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I've been doing many different stints in the world of RP, such as playing different tabletops ranging from the bog-standard Pathfinder and 5e to strange ones like Magical Burst. However, my first real time doing any kind of RP was in an old freeform co-op story done with some friends, and I think that was the most fun out of all of them I've done. So long story short, I guess I'll hang around and try to check out interesting ideas.

I tend to think up characters often but never have a place for them, or they never get their chance to shine in a campaign. Hopefully, with some time I'll be able to put some of them to use! Either that, or I'll end up being an eternal lurker. We'll see.

When it comes to my preferences in these kinds of RP, I'm not entirely sure. Some of my favorite settings are modern or slightly futuristic (I guess you could just say Cyberpunk as a blanket term), though I can also enjoy straight science fiction as well. I like it when modern sensibilities are intertwined with new technology and/or unstable prototype technologies. Being a bit of a gun nut, I basically enjoy any chance I can get to have a character use firearms, though that doesn't mean every character I make will be using them, of course. All of the scientific stuff doesn't mean that I can't enjoy fantasy elements as well, of course. Urban fantasy is always fun!

Ironically despite loving tabletop RPGs and the like, I really can't stand video game RPGs. Definitely more of a first person shooter person when it comes to video games. Other than that, I guess you could call me a metalhead when it comes to music. I also like to draw (mainly 100% Orange Juice characters, according to my track records) but I'm about 999 years too early to call myself an artist.

That's the gist of things, I guess. We'll see how this goes.
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Welcome to the family ^.^
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Welcome :)
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Boomsticks! Boomsticks for everyone! welcome to the club.
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