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The twins walked around the festivals Keyrie looked to her brother "im bored" she says. he nodded "yeah i can feel your boredom" he says "its annoying" he told her
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He looks around, making sure that the Queen isn't within sight, and goes back into the darkwood stalls, looking for vampiric magic. He stops in front of a darkness filled enchanters stall, and slips inside. "Tell me, enchanter. Could you make my blade vamipric?" He/she/it nods briefly. "What would you trade for it?" He bows slightly to them. "Any quest that you would have me undertake." The hooded creature chuckles. "I'll do as you desire. But you must do this for me in return...." It leans over and whispers in his ear. He grimly nods. "I'll do it." The creature draws his sword from its sheath, and whispers over it in a strange and ancient tongue. "Then I grant unto you your new weapon. But I will receive my price in time." The metal on his sword warps and twists, turning the blade black. He bows deeply. "You will receive proof of my task as soon as I am able to complete it."
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