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Husband of; Nenra Corislen
Interacting with; A bunch of NPC's and Nenra Corislen, a message was sent to the princes!

The long noisey day and night made staying awake intolerable. Vannoth wanted to sleep and be gone from this den of and disrespect sooner rather than later. He had been content to leave the estate to Bandor most of the time and, and only sent some of his men here just to ensure they didn’t burn it down or raid the historic trophies. He did not however expect the betrayal that night. He woke to the smell of burning flesh, blood and shouting… Someone was slashed or stabbed, someone’s shouting about worthless slaves, and a croak of a scream that was cut off? Who was so brazen to wake a warlord?

He sat up and looked about his room. It only took him a moment to realize what had happened. In that moment the room, and a part of the hall outside of the door was intolerably hot. It choked the air and dried the eyes. The air itself made it feel as if one would be standing directly under the desert sun with nothing to shield you from the heat. As he stood, he reached to his nightstand, drawing his sword. His voice breaking the already disturbed silence of the night with a thunderous bellow. “BRING ME BANDOR- IN CHAINS OR IN DEATH!” he knew the mans blade- the cuts it makes. Too sharp to rip, too dull to slice. Like an axe it was more of a chop, and Kuki’s throat was clearly chopped- hacked and slightly sawed as the cut couldn’t, and wouldn’t ever, be clean. He stormed out of the room and to his grim delight found the vassal preoccupied. In a rush of motion Crix Bandor, the vassal who had attacked Nenra, let go began to lower his arm for his sword to find his arm drastically misplaced, no longer attached, still twitching as if trying to clutch Nenra’s throat. As the man screamed Vannoth swung a heavy handed fist, the smaller lesser man crumpled under the force and weight of the Warlord’s wrathful blow. He looked to Nenra for a moment, the poor thing passed out form the abusive attack.”Time to correct a problem. Someone come take care of this one. See her to a bed and well treated, she’s been burned.” that was the last thing he said before continuing his warpath as his mean began to wake and take care of a problem long since overdue for rectifying. Bandors men were put to sword or chain, and a messenger sent to the Princes, to inform them that a vassal had decided to murder his gem, and marr his own. It was enough of an insult to kill a Warlord’s bride, but to kill one and harm another on the exact same night they were gifted? The Princes would see to it that the rest of bandor’s ilk were well punished, but these here in this estate? They were his to punish as he saw fit. It was his duty to show all what happens to those who waste the gifts of their superiors, especially since the gifts were from the Princes themselves, and while they were an inferior people, the Gem’s were a very necessary part of society. To waste the life of a Gem was an infuriating and disgusting act. One that provoked the invention of a new punishment, an example and a warning.

That same night after Bandor’s men and the vassal himself had been put to chains and the dead had been put to pyres, Vannoth ordered his men to start putting frames together in the shape of an X. These frame would, in the morning, be stood out in front of the estate. These prisoners would be strapped to them, beat with clubs until either they renounced Bandor or died. If they chose bandor they would die by stoning still strapped to the Frames. Those who chose Mors would survive but suffer humiliation and stay strapped to the Frame for the rest of the day; Any that survived would be forgiven. The dead would be left for the day then burned on a pyre. Crix himself however was to be the prime example, set in the street before the estate, upside down on his frame, words of the qualities he lacked carved, burned, and singed into his flesh, immediately beaten and stoned to near death, left to die in the sun. This is all, of course much later.

After the culling of the estates residents, Vannoth returns to his room and sees Kuki off to a proper Burial, A gesture of respect for someone who was not willing and died for putting up with it anyway. He then went to look in on Nenra. A few of his men having taken her to a clean bed no longer owned by another. One of the servants was tending her throat with water and bandage to clean and prepare it. Soon an herbal ointment was applied, something to help it heal in time and dull the immediate pain. “That’s all I can do for her now, Mors”, The warlord was so used to the elderly servant calling him by that, an order from his father before his death, that he hardly even noticed anymore “Thank you. Keep an eye on her, if anyone bothers you or her call for Kathar. He’ll be placed near the door and the hall. If Kathar bugs you, call for Me.” The servant gave a nod and began cleaning up his mess of supplies and items, “Here… you’re getting too old to be carrying all of it.” the old servant merely looked at him and scoffed “Is that respect or is that pity? Don’t get too soft” he quickly smacked the mountainous man over the wounded shoulder and it was everything Vannoth could do to not bellow like a wounded beast. Through gritted death “Don’t push your luck- you are as close as a friend as you can come, dont waste it one foolish acts of stupidity.” the servant just chuckled and walked off down the hall with his goods leaving the wincing and teary eyed Vannoth in the room with Nenra, at least just for the time being.
It's not Murder per say. It's more like Malicious Medically-adjacent experimentation~
Damn... ill have to add more nightshade next time...

