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Name: FantasyChic
Aliases: ShopoholicGirl19, Sarcastic Piece of S***, Miss
Age: 28
Birthday: April 11
Ethnicity: American
Major/Minor: Forensic Psychology
Occupation: Server at The Cheesecake Factory
Languages: English, Sarcasm, Irony, and Some Spanish
Current Bio Theme: Debbie Jelinsky (Previously Shego)
Years RPing: 8
Preferred RP Section: Advanced
RP Level: High Casual - Advanced
Dedication Level: Omg SO High!
Biggest RP Pet Peeve: Mary Sue Characters, RPs losing interest after initial posts/interest checks, Feeling like you know everything about RPing (we ALL can learn)


Height: 5'8''
Weight: Never ask a lady this...
Build: Slight curves, more top heavy than anything
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Blonde
Skin Tone: Cream
Tattoos/Piercings/Scars: Two ear piercings, small scar on forhead, no tattoos (yet!)
Personal Style: Normally, FantasyChic wears comfortable clothing, mainly t-shirts and leggings, but she will branch out if the mood fits. She loves girly clothing, especially skirts and dresses. Ever obsessed with handbags, she has a large number to match any outfit combination. Her favorite color to wear is, of course, pink.

She typically wears her hair down as it falls to her lower back. She has only ever cut it once (and regrets it to this day). Jewelry is minimal, but she is fond of earrings and necklaces. She is also a big fan of sweatpants.


Witty * Inattentive * Fun-Loving * Troublesome * Reliable * No-Nonsense

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Forever Alone
Personality: FantasyChic is, above all else, a fun-loving person. If it's not fun, she does not take part in it (unless she has to). She is sarcastic and witty to a fault, at the expense of others. She isn't afraid to tell someone off if they are acting the fool. She can be the best friend you could ever want or the worst enemy to make. The choice is, often, not yours.

FantasyChic is reliable. She strives to get her tasks done, even if it takes a bit, but she will do it, especially for those she cares about. She can be inattentive, usually not because she does not care, but because she is probably thinking about puppies/glitter/memes/etc. She is also troublesome, getting things wrong and messing up in real life and in RP. However, she doesn't let bad times phase her.
  • Swearing
  • Sarcasm
  • Drinking

  • Writing
  • Reading (mainly mystery/thrillers)
  • Gaming
  • Music

  • Bees
  • Not Seeing The Bottom Of A Pool Of Water
  • Losing Eyesight

  • Shopping (A bit too much)
  • The Color Pink
  • Humor
  • Netflix
  • Free Drinks
  • Chicago
  • Video Games

  • Sexism
  • Humorless People
  • Hot Weather
  • Headaches
  • Getting Sick
  • Ranch Dressing
  • Losing

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Why Did You Come To The RP Guild?: I had the itch to RP those years ago and no amount of writing was sedating it. I needed a creative outlet. So after scouring the internet, I stumbled across this site. And the rest is history.

Life Before The Guild: I started RPing in the MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game City of Heroes. I played for fun, but I ran into a group of people RPing. I asked them what they were doing and they introduced me to the concept. A quick character creation later and I joined their team and began RPing on my own.

Eventually, I moved from game to game, RPing in each one. I played Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Tera mainly. Each game introduced me to new concepts and I grew my skills in RPing.

However, tragedy struck in each game. I was put into positions I was not comfortable in, I was harassed by people I thought were my friends, and I found myself not having fun anymore. So I up and quit. After a couple months, I missed RPing.

Life Since The Guild: It's been a whirlwind of a time on here. A rocky start found me joining (and leaving) many RPs due to inactivity or lost interest. Finally, I found a place I feel wanted, loved, and cared for. And I don't plan on leaving it soon. It got to the point where I am even considering GMing my own game: a thought I NEVER thought I would have.

This is my home now.


For one reason or another, I have come to know these people and consider them friends. Regardless of starts or ends, these people are the reason I continue to come to this site day after day. And I wouldn't have it any other way!

@Lord Wraith: Probably the person I consider my first friend on here. He seemed to be in every game I put interest in (especially the superhero ones). As time went on, we got to know each other and became friends. We've had ups and downs, but he will always be someone I care about and I hope we can write again in the future.

@Morose: Oh my pink bothers you? Too bad! I love this girl so much! She is a wonderful GM and a great person to talk to. We've butted heads a few times, but what friends don't? Who knew we started off in Superhero RPs together? I must have blurred those memories! Either way, she is a great storyteller and I look forward to the chaos we'll cause!

