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Decided to get back into Guild Wars 2. Hope I don't regret it!



Name: FantasyChic
Aliases: ShopoholicGirl19, Sarcastic Piece of S***, Miss
Age: 28
Birthday: April 11
Ethnicity: American
Major/Minor: Forensic Psychology
Occupation: Server at The Cheesecake Factory
Languages: English, Sarcasm, Irony, and Some Spanish
Current Bio Theme: Debbie Jelinsky (Previously Shego)
Years RPing: 8
Preferred RP Section: Advanced
RP Level: High Casual - Advanced
Dedication Level: Omg SO High!
Biggest RP Pet Peeve: Mary Sue Characters, RPs losing interest after initial posts/interest checks, Feeling like you know everything about RPing (we ALL can learn)


Height: 5'8''
Weight: Never ask a lady this...
Build: Slight curves, more top heavy than anything
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Blonde
Skin Tone: Cream
Tattoos/Piercings/Scars: Two ear piercings, small scar on forhead, no tattoos (yet!)
Personal Style: Normally, FantasyChic wears comfortable clothing, mainly t-shirts and leggings, but she will branch out if the mood fits. She loves girly clothing, especially skirts and dresses. Ever obsessed with handbags, she has a large number to match any outfit combination. Her favorite color to wear is, of course, pink.

She typically wears her hair down as it falls to her lower back. She has only ever cut it once (and regrets it to this day). Jewelry is minimal, but she is fond of earrings and necklaces. She is also a big fan of sweatpants.


Witty * Inattentive * Fun-Loving * Troublesome * Reliable * No-Nonsense

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Forever Alone
Personality: FantasyChic is, above all else, a fun-loving person. If it's not fun, she does not take part in it (unless she has to). She is sarcastic and witty to a fault, at the expense of others. She isn't afraid to tell someone off if they are acting the fool. She can be the best friend you could ever want or the worst enemy to make. The choice is, often, not yours.

FantasyChic is reliable. She strives to get her tasks done, even if it takes a bit, but she will do it, especially for those she cares about. She can be inattentive, usually not because she does not care, but because she is probably thinking about puppies/glitter/memes/etc. She is also troublesome, getting things wrong and messing up in real life and in RP. However, she doesn't let bad times phase her.
  • Swearing
  • Sarcasm
  • Drinking

  • Writing
  • Reading (mainly mystery/thrillers)
  • Gaming
  • Music

  • Bees
  • Not Seeing The Bottom Of A Pool Of Water
  • Losing Eyesight

  • Shopping (A bit too much)
  • The Color Pink
  • Humor
  • Netflix
  • Free Drinks
  • Chicago
  • Video Games

  • Sexism
  • Humorless People
  • Hot Weather
  • Headaches
  • Getting Sick
  • Ranch Dressing
  • Losing

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  • House of Babylon - An RP set in the 1800's with supernatural creatures

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Why Did You Come To The RP Guild?: I had the itch to RP those years ago and no amount of writing was sedating it. I needed a creative outlet. So after scouring the internet, I stumbled across this site. And the rest is history.

Life Before The Guild: I started RPing in the MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game City of Heroes. I played for fun, but I ran into a group of people RPing. I asked them what they were doing and they introduced me to the concept. A quick character creation later and I joined their team and began RPing on my own.

Eventually, I moved from game to game, RPing in each one. I played Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Tera mainly. Each game introduced me to new concepts and I grew my skills in RPing.

However, tragedy struck in each game. I was put into positions I was not comfortable in, I was harassed by people I thought were my friends, and I found myself not having fun anymore. So I up and quit. After a couple months, I missed RPing.

Life Since The Guild: It's been a whirlwind of a time on here. A rocky start found me joining (and leaving) many RPs due to inactivity or lost interest. Finally, I found a place I feel wanted, loved, and cared for. And I don't plan on leaving it soon. It got to the point where I am even considering GMing my own game: a thought I NEVER thought I would have.

This is my home now.


For one reason or another, I have come to know these people and consider them friends. Regardless of starts or ends, these people are the reason I continue to come to this site day after day. And I wouldn't have it any other way!

@Lord Wraith: Probably the person I consider my first friend on here. He seemed to be in every game I put interest in (especially the superhero ones). As time went on, we got to know each other and became friends. We've had ups and downs, but he will always be someone I care about and I hope we can write again in the future.

@Morose: Oh my pink bothers you? Too bad! I love this girl so much! She is a wonderful GM and a great person to talk to. We've butted heads a few times, but what friends don't? Who knew we started off in Superhero RPs together? I must have blurred those memories! Either way, she is a great storyteller and I look forward to the chaos we'll cause!

