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Stone Dragon: Kult of Athena's selection is as good as their website is bad. You can even get an Albion from them though you'll have to wait a year or so.
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A Pepsi huh. Have you considered bringing peace to the middle east?
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Posted, for the God-Emperor.

And a new sister joins us! Welcome :-)
The Sister listened while Victorine spoke, her helm tucked under her left arm, plasma pistol and chainsword at her belt and bolter with scope and drum-magazine hanging from a black leather sling adorned with golden fleur-de-lys that wrapped around the neck of her ceramite armor. Her hair was freshly trimmed and dyed into a white bob-cut, as was the custom of many Sisters.

Miracles. Her lips pursed into a frown. Was it truly? Perhaps it was but the common folk were often deceived by charlatans and their own imaginations which ran wild after decades of monotonous physical labor. The mention of the ruinous powers turned her frown into a scowl. Such things were not to be trifled with and a small village was unlikely to have the resources to sniff out the complex deceptions the enemy could muster.

Vitruvia didn't have any questions. She rarely did. For months she had lived the life of a ascetic warrior, eating, sleeping and driving her body to it's limits. Now the God Emperor had honored her (her!) with the chance to destroy his enemies. Just the chance. It was possible it was a true miracle, or a miscommunication. Goosebumps ran up the back of her neck as she offered a silent prayer of thanks.
<Snipped quote by Kratesis>

Yes this actually happens constantly, because race and to a larger extent ethnicity is arbitrary, 'ethno-states' are barely ever realised. America is a perfect example, they still cant settle on the lines on what a white person is.

The Irish, Italians, Catholics, Swedes, and a bunch of other groups youd consider white were not always included in that category making an 'ethno-state' pretty damn impossible by any working standard. And then even today there is split opinion over the whiteness of white hispanics, jews, and various arab and medeterrianian groups who may or may not look pretty caucasian.

So the United States is an ethnostate? Or was at some point but isn't anymore? And then it imploded because it was an ethnostate? Or it didn't implode because it wasn't an ethnostate?

But the U.S. is complicated right? Lets have a more 'homogenus' example, maybe somehwere like china, or india. They seem like natural ethnostates right?

Well China has around 50 different ethnicities, india has close to a couple hundred, which they can group and recognise but to the westerners eye they probably seem like on race per country.

So China an India are or aren't ethnostates now or at some point in the past? I feel like you are saying they are not and never were but I could be wrong.

If you want to go by any working definition of ethnicity, there are very very few ethnostates in the world today, and even places like japan cant qualify when they are encouraging imigration to support their low workforce and stunted birth rates.

And Japan isn't an ethnostate either by your definition, alright.

Okay so what is your claim here? That ethnostates are so rare we don't know of any and thus we can't say anything about what an ethnostate is because they never existed? The true ethnostate has never been tried?
I'm wondering if anyone has read any work by John Keegan. I have here the "Book of War" by him that is basically a bunch of primary sources of various experiences of warfare starting from the Peloponnesian War all the way up until the modern period, but I am curious if anyone can tell me if his own opinions/research is noteworthy or not.

I completely missed this. John Keegan is a giant in his field. Virtually anything he wrote is well worth the read. I have found that even when I disagreed with his conclusions I still found his arguments extremely interesting.
<Snipped quote>
Well I guess it would be bad if they didn't share any of the whole planet.

How much of the planet should they share in order to be a moral ethnostate, in your view?

<Snipped quote by Kratesis>
Get two racists in a room together, and you'll get 3 opinions about where the lines between any two given ethnicities begin and end. The very concepts of race and ethnicity are outdated, and it seems they provide many more cons than pros. I imagine the colony would implode over time, due to shifting or vague definitions.

Can you name an ethnostate that has imploded over shifting or vague definitions of ethnicity? I'm sure this has happened; human history is replete with failed states but do ethnostates implode over shifting and vague definitions of ethnicity with greater frequency than multiethnic states implode over violence between separate ethnic groups?

However your reply implies a rather large degree of confidence that this will occur. Have ethnostates in the past failed due to shifting and vague definitions of ethnicity that we can say with great confidence that a state must be ethnically heterogeneous in order to be stable?

Furthermore if this hypothesis is correct what happens if all feelings of racial prejudice and animus between groups in a ethnically heterogeneous state fade away and they intermarry until all ethnic differences are extinguished and they become ethnically homogeneous once again? Does the state become unstable until they can import members of a different ethnic group into their state?
Lately I have heard a lot about the ethnostate and I have been giving it some thought.

