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The parking spots on the street were a tad scarce, more than likely due to a current party, but Allison managed to find one and parallel parked the vehicle like a professional. Her and her brother were in a white Hyundai, nothing special about it and nothing to draw the attention to. Before they left home, Allison had switched out the tags; the one currently attached to the vehicle stolen from another white Hyundai. The young woman switched off the headlights before turning off the car.

Prior to that evening, the siblings had done various stakeouts of the home that was currently across the street. The area was nice, middle-class neighborhood. The homeowner they were targeting appeared to be an attorney, given the suits she wore every morning when she left home and the briefcase she carried to her car. That, or at the very least, she was upper management somewhere. She also appeared to be single; no partner, kids or any other family living with her.

"Come on, it's go time," she motioned for Gabe to follow her out of the car after taking the empty pizza box from his hands. She had her old Domino's shirt underneath a black jacket and the labeled hat to complete the uniform. Her short, black hair was tied back into what could pass as a ponytail. But the plan was simple: ring the doorbell and fool the woman for long enough to force themselves into her home.

Th siblings made their way across the street without saying a word to each other. And they didn't need to as the plan had already been discussed. Allison looked around for a moment, making sure no one had eyes on them. When they reached the steps of the front porch, she spoke again.

"Remember, just stick tot he plan and we'll be fine."

She liked reassuring her little brother. Life was anything but easy for the both of them, but she was all he had, and for some reason, she felt she owed him.

Allison then rung the doorbell and waited. A few moments later she heard footsteps. "Coming."

The same woman they had watched for some time finally opened the door.

"Hi there. Sorry for the delay, we're short on drivers. But at least we have another in training," she motioned towards her brother, smiling.

"Sorry dear, I believe you have the wrong house." Up close, the woman looked to be in her late 30s or early 40s. She had medium length brown hair and blue eyes. Not too pretty, but not ugly either. She wasn't overweight and was just about an inch or two shorter than Allison. She was as average as they came.

Allison's eyes widened. "Oh. Well, I guess I'm the one who needs training. Sorry about that..." With a gloved hand, Allison reached behind her back for the Glock 26 tucked within her waistband and aimed it at the woman's face, the tip of the barrel a few inches from her.

"If you scream, you die. Is there anyone in the house?" Her smile was gone by then, and the woman knew they weren't playing around. She shook her head, her lip trembling before tears followed. "Back the fuck up, now." Allison pushed her way in, the gun still pointed at the woman. Once her and Gabe were inside and the door was closed and locked, Allison dropped the pizza box from their earlier binge. She forced the woman against the wall, her free hand grabbing the switchblade from her pocket and placing it against her neck. "Here, take this," Allison called to Gabe, slapping the handgun against his chest when he stepped next to her. Allison then covered the woman's mouth, and without so much as a warning, plunged the blade into her side as deep as it would go. The woman's scream was stifled, but she didn't put up a fight. She was an easy target. Her legs were giving out and Allison pulled out the blade and stepped back, letting the woman collapse to the floor. She then turned to Gabe.

"Easier than expected. Let's see what goodies she has."
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Gabriel had gotten into a routine with his big sister after coming home. She worked at the club and Gabe protected her. He considered looking for a job, but his big sister was taking care of him so far and he was pretty cool with that. It was a good deal.

Gabe was unsure if his sister could do what needed to be done here. He actually kind of hoped he could do the deed, but he would follow his sister’s lead. As they climbed out of the white 2007 Hyundai, Allison shot him one line out of the side of her mouth without looking at him, "Remember, just stick to the plan and we'll be fine."

“No problem, Alli. You’re the boss,” Gabriel responded as he followed her up the front walk to the house. He looked around the neighborhood. The house was a brick and stone Victorian like many of the older houses in Emerson Gardens, one of Boston’s wealthy Brookline neighborhoods. A house like this would sell for about three hundred thousand out in the western part of the state, but here in the city, it sold for north of a million, easy. The houses were all so close together too, unlike what you find in the country or even the suburbs. “This chick’s got to be loaded living in a house like this. We should find something here.”