@Nallore: This girl is quite the character. She's goofy and fun and a joy to be around! She's there if you need someone to listen to you vent or for a good grope (because we ALL need one). She has even become a really good GM, able to create some interesting stories. Put us together and I have a feeling not much would ever get done.

@ONL: We met in an RP and our characters were fated to be stuck together. After all, we only have each other in that game. He's such a sweet guy and his characters are all interesting to read and interact with. I've had the best time RPing with you and I hope it continues.


Quotes: "Yo"
"Aw f***...."
"You can never have too many purses"
"Well, that happened.."

Theme Song:

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Tinley Abercrombie and Tempest Renroir

Location: Pym Technologies
Skills: N/A

Tinley watched as Novikovz got geared up for her mission into the Quantum Realm. A lot rode on this and she was not about to admit she had a knot in her stomach. She knew no one else was anywhere near prepared enough to make this trek. Even with Pym and the other brainiacs monitoring, and the use of Vision, didn't settle her nerves. Before Novikova went in, she walked over to her. "You got this. I know you can do it." She let her and Maria have their moment before it commenced.

Tempest meanwhile was having a field day with all the tech around her. She had landed in Pym's good graces with her knowledge and felt happy to be aiding the team in monitoring their success. She checked the consoles when fired up. "All looks clear here." Once they were in, she kept an eye out on their readings.

Tinley watched the portal, muttering under her breath. Anyone within earshot would hear her mutter, "Come on, you got this..." over and over. Was it more for their benefit or hers. She didn't know. At this point, she figured something would go wrong. Soon though, they came through. Tinley ran up to check. First on Novikova, but slowly the others as well. Raynor. Sparky. They were back. She let out the sigh she had been holding in since they first entered. She would have chewed both of them out for even going there in the first place, but she also still felt incredibly guilty. She wouldn't blame them if they were pissed off at her too. This was out of her wheelhouse though.

Tempest reacted quickly, running up to them. "Dr. Renoir here. Anyone got aches? Pains? Migraines? And not just from me talking? Let's get everyone to a chair or something and I can do a once over for anything." There was another person though. One she did not expect. A girl, obviously, and she had no idea where she was. "Ok get them all somewhere and I'll begin healing. Need to do it quickly though. They've been through a lot."


Location: Serval Industries - Training Room
Skills: N/A

Bella had her own questions. After all, she was not in the room when the machine exploded, seemingly killing Andrew. So that either meant the machine teleported him somewhere or he was, in fact, killed, and was somehow brought back. In any event, it didn't matter why he was alive. He was being held somewhere and Gardner knew and had a hand in it. That was all the incentive she needed to go on this mission. She didn't serve Gardner. She served herself and her own needs.

"Depending on security, we'll need to formulate a plan. We have some good for stealth and some good for action. I could aid in the sneaking in and disabling security measures." She could also incapacitate anyone who stood in her way, but she was trying not to kill every person she saw in front of her. For all she knew, the people there had no clue about what they were doing. She was trying to be better about that. Not everyone deserved death.

She followed the rest out of the training room. She didn't care if the other X-men came or did not come, she was confident in her own abilities and that was all she needed.

Desdemona Pemberton

Location: Camp Half-Blood - Dining Pavilion -> Barrier Entrance
Skills: N/A

Mona shrugged, though if she was being honest with herself she was kind of excited to see what was at the entrance. Her last adventure with Monsters was back at her old school. "Might as well. Not like we have anything else to do." Mona got up and followed the others to the entrance of the barrier. Did this camp rely on the campers to defend it? It wasn't like they all weren't skilled, but it seemed a weird oversight to have a group of only sons and daughters of gods guarding it, especially as some of them only just found out about all of this.

Once at the entrance, Mona noticed the monsters. Greetings could wait though. She ran up to the others. "Ok game plan? Punch them until they go away? I'm up for anything really. I want to hurt something." She was eager to test her new abilities and weapons n a real life situation and this presented a very unique opportunity for her.

Leighton Brooks

Location: The Mutant Underground - Washington D.C.
Skills N/A

Leighton bit her tongue when Sapphire began talking. Really, she was surprised anyone got to stay around in this group if they were continually insulted and looked down on just for being new. She waved it off. She had no intention of going with her anyway. She felt she would probably stab her with an ice shard before their mission was through, and no one needed to see that. No, she wanted to go with Veil. She felt she could be of more use there.

