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Current Conor is the MMA GOAT of getting paid.
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Have you tried bananas and chewing gum?
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I kinda thought he had already died >.>
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Listen here buckaroo. NO ONE hates Damian Wayne as much as I.
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Welcome back BC :-)


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Short and sweet as well.
Vitruva listened to the Inquisitors decision and accepted it. The God Emperor in his infinite wisdom had divinely ordained a hierarchy into which all of mankind fell. The Inquisitor was a righteous man, a wise one and had been justly rewarded with his position. The sister was free of doubt, free of the fear of failure and free of lingering and inconvenient questions. If this was the strategy he had chosen than surely it was the wisest course.

When the Confessor chose her she simply nodded, double checked her equipment and walked to his side. This was not what she had wanted of course; she would rather be marching into the heart of the PDF to exterminate the heretics she was certain still remained within their ranks. But Vitruva had been born into a universe both cold and unfeeling and had long since learned to disregard such minor disappointments. Besides, the God Emperor's will works in mysterious ways, she told herself.
<Snipped quote by BCTheEntity>

There is no such thing as innocence!

<Snipped quote by Andreyich>

Hearing the Emperor's voice is a sure sign of mental integrity!

Only the insane have strength enough to prosper. Only those who prosper may truly judge what is sane.
@Andreyich No worries lol. It happens to the best of us.
@Andreyich I just thought I'd ask if you intended to pick Vitruvia? If not she will go after transportation for the Inquisitor.
@Kratesis If you learned how to debate from reading T_D posts I suggest you quit while you're ahead.

That seems a little uncalled for.
<Snipped quote by Kratesis>

Alright knock yourself out, lets hear some rational arguments.

There you go with those goalposts again Dynamo. And I can't help but notice you haven't answered my question.
<Snipped quote by Kratesis>

That the implications of politics are serious, that was my position all along, like I said I probably didn't specify enough, but that's the claim you cant argue against.

Why not? I'm curious here as I feel I can argue against (or for) any claim I want. The moon is made of blue cheese? No problem. The President is a reptile in a human suit? Sure thing. True communism has never been tried? You got it lol. What makes this particular claim so special that I cannot argue against it?
I was in that generation of people who started paying attention to politics in the Bush years. Like a lot of people from conservative backgrounds at that time, I identified as a libertarian for a while, and voted libertarian in 2008.

My process of moving to the left was driven by my experience, and the experiences of those I grew up around, in the aftermath of the recession, so I would consider that to be the formative factor in my political opinions. The social stuff seems secondary imho, though I'm sure that's largely because as a white straight dude I didn't have much invested in the social justice movement to get into it, and I'm not nearly autistic enough for white nationalism.

The parallels here are uncanny. I became political during the Bush years as well and also came from a conservative background. But I became your typical 'college liberal' though that meant something different back in those days. There was a lot less blue hair and Tumblr didn't even exist. I was strongly opposed to the religious right, which had just swept Bush to power a second time. Most of my political activities during that time was largely oriented around fighting for gay marriage. (Victory!)

I can't say that I even moved right. I still support all the things I supported when I was young. I just happen to believe in a number of conservative moral and economical principles as well. Somewhere during all of this I encountered a libertarian who became a mentor of mine and convinced me of the truth of a number of the libertarian positions. The recession had a tremendous effect on me and I re-thought a number of my positions and took a much closer look at both globalization and immigration (which I had previously seen as purely a force for good) as well as automation. In some ways I became more liberal (for example I support universal basic income) but in others I abandoned the purely libertarian position and begin to oppose open borders and free trade agreements (though I don't oppose every open border or every trade agreement).

In the end I became the Frankenstein monster of politics, both far left and far right simultaneously lol.

Anyway, I shall cut this wall of text short but the parallels were interesting.
@Kratesis When I said politics was important I was referring to the implications, maybe I should have been clear. The goalposts remain in the same place. And I take it you dont have an argument against that position.

Against what position?
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