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Current 27 today :)
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First step done! I have a name for my RP. Now to fill it with....stuff
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I think it's that time boys and girls. I think I will be GMing my own RP!
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I wish everyone a Happy Holiday!



Name: FantasyChic
Aliases: ShopoholicGirl19, Sarcastic Piece of S***, Miss
Age: 27
Birthday: April 11
Ethnicity: American
Major/Minor: Forensic Psychology
Occupation: Server at The Cheesecake Factory
Languages: English, Sarcasm, Irony, and Some Spanish
Current Bio Theme: April Ludgate (Previously Max Black)
Years RPing: 8
Preferred RP Section: Advanced
RP Level: High Casual - Advanced
Dedication Level: Omg SO High!
Biggest RP Pet Peeve: Mary Sue Characters, RPs losing interest after initial posts/interest checks, Feeling like you know everything about RPing (we ALL can learn)


Height: 5'8''
Weight: Never ask a lady this...
Build: Slight curves, more top heavy than anything
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Blonde
Skin Tone: Cream
Tattoos/Piercings/Scars: Two ear piercings, small scar on forhead, no tattoos (yet!)
Personal Style: Normally, FantasyChic wears comfortable clothing, mainly t-shirts and leggings, but she will branch out if the mood fits. She loves girly clothing, especially skirts and dresses. Ever obsessed with handbags, she has a large number to match any outfit combination. Her favorite color to wear is, of course, pink.

She typically wears her hair down as it falls to her lower back. She has only ever cut it once (and regrets it to this day). Jewelry is minimal, but she is fond of earrings and necklaces. She is also a big fan of sweatpants.


Witty * Inattentive * Fun-Loving * Troublesome * Reliable * No-Nonsense

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Forever Alone
Personality: FantasyChic is, above all else, a fun-loving person. If it's not fun, she does not take part in it (unless she has to). She is sarcastic and witty to a fault, at the expense of others. She isn't afraid to tell someone off if they are acting the fool. She can be the best friend you could ever want or the worst enemy to make. The choice is, often, not yours.

FantasyChic is reliable. She strives to get her tasks done, even if it takes a bit, but she will do it, especially for those she cares about. She can be inattentive, usually not because she does not care, but because she is probably thinking about puppies/glitter/memes/etc. She is also troublesome, getting things wrong and messing up in real life and in RP. However, she doesn't let bad times phase her.
  • Swearing
  • Sarcasm
  • Drinking

  • Writing
  • Reading (mainly mystery/thrillers)
  • Gaming
  • Music

  • Bees
  • Not Seeing The Bottom Of A Pool Of Water
  • Losing Eyesight

  • Shopping (A bit too much)
  • The Color Pink
  • Humor
  • Netflix
  • Free Drinks
  • Chicago
  • Video Games

  • Sexism
  • Humorless People
  • Hot Weather
  • Headaches
  • Getting Sick
  • Ranch Dressing
  • Losing

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  • Deadly Class: Glass of 2024 (GM): A twisted high school experience to train the very best at ending others.

Other Interesting Things


Why Did You Come To The RP Guild?: I had the itch to RP those years ago and no amount of writing was sedating it. I needed a creative outlet. So after scouring the internet, I stumbled across this site. And the rest is history.

Life Before The Guild: I started RPing in the MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game City of Heroes. I played for fun, but I ran into a group of people RPing. I asked them what they were doing and they introduced me to the concept. A quick character creation later and I joined their team and began RPing on my own.

Eventually, I moved from game to game, RPing in each one. I played Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Tera mainly. Each game introduced me to new concepts and I grew my skills in RPing.

However, tragedy struck in each game. I was put into positions I was not comfortable in, I was harassed by people I thought were my friends, and I found myself not having fun anymore. So I up and quit. After a couple months, I missed RPing.

Life Since The Guild: It's been a whirlwind of a time on here. A rocky start found me joining (and leaving) many RPs due to inactivity or lost interest. Finally, I found a place I feel wanted, loved, and cared for. And I don't plan on leaving it soon. It got to the point where I am even considering GMing my own game: a thought I NEVER thought I would have.

This is my home now.


For one reason or another, I have come to know these people and consider them friends. Regardless of starts or ends, these people are the reason I continue to come to this site day after day. And I wouldn't have it any other way!

