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Role playing energizes me. Stories entertain me all day long. I'm much more likely to daydream than sleep when I "take a nap."
I'm looking forward to exploring shiny new stories with the writers here. I can ramble about nothing for hours through the keyboard. I write slowly (because I'm distracted daydreaming instead of typing.) I usually write short to medium length posts. I prefer to write within boundaries similar to The Lord of The Rings; there is nothing +18 in the relationship department but there can be violence.
I gravitate toward fantasy, steampunk, or historical settings rather than modern.
I'll mostly be posting on weekends.
That's enough about me me me, it's the characters that really make the story!

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Welcome to the guild! If you have questions feel free to PM me. :)
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Hello and Welcome aboard!
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Waves in a friendly across the street manner.
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