"I'd like to go to the bar." Leighton glanced at Max, wondering what he would do. She hated herself for thinking it, but her thoughts raced to the possibility of prisoners or hostages and more accidents happening, but it would also show Max wanted to prove he could help people. And she wanted to be there for him. Either way, it seemed they had a decent team going to the bar. Hopefully, it would pan out and help her in her ultimate decision of where she wanted to go when all was said and done.

Anastasia Reinhardt

Location: Hellfire Club
Skills Morality Manipulation

Ana had been enjoying the back and forth from some of the higher-ups. It was almost comical how easy it could be to manipulate everyone in the room and have them all out for blood while she continued to enjoy her pancakes. But that would not serve her overall purpose and it would just get messy (she WAS in all white, after all). No, she let it play out, even when Requiem was called out to deliver his findings as to the theft of the Sentinel. She wondered why he would ask him to do such in front of everyone, but she would listen.

"Oh breakfast AND a show. How marvelous." Ana listened with fake enthusiasm as Requiem went over what he had found. She even faked being surprised at hearing her own name in the mix. Really, how delicious was that? She took an interest in his words because she had been having some similar thoughts. In fact, she was able to put two and two together. This wasn't so much about the Sentinel as it was about the power dynamic. Shaw vs. Frost for the battle of supremacy. It was laughable, really. "Really, well done. It was like Hercule Poirot from Agatha Christie right in this very room. I always wanted to be part of a mystery. Do let me become your Irene Adler to your Sherlock please?"

Ana stood up and faced Shaw. She had made her decision as to allies and decided to move her first pawn. She latched on to his mind, which was no easy feat. In fact, he put up a fight so much she felt hungry again, like she hadn't eaten in days despite just enjoying a lovely spread. In the end, she won as she stared him down. He probably knew it too, which made it even more fun.

"Now Mr. Shaw, I believe Requiem had some solid points. But I have worked with Emma for a bit now, so you can imagine that I have been observing her behavior. As such, I do not believe she is the culprit. So let's just get it all out there, shall we? This was all a big ruse was it not? Aren't you the one who "stole" your own Sentinel?"

Allison Andrewss

Location: The Baxter Building - New York
Skills: Precognition, Telekinesis

Allison had woken up that morning next to Oshea, which by all accounts never got old. And then she remembered where she was and why. Today the machine would be tested to see if it could restore memories. Given those that still had no clue, she expected some tense feelings. Especially from Guin and Oshea. She got changed into casual attire and walked out with Oshea to meet the others.

She listened, still hesitant to use the machine large scale and continue to exist in this world. Things have already progressed to the point of no return. But allowing the others their memories back was great. She ignored the fighting between the members of the Fantastic Four, though she was happy to see that even in these times that a sense of humor still prevailed. Once the machine worked, she walked to Oshea, seeing him touch his neck. She stood on her tip-toes and kissed his cheek. "You doing ok?"

Before she could respond to anyone else and go check on Guin, she heard voices. She recognized Lance, but not most of the others. But they recognized others in her group. But things turned sour as Pietro and some light-haired girl got into it.

Allison was struck with a vision then. In it, she saw the machine and the light-haired girl using whatever power she had. The machine would work to a larger degree on heroes in a large radius. She also saw the girl get punched by Pietro but also saw Pietro run off. She knew she had to intervene. Allison ran forward, using telekinesis to pick Pietro up to prevent him from hurting her anymore. "Everyone needs to cool it. We are not enemies anymore. He's not a serial killer. If I let this continue, he would have broken your nose or ran off. We want things back the way they were before Wanda changed it. If you're here for that, we all want the same thing, but we can't fight each other when we need each other the most. So if I put you down, can we all calm down and just talk?"

Tinley Abercrombie

Location: Le Beau Casino - New Orleans
Skills: N/A

Tinley wasn't sure about this, but she had to admit having a base outside of a casino was badass. It reminded her of old-timey movies where they broke people's knees if they won too much money. Or perhaps a heist movie. Either way, she didn't know what to expect from the occupants inside. And she sure as hell didn't expect to see anyone she recognized.

But sure enough, she followed Wolverine in and she saw a familiar head of red hair. She hadn't interacted with her too much, but there was no mistaking her. It was Mary, the leader of the X-men. Now the question was, did Mary remember the other reality? "Maygold? I hope you remember me, but in case you don't, I'm Tinley Abercrombie. We met in a different time. As Wolverine said, Wanda Maximoff changed reality as we all knew it and we want to change it back."