@Lord Wraith: Probably the person I consider my first friend on here. He seemed to be in every game I put interest in (especially the superhero ones). As time went on, we got to know each other and became friends. We've had ups and downs, but he will always be someone I care about and I hope we can write again in the future.

@Lady Amalthea: Whoo boy. This girl. She's Queen GM herself. I will admit, I was extremely intimidated by her when I first met her. She seemed to know so much and I felt I wasn't worthy to be a part of her games. My characters weren't the best at the start, but with some gentle hand-holding and all-out verbal attacks, I eventually grew better and was able to adapt and thrive with my characters, making some of the best I have ever seen. Without her, I would not be the writer I am today. She gets all the credit.

@Morose: Oh my pink bothers you? Too bad! I love this girl so much! She is a wonderful GM and a great person to talk to. We've butted heads a few times, but what friends don't? Who knew we started off in Superhero RPs together? I must have blurred those memories! Either way, she is a great storyteller and I look forward to the chaos we'll cause!

@Nallore: This girl is quite the character. She's goofy and fun and a joy to be around! She's there if you need someone to listen to you vent or for a good grope (because we ALL need one). She has even become a really good GM, able to create some interesting stories. Put us together and I have a feeling not much would ever get done.

@ONL: We met in an RP and our characters were fated to be stuck together. After all, we only have each other in that game. He's such a sweet guy and his characters are all interesting to read and interact with. I've had the best time RPing with you and I hope it continues.


Quotes: "Yo"
"Aw f***...."
"You can never have too many purses"
"Well, that happened.."

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Wednesday, August 18th - New York City, New York

Quinn listened to Claire who seemed to have had her own adventures and theories on what was going on and she was impressed. She thought along those same lines too. "I'm still waiting to hear back from him but I agree. I mean we are already connected due to all of us having some power of sorts. It could be an innate power we have where we are all connected and can teleport. But so far we don't have control over it. We also don't physically teleport and no one else but those with powers can see us. It could be a defense mechanism? In order for us to warn others and protect ourselves."

"And no, haven't met this creepy researcher. What has he asked for?"
That made Quinn worry a bit more. If some scientist researcher type wanted to look into them, whether or not he knew of their abilities, it still made her fear what she had always done. That she would be taken into some lab and experimented on. She would not have that.


Takuma may have been aiding them but it was a small slope from aid to betrayal and Yumiko knew all too well that it could go either way. All Takuma had to do was sell them out for the promise of being left alone or having a favor from the Fire Nation. I mean they had a slew of prisoners here that just escaped. The reward for them would be great.

Her arm was still broken. And the others spoke of joining their individual tribes or groups. Yumiko just wanted out of there. "All well and good, but I just want to be as far from the prison as possible. At least for a bit. Then I might come back and burn it to the ground. Not sure yet. Either way, I don't trust it here. As soon as my arm is healed I'm gone."

Desdemona Pemberton

Location: Crystal RiveSchool For Troubled Youth - Courtyard

Mona had been deeply invested in her apple when she felt a tap on her shoulder. Anyone with a will to live would know that it was not a smart thing to do so she turned to pace the perpetrator with an intense glare only to see it was Roman. Of course it was Roman. Let it be known that Mona didn't like anyone, regardless of social status. Roman just happened to be one of the creepier people in the school and with good reason. She barely had a social standing and even she knew being associated with him would tarnish it.

"Go away Roman." She stated matter-of-factly. However, she did glance up to see the gym teacher out and about. She did not get along well with him because she often avoided doing anything physical. She often would fake "stomach cramps" to get out of it and, if she was forced, would walk the mile run or disappear for a bit during any sport. It was the one class she did not care if she did well in.

And as if she put a spotlight out for everyone to talk to her, Arthur came up to her. Granted, she enjoyed his company far more than Roman's. "No, as a matter of fact. I was here minding my business, enjoying my apple when he decided to manifest himself. So, again, go away Roman."
This made me feel things.

So since I am in a feeling mood I will contribute to this lovey-dovey thread for a holiday I absolutely dislike. But there are some awesome people I have met through this site and they do deserve recognition for being awesome people in a world full of not so awesome people.

To start, I have to give it to @Lord Wraith for being my first friend on this site. We were in a lot of RPs together and I joined a few of his that never seemed to pan out, but I always had fun making characters and joining them and I think that is, in large part, why I am confident in my character making abilities now. He's also like, super sweet, so there's that.