Standing on the walkway at the bottom of the steps, he watched his sister ring the doorbell. She glanced at Gabriel. He gave her a quick curt smile. They heard a voice from inside call out, "Coming."

Allison played the role of the Pizza delivery person as if that was her job. She was confident and had that lilt to her voice making her sound like she was no threat to the woman. "Hi there. Sorry for the delay, we're short on drivers. But at least we have another in training." Allison’s arm and head gestured toward Gabriel.

Gabriel raised an arm in mock salute with a slight smile.

Obviously, the woman had not ordered a pizza and wanted to tell the siblings they must have come to the wrong house. She called Allison dear; a term that pissed Gabe off. He wanted to pop her cherry right then, but he promised his sister, he would let her make the call. No joy this go around. The woman actually looked mildly attractive to Gabriel. He preferred his women younger and would seek out a younger woman for a future gig. But Allison set this one up and he would back her. Maybe Gabe could pick the next one. Knowing Allison, he knew she would consider the woman to be on the ugly side, but in fact Gabe knew she would definitely do in a pinch.

Allison feigned confusion about her alleged faux-pas. But before she could back out and leave, she produced a 9mm subcompact; one of those polymer constructions pieces intended to defeat metal detectors. She shoved the pistol into the woman’s face and forced her back into the house. Allison’s tone was serious. Gabriel quickly followed her inside.

"If you scream, you die. Is there anyone in the house?" The woman was terrified. It really excited Gabriel to see her this way. He really wanted to have her, just to see the doe eyes filled with tears as he had his way with her. But he would let Alli run the show tonight.

Gabriel closed and locked the door as they entered. Gabriel approached Allison just as she thrust her pistol into his chest. He took the handgun, pulled slightly on the slide to see the one brass cartridge visible in the chamber, then let it slip back inside. He removed the magazine and noticed there were nine rounds inside. He couldn’t not take the weapon and know what it could do. He had ten rounds if he needed them.

Gabriel was surprised by his sister’s next move. She covered the woman’s mouth, who Gabriel and just come to learn was Meredith. He saw a pile of mail all addressed to someone named Meredith Feinberg. Before Gabriel could tell her sister the woman’s name, she pulled out a switchblade, opened it and stuck it in the woman’s side. Poor Meredith wasn’t looking so well after that. Real hard to act sober after your liver has been lacerated. She swayed slightly. Maybe she passed out? Taking one knife wound shouldn’t kill a person, unless she was left to bleed out. He watched her fall to the floor and the dark red liquid slowly seeped onto the hardwood floor making a gradually growing puddle.

Allison looked at her brother, "Easier than expected. Let's see what goodies she has."

Gabriel looked longingly at the woman for several moments. He really wanted her, but not like this. He wanted the sexual gratification before the death, not after. He decided the moment was gone and began searching the house with his sister.

After a thorough search, Gabriel produced eight hundred dollars in cash; all Benjamins stuffed in her bra and underwear drawer. She also had a fine collection of gold necklaces and rings. Her credit cards might last for a few days before the companies call about fraud.

“Not a bad haul, sis,” Gabriel said after telling her what he found. He looked back at Meredith; her pool of blood ever widening before they headed out into the night.

The next morning…

Detective James Graham

Roll call had been the usual. The shift supervisor told them daily to leave the businesses in the Combat Zone alone. Whatever they did was the mayor’s problem, not ours. Apparently, the mayor told the chief to leave them alone.

Jimmy Graham drove the black 2014 Dodge Charger with dark tinted glass away from the police precinct at 101 West Broadway and headed up toward Brookline. He had no place to go but felt like heading in that direction. He was hoping to stop at one of his favorite Italian bakeries. His mom was a hundred percent Italian. He was raised on Cannolis and biscottis. He and his partner, Jenna Michaelson had been working together for the past two years. They got along fairly well, and Jimmy knew he could trust her. That gave him a comforting feeling.

