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Current 27 today :)
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First step done! I have a name for my RP. Now to fill it with....stuff
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I think it's that time boys and girls. I think I will be GMing my own RP!
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I wish everyone a Happy Holiday!



Name: FantasyChic
Aliases: ShopoholicGirl19, Sarcastic Piece of S***, Miss
Age: 27
Birthday: April 11
Ethnicity: American
Major/Minor: Forensic Psychology
Occupation: Server at The Cheesecake Factory
Languages: English, Sarcasm, Irony, and Some Spanish
Current Bio Theme: Megara (Previously Louise Belcher)
Years RPing: 8
Preferred RP Section: Advanced
RP Level: High Casual - Advanced
Dedication Level: Omg SO High!
Biggest RP Pet Peeve: Mary Sue Characters, RPs losing interest after initial posts/interest checks, Feeling like you know everything about RPing (we ALL can learn)


Height: 5'8''
Weight: Never ask a lady this...
Build: Slight curves, more top heavy than anything
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Blonde
Skin Tone: Cream
Tattoos/Piercings/Scars: Two ear piercings, small scar on forhead, no tattoos (yet!)
Personal Style: Normally, FantasyChic wears comfortable clothing, mainly t-shirts and leggings, but she will branch out if the mood fits. She loves girly clothing, especially skirts and dresses. Ever obsessed with handbags, she has a large number to match any outfit combination. Her favorite color to wear is, of course, pink.

She typically wears her hair down as it falls to her lower back. She has only ever cut it once (and regrets it to this day). Jewelry is minimal, but she is fond of earrings and necklaces. She is also a big fan of sweatpants.


Witty * Inattentive * Fun-Loving * Troublesome * Reliable * No-Nonsense

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Forever Alone
Personality: FantasyChic is, above all else, a fun-loving person. If it's not fun, she does not take part in it (unless she has to). She is sarcastic and witty to a fault, at the expense of others. She isn't afraid to tell someone off if they are acting the fool. She can be the best friend you could ever want or the worst enemy to make. The choice is, often, not yours.

FantasyChic is reliable. She strives to get her tasks done, even if it takes a bit, but she will do it, especially for those she cares about. She can be inattentive, usually not because she does not care, but because she is probably thinking about puppies/glitter/memes/etc. She is also troublesome, getting things wrong and messing up in real life and in RP. However, she doesn't let bad times phase her.
  • Swearing
  • Sarcasm
  • Drinking

  • Writing
  • Reading (mainly mystery/thrillers)
  • Gaming
  • Music

  • Bees
  • Not Seeing The Bottom Of A Pool Of Water
  • Losing Eyesight

  • Shopping (A bit too much)
  • The Color Pink
  • Humor
  • Netflix
  • Free Drinks
  • Chicago
  • Video Games

  • Sexism
  • Humorless People
  • Hot Weather
  • Headaches
  • Getting Sick
  • Ranch Dressing
  • Losing

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Upcoming RP's
  • The Nocturnals (GM): A Mystery RP Where No Case Is Too Crazy

Other Interesting Things


Why Did You Come To The RP Guild?: I had the itch to RP those years ago and no amount of writing was sedating it. I needed a creative outlet. So after scouring the internet I stumbled across this site. And the rest is history.

Life Before The Guild: I started RPing in the MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game City of Heroes. I played for fun, but I ran into a group of people RPing. I asked them what they were doing and they introduced me to the concept. A quick character creation later and I joined their team and began RPing on my own.

Eventually, I moved from game to game, RPing in each one. I played Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Tera mainly. Each game introduced me to new concepts and I grew my skills in RPing.

However, tragedy struck in each game. I was put into positions I was not comfortable in, I was harassed by people I thought were my friends, and I found myself not having fun anymore. So I up and quit. After a couple months, I missed RPing.

Life Since The Guild: It's been a whirlwind of a time on here. A rocky start found me joining (and leaving) many RPs due to inactivity or lost interest. Finally, I found a place I feel wanted, loved, and cared for. And I don't plan on leaving it soon. It got to the point where I am even considering GMing my own game: a thought I NEVER thought I would have.

This is my home now.


For one reason or another, I have come to know these people and consider them friends. Regardless of starts or ends, these people are the reason I continue to come to this site day after day. And I wouldn't have it any other way!

@Lord Wraith: Probably the person I consider my first friend on here. He seemed to be in every game I put interest in (especially the superhero ones). As time went on, we got to know each other and became friends. We've had ups and downs, but he will always be someone I care about and I hope we can write again in the future.

@Lady Amalthea: Whoo boy. This girl. She's Queen GM herself. I will admit, I was extremely intimidated by her when I first met her. She seemed to know so much and I felt I wasn't worthy to be a part of her games. My characters weren't the best at the start, but with some gentle hand-holding and all-out verbal attacks, I eventually grew better and was able to adapt and thrive with my characters, making some of the best I have ever seen. Without her, I would not be the writer I am today. She gets all the credit.

