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Lei saw little advantage in sticking around the mayor's office to discuss strategy with the people around him, especially since one of the 'heroes' he had to apparently work with had just wrecked the entire place and almost skewered several people with tendrils of dark energy. The fact that innocent civilians were in danger was also a motivating factor.

Not bothering to look at whatever his code name was designated as, probably something that didn't sound particularly hero-like anyways, the hooded man almost became a blur as the entire length of his body stretched and shot itself through the window. Lei continued to move at impressive speeds as he made his way to the park, probably far faster than most people would expect from a man who wasn't even running, but rather dragging his stomach and legs across the ground in a sequence of grotesque slithers.

Upon reaching the park, Lei found the situation to be...a lot to take in, to say the least. Apparently a man of rather generous girth was on a rampage and somehow concocting an attack against anyone in sight through the use of culinary creature-like creations. The scaley hero's teeth grit when he saw one of the harpies preparing to breath a stream of molten macaroni onto a nearby child, who stood frozen in terror.

"No time to think now." He muttered grimly as he stretched his body to shoot himself in front of the boy as fast as he could, then spread his arms out to block most of the smoldering hot food.

"Ggk!" Lei hissed as the painful sensation of intense burning immediately began to set in, before he reflexively broke himself out of his own body, leaving a hollow shell behind. Turning his head and watching his 'shed skin' continue to scald and melt under the macaroni with the a wary glance, he then heard a woman thank him profusely as she took her son and raced to safety.

Lei then glared upwards at the flying monster who had tried to attack the child, his slit-eyes narrowing dangerously as his body began to tense in preparation. He hadn't been in his mutant form long before he entered the mayor's office, and as such didn't have the time to produce more outer layers. He'd have to avoid getting hit by the macaroni from this point on. And the quickest way to accomplish that was by destroying the things that barfed them out.

Springing upwards from the ground, his elongated body quickly coiled around the harpy in mid-air, causing both of them to fall crashing to the ground. Lei grunted as he landed on the grass, but for the most part his elastic body was able to absorb the shock, allowing him to continue to constrict himself around the creature he had caught, gradually crushing its midsection in the hopes that he could keep it from breathing macaroni again.

With the two of them interlocked and immobile on the ground, it probably opened up a good opportunity for anyone else to finish the creature off, if they so desired.
@Utrax XD I know right? Violet's quite the uh... catalyst, as well.

@Cherrywitch I guess you could say she really knows how to make things...heated.

Lei Zhang

Lei tried his best to separate the cacophony of loud voices that were soon flooding the room. He thought he heard a mixture of valley girl slang, offers to have fortunes read, angry yelling, and...pop culture movie quotes? The hooded man arched an eyebrow as he glanced up from his packet of papers to get a better look at everyone there. It was certainly a unique variety of shapes and faces, including what appeared to be a talking sentient teddy bear.

Sighing as he filled out what was left of the forms, he was forced to acknowledge that unless the bear was a dwarf in a mascot outfit, Lei was one of the only people there who had made an attempt at wearing a masked costume. While this wasn't the end of the world, it did make him feel tremendously silly. He supposed crime fighters these days didn't care too much about hiding their identities anymore.

After the minimally dressed woman on the desk bluntly informed him that his assumptions on her employee status were way off, he gave a light shrug as he made his way over to the odd looking man with the bolts in his head. Though his mannerisms were a bit eccentric, he was also one of few people in the room who seemed to have finished filling out their packet as well.

Glancing at the woman he had spoken to earlier, who was now apparently screaming for two people to affectionately lock lips, then to another person who could seemingly carry her voice clearly across the entire room despite the amount of people already talking, Lei then placed his hands in his pockets as he turned to the man he stood beside.

"Are you not entertained?" He remarked, in an attempt to communicate on a similar level.
<Snipped quote by Utrax>

Meh. It came off as trying to hard imo.

I think it was perfectly in keeping with Elijah's character, though. Due to the implants in his head, he's super hyper, and movie quotes are literally the only way he can talk anymore.

Also, have to say, the thunderbuddies quote really threw me for a loop.
Lei Zhang

A young man carefully approached the receptionist desk, softly clearing his throat to get her attention, then unfolding and displaying the letter he had received. The weathered woman stared at his odd ensemble of jacket, hoodie, mask, and tie with an incredulous expression, as if to ask 'this was the best costume you could come up with?' Eventually, though, she handed him a rather thick packet and pointed him towards where all the other heroes were apparently gathering.

Quickly skimming through the contents of the papers as he walked, Lei suddenly froze as he felt a reverberating buzz from the phone in his back pocket. Prying it out and turning on the screen, he sighed as he saw the bold words of a text message emblazoned on the front, reading in call caps, [WHERE R U??]. The masked man paused for a moment before writing a message back, which he discovered was extremely difficult to do while wearing leather gloves.

[It's hero business. Sorry Jin, but could you keep this a secret from mom and dad?]

[Hold on, listen.]


Lei decided that was a good time to shut off his phone. Shaking his head as he imagined the storm that was now brewing in his home life, the scale-speckled man attempted to push such thoughts aside as he opened the door to the office. Blinking for a moment as he scanned the room, the wide array of people there took him a bit by surprise. Of course he caught a few stares as well, what with his green hair and the eerily slit pupils of his yellow eyes.

Opting to simply remain silent and fill out the forms he had received, Lei realized too late that the receptionist had neglected to give him a pen, which he somehow doubted was accidental. Deciding he could probably find a spare one somewhere on the mayor's desk, the hooded man made his way there and began to search, which unfortunately put him in rather close proximity to the...liberally dressed woman who was sitting casually atop it.

"I'm uh, borrowing this." He murmured quietly to her as he waved a black pen in his hand. Since she was one of the few people in the room without a packet, he assumed that maybe she was part of the mayor's personal staff or something. She certainly seemed to behave like she owned the place.

As Lei began to fill in some of the blank lines, he realized bitterly that it was pretty difficult to write with leather gloves on, too. He definitely underestimated the amount of paperwork he'd be encountering when he tailored this crime-fitting costume, that was for sure.
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