there's enough interest in one or the other, I'll start up a game after the New Year.
Definitely interested.
I'm interested. Sounds like a great idea! How does it start?
Bumpin' up...
I for one always liked those cartoons (although I'm even bigger fan of the reboots).

Did you have anything particular in mind?

Yes, I am writing up a series profile. If enough people are interested in getting on board, I'll post it.
I've been working on a series for the game (the Season Three edition)... My experience with the game is limited, but the system is not complex, and it's a blast if you have any fondness for 1980's toy commercials action cartoons. Whaddya say? Any interest out there?
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