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4 mos ago
Current Note to self:Eating Blazing Wings from BWW is not a good idea if you don't want to feel like you are dying.
4 mos ago
I'm sorry for not posting these last few days. I was dealing with some issues.
9 mos ago
I have seen the signs and portents! I fear another guild crash is coming.
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11 mos ago
Always fun to have two 1x1 rps die before they even start. Gotta love being ignored.
11 mos ago
Now I am scared of my phone. Thanks Night Terrors!
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Since my trip is ruined (Grandma had a fall) I have more openings!

Let us do PMs for now. It's faster. If you have any ideas for the plot I would love to hear them. I have a few character ideas in mind.
Yes. Yes. 100 Times yes. I would love to try this with you. I have patience and experience. I remember being new here.

Also I prefer MxM as well.
1x1 addiction Bump!
I need a few more so I am opening it to anything.
Early morning bump. Bump!
I currently have one plot and thus I am reopening this! I need more plots.
I love so many of your plots but these are the three that I liked the most.

Wizard x Client- I definitely can play a Harry Dresden esque wizard who just sees his magical gift as a job.

Witch/Wizard x Cop - Same as the one above but he would not exactly enjoy being dragged around by the nose to help the police.

Unexpected Laird x Steward - I do love modern plots and this one sounds interesting. I am great at playing the hapless American in over his head.

I leave it up to you to decide which one you want to do since I cannot decide.
I hope this isn't dead.
It took me so long but here it is! My guy! I might add more later. I wanted to go over all the big banking stuff of all time.

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