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3 yrs ago
Current Isn't it great when someone blames their Rp issues on you when it is truly their fault?
3 yrs ago
Note to self:Eating Blazing Wings from BWW is not a good idea if you don't want to feel like you are dying.
3 yrs ago
I'm sorry for not posting these last few days. I was dealing with some issues.
3 yrs ago
I have seen the signs and portents! I fear another guild crash is coming.
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4 yrs ago
Always fun to have two 1x1 rps die before they even start. Gotta love being ignored.


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I could use two more plots.
Still looking! Bump!
No earthly clue if you want anyone for this but does this plot reference ”The President’s Vampire” or “Blood Oath” by Christopher Farnsworth?!

A vampire serving the president after being spared by Andrew Johnson and this said vampire works for the president and his successors? Cause that sounds like the vampire’s last name might be Cade or I’m losing my mind.

Sorry just wanted to say something.
A hopeful bump.
I have no idea if you found someone for this but none of what you said is a deal breaker for me. I would love to try something if you are up for it.
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