@Nallore: This girl is quite the character. She's goofy and fun and a joy to be around! She's there if you need someone to listen to you vent or to just bitch about our life with. She has even become a really good GM, able to create some interesting stories. Put us together and I have a feeling not much would ever get done.

@ONL: We met in an RP and our characters were fated to be stuck together. After all, we only have each other in that game. He's such a sweet guy and his characters are all interesting to read and interact with. I've had the best time RPing with you and I hope it continues.

@Natsu: This guy is so sweet. I've enjoyed RPing with him and having my characters and his interact because there always seems to be an inherent closeness with them. He's such a sweetheart.


Quotes: "Yo"
"Aw f***...."
"You can never have too many purses"
"Well, that happened.."

Theme Song:

Most Recent Posts

Allison Andrews and Sara Grey

Location: The Reception
Skills: N/A

Allison was mildly embarrassed she just admitted the last time she pooped, but it could be worse. Everyone had admitted it to some form. She sat at the table as Neil set the game up, drawing the first black card. [i]Bitches be...[/b] She kind of wished she could play this round rather than judge, she had some decent cards. She looked over her companions for the game, eager to see what they would play. Her sense of humor wasn't well known, but she enjoyed something dark.

Not as much as Sara did though as she scoured her cards. There was one she particularly liked but wanted to save since it was so perfect. Mutants with actual medical conditions and no powers. It fit here, but she didn't know if Allison would appreciate the humor. Barbie seemed like she might enjoy something else. Instead, Sara opted for Natural Selection. It was kind of funny, she figured Allison would get it and enjoy it. She took the card and set it down.

Allison wondered if Thor would get the humor on some of these cards. He tended to be literal, though his time in the Avengers did get him acquainted with life here and not on Asgard. She stared at the hammer, the thing that Thor seemed to be transfixed to before. Maybe this would get him to open up more and enjoy himself? He did a stellar job officiating the wedding. Allison also wondered how Guin was doing. She would check on her friend later.

Sara, after playing her card, reached over and squeezed Neil's hands. She was proud of him and how open he was being. This wasn't D&D, this was human interaction on a pretty intense level. This game showed you how people thought, what they thought was funny, and what they might be uncomfortable with. No one threw their cards away in a huff, so it seemed people were, more or less, inclined to continue plying despite how dirty and raunchy this game could get. Thor especially. She was chomping at the bit wondering what he would play.

Leighton Brooks and Anastasia Reinhardt

Location: Dunkin' Donuts
Skills Ice Manipulation (Leighton), Morality Manipulation, Telekinesis (Anastasia)

Leighton felt the snake coiled around her, pinning her to the ground. She couldn't move and she cursed Pyro, the fucking maniac. She tried to form ice in her center to freeze it off to no avail. Her injuries were getting the best of her. She kept trying, but it was of no use. She could feel her energy draining away. With what little strength she had, she formed ice on her hand and reached for the snake. She managed to touch it and freeze part of it, but everything else was still fire.

Ana shook her head in disbelief. Jinx feeling he was in any way useful amused and surprised her. He was the one who had previously fucked up. If anyone was in danger of being on Reeva's radar, it was him. She let it slide though. She needed him, as painful as that was to admit, especially as the police had arrived, much like she said they would. Pyro was acting hysterical and his wound was opening back up. Ana tried to send her control out to the officers, to no avail. Whatever Jinx had done must be affecting her. Idiot.

She turned to Pyro, using her TK to close his wound. She managed to close it off easily this time. "Do try to be more careful. You have a wound that needs to be patched up. We should take care of the officers outside. Not like she can do much in there." Ana faced the outside, seeing and hearing the explosion of one of their cars. This could have all easily been avoided, but she supposed it was bound to happen as she was paired with two incompetent individuals with a knack for destruction.

Leighton, with all she had left, sent out a mental message to Max. She hoped she could get it out in time. "Max, I'm sorry I'm not there. The Hellfire Club found me and Desiree at the Dunkin' Donuts we stopped at. She's been killed and I am greatly injured. If you check police scanners, I am sure you can get an accurate read as to which one we are at. If I don't make it out of this, it was wonderful meeting and working with you." She struggled again to no use. This felt like it was the end. She hoped for a hail Mary but figured her luck had run out.

