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Current A Pepsi huh. Have you considered bringing peace to the middle east?
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My condolences Love Dove.
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Hang in there BC. You are going to be okay.
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Aquaman is lame.
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Conor is the MMA GOAT of getting paid.


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Pretty darn good.
Alternative for Germany placed third in the pols with 13-ish percent of the vote.
<Snipped quote by Kratesis>

And they're still doing it, but now they loop the Choice Act into the chain of events. They can drag their feet at the VA first, then kick you to Choice 30 and drag their feet there, then kick you into Choice 40. Each one registers as a new wait time so you stay off their books. If you try to fight it, they mark it down as "cancelled by the veteran" and then they're off the hook entirely. The whole thing is super-fucked-up.

I hate to be dramatic but this whole thing is a national dishonor. And I say that without hyperbole. I hope they at least feel ashamed. At least.
2014 is the year the VA was caught falsifying reports to make it appear that the waiting times were better than they were. At least 120,000 veterans were affected and dozens may have died because of the delays.…
Three teenagers, ages 18, 17, and 16 respectively broke into someone's home to rob them. After discovering them in the act and 'exchanging words,' the home-owner gunned all three boys down. Thoughts?

There isn't much detail so it's hard for me to make a definitive statement with so few facts. Ultimately I would say that if 'Zach' had a reasonable fear that his life was in danger at the moment he pulled the trigger than it was a justified killing.

Why ARE people in this thread? What are your individual reasons for engaging?

In this case because I can't stand strawmen. Your strawman against MDK annoyed me and I have some spare time so here we are.
<Snipped quote by Kratesis>

Ok? So we agree that a universal (in the sense that all people would be covered) healthcare system is possible?

Again, there is a nuance to my claims. I imagine we agree that should the problem be sub-divided into regional components and addressed on a regional level that it is possible a limited level of care could be achieved. I also imagine that we don't agree on the what that limit is and I also imagine that we don't agree on the cases in which the costs outweigh the benefits. Could we? Yes. Should we? Perhaps not in all cases; a question worth examining.

Great, like I said I'm on board. Imagine the efficiency of scale you could get with 300 million people....

Likewise imagine the diseconomies of scale that could emerge from a flawed plan. Because the US has so frequently encountered diseconomies of scale in federal programs this is a concern that should be addressed.
<Snipped quote by Kratesis>

So cover everyone with mandated government healthcare with flexible systems of delivery? I'm on board.

We can even call it something other than universal healthcare if that will make people feel better.

I know you are just stripping posts of all nuance in order to get in a jab at your ideological enemies and beat up a few strawmen but I actually think it could be done if we did it state by state. The UK has a lower GDP per capita than Tennessee and they have a national healthcare system, after all.
<Snipped quote by Kratesis>

Is America Somalia in this analogy? Every country faces those challenges, as you say, to greater and lesser degrees. is America really so much less able to deal with them then Australia, or Canada, or France, or Sweden, or Denmark, or Germany, or ......

America faces difficulties that Australia, Canada, France, Sweden, Denmark and Germany do not face. The combined population of those countries (excluding America) is 225.62 million. The population of America is 323.1 million. Trying to design a plan for America is like trying to design a plan for Australia, Canada, France, Sweden, Denmark and Germany + another country with another 97.48 million people. And that doesn't begin to address the challenges of geography and diversity.

MDK has alluded to one possible solution which is to do exactly like Australia, Canada, France, Sweden, Denmark and Germany and have different plans for different areas with their own challenges, resources and values rather than trying to create one super-plan that addresses every region successfully.

This is essentially what the European Union does but using states instead of national governments.

I'm not suggesting that America dosen't face challenges in implementing some version of universal healthcare, just that I don't think that they are as insuperable as people claim.

That isn't what your first post implied.
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