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10 Jan 2017 16:54
Current I have seen the signs and portents! I fear another guild crash is coming.
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8 Nov 2016 19:30
Always fun to have two 1x1 rps die before they even start. Gotta love being ignored.
18 Oct 2016 1:57
Now I am scared of my phone. Thanks Night Terrors!
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21 May 2016 1:30
Looking at what I am doing in Stellaris, I have come to the result that I am evil.
21 Oct 2015 18:33
Ipsa scientia potestas est


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You post first.
I might be a bit. Almost got into an accident and I'm still a little shaken.
We already got two. Didn't we?
Ryan is coming back. That's for sure.

Nathan is alright? I was waiting for your okay.
Also! BUMP!
I need as many plots as possible. I'll even accept your own plots. So long as they are not fandom plots. I don't play Loki.
Alright. I talked to him about it earlier. I'll wait for his full play.
Name: Nathan "Nate" Soria
Allias: None
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Parents: Adriana Soria and Gregory Arkin

Powers and abilities: Nate shares a hive mind with his immediate family, but the strongest connection is that which he shares with his brother, Jason. Taking after his mother, Nathan is able to communicate telepathically with bugs. However, unlike his brother Nate can control insect groups. He can control different bugs but they have to be the same type of bug. Example: He can control bees but not bees and ants at the same time. Each insect needs their own attention. He does not get their powers but he can use it for different uses. Wasps are better than bullets since bullets can't think. He also dabbles in cameras for his bees. He keeps an apiary of bees on campus. The honey is sweeet and good to the senses. They also give wisdom.
Personality: Nate is the more social of the Soria brothers. Like his favorite animal ,bees, he can be quite social. However he is very protective of his little brother. Nate wants to try and break Mother's control of him. He wants Jason to be his own man. Nate also wants to be a hero instead of a villain which drives a wedge in the family.

Bio: Nate was always a rebel. He did not follow Mother's orders unless she forced him to do so. Nate wanted to be his own man. He studied bees to try and make the best honey. Or to use spiders to make bullet proof webs. Neither of his plans have worked yet. He came to the Academy to "save" his brother from becoming Mother.

Others: Keeps a terrarium of carpenter ants in his room and bees near campus. He loves bugs that make things he can use. He also has a pet tarantula named "Spike" who he sometimes talks to in public.

I'm a mystery.

Just lost my entire sheet. Gonna redo quickly.
Well to help your guy, I think I'm going to name my guy Nathan. I'm going to work on him later today.
And he's back! He's adding Ryan back and maybe a new character!
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