Georgina Locke

Location: Dumbledore's Office -> Hufflepuff Common Room
Magic: N/A

With all said and done, Georgina stood up and left Dumbledore's office. She would have waited for Artemis before she walked back to the commons, but he would be a while and Georgina wanted to get a head start in planning her work. Not only was she taking a lot of classes, preparing herself to become an Auror (she would have to study up really hard in order to pass), she was now part of a secret society given by Dumbledore himself. She bid farewell to her friends, noting to Artemis she would meet with him later.

She walked the corridors until she got to the basement. There, she located the barrels. Two from the bottom, she tapped it lightly in the rhythm of Helga Hufflepuff. As the entrance opened, she stepped inside, aware that she would have to remain quiet about all of this. She didn't want to disappoint Dumbledore or her friends. Even the others in the group, Paige of all people, she wanted to impress.

She sat in one of the chairs, both waiting for Artemis to come back and taking out one of her schoolbooks and began to read.


Location: Hobo Camp
Skills: N/A

Arthur's story, as Sapphire had said, was more interesting. And it made sense as to just how deep his anger was. Bella could only agree with his point of view. She also understood Andrew's plight and how Watts was feeling. She wanted to ensure it would all be all right, but she couldn't promise that. There was danger in any plan. She only felt like it would all go downhill anyway so she may as well charge in headfirst and get it done quickly. Stealth had never really worked up until this point.

"I can go first. I'm expendable." She could use her powers to protect herself to an extent, but even then there was danger. But she wouldn't stand idly by anymore. She was done with all of this. "Just tell me what needs to be done and I'll do it. I'm tired of standing around and talking. Let's take action." She figured out of everyone, she stood just as likely a chance at completing this, even though she knew very little about explosives. They went boom and destroyed things easily and that was all she needed to consider.

Watts might not like it though. But Watts didn't have a choice in the matter. He would have to deal with it.

Tinley Abercrombie

Location: Hub: The Hangar
Skills: N/A

Tinley felt an odd comfort at seeing Cass take the reigns of leadership. If she was being honest with herself, she had felt pride at having been given the position over her. Being as young and inexperienced as she was, she wanted the chance to prove herself. She felt she was a good leader, even if the others didn't see that. Leaders had to make tough calls and she did so. She wasn't perfect by any stretch and she made mistakes. Perhaps this would give her the chance to show she really wanted it.

For now, she was injured. Dallsey was taken care of, more or less, and Hill still needed to be found. "Appreciate the concern Agent Reed. Nice work." She waited for Strange to help her to get to the lab. She looked at Dallsey, wondering what had driven her apart from needing to see Agent Bautista. That was a question for later, though. For now, things were more or less under control, though that wouldn't last for very long.

Tempest Renroir

Location: Hub: Virology Lab -> Fury's Panic Room
Skills: Healing Manipulation

Tempest had eyed the woman on the security screen. She didn't know who she was, but that hadn't mattered that much as it looked like the others took care of her. Their attention was on Sparky, who was now being injected with Wolverine's blood, and Oliver, who had his world ruptured. Hearing Oliver speak about Cardiff, how Thanos destroyed it, pained her too. She couldn't imagine how Oliver was handling it all.

Tempest watched Bonnie work, there if she needed her. Without Strange, there was precious little they could do. Tempest couldn't heal Sparky of the M-Pox, but she could make the process more comfortable. As Sparky lay on the bed, Tempest imbued her healing magic on her. Sparky would feel a lot better. Not cured, not completely, but her symptoms would feel better than they had in the past. Tempest felt a surge of pride as she did so.

"We'll have more to help in a minute, but hopefully that will make you feel better Sparky." She gave the woman a compassionate smile before she checked to see how Oliver was doing.

Pandora Quill

Location: Wichita, Kansas - Trail Head
Skills: Deception

Pandora could only watch in both concern and amusement as her mother essentially set a fire near a forest. The girls were, rightly, shocked and the ranger sprung into action. She didn't know what the next step of the plan was, but the girls couldn't drive away or call for help, though it seemed help would be arriving soon, so whatever they intended to do, they needed to do it quickly.

"Ok, they are running off most likely. Are you ambushing them? Also, you know you set a fire close to the woods right? Like, I'm not an environmentalist by any stretch but even I am not as bold as to set a forest fire only to kidnap girls and that sentence sounds wrong. Just...put a spell on them quickly before their help arrives." Pandora wasn't feeling this anymore. The sooner they got what they came for, the better.