Next, @Lady Amalthea. Lord, where do I begin with this? You terrified the fuck out of me when I first met you. I believe I was thinking of joining your murder mystery RP and got so intimidated by you and what others have said that I bowed out. Or you denied me. I don't remember which and, frankly, I blocked it mostly out of my memory. But then I tried again and found my roleplay home. We are years strong in our RPs and that is thanks to you. I am more confident in my RP abilities thanks to feedback, advice, and a good ass kicking now and then. Also, I am sassy as all hell and the fact you cherish that means the world to me.

@Morose is up next and I feel a genuine connection to you. I feel that we can shoot the breeze together in Discord and its like we've been friends for years. You are an amazing GM and person in general and I feel blessed that you trust me enough to ask my advice or ask me questions regarding literally anything.

@Nallore is sweet. Like my God I would love to see her rage out on someone because I don't believe it can be done. Even when she needs to put the kibosh on something she does it in a way as to not hurt feelings. Total opposite from me, but I think the yin and yang thing we got going on works well.

@BlueSky44 is hard working. You can tell from her RPs and when she misses an update for whatever reason and feels bad about it. You are kind of quiet, but I have enjoyed talking with you on those occasions and your RPs are unique and fun (especially Xmen which is definitely in my top 3 fav RPs at the moment).

@LadyRunic has folded herself into the family and her characters and storytelling abilities are fricken' amazing. I feel her characters can be in a number of novels and be praised for having realistic faults and desires and it comes across well in her writing. You make me want to be a better writer which I both hate and love you for.

I would be here all day if I had to name more so I will give a collective "you rock" to everyone in the RPs I am in currently because it's been a hell of a ride thus far and I look forward to seeing where the madness takes us.

Leighton Brooks

Location: Target
Skills N/A

Leighton rarely drank tea, but if it meant she got to spend more time with this cute boy she wasn't about to turn down the offer. Plus, it would get her further away from this place. She was surprised she hadn't caught some disease being near....clearance items. Since she wasn't buying anything, she decided to wait for him. "Want to ring up your purchases first then?"

Leighton still didn't feel cold. In fact, if anything, she felt warm and comfortable. But looking at him she could see he was getting colder and colder as they progressed. "Let's get you outside and into the sun quickly then. Not sure what's going on, maybe their air conditioning is on the fritz. I tend to not get cold easily though. Never have."

Anastasia Reinhardt

Location: Hellfire HQ
Skills N/A

Anastasia sat in a rather uncomfortable chair, reading some teen gossip magazine and doing one of those quizzes to find out which Friends character you are. She was so obviously a Rachel that it didn't need doing. She hadn't expected to be called in on so quickly. Or at all. She intended to find them first so the fact the triplets came to her and told her the Hellfire club wanted to see her, she was a bit ticked off. But, in the end, she got what she came for.

She set the magazine down and followed the Black Queen into her office with Washington D.C. on the horizon. Why anyone wanted to be here was beyond her comprehension. It was full of corruption and deceit. And that was without her aid, which said a lot. Still, beggars could not be choosers if one wanted to play the power game.

She did as instructed, folding her legs perfectly at her knee and folding her hands in her lap. "I am all ears ma'am. To what do I owe this honor?"
Debutante Blush
Location: White Drawing Room -> State Bath Room -> Grand Corridor
Skills: N/A
Hit Points: 4

Blush curtsied as the woman went her way and Blush entered the Bath Room she was introduced to. It was about as lovely as everything else up here. She sat down and looked into the mirror at her face. She began to freshen herself up a bit. It was a funny thing when one thought about it. All things are hidden. Women wore make-up to hide certain faults they felt about their face or to impress others. And yet, this whole thing was hidden secrets. It fascinated her to no end.

She fixed up her face and hair, adjusted her mask, and stood up to face the upper floor. She would begin exploring post haste. She had an agenda of some sorts and she would have to be careful. She was in good graces thus far and she didn't want to ruin that, but she had to learn more, especially if she wanted to...well a lady had to have her secrets too. Once she double checked herself she exited the Bath Room and into the hallway. She would start with the room on the end and work her way around. Hopefully, she would find something of worth up here in the manor of mystery. Otherwise, this was all for naught and she just hated to waste time.

Faith Masters

Location: Peter's Grave
Skills: Perception

Faith listened to Bart's hypotheses and they were likely. Faith didn't believe they wished to raise the dead. After all, every one of them here WAS dead, in a way. Plus, it wasn't likely and surely there were better people to raise than just one man. So it seemed a far more likely thing that they knew Peter. Did he run with them before? Faith didn't know but it was another question to ask someone. Evelina most likely. She assumed Gilbert did not know.

