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@Jacobite Sooooo...?
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Oh right, it's deadline day!

This is probably the first time in about a decade I had my assignment done more than a week before the deadline.

Hmmmm... Now if only I could use this as part of a degree or something.
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Good news, guys: we have a full set of eight :) @Solo@mskennedy615@FantasyChic@Sodomite@fishguy! And two unknowns who have almost finished their characters in secret, @Sylph@Liriia!

The OOC will be up shortly and at present I'm just polishing off the posting rules given that I literally turned in my last course essay two hours ago. PS - love all the characters so far, especially Laketta, sorry if I didn't get a chance to say that at the time of posting. How's that for a positive status update?

THREAD ETA: within the next two hours. I'm a tryhard.
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