Allison Andrews and Sara Grey

Location: The Reception
Skills: N/A

Allison noticed Neil and Sara make their way to Thor and Mira followed. Allison followed closely after to see what was up. As she approached, she heard Neil speak up about a card game and asked Thor if he wanted to join. Allison found it kind of cute that Neil seemed to be breaking out of his shell, even just a little bit. Sara must be rubbing off on him. Or his time with them was helping. Either way, she was happy to see the growth.

Sara held in her laughter hearing Neil ask Thor to play and especially when he mentioned that whoever took a dump last went first. She coughed, clearing her throat. "Yeah, it's pretty fun. It's also very...wrong. Like not that kind of wrong, more like the 'we shouldn't talk or joke about that but we do anyway and laugh because we are most likely going to hell or whatever your damned afterlife is' kind of wrong. Totally fun though!"

Allison had heard of the game but had never played. She was by no means a prude, but she didn't relish too much in that kind of humor. But it seemed Thor could use some cheering up. "Got room for one more? Maybe two if Mira wants to join?" She looked at Mira. She knew Mira played D&D with the crew but didn't know if she would be into this sort of thing. "And I guarantee no one will turn into a snake and bite you. Well...I guess that's a possibility? I don't know everyone here."

Sara also decided to join as she took a seat at the table. "Ok so who pooped last? Own up. We all do it." Allison blushed a little. "Umm, I relieved myself this morning." Sara smirked, hearing Barbie doll admit to defecating. "Well that beats me. How about the rest of you?" She was getting a kick out of this alone. Forget the game, making people mildly uncomfortable was amusing in and of itself.

Leighton Brooks and Anastasia Reinhardt

Location: Dunkin' Donuts
Skills Ice Manipulation (Leighton), Telekinesis (Anastasia)

Leighton had feared it would come to that. There was no way the Hellfire Club would let her walk away Scott free. What was worse was that Desiree suffered for it. Leighton kicked herself for bringing the girl into danger, but either way, she had bigger things to worry about as Pyro sent his fire wolf on her, biting into her. She could feel her ribs crack from the pressure as she let out a scream. She would not go down so easily. Summoning all she could, she focused her ice on her center, sending it outward towards her now enemies. What formed was large, ice shards, hitting the wolf and pushing it off of her. Though it missed Ana and Jinx, it went right through Pyro.

Ana was not surprised Reeva would give the order to have Leighton killed. Even if she was the niece of one of their leaders, Ana figured the Hellfire Club held their own to a higher degree. She also expected Leighton to fight back, which she did. Ana narrowly missed the ice shards, but Pyro wasn't so lucky. Ana tried to force Leighton back, but she couldn't get a hold on to the girl.

Leighton took initiative, summoning more of her power to form an ice blockade in the doorway. She used Desiree's dead body as a push, forming a 6-foot ice wall, blocking them out. She had precious little time, seeing the window on the back. She walked towards it, checking to see if it was plausible she could escape. The window, however, was painted on and no way to open it. She would have to destroy it if she had any hope of leaving alive.

Ana was impressed the girl, being as injured as she was, could form such a huge ice wall. If only she used her powers for them. Pyro was injured, the ice shard melting and his wound opening up would cause problems. Ana used her telekinesis to cling on to the shard, gently pulling it out and staunching the bleeding. "Try not to move too much or it will open up again." With that, hopefully, Pyro could get the wall down. Leighton had little to go, being as injured as she was. "Jinx, we'll need to deal with the authorities soon. A mutant attack on a civilian business is going to attract attention."

Leighton Brooks

Location: Strip Mall Parking Lot
Skills Ice Manipulation, Enhanced Flexibility

Her plan had quickly deteriorated in front of her as Pyro sped off, launching his attack on Desiree's car, sending it up in flames. Leighton felt the heat, but was otherwise unharmed. However, Pyro had sped off into the Dunkin' Donuts in search of Desiree. The people there were panicking, and who could blame them? And as if things couldn't get worse, Jinx had arrived with his own brand of mischief and dove into the fray. And all on top of it, as Pyro found his prey, she heard Desiree cry out for her.

Leighton got her into this, she would get her out.

Ana chuckled and Leighton glared at her. "You find this funny?" Ana merely shrugged. "Top 10, at least." Leighton shook her head and ran off into the Dunkin' aware of the choices she would have to make. She sped inside into the restroom, where Pyro had unleashed a fire wolf on Desiree. Leighton tried to send an ice blast at it, but the wolf shrugged it off. She then formed ice around her fists and punched, but the wolf didn't budge. "Ok you fucking wolf. You asked for it." Leighton tried to form ice around her feet, but they quickly melted, but she managed what she set out to do, diving forward and spin-kicking the wolf off of Desiree.