“Adelaide gave us a scare last night,” Jimmy told his partner. “She stopped breathing. Diane screamed at her and shook her. My poor wife was in tears. I gave her the Heimlich and that was all it took to get her back. We called for an ambulance. The EMTs checked her over and said she was fine. Diane took her to the doctor’s this morning after dropping Leo off at school. I saw Addy before I left the house this morning. I sure hope she is OK.” Jimmy was frightened talking about his 5-year old daughter.

The girl suffered from Cerebral Palsy and was confined to a wheel chair. The doctor cautioned that her intellectual capacity may never advance from where it is right now. She may act like a five-year-old for the rest of her life. She could not walk, and her head and arms made constant erratic movements. To her daddy, she had the most beautiful smile and would talk his head off if he let her.

The radio crackled to life, “Any units in the Brookline area, please check on the welfare of a Miss Meredith Feinberg, 41 Waverly.”

Jimmy picked up the handset, “Fox 6 is in the area. We’ll check it out.” Jimmy made a left on Thayer and headed for the address. “Probably some old lady that has not been outside in over a week. The neighbors get worried and call the cops.”

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"Not a bad haul, sis," Gabe concluded, and Allison gave him a thumbs up. She followed his gaze, looking over the woman as Allison was taken back to that Friday night.

Her father had been drinking as usual, sitting in front of the TV on his black leather recliner. He was very peculiar about who sat there, for some reason. The empty bottles were littered by his feet, but she didn't bother counting; there was no point. Allison left the living room right after he demanded she get him some food. She ignored him, and he berated her. "Your bitch of a mother would have gotten me at least a sandwich by now," he added. Allison lost it.

She headed to the basement to go get another 12 pack. She was calm and controlled, even though she already knew what she was going to do. Allison emerged from the basement with the beer, taking it to the kitchen first. She grabbed a napkin to act as a sleeve, and used the bottom of her shirt to twist loose the cap. It was then she could just barely make out her father incoherently rambling on. She took the bottle of Bud Light over to him, and he snatched it from her hands without even bothering to peel his eyes from the TV. But that was fine.

Throughout the night, Allison would go on to repeat the same step whenever he was running low. It kept him quiet and pleasant, and in the meantime, she would switch between reading her book and playing a game on her phone to keep occupied. This went on for a while, until eventually, Daniel passed out, dropping the bottle he had in hand onto the floor. She started picking up the larger pieces of broken glass and noticed her father wasn't snoring like usual. In fact, he looked quite still. She used her free hand to check the man's pulse, but she couldn't find any. Allison smiled slightly, and continued picking up the mess as if she didn't have a care in the world, because in that moment, she didn't. She would figure out what to do the next morning, after having a good night's rest.


"Hey, so I need to tell you something...it's about dad."

The siblings were already in the vehicle, heading home. They had done a final walkthrough to make sure nothing that would incriminate them was left behind. The empty pizza box was in the trunk, and the items they had taken along with the cash was hidden in the center console. "He did drink himself to death, but..." Allison paused, finding it hard to admit to her brother what she had done. She decided to pull over to the side of the road. They were still in a residential neighborhood, but not particularly close to where they were earlier. Allison then turned to Gabe before she went on. "I was the one who was handing him the drinks. I killed him, Gabe."

"Jesus Christ, Graham. She stopped breathing just like that?" Jenna turned to his partner after he had told her the ordeal with his daughter. Up to that point, Adelaide had gone through so much in her short life, Jenna couldn't help but feel bad for the poor thing. She was a beautiful little girl too, and it broke Jenna's heart knowing how much she suffered. "I'm glad Diane is taking her to the doctor though, despite what the EMTs said. You can never be too careful...

Jenna stopped talking when the dispatcher went on the air, and even though her partner had taken the call, she wouldn't have done the same. But that was simply because Jenna preferred to go were the action was. If she was going to be stuck behind a desk doing reports for who knows how long, she might as well have fun when she's out on the road.

