Name: Sigmund (Sig) Krieger
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Rank: College dropout, bartender, barista, masseuse, etc. Has had many jobs, so has lots of skills.
Offspring: None
Surface: Laid-back, unworried by most anything, extremely chatty.
Beneath: Fragile self-esteem, cautious about how he’s viewed by others.
Description: Fairly attractive young man, slightly above-average height. Medium-length blond hair, kind of tan skin, brilliant green eyes.
Voice: Slightly high, cheerful, incessant.
Likes: Good food and drinks, dancing, swimming, laughing.
Dislikes: Comments on his appearance, especially if they seem insincere. Conflict. Any kind of teasing, even if not directed towards him.
Abilities: Great at social interaction, likes people. Somewhat fit, but not exceptionally so. Knows most pressure points. Lots of other little skills from his many jobs.
Weaknesses: Fragile self-esteem, some trauma earlier in his life, slight limp.