@Morose: Oh my pink bothers you? Too bad! I love this girl so much! She is a wonderful GM and a great person to talk to. We've butted heads a few times, but what friends don't? Who knew we started off in Superhero RPs together? I must have blurred those memories! Either way, she is a great storyteller and I look forward to the chaos we'll cause!

@Nallore: This girl is quite the character. She's goofy and fun and a joy to be around! She's there if you need someone to listen to you vent or for a good grope (because we ALL need one). She has even become a really good GM, able to create some interesting stories. Put us together and I have a feeling not much would ever get done.

@ONL: We met in an RP and our characters were fated to be stuck together. After all, we only have each other in that game. He's such a sweet guy and his characters are all interesting to read and interact with. I've had the best time RPing with you and I hope it continues.


Quotes: "Yo"
"Aw f***...."
"You can never have too many purses"
"Well, that happened.."

Theme Song:

Most Recent Posts

Allison Andrews

Location: X-Mansion
{"What the...frick!?"}

Allison quickly raced up the stairs with Lance. She knew most of the other students were home visiting their parents (probably due to the Mutant registration act and all the backlash), but still there were some younger students still around and unable to protect themselves. She wasn't thinking straight, so when she heard Lance scream behind her, she turned to look and saw the projectile through the window before he tackled her to the ground. The glass that fell didn't hurt her, but she was worried about Lance.

She stood up with his help as he told the children to get moving. It was kind of cute, in a way. No, Allison! Not right now! Carolina came up to them, thankfully, and her mind came back to the task at hand. "Yeah, we just saw them and they are on their way. We should check the rest of upstairs, but I think we got them all." She felt somewhat useless, but she wasn't about to stop now. She had to do what she could to help.

Sara Grey

Location: X-Mansion
{"Let's get going chuckles."}

To be fair, Sara should have introduced herself to the boy (kind of cute, actually) but she was eager to prove herself! This was so much cooler than the training simulations! Sure, it was deadly and dangerous and she could die. But cool!

She heard the boy calling and she looked back. "Others already went upstairs to check. There may be other kids in areas of the house. Plus, is anyone checking on the professor? I know the old dude is capable, but still." She stopped running and sighed. The least she could do was listen.

"Name's Sara. And I control fire and ice as well. Also lightning. Weather. Minds. Depends on the power of the person I copy, really, so if we run into trouble if you can start throwing your power around, that would be great."

Mei Qiáo

Location: Newhope - Lady Luck
Skills: N/A

Mei had not danced often. As she preferred it, she would rather not be seen or heard. She had attended a few events where dancing was a central aspect, but she was usually blended into the crowd or was watching from afar. So why she decided to accept the offer of a dance was beyond her. Perhaps this was her letting loose and getting to know the crew she would be working alongside.

The Doctor's compliments threw her for a bit. She knew the older sister, Dorothy, was one of those chasing her, and now it seemed she learned the identity of the other. The Barber was the one giving chase. Given what she perceived from him, she was impressed she managed to get away and now it made sense why he was so adamant about his shoes. She would have to find a way to repay him.

She followed the man's lead on to the dance floor. "I hope you'll bear with me. I have not danced in some time." She would follow his lead, hoping the man was not all talk.

Jacqueline Croix

Location: Newhope - Lady Luck
Skills: Perception

Jackie resisted any attempt to slap the undeniably fine mustache off the man's face. "Learn to take a compliment, Barber Boy, I rarely give them out and when I do, I mean it." Though she could agree with the man's comment about flattery. She, especially from men, was often complimented with the hopes of getting between the sheets. She obliged, of course, but it was annoying. She had a feeling Barber Boy was not one of those men, especially given the fact he seemed to have already done the deed.

He moved quite fine and she was able to follow along. However, her gaze came onto the man's forearms. It was pointy and she could just make it out. She could not fault the man for being well-protected. She had a feeling he was not part of the crew because he enjoyed their company (well not ALL of their company). "I'm gonna assume you got something in your sleeves poking me and you aren't just happy to see me?" She asked casually, hoping to make some conversation. Dancing was all well and good, but she wasn't doing this because she wanted to bust a move.

Priya Khurana

Location: Safehouse
Skills: N/A

"No, she definitely is not dead. If she is, I want the number for her dermatologist."

Priya didn't often joke, but this was all so crazy, she had to be dreaming. The fact this case took the turn it did shouldn't have surprised her. She came here to Justice for that reason. She listened as Roy spoke and told the story, the story she was not aware of. How it involved Riley and her friends. She could understand now why Roy wanted Riley in on this, but why not tell her from the get-go then?

Priya listened intently, letting questions rest until the end, once everyone spoke, she put her two cents in, "Ok, so there is a lot more going on here than I originally thought. And now we have video proof that one of the highest powered women is somehow connected to all of this. The question is: what do we do with it?" Did they question her? Should they? Did they tell the FBI? She was not sure how to proceed, which was a first.