"The latter is more possible and I can lean that way. It may explain why they are here indeed, especially considering Peter was attacked by the Destruere in Egypt and his body was picked up here. Could be they are here to pay respects, but again I do not trust them. I don't think we will find anything more about it here. So did you want to go find those girls next? I am also anxious to talk to Management. And Ben. I think Ben knows some things too."

Colette de La Fontaine

Location: Kitchen
Skills: Language -English

Colette listened, intently now, to Fyror recount why he was on this adventure and it solidified her own concerns about Lord Rutherford. The man was truly an abomination on foot. She'd rather deal with the Soulless at every turn then to have to speak to him again. And it only made sense to ensure Millicent was safe and continued to be such. It would only be a matter of time before she followed suit after Rutherford's previous wife.

Colette was a bit angry at Silvio's comment until she remembered he was both a pirate and a man. He most likely was not aware of how things were done. "I would wager Lady Millicent had no choice in the matter. If Lord Rutherford is as horrid as Monsieur Kildragon described, and I have met the man and have my own thoughts on him, then Lady Millicent most likely entered this engagement for another reason and it stands to reason it was not because she is desperately in love with him. You will find that women often do not have the luxury of choice in their betrothed as I know all too well."

"She is in danger if this continues and the reason I am here is for her safety. I will not sit idly by as yet another woman enters a marriage she will not leave unless it is through a casket."

Priya Khurana

Location: Sherrif's Station

Priya had almost forgotten Riley was a musician. It made a bit more sense that she would be recognized. However, Priya found it odd that Riley was continued to be praised as a hero for killing someone. In her experience, even if a person killed in self-defense or had a very good reason to do so, there were still people who would look at you like you were evil. Police were often targeted by this. Maybe the guy she killed was truly bad then.

They finally arrived at the Sherrif's Station and Priya followed Riley inside to meet yet another person Riley knew. It was getting a tad annoying now, though Priya would never say as such. She offered the woman a handshake "Nice to meet you." She had apparently been playing something on her phone that required sugar, Priya assumed it was some game. Must be a slow work day then because there was no way that would fly back in New York.

"So where is Tim? I'm anxious to get back to work."

Josephine Clark

Location: Elite Deck (Josephine's Room)
Skills: Searching(Investigation)

Josephine walked the fine line around her room, inespecting every nook and cranny. She had a nagging feeling that whatever was taken was obvious, but her mind had raced since arriving on this ship. Recent events did not help matters. After what felt like hours (but was probably only 15 minutes or so) Josephine had a flash in her mind. Suddenly she thought she knew what was taken and ran to the drawer it was kept in. Once she opened the door her fears had come to pass. She could feel her chest get tight.

Her grandfather's pocket watch had been taken.

She had valuable jewelry. She had movie scripts for future productions. Valuable things that could sell for a pretty penny to the right people. And yet they took the one thing that was most precious to her. The one thing she counted on since arriving in Egypt. She sat on the edge of her bed and felt the tears come. Not crocodile tears either. "They took my grandpa's pocket watch. It was the one thing I had to remember him by and its gone. Why would they take that, of all things? I have much more valuable things locked away."

She rubbed her eyes, fighting back more emotion. Even though sadness reared its head, she also fet anger and rage. If someone took her pocket watch, then they had to know how much it meant. What thief entered a lady's room and left jewelry behind? No, they knew exactly what they wanted. And she would see them pay for it.

Faye Masterson

Location:Main Deck (Stern) -> Open Air Lounge
Skills: N/A

Faye giggled a bit, knowing full well she enjoyed poking fun at him. She saw him as a father figure in a way and she could see why he was so protective of her. But then again she was capable. Smart. Adaptive she liked to think. But she was no movie starlet, that was for sure. She would not get by due to her sex appeal. She would have to use brains and cunning to get by.

She followed Richard to the Lounge and got a drink. Something light and easy since they had to go to bed soon. "I say we reconvene in the dining hall, should they be serving food or coffee, but I would like to check and see if we can investigate the upper decks. That's where all the hubbub seemed to be happening. Unless you have other ideas, I think we should retire for the night." It had been a long day with interesting things. She was sure this trip would not be boring.
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