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Hey, I am new to the site, but hardly new to role playing. I can safely say that I hardly write like I did when I first started sometime around 2013, which is a blessing for anyone who has to read what I write. I know the general ropes of role play, but have never done it here before. I was invited by a friend, so I guess I am here now.

For anyone who cares to know, I have leaned towards 1x1 role playing in recent years, and haven't done a group role play in ages. Fantasy is my preferred genre and something I am passionate about. I am a very laid back person, but I try to put a lot into my characters and writing.

I am a fairly friendly, but socially anxious person, so I am sorry if that comes off as awkward. I like to write, read, make mediocre art, world build, play video games, recently got into DnD, and a bunch of other stuff I guess.
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Welcome to the world! Enjoy your stay, hope you find threads that interest you!
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Welcome to the Guild :)
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