First of all I think it is important to distinguish between ethnostates that already exist and are simply preserved in their current form by peaceful means and ethnostates that do not yet exist but could and which violence may be used to create. These are different things.

Japan for example is one form of an ethnostate. It exists now. It is preserved in its current form by means of restricting immigration. Its existence is also relatively uncontroversial. Large groups of people are not calling upon Japan to disband itself because to exist as an ethnostate is wrong and it must be ethnically diverse (or at least open to ethnic diversity) in order to exist as a moral sate. I do not imagine anyone would advocate the use of violence to force Japan to accept ethnic diversity.

However Richard Spencer's America does not exist now. You might say it is the potential ethnostate where Japan is the kinetic ethnostate. Japan exists and is in motion through time and space now where as the ethnosate dreamed of by Spencer and his fellow travelers exists only in the realm of ideas and may potentially come into the physical world. Unlike Japan this ethnostate is extremely controversial. It's right to exist is disputed and many would advocate the use of violence to prevent such a state from existing.

That raises the question; if one could create an ethnostate on Mars, which is entirely uninhabited, and all those of a specific ethnic group who wished to live on the Martian ethnostate could be magically teleported there to live surrounded by their group under their own flag, would that be morally wrong?

I suspect not but I'm interested in hearing opinions on the matter, especially arguments that object to the Magical Martian Ethnostate.
Was gonna add this via edit, but don't wanna sneak it in under a thumbs-up so it gets a new post.

I wish I could say I'm surprised but I'm not lol.
Vitruvia rides again. It's good to be back into action.
After their victory on Athega Primus the sister was returned to her duties with barely a moment to spare to say goodbye to Horacio. She was returned to the cold stone and antiseptic air of the chapel where her deeds in combat had not gone unnoticed. The sister was assigned to the training yards to assist in the close combat training of the novices. There she acquired a reputation as a brutal taskmaster; the enemies of the God Emperor would show no mercy and Vitruvia didn't either.

The status that came with distinguishing herself on the field of battle didn't escape Vitruvia's notice and she parlayed it into exceptions from the minor tasks that often occupied a sister's time. She spent this spare time in marathon sparring sessions with the Order's training servitors. These sessions were physically and mentally exhausting as Vitruvia always set the servitors on the highest settings and drove herself to, or beyond, the point of injury or collapse.

Perhaps the Hospitallar's grew wearing of seeing her but service required sacrifice.

Vitruvia found the experience physically grueling but spiritually moving. To suffer for the God Emperor was a blessing and she sang a hymn of praise every night before she slept.

However, more than the physical or spiritual benefits she found that by driving herself to the limits of her body and mind she improved at a rapid pace. She had begun to study the seventh form of Uvultu, a style developed by the fanatical crusaders of a feral world as they purged their planet of unbelief in the 37th millennium. The planet had long since been strip mined of all valuable resources and abandoned but Uvultu had survived in a few scattered tomes in the libraries of the Order as it's creators were sufficiently righteous and it's techniques were considered especially useful with the chainsword, if hard to master.

But master it she would.

She rejoiced when she was reassigned. There was joy in the Emperor's service. Before she departed she visited the armory and traded upon her newfound fame within the order to swap her bolt pistol for a venerable Kronos Mk II pattern plasma pistol. It's scarred plating and worn trigger spoke of centuries of battle in the Emperor's service.

Vitruvia also had her chainsword disassembled, cleaned, and blessed with sacred rites and holy oils. The Tech-Priests claimed this pleased the machine spirits; a point of doctrinal conflict that Vitruvia did not concern herself with. The teachings of the Ministorum and the Omnissiah could be mutually contradictory and yet true simultaneously; the God Emperor had ordered His Imperium after his divine plan-- Vitruvia's understanding was not required. When confronted with a paradox of belief then faith became the only recourse of the soul and Vitruvia had faith in abundance.

Just in case she also brought an extra drum of ammunition for her Godwyn-De'az bolter, four frag grenades, two krak grenades and two smoke grenades.

When she arrived in the Hall she greeted her Sisters with a warm smile, returning the sign of the aquila with a nod toward Lisbeth. Vitruvia didn't speak, only stood in formation with her helm tucked under her left arm, looking around at those who were gathered and feeling the combined faith and devotion of those around her strengthen her spirit.
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