She stood up, feeling hot as she noticed her shoes were now on fire.

Anastasia Reinhardt

Location: Strip Mall Parking Lot
Skills N/A

Ana had found the whole situation humorous. It was clear to her that Leighton had tried to betray them and got caught. Whether or not Pyro or Jinx saw it remained to be seen. Ana casually walked inside, seeing Jinx unleash his magic on the poor populace. Inside the rest room, Pyro had managed to get their target pinned, but Leighton had successfully gotten it off, only to be burning from the shoe up. Ana ran over, spotted a fire extinguisher, and put out the shoe fire. It wouldn't serve any of them for her to die.

"She needs to be alive!" Leighton screamed. Ana held up her hand. "Now, now, let's all be calm. You have a decision to make now. Either you and the target come with us willingly back to HQ and we chalk this all up as a big misunderstanding or you watch as this whole place, and everyone unfortunate enough to stay inside, go up in flames."

Leighton was in a bind. She had promised Desiree she would get her a choice, and she was determined to see that through. It just seemed like extra steps would have to be taken.

"Fine, but she remains unharmed"

Tinley Abercrombie

Location: Hub: The Hangar
Skills: Mind Control

Tinley's thoughts raced. She wanted to contest. She wanted to lash out. She had done all she could, led the team to the best of her ability. But it went south and that was on her. She knew it. Every instinct inside of her told her she should have sent a message out. She thought better than to do it, thinking she could handle it. She would defend her actions, sure. She knew she was a good leader, even if it didn't seem like it to the others.

Explosions rocked the room, sending everything into a tizzy. Perhaps it was her injury, perhaps it was the blast, but Tinley blacked out a bit. Striving for consciousness, she opened her eyes and felt the heat, seeing herself surrounded by fire. She began to get up, feeling her leg ache in pain. She was in no position to go anywhere. Was this how she died?

Apparently not as Matt came to her rescue. "Agent Moss. Remind me to hug you when we get through all this." She began to shift herself off her makeshift bed when she heard a voice. Cass, wheelchair-bound, was facing off against some woman she didn't recognize, speaking about some woman. Tinley felt some energy kick in, but Cass had already beaten her to the punch. With the woman now disarmed, Tinley tried to enter her mind to get her to spill if she was the bomber. Tinley, however, could not get through, chalking it up to her injury. Still. "Even injured, we could kick your ass around this room all day, but let's start with introductions. Who are you, why are you here, and did you just try to blow us all up?"

Tinley had checked the room, with no sign of Hill. She'd worry about her later. Tinley glanced at Cass. "Agent Reed, Hill was about to promote you to team lead, so what better start than now? How do you want to go about this?"

Tempest Renroir

Location: Hub: Virology Lab
Skills: Healing Manipulation

Tempest was not a nurse or a doctor, she just could heal. She had been able to since a young age though that was not where her interests were. However, she had been called, on occasion, to heal others and provide treatment so she had expected push back from Sparky. No one liked sitting still, especially when they knew that others were in trouble. But even then, Sparky would end up killing herself to get Raynor back and what good would that do either of them? She was a bit jealous of their love, considering her own efforts weren't recognized. And then Novikova came in to remind her of her and Maria's relationship and how fucking cute that was. And then Novi dropped the bombshell.

And then all hell broke loose as the building rocked from literal bombshells. Explosions. They were under attack. "That just figures." Really, she couldn't remember a time they weren't under attack by something. Cass, having been placed in a wheelchair, zoomed off with Matt to go see about Hill and Tinley and all them. Flynn went to go check out the explosions, leaving her, Niah, Bonnie, and Sparky. And Goose. Couldn't forget Goose. Sparky was looking worse, so Tempest ran over to check on her. Tempest used her healing to fill Sparky back up. Color returned to the girl's face and she would feel better. Not for long though. "There, that'll get you moving, at least."

Tempest really didn't address the elephant in the room, but she knew she would have to. Oliver was the son they were looking for. That was a gut punch if she ever heard it. She didn't know what Oliver was going through, but there would be time to process that later. Tempest ran over to Oliver, taking him by the shoulders and looking him in the face. "Oliver, I need you to focus. We don't know what happened and we have a bunch of kick-ass people working here. It would take more than an explosion to kill them all. But we need to get to the panic room now if we have any hope of ensuring we all survive." She then gripped his hand, prepared to drag him if needed. She glanced at Bonnie, "Let's get going."
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