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First, a little history of how it all began...

Rise and “Fall” of Vigilantism (2022-2028)

“Superheroes” had been around long before Vanguard. By superhero I mean guys dressed in costumes and living a vigilante life. Some were known publicly and even had websites. But they often clashed with law enforcement. Most weren’t taken very seriously. After the arrival of Vanguard the whole superhero gig exploded.

For the next three years Vanguard sought training from law enforcement and emergency services in an effort to coordinate his efforts. However the bulk of the “superhero” community were still vigilantes. They hampered undercover operations, violated due process. In short, the government asked Vanguard to take a stand against them.

This placed Vanguard in an awkward position. He countered with an alternative that was met with resistance and strong skepticism. The biggest concern was one of accountability. Secret ID’s were the issue. However, Vanguard pointed out that the criminal underworld had begun to develop its own version of “superhumans” and is going to arm them to the teeth. He predicted that a force would need to be selected, trained and prepared to counter them within 10 years - and in 30 years his own abilities would become obsolete as a whole new generation of metahumans entered the scene.

With this in mind Vanguard began the search for “superheroes”. His criteria was very strict. Applicants were required to send in a resume.

No Teenagers - First, he was looking for serious heroes, not some teenagers who take a few scraps of cloth and get themselves beat up. Applicants had to qualify for military service or their application was denied. (Research this.)

Dedicated - He was looking for members who could make the superhero gig a full time job. This tended to be a problem for those with spouses and kids.

Stable - He had no time for hotheads, or psychopaths. No mental illnesses. No racists. No religious fanatics or any sort.

Identity - Each member was required to reveal their Secret ID to Vanguard and the Political leaders of their nation. G7 wanted members to reveal themselves to all the G7 leaders, but Vanguard put his foot down.

Nationality - must be a citizen of one of the G7 nations*. There are four major macropolitical entities in the world. G8, BRIC, Arab League, and AF.

Speak English - Each member had to be fluent in English. An modest accent was fine, but a team needed to be able to communicate.

G7 - (USA, Canada, UK, Japan, France, Germany, Italy)
BRIC - (Brazil, Russia, India, China)
Arab League - (Old Arab League, plus Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan)
AF - African Federation (the rest of Africa)

*Please note that despite wealth, Australia is not in any of these groups. This is more about politics than national GDP’s.

Early Metahumans (2022-2036)

In 2017 an asteroid of interstellar origins, Oumuamua, passed through our solar system at over twice the escape velocity of Earth. It was nearest to Earth (0.276 a.u. Or 25 million miles) on October 8, 2017. Any meteorite activity from the visitor would have hit Earth around Oct 18 of that year.

A few years later humans with strange abilities began to emerge. They were exceedingly rare. At the time the number was estimated to be around 80 worldwide, or about 1 person in 100 million. Some of these humans had proven dangerous, using their new powers for personal gain, or lacking any control. As a result governments around the world have begun the hunt for these “mutants”.

It was only natural that the governments sought the help of Vanguard. At first it was on a case by base basis. Then, in 2028 they sought organized help. Vanguard refused. But that was because the “request” violated civil rights to due process and possibly the Constitution. In response various agencies began revoking the charters of the superhero teams of vigilantes, effectively shutting them down.

Third Stage Metahumans - 2036-2037 (Present)

Over the past few months newer, more powerful metahumans have surfaced, some on par with Marvel characters. The old vigilante teams are badly outclasses as are most of the early metahumans. Vanguard seems notoriously absent. Some of the new metahumans have agents with gear on par with what the chartered groups of vigilantes had that were supported by Vanguard. (He supplied more advanced technology to vetted team members.) Where these new metahumans are coming from is a complete mystery. The world has become a warzone.

Your character may be from one of the following types. Remember, you should be heroes here. You may not like each other. You may not trust each other. And some of you may consider the others criminal or that they abandoned the people.

I am looking for original characters. But let’s face it, comics have been around a long time. It is going to be hard not to come close to something that has already been done. Your characters should all at least be of human origins.

Active - never retired, stayed with it possibly as a solo act.
Coming out of Retirement - retired after the G7 revoked charters, perhaps got busy starting a family. Remember, it’s only been a several years.

Metahuman Heroes
These are the equivalent of lower powered Marvel characters. Not X-Men, Avengers, etc. (Well, the Vigilantes could be comparable to Black Widow or Hawkeye.) You will be outclassed by the new metahuman villains. Also, you will be on the hunted list - officially.

Resource Link
This is a listing of powers. Below are some guidelines.

Not Allowed
Muscle Memory/Skill Duplication
Power theft, duplication, or nullification
Time/Temporal Control
Mind Reading
Mind Control (or similar powers that control others)

No Androids, Cyborgs, Mecha
No uncontrolled powers or powers simply too dangerous to be around.
No Absolute, Godly, etc powers. In other words, let’s avoid the OP stuff.

Disclaimer: I removed a few powers from the original list. But if I think your power won’t work well with a group or in an Advanced RP, it won’t be approved.

Make your powers cohesive. Someone with spider powers shouldn’t suddenly start tossing fireballs.

For a power like flight, explain how it works. Wings are pretty obvious.

If your power have limits or drawbacks, list those. However, don’t overdo this either. For example, a metabolism that effectively reduces you to having to spend the whole time eating is useless.

For this RP I am going to require strong writing skills. This is an ADVANCED RP. Members will be expected to post 3-5 times per week - partly dependent on responses from others. (Not sure if that is even possible given turnaround time for posts. But then I am used to 1x1's. Point is, I do not want people holding up a scene.) Minimum length should be 3-5 good paragraphs - with no rehashing of others’ posts. ADD something to the scene with your posts rather than echo someone’s post back.

Writing Sample
I rarely ever require one. For this RP I will.
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Going to have to retract that. Noticed the 3-5 expected posts, I cannot guarantee time to commit to that.
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