Anastasia Reinhardt

Location: Le Beau Casino - New Orleans
Skills: N/A

Ana was bored. Coming back from their heist was somewhat entertaining as she held Jack's wound closed to prevent further injury, but there was no one else to kill. They made it back in one piece and Ana knew it in her heart that the crown was in their possession, but for whatever reason, they intended to hide it. No matter, she would poke around later when everyone was distracted.

And as if Santa Claus himself heard her desire, in walked a bunch of people she didn't recognize. Spouting off some nonsense about Wanda changing things. Wasn't the princess of mutant-kind too busy to be doing much of anything? If she were in that position you can bet she would just force people to do things for her. Granted, Wanda was powerful in her own right.

She had to admit she was kind of curious to see where this led. She remained in the back and allowed the others to talk. She wasn't sure about this group yet, but this could be fun.

Myth the Muse

Location: Room 847 - The Ramblings
Skills: N/A

Myth glanced at the scene first, taking it all into account and recalling what had happened at the castle. Then she stared at Sylvi, taking in the girl's features, making sure she had them as Tate spoke. The boy tried and she had to give him credit where it was due, he cared a lot about Sylvi. So much so he was willing to lie straight to her face to get there. And if he was lying to her, it had to be serious.

But Myth was not born yesterday and, call it mother's intuition, she knew the boy was lying his arse off. "Look Tate, let's not beat around the bush. This isn't a ritual. This isn't religious, in nature. I have to agree with my friend here. And I get your hesitancy and your skepticism. I can't imagine what the two of you have been through. But I am not here to harm you or Sylvi, not here to take you in. I felt you were in trouble back at the castle and I tied up another matter with Bruce and then came straight here. So I am here to help, but I need you to be honest with me. I can't help properly if we continue lying."

Fleur La Mallificum

Location: ???
Skills: N/A

Fleur followed, but she took up the lead. She wasn't about to let Violet take charge here. This was out of both of their wheelhouses, but she was still the Witch Messiah. There were answers here and she would find them. They trod carefully, the snow masking everything around them. Upon a clearing, they noticed a metal structure. Violet examined it and traced the runes.

Fleur had some memories, hazy though they may be. Nera had mentioned something Hellfire in her travels, but it was the former Witch Mother that talked about a circle of men, consisting of demons mainly, that would pull strings and operated in the shadows. If this was what she talked about, they were entering some strange, possibly dangerous grounds.

"I've heard of those names briefly, mainly the Hellfire Circle. We must proceed cautiously then. If what I was told is true, this circle operates in the shadows and will probably not be too happy to see us. Then again, stranger things have happened."


Location: Serval Industries - Training Room
Skills: N/A

Sapphire more or less took the words right out of her mouth. She would like to work with Bobbi more on combat techniques, perhaps she could aid the woman with controlling herself so that her power would work more to how she expects. The two of them seemed fine though, no serious injuries as far as she could see. Perhaps wounded pride?

Before Bobbi could share her opinion, Watts ran in with blazing speed, slowing himself down and depositing Evelyn. She didn't know what was so important, but Watts did not hold back. He was another person she wanted to tackle. His overall attitude could be detrimental to the others, especially if it happened much the same as with Bobbi.

But that could wait. Andrew was alive. She could believe it (crazier things have happened). She did not need to see the file though. If Andrew was elsewhere, he needed to be rescued. And it only solidified her belief that Gardner could not be trusted. Surely she knew, especially if Watts was as worked up as he was. She walked over to pick up her sword. "I'm in."

Tinley Abercrombie

Location: Stark Tower
Skills: N/A

It was over and they had won. Tinley wanted to feel hopeful, but she knew her time was coming to an end. Darkness slowly began to envelop her sight and she knew she was not long. But she had done what she wanted. She struck Ultron down, showed him humanity was not something to be messed with, and got revenge on those he took from them.

A figure appeared. At first, she assumed it was Wanda checking on her, but she didn't recognize the face. Even then, she knew who it was. She hadn't pictured Death this way, but it was fitting. A beautiful woman as Death. Take that patriarchy! Her words were like velvet, but she didn't understand them. "Not how I imagined I would die but...could be worse." She struggled to keep her senses about her. What Mad Titan? And why did she sound like Tinley wasn't on the verge of death?

Her...daughter? Before Tinley could connect the dots, remembering two would die and how it was inevitable, she looked at the woman again. "Mother?" she croaked out before she lost the ability to make any more sound as her vision darkened to the final moment.
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