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Chris Cornell, lead singer for Soundgarden, Audioslave, and Temple of the Dog died last night. Apparently he hung himself.

I was never a huge fan of any of his bands, but his music was still a good listen whenever I was in the mood, and I had a good deal of respect for the man.

I'm just wondering who or what told him that suicide was a good idea. As far as I know, it came completely out of left field.

Sure, he used to be a rather heavy drug user and drinker, but I thought he changed.

So why? Why did he have to die like this? The man was only 52. He still had a fair bit of life left in him.

Regardless, I give his family, friends, and fellow fans my best wishes. Let's all hope he's doing his best in the concert hall in the sky.
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I was a big fan of his music. Rest in peace Chris.
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Rest in peace. All is not right in the world.
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Massive shame. I used to listen to a bit of Audioslave when I was younger too. :(
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