"That's almost always the case, isn't?" she replied to him, suddenly remembering a topic from the previous week. "Hey, so you never got back to me about the Krav Maga training. I know we got caught up with that case but do you think you'll be able to fit it in your schedule?"
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Detective James Graham

"That's almost always the case, isn't?" Detective Michaelson agreed with him about the check on the welfare call. Then she switched gears on him when they turned onto Waverly. "Hey, so you never got back to me about the Krav Maga training. I know we got caught up with that case but do you think you'll be able to fit it in your schedule?"

Jimmy pulled up in front of the house at 41 Waverly. He picked up the radio, “Dispatch, this is Fox six. You can show us out at that address, over.”

“Roger, fox six is 10-7 at 41 Waverly,” the radio voice responded.

“How about this weekend? I have some equipment in my basement. We can work out Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Whatever is best for you,” Jimmy responded to Jenna. Jim Graham had been training in Krav Maga for three years. The school he attended used a belt system. He recently earned an advanced red belt; the belt is split red over black. They also conducted a stripe test once a month. He had just received his third stripe just before the Christmas break and was looking forward to attending boot camp in preparation for his black belt test.

Jimmy walked up to the door and knocked loudly. He stood silently listening at the door. He heard no sound coming from inside the door. He knocked loudly again, yelling, “Boston Police! Please open up!” He peered inside a side window and could see a woman laying on the floor with the light reflecting off what could only be a pool of liquid around her.

“I got a body,” he stated matter of fact to his partner as his hand went for the door knob. He opened it and then drew his sidearm, a .40 caliber Smith & Wesson. He nodded to Jenna and they began a search of the building; stopping to check if the woman on the floor was alive first--no pulse.

“Dispatch, this is Fox six, we have a code 62 at 41 Waverly. Please send a uni, and CSU, over.”

“Fox six, roger on the code 62,” the dispatcher’s voice called out calmly to the Brookline patrol cruiser containing two officers to head to their location. Then returned to Graham and Michaelson, “CSU is on the way.”

“Roger that,” Jim acknowledged as he and his partner continued their search of the house. For all they knew, the killer(s) were still in the house. Couldn’t take any chances. Needed to insure the place was secure before starting an investigation.


Gabriel lay in his bed smoking a cigarette. He woke up about twenty minutes ago and couldn’t help thinking about what his sister told him last night. She told him she killed dad. He felt the same way about their father as she did. He even considered doing it when he was an older teen, but resolved to leave the house instead. He joined the Army and learned what it was like to kill someone in combat. He savored the thought. He actually didn’t blame his sister, but was annoyed that she didn’t tell him sooner.

He pulled his feet over the edge of the bed and snuffed out his cigarette in the ash tray. He stood up and staggered to the bathroom to relieve himself. Once he was dressed, he walked to the kitchen looking for his sister and a cup of coffee. He found a cup and poured himself from the carafe, already brewed.

Sitting down at the kitchen table he pulled out another Marlboro and lit it. When he saw her, he spoke, “Alli, I understand what you did." He drew on the cigarette and blew the smoke into the air. "Maybe its your fault? Maybe it is not? Sure, he drank himself to death. He would have drunk those beers with you or without you." Gabe sipped at the coffee, then placed the cup back on the table. "I don’t blame you. I just wish you had fucking called me or something. I didn’t like not knowing dad died until after I came home. You got me!?” Gabe was visibly annoyed yelling the last three words at Allison. He was trying hard to calm himself. He was aware his language might have given him away. He was good about keeping himself calm last night when she told him. He needed to hurt someone. He didn’t want to hurt his sister. He understood what the old man did to her. He could not look her in the eye. He simply smoked his cigarette and drank his coffee.

Eventually, he would ask, “what are we doing tonight?”
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"This weekend works for me; Saturday preferably. I don't think I'm the only one who considers Sunday a day for relaxation either alone or with family or friends." Jenna followed James out of the vehicle, closing the front passenger door. "I'm good with 10 AM if that works for you," she concluded as she started making her way to the front of the house. Once they were both in the front porch, James knocked on the door. There was no answer, so he knocked once more, this time announcing their presence.

