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Current Note to self:Eating Blazing Wings from BWW is not a good idea if you don't want to feel like you are dying.
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I'm sorry for not posting these last few days. I was dealing with some issues.
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I have seen the signs and portents! I fear another guild crash is coming.
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Always fun to have two 1x1 rps die before they even start. Gotta love being ignored.
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Now I am scared of my phone. Thanks Night Terrors!
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It would help.
"Okay then... I will call you... Abel Kitty. " Owen continued to joke as he tried to try and calm himself down. He was so worried about how Abel did not seem to be very comfortable around him. Was it something that he said? Had he scared the other man by just being himself? He sometimes had that effect on people. The whole "I see dead people" thing tended to scare most sensible people for the hills. He was trying to calm himself down while the wraith staring circling around the two of them babbling like the insane spirit that it was.

"He is nervous.... Speaker... Be calm...Like the grave in spring..." The creature babbled about how it thought of Abel. Owen would have strangled the damn thing if he could wrap his hands around a ghost. Owen gave the thing a glare which Abel might have confused for a look at him.

"You clean up nicely, Abel. I'm not that hungry right now. I tend to cook for myself before I go out. I learned how to cook when I was younger. " Owen said not taking a seat and still seemed a little uncomfortable. "So what do you want to do? We could always do the question game? I want to know more about the guy whose name has been on my arm as long as I can remember.
Like what is your favorite animal?
" Owen asked already knowing the answer.
Owen was not trying to bother Abel but he loved the idea of teasing the other man. He had a very cute blush and Abel seemed to be the type not to do anything too creepy in the apartment. That was the only reason Owen was still following him. Owen got the feeling that Abel might be even more sheltered than he was and that was saying something.

Owen had been right about the cat thing. Abel was a were snow leopard"Do you have a last name? Now it makes sense. The ghosts are freaking out about you. You are a gigantic walking cat. They start freaking out over house cats. I mean you are bigger than that."Owen joked again. When he got nervous, he started to joke around. This was a rather stressful time in his life.

"Can I get you a towel or something? I mean you are soaking wet. I would hate for you to drown in all that water." Owen asked as he walked inside with him. "Nice place you got here. Oh sorry about the ghosts. They tend to flock around me." Owen said looking around the room.
Owen had been wondering about this day for years. He had drawn what he thought Abel would look like. Something had always told him that he would be tall but never that he would wear a cowboy hat. Owen had pages of drawings fro when he was little about who the other man would be. There was something cat like about how he moved. This was the second time that Owen got the feeling of cats around Abel. He didn't mind cats or dogs. He had never had a living pst. He had once reanimated a cat when he was younger but Mr. Stinky wasn't a real pet in typical sense.

Owen followed next to Abel managing to keep up even though he didn't really walk above ground all that much. Underground he was a master of getting around. Since certain creatures liked to hide down their, Owen had learned the tunnels from a young age. "Already taking me home. I like the way you think,Abel. "Owen teased to try and break the awkward feelings in the air. "So I never did introduce myself. Owen Underhill. Necromancer extraordinaire. I see and command dead people. "He joked as he watched Abel for a response. Most people responded the same way with fear.
I imagine there's a masquerade. ((Nice World of Darkness reference. ) I say that Owen hides himself away.
Owen gave the wraith a glare as it seemed oddly pleased with itself. He didn't want to freak the other man out right now. Nothing made the guys run quite like a ghost slinking around them. He once dated a guy who ran screaming from the building in his underwear after the ghosts had opened every drawer in the kitchen. That was the last time Owen had brought a guy around the house.

This guy seemed interesting but there was something up with him. He almost felt feline since the ghosts were freaking out around him. Cats could see ghosts and some could interact with them. The mummies refused go near cats and would run from them. Espie had mentioned once that Cats were the guardians of the underworld. It was interesting to say the least. The rain left little to the imagination of Abel's body. Owen looked oddly dry as he stood there in the rain.

"That sounds great... I don't know anywhere nearby though. I don't get out a lot..."He admitted as he watched the other man. This was going to be interesting. "So uhh... Lead the way?" Owen said sounding extremely nervous. He had never done this before.
"He's close! So very close! Oh Speaker... he approaches. "The wraith howled as he spun around him. The ghost knew that Owen was on their side and he could help them. It was nice to help the dead with their issues. They in turn would help him. It was easy to spot museum guards when the resident ghosts were watching out. Owen was reading about how to dissect an arm when he felt himself collide with someone. His arm was burning and the wraith just would not stop babbling.

Owen's hand went flying and the book spun into the air. To Abel it would appear that the book had vanished in mid air. Owen could see the wraith holding the book like a dog holding a stick. It couldn't use the book but it could hide it. His arm was burning like it was on fire. This had to be the guy. Owen stared up as his eyes tried to read the other man.

"I'm ..Owen but you already knew that..." He sputtered a little worried about meeting his soulmate if this was him. He was taller than Owen had expected and didn't look like he belonged in the city. Course Owen didn't belong here either. Owen was feeling a strange feeling of hope. He wouldn't be alone any more. "You're Abel?" He asked a little confused on what to say to the man he was supposed to spend his life with. The wraith was hovering close enough to Abel so that the cowboy could hear a strange wind in his ear.
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