Husband of; Kuki Aho @Melody00
Interacting with; Kuki Aho @Melody00

"So, do you have anywhere I could meditate? Like, a quiet, private area?" there was a moment as she thought about what she said, and began blushing "Ah! Wait, before you think anything, I didn't mean- um... I mean, is there anywhere I could be alone? A garden, perhaps? Or a library?" He looked over and the rage left him for a moment before he nodded and held his shoulder. He put the sword down a bit eagerly and it was easy to see he was in pain. For a moment one of the younger men walked up quickly and was about to say something- the baleful glare and rising heat was enough to discomfort the young one. "I am fine.... but thank you. Spend your time elsewhere, fool." It was clear he was not intentionally this wrathful and actually held some care for those around him, at least for the young warriors anyway. With a short sigh, painful roll of his shoulder, and a grumble, he looked back over "I have a private room, and a small office of sorts... they likely need a good dusting, and maybe some clean up." he stands and starts walking to the far end of the hall, where a large pair of wooden and braced doors stood. He opens a door to reveal the untouched bedroom beyond. "Will this do for now, Kuki....?" The room beyond, while not dusted and untouched, was very well furnished with a massive bed, a few unused stands and a door- presumably leading to a Closet. Not overly cozy, but practical. To finish the room was a window to the open yard.

Husband of; Kuki Aho @Melody00
Interacting with; Kuki Aho @Melody00

As the rain had picked up He spread his cloak and wraps it about her, to keep her dry and warm. It wasn't out of any wish to impress or protect her, but rather more of a 'It'd be a waste for her to get sick already' thought. Maybe that was just his own way of down playing it, but perhaps he really didn't care, he wasn't one to judge himself based on a moments reaction. He led her inside as the rain had picked up "The rain is rare, but when it comes down it pours." He sighed on the steps to the manor. "Now... I don't live here, but I do own it, and many of my people are likely inside, in fact many of my trainees will likely be inside. Many will attempt to touch you, maybe even harm you, if you try to leave my side or leave the same room I'm in... Do not be surprised if I have to break one or two of them in front of you for attempting to take or harm you."

The outside of the manor was very unassuming, you wouldn't think anyone of power or wealth lived there, the smooth sandstone walls almost made it just blend in with the nearby buildings. As he threw open the doors to the building, it was a very different story. The floor was the only sandstone here, and the inner walls are of carefully cut slate and granite keystones, and here in the main building and hall, the walls and roof were supported by wooden beams, looted and taken from earlier battles from both Vannoth and his ancestors. The men here were loud, as the doors open it grew louder for a moment as many stood and were going to oppose the intruder, and as they saw the warlord himself being he who threw open the doors there was little to no sound. Dead silence, due to a mixture of confusion and fear. "Welcome, Kuki, to what seems to be my vassal's little party in My Manor..." he walked forward into the warm hall, all eyes on the very grumpy looking warlord. "You have your own wing, GET OUT OF MY HALL!" his bellow almost a roar in the host's face, as he grabbed his blade that hung at his side, preparing to draw as raise it as most of the men in the hall began to scatter through the corridors and into their own wings. "Those of you who belong here, clean this mess up." he sat down in his vacant chair, grumbling as he gestured to one of the warriors "Bring my new bride a seat of her own and something to eat." the warrior may be no servant but there is a risk that comes of ignoring a 'request' from a warlord in his own home and it is not a risk one willingly takes when said warlord has a reputation for an explosive and violent temper. Needless to say, before long the table in the hall was set back into place, and a new chair was brought in for Kuki.

Husband of; Kuki Aho @Melody00
Interacting with; Kuki Aho @Melody00

"Well, I like painting. And reading." She smiled and let out a small chuckle. "If you gave me any free time, I would probably spend it in a corner reading a book." She was quiet for a moment. "I also enjoy just spending time in nature and meditating. It's calming." Vannoth thought about this as he calmed a bit, still half smiling. "So a Garden then- a place to be alone at times and relax? Other than that I do have a bath house but I feel that I would need a new one that is more personal... or I would very quickly run out of recruits. . . Young warriors do not have the habit of behaving well when there is beauty or excitement." he sighs "It takes months of working them to get the stupidity out of them." He was already devolving back into his typical grouchy ways. He did not talk much once she grew silent, but he did the take the time to enjoy the walk with her until they arrive at the small manor. That is a very quiet, long walk. He knew nothing of painting or books meant for leisure, and would likely take the time later to learn more for her sake.

Husband of Kuki Aho @Melody00
Interacting with; Kuki Aho @Melody00

Vannoth wasn't too much of a talker, he never was. In hindsight, he will likely never be. However the question and the willingness to talk to him was somewhat unpredictable and he was unguarded against it. "So, uh, what do you do in your free time?" it was an innocent question. "I'm a Trainer, I train other warriors, and the sons of other warlords. I don't get a lot of free time... But usually I relax and well..." he starts laughing "Actually I don't have a hobby now that I think about it!" as he truly enjoys his job he's never needed something to do other than relax at home, taunt one of his underlings or his recruits. His laugh was like the roar of fire, mixed with the boom of falling trees. "How about you. Is there something You do in your free time? I'm not exactly a poor man, so we can get you whatever you need, and as a warlord I have my own land" he thought If it's anything I've learned everyone has different needs, so, if you're going to last and thrive then I have to provide for it. He was used to this idea, 'change the plan to match the needs of the person', it's common sense. He doesn't notice it yet, but for once he didn't feel the pain of his shoulder and it's wound, and he was laughing. something he did not mean to do, he was so unprepared for such an innocent question, and it genuinely had him off guard.


Hows dis look?

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It's not fancy, It's not super special, it's not overly well done...

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