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"I don't think that's a good idea, mom." Abram said as he nodded his head over the phone.

Somehow Abram's mom was convinced that he needed to be set up on a blind date because he was having no luck with the ladies, but it wasn't that he wasn't having any luck in the dating world, it was that Abram wasn't looking for anything serious and most girls his age were. He was single and living it as best as he could. A few one night stands were easier to deal with than a serious relationship that took a lot of time and commitment, especially since he was in the running for a promotion.

Abram was an Auror who was apart of the United States Auror Division, one of the field offices which was part of the Department of Aurors, a department of the Magical Congress of the United States of America. He was causing a lot of chatter in the department, making splashes, and hopefully getting a promotion within the USAD. Being able to have the freedom of falling into and pulling out of casual relationships made sense to him as he wasn't ready to make a full on commitment to anything or anyone but work.

"I don't need to meet Aunt Jo's friend's niece." Abram sighed. "I'm sure she's cute but that's not the problem. I just don't have any time in my schedule for it... Mom? What?"

The Auror was given orders to meet the girl, his mom had already set up the date and it was sooner than he would have expected. Maybe he could pick up an assignment and have a real excuse to miss the date. Most of the women his Aunt Jo associated herself with were well off in the wizarding world, but they all had one issue, they knew his family and if anything were to happen Abram wouldn't have heard the end of it.

"Alright, alright, fine." The wizard said, having to agree with no choice. "Thanks, I love you too. Tell Aunt Jo thank you too."

Hanging up the phone, Abram bit his lip as he rubbed the edge of his chin with his thumb, thinking about what course of action to take next. His mind wandered to the idea of really signing up for an assignment, but he figured that would be a really petty move on his part. With another heavy sigh, Abram flicked on the tv which was already tuned into one of the news channels that reported on most current magical issues.

The segment that was playing was one that Abram had already seen, a documentary about one of the popular magical chefs in the city. Abram didn't spend too much time in Los Angeles as the city was a little too much for him, but growing up in Santa Barbara wasn't much of a difference as he did spend a lot of his teenage years in LA fooling around the summer scene. The program was quickly paused as an emergency news message popped up and played on the screen.

"... reports say that three No-Majes were killed in the incident. The Department of Aurors were on the scene but had refused to comment until further investigation by their department along with the Major Investigation Department were conducted."

As the segment ended, Abram's phone buzzed, with the Auror knowing full well what that meant.

"Another sunny day in paradise."
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Claire had her feet up on her coffee table as she slouched on the couch, taking a break from going through the paperwork that she had brought home in an attempt to keep her eyes from spinning out of her brain. She couldn't quite understand why nobody had yet invented a magical way to do reports and file them; even with computers being adapted to allow for their use in high-magic areas, the technology was still woefully behind, and one could never quite trust whether the internet would work or the program would get a mind of its own or behave. Everything went into paper databases just in case technology failed, and it took twice as long even with magic to speed everything up.

Grumbling and picking up the papers again, she was about to finish filing in the summary report when her phone went off, and she picked it up. The alert flashing across the screen was specially colored, signalling that it was a magical alert rather than a No-Maj alert, which never mentioned anything important unless one was terribly concerned about the weather.

She didn't even get a chance to unlock her phone before a message popped up with a location. Normally she knew what was going on to some degree before the alert even showed up if she was going to be assigned to it; the speed of the location meant that it was a true emergency.

The paperwork got abandoned as she got up, slinging her bag over her shoulder and throwing her phone inside. Thankfully the location was just to the headquarters in Los Angeles, which she had been to before, and she apparated with barely a second thought, grimacing as she landing outside of the conference room. It didn't matter how many times one apparated; it still felt like being pushed through a tiny tube and spit out the other side.

"What is going on? I didn't get the chance to read the news, I just figured I would get here first and get the details later." She ran a hand through her bright teal hair. A lot of times she would change her hair color to a more natural, or at least less vibrant, color so that she didn't stand out as much, but she hadn't even had time to think about doing it. Being a metamorphamagus had its perks, but worry and duty had her focused entirely elsewhere

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