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King Tarquin VI of House Heartwroth walked through the pristine marble halls and ornate decadent rooms of Nighthaven Citadel with a small entourage of advisors behind him trying to catch his attention with state matters. While important, they weren't on Tarquin's mind at the moment as he was taking it upon himself to inspect the rooms of Nighthaven to make sure everything was suitable for his guests and the plans he had for them. Of course he didn't need to do this himself and he was assured many times that everything had been made suitable, Tarquin nonetheless decided that since he had spent a large amount of the state treasury on Nighthaven, as well as man other personal projects, he should inspect everything for himself.

"Sir" Arthur Wraith, the King's right hand and Chancellor, was one o he advisors trying to get his attention. Tarquin trusted Wraith with his life as he had served his father and the kingdom faithfully for many years. But he was far too busy at the moment for whatever the man wanted to tell him.


Eventually Tarquin gave in "I'm busy Arthur, what is it that you want from me?"

"I just wanted to inform you sire that your first guests will be arriving in an hour. I recommend that you change from your morning court attire into your introductory court attire."

"Ah, thank you Wraith. I'll go now and then await our guests"
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Queen Margaret II
House Pelletier

Why was she so freaking nervous? Margaret had no right or real reason to be nervous but here she is, nervous as ever. Her carriage rode continuously as her lady-in-waiting stared at her with a raised brow, asking her what was wrong and if she was okay. Margaret nodded her head with a smile, which was obviously fake and looked off to the side as she could see that they were nearing towards the Citadel. Her eyes lowered towards her clasped hands as she truly knew her mission and reason for coming to this event. She was a Queen without a strong and firm King beside her but she was also fearful that the one she desire won't be impressed with her.

Her carriage had made a stop behind several other carriages as people were arriving. She had let out a sigh as she looked towards Alyssa, her lady-in-waiting and spoke. "I want to be the first lady he meets. So, we must walk from here." Margaret said as she opened her own carriage door and walked down the small stairs that were connected to the carriage. When her feet hit the gravel ground, she straightened herself out then lifted her head up high, eyes gazed towards Alyssa as she now stood at least two paces behind her.

With a step, Margaret began a small trek towards the entrance of the Citadel and hoped that she'd be the first lady that he would meet. Of course, with the designed crown upon her head, it was easily signified that she was indeed a Queen. Once she reached closer towards the Nighthaven Citadel, she already seen a sea of people gathered there but when she walked through the sea of people, she walked ahead of them all and stood in front of the gathering crowd.
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