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22 May 2017 22:54
Current I kinda thought he had already died >.>
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22 May 2017 22:47
Listen here buckaroo. NO ONE hates Damian Wayne as much as I.
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20 May 2017 17:33
Welcome back BC :-)
15 May 2017 4:13
And trilogies that are never completed.
8 May 2017 21:24
Gone from this world but never from our hearts.


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@Kratesis If you learned how to debate from reading T_D posts I suggest you quit while you're ahead.

That seems a little uncalled for.
<Snipped quote by Kratesis>

Alright knock yourself out, lets hear some rational arguments.

There you go with those goalposts again Dynamo. And I can't help but notice you haven't answered my question.
<Snipped quote by Kratesis>

That the implications of politics are serious, that was my position all along, like I said I probably didn't specify enough, but that's the claim you cant argue against.

Why not? I'm curious here as I feel I can argue against (or for) any claim I want. The moon is made of blue cheese? No problem. The President is a reptile in a human suit? Sure thing. True communism has never been tried? You got it lol. What makes this particular claim so special that I cannot argue against it?
I was in that generation of people who started paying attention to politics in the Bush years. Like a lot of people from conservative backgrounds at that time, I identified as a libertarian for a while, and voted libertarian in 2008.

My process of moving to the left was driven by my experience, and the experiences of those I grew up around, in the aftermath of the recession, so I would consider that to be the formative factor in my political opinions. The social stuff seems secondary imho, though I'm sure that's largely because as a white straight dude I didn't have much invested in the social justice movement to get into it, and I'm not nearly autistic enough for white nationalism.

The parallels here are uncanny. I became political during the Bush years as well and also came from a conservative background. But I became your typical 'college liberal' though that meant something different back in those days. There was a lot less blue hair and Tumblr didn't even exist. I was strongly opposed to the religious right, which had just swept Bush to power a second time. Most of my political activities during that time was largely oriented around fighting for gay marriage. (Victory!)

I can't say that I even moved right. I still support all the things I supported when I was young. I just happen to believe in a number of conservative moral and economical principles as well. Somewhere during all of this I encountered a libertarian who became a mentor of mine and convinced me of the truth of a number of the libertarian positions. The recession had a tremendous effect on me and I re-thought a number of my positions and took a much closer look at both globalization and immigration (which I had previously seen as purely a force for good) as well as automation. In some ways I became more liberal (for example I support universal basic income) but in others I abandoned the purely libertarian position and begin to oppose open borders and free trade agreements (though I don't oppose every open border or every trade agreement).

In the end I became the Frankenstein monster of politics, both far left and far right simultaneously lol.

Anyway, I shall cut this wall of text short but the parallels were interesting.
@Kratesis When I said politics was important I was referring to the implications, maybe I should have been clear. The goalposts remain in the same place. And I take it you dont have an argument against that position.

Against what position?
@Dynamo Frokane First you say that politics is serious. But that isn't the case, many people have been having a laugh about politics since far before either of us were born. Now you say the implications of politics is serious and you expect me to run down that goalpost too.
<Snipped quote by Kratesis>

Politics is a largely serious thing.

Obviously not lol.
The differences in /r/politics and T_D is T_D is funny.
I was a big fan of his music. Rest in peace Chris.
@Vilageidiotx I agree with you that a sufficiently advanced computer might be able to do the job. Personally I put my money on a self learning algorithm. Something like AlphaGo.
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