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Not going to sugar coat it, but this is shockingly an adult thread with/for adult things; for those interested in such things, to be done over PM only - I created this thread to separate it from my other thread, where my more 'serious' attempts at 1x1 writing reside.

I'm not saying that I don't expect good quality writing here, but it's an adult (by 'adult', I essentially mean pr0n) thread and not one for a lengthy and in-depth RP...although I'm not adverse to that.

I'll make this short:

- 18+ only, please be honest about this and we'll be fine.

- Able to post at least once a day, with good English skills - if you can't string a sentence together, then no.

- Plots and so forth can easily be discussed over PM.

- I'm open to pretty much anything (minus 'the usual' and subject matter that goes against the RPG Guidelines!); sexual orientation, scenario, so on and so forth - these are all things that can be discussed. Just because this will be primarily about other things other than story or plot, that's no reason not to bring one into it - Hell, even Corruption of Champions has a plot, oddly enough.

Now, I'm primarily a historical nut, but I also enjoy various settings and scenarios, so don't be afraid to suggest them.

As for anyone who wants to cry pervert...

So, see you on the flip-flop side!
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I find your bluntness charming. 😂

I am looking for something similar to your description. I, however, consider myself more along the lines of high casual than advanced writing. If you are interested, feel free to PM me. I am open to any plot ideas you may have.
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So this is why warhammer is taking so long >:/!
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