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Champion City's greatest hero, Captain Amazing, gave his life defeating the diabolical plans of an evil mastermind. As a result, the vulnerable metropolis has been inundated with villainous criminal scum who are hell-bent on taking over the city and squeezing it dry.

Is there a band of powerful heroes who will arise to defeat evil and save the city?

Well… no. :D There's only you and your cohorts. The other guys. The wannabes. The working class heroes.

This game can be considered a sequel to the movie Mystery Men, but if you haven't seen it, don't sweat it. I'll provide the lore, you provide the characters.

A Few Choice Words

I've laid down a lot of background material and a number of plots over the years, but it's all open-ended: I need you to bring your creativity, sense of humor, and fun to steer the stories. So, come fight the good fight against overwhelming odds! Be a Working Class Hero!
In Power Play 22 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

In Power Play 22 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Do you prefer having character sheets posted here or directly in the CS section?
Has Tom-Tom been approved?
Sandbox. I have a backstory for the town planned, but I'll try not to force events to happen. Things will happen because as a result of player actions, and I'll adapt to what the players choose to do.

Thank you. I will not be involving myself, but only because I lack the time to commit to a sandbox-style RP. Have fun, everyone! it sounds like a really intriguing premise!

Is this more sandbox-oriented, or more GM-guided?
Love the premise... Is this more sandbox-y or more GM-led?
What level of power are we talking about here? I know that "superhero" was one of your tags, but this ain't exactly The Avengers :D
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