Finley Alestair

Location: Cafe

Finley finished up the orders and looked at her tip jar. She noticed it was decently stocked up. Especially by the old man, Kosara's grandfather, who left her a decent tip. She felt guilty considering all she said to the man. And Olivia was also being nice to her. It made her feel weird. She didn't like this. Why couldn't things be normal where she could hang with Taylor and Declan and Jenna and not worry about shit like Riley or the mayor.

Life would never be normal again.

She took off her apron and hung it up, "Shifts over! Should be dying down shortly before the next person starts." She called to the back kitchen. Truth be told, she was supposed to be done an hour ago, but she wasn't gonna leave them short-handed here. She took her tips out and pocketed them as she quickly grabbed a cookie to mucn on while she waited for Declan to show up.

Q U I N N P E T E R S O N:

Wednesday, August 15th - 12:30 PM | New York City, New York

Quinn spoke her approval and hung up to let the woman get what she needed to be done. At that time, Ryan returned. Bless him, he actually bought her something. And she was about to run out of the room. She turned to face him "Just spoke with the wife and she is going to meet with me to pick up her husband's remains once we are done here. Apart from that, nothing much else, poor guy. Let's finish him up then and get him ready for pick-up. And thanks for the salad!"

She wasn't hungry as much anymore, given all that occurred, but she texted the woman the address to a nearby cafe within walking distance. It would be the best place to exchange and they could set up privately while she asked what she needed to. It was more than a burning curiosity at this point. Something weird was going on. Well, weirder than what she was already used to.

Colette de La Fontaine

Location: Heaton Hall, Ladies Room; Manchester, England
Skills: Language -English, House, Court Ettiquette

Colette let the course be taken away as she awaited the next one to be brought out. This was to stimulate conversation and she was happy it was with Millicent. She had a feeling if she was forced to talk to either of the Lords she would be bored out of her mind. Men never truly held conversations well. They were only really good for one thing and that was not polite dinner conversation.

Her thoughts raced to her maid who was home alone. While she was confident the woman could take care of herself (Soulless be damned) she was still concerned. "Yes, she is one I most rely on, especially being far from home."

When Millicent brought up any plans, she had to admit she had not considered such things. What was she to do during her days here? Sure, she could go for walks, perhaps do some shopping, attend other parties, but she would still have many days of nothing. And she would not be content to sit in a room and sew or read. "Telling the truth, I have no plans. I am open, it seems." She wondered if Millicent was going to suggest something they could do together. She was anxious to talk to Millicent alone away from the men.
Nearing Day 7 but it is late and I have 4 other RPs to post in so I will do all of that tomorrow/later today
Lilith St. Sebastian

Location: The Hotel
Interacting With: Thalia and Folly

Lilith watched Folly intently to see any signs of a breakdown. She was worried about the girl and what the stress of the situation was doing to her. Thalia was a whole other matter, especially given the fact she continued to talk to no one else (and she was pretty sure Thalia was not seeing spirits like she could). She would deal with that later.

The book hit with a thud. Lilith stood up in case Folly went apeshit, but she was surprisingly composed. "It was a good idea. Perhaps I can contact a spirit that was here at the same time he was? Maybe they heard him mention something? Other than that I have no other ideas for contacting them. It's not like they ever gave me a business card."

Faith Masters

Location: Road To Servant's Quarters -> Kitchen House
Skills: N/A

Faith took the mason jar slid over to her. She wasn't about to admit it to anyone that this was her first actual drink. She was 18 around the time the apocalypse started and, since then, she had to remain dry for her own safety. Alcohol wasn't in huge demand when it came to supplies, though she had seen her fair share of them. She also wasn't that high school kid that drank alcohol before they were 21. She was too busy cheerleading, campaigning, and generally ruling the school to bother with alcohol.

She sniffed it at first and could tell already how powerful it was going to be. Still, she was no loser. She took a hearty sip. "Whoo!" She let out a startled scream without meaning to. It was strong! It was good though! She took another sip and let it burn down her throat. She could see the excitement now! "This shit is good!"

Faith fought an eye roll as Sensory Overload Barbie suggested a drinking game. But, it might be fun. And that meant she would drink more. Wait, could they get drunk? They were dead, weren't they? They couldn't get periods or pregnant, but they still needed to eat. How the fuck did this topsy-tury world work?!? Rather than question it, she sat down and leaned back in the chair, "Fuck it, I'm down."

Tiffany Lyle

Location: Methodist Church Parking Lot
Skills: N/A

Jack was probably stunned into silence as she waited for his answer. "I'll drive, though it has been some time since I did so." It was just like riding a bike, right? Once you get back on it, it would all come back to you. She sat down in the driver's seat and turned the car on again, letting it purr for a bit. The Walkers were inching closer and she didn't want to wait any longer.

She waited for Jack to get inside before she put it in drive and drove off. She kept it slow enough to avoid any damage, but she also wanted to make some headway from the Walkers closing in. She didn't want to hit them, as they would damage the car and they were lucky enough to find one that worked.

"So, any idea what direction we need to go in?"
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