“Boston Police! Please open up!”

Nothing else but silence. It was then that he decided to take a look inside and noticed a body lying in a pool of blood. James let his partner know right away, and Jenna hen withdrew her firearm, ready to burst in through the front door. But James simply tried the doorknob and they were able to step inside.

Jenna noticed the deceased woman on the floor and gave her partner a few moments to check the body. She'd lost a lot of blood, and it came as no surprise to her that she was a goner.

"I'll take the upstairs," she advised her partner after he made his call over the radio, and she started heading up. The barrel of her gun was aimed directly ahead of her. She got to the upstairs hall and found a bedroom immediately to her right. Or what she thought was a bedroom. When she went in, circling around to properly conduct her sweep as to not be caught off guard, Jenna noticed that she was in a home office. It was the typical setup: desk, chair, computer, some storage furniture, wall decor, and the closet. She quickly opened the closet doors with one hand as the other held her gun in front of her, but the space was mostly empty save for some garment bags and a few boxes off to the corner.

The rest of the upstairs sweep went about the same. Whenever she would finish up a room, Jenna would tell her partner over the radio. She checked the bathroom, the room that followed, which was set up as a secondary bedroom, and the last room on the hall: the master bedroom. The sheets were undone, meaning the poor woman more than likely got up to answer the door and never returned. Jenna also checked the walk-in closet, the personal bathroom, and under the bed. Since any threat of immediate danger was eliminated then, meaning the entire upstairs was cleared, Jenna headed downstairs to rejoin her partner.

It was early in the morning, but Allison hadn't slept much. In fact, she had spent most of the night tossing and turning. It was her brother's reaction, or lack thereof, that had kept her up. A part of her was looking for something more, like being told she was absolutely right in killing their father, or terribly wrong for doing so. Either way, his reaction was underwhelming to say the least. So much, in fact, that it left her dissatisfied...even after the goods they got away with the previous night.

Just as the sun had come up, Allison went to the living room to watch some TV. She kept the volume low as to not awake her brother, but she found herself to be drifting off on the couch so she went back to bed 20 minutes later. She stared at the wall for a while before sleep claimed her.

When she opened her eyes again, Allison quickly sat up in bed. She was having a nightmare but thankfully, the sun was shining bright enough to wake her before the worse of it came. She went out without bothering to get dressed, but she had on her pajama pants and white t-shirt, and she wasn't trying to impress anybody. Allison followed the same routine as every other morning; get the coffee brewing, grab the newspaper from the front porch, and draw the curtains to let some natural light in. She was still a bit groggy and irritable, but breakfast would soon fix that.

She went back to her room to finally make her bed and get dressed. It was then she heard Gabe shuffling around, and she figured he was heading towards the kitchen. She put on some jeans and a long-sleeve blue shirt before she went to the restroom to wash her face.

A while later, Allison went out to join her brother. He wasn't all that talkative the previous night, so it was a start. Allison was listening to what he was saying, up to the point where he raised his voice at her. It took her by surprise, and she simply stood there, stunned, until she found the words.

"I did it for your own fucking good, little brother," she added with a bit of a condescending tone, not bothering to acknowledge his question. It irked her when he acted out of line, and maybe she shouldn't react so poorly, but she couldn't help it.

Allison didn't say anything further though, she simply turned her back to him so she could pour herself some coffee. Gabe eventually addressed her again, after she joined him at the table with neither of them saying anything up that point.

“What are we doing tonight?”

"I think we should lay low for now, maybe some theft here and there. I don't want us drawing too much attention to ourselves. If we make a mistake somewhere, they could pin all of it on us, and then we're royally fucked."

Allison got up again to make herself some toast. She usually wasn't hungry this early in the morning, but for some reason her stomach was growling. She grabbed the last two slices and put them in the toaster. If Gabe didn't want one of them, then she would eat them both.
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