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Cybertron... has fallen. Cycles of endless war between the Autobots and Decepticons have drained the planet of its most precious resource: Energon. When the mines began to dry up, the leaders of both armies saw the writing on the wall. Cybertron would not last, and the survival of their forces would require them to get offworld and to do so as soon as possible. But even that proved almost impossible, with both sides still clawing at each other even as they both made an exodus from the planet. Their war would continue, spill over into other planets over several thousand millennia. But that is not the story we tell today. The story we tell now begins where Cybertron ended. Not every Autobot nor Decepticon were fortunate enough to escape. Many from both camps still struggle to survive in the ruins of what was once their beloved home. The only viable Energon mines left have been tainted by a dark energy called the Dark Spark, corrupting the precious energy into the more powerful but more volatile Dark Energon. Cybertronians seeking to survive are faced with two horrific options: either risk using Dark Energon, or salvage what little can still be found in the countless remains of those who fell during the war. These are dark days for the Planet Cybertron, and as more and more Energon vanish from the world, the days only seem to get darker. But is all truly lost? There is one who seems to still possess hope. A mysterious transmission begins making its way across the ruins of cities and the wastelands between them. An unknown voice beckons for all who hear it to journey to Iacon, promising sanctuary and survival. The messenger in the transmission remains anonymous, never declaring himself to be an Autobot or Decepticon, and even sending the transmission on both factions' old frequencies. It may very well be too good to be true, but the survivors of Cybertron are left little choice but to put their faith in this supposed sanctuary, for nothing else awaits them in the wastes but death and ruin.

So as you may have guessed, this will be a Transformers RP set on Cybertron after its fall and after the big name characters have all left it behind. All that remains are stragglers who were not fortunate enough to escape the planet with their brethren. But a transmission becks all who hear it to come to Iacon where a sanctuary can supposedly be found that promises protection and respite. You can be an Autobot or Decepticon, the choice is yours, but ultimately your character may have to accept working alongside their former enemies that all can survive in these dark times. Canon characters are technically allowed, but with heavy restrictions. Big names like Optimus, Bumblebee, Megatron, or Starscream are obviously not allowed since they would have already fled the planet during the official canon. But a much less well known D-list character might be acceptable depending on how its written. Either way I don't plan on accepting many canon characters, as I would prefer this cast to be largely made up of OC new bloods that now have to either step up or fall to the wastes.

So if you're interested in a sort of Fallout-meets-Transformers style of RP, then stop on by!
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Big fan of Transformers so definitely interested as this is an era I haven't seen explored in a roleplay.
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This could be interesting
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You have my interest!
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I'm interested, do you plan to have a character sheet or anything of the like?
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You have my interest. I love this period of the transformers.
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