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Hi. I'm new. Duh. The (real) name's Shelley. But my (RP) name is Leah. Author name? Nerissa. Gamer name? Shay...

But for the sake of not confusing everyone, just call me Leah. :)

I hail from the city of Houston in the US of A. Not a fan, 2/10 do not recommend. But, it's home right now, and I do what I can with with I've been given. I am married to a lovely country boy from the South, and we have two cats that we adore as if they're our children. Which, we have none of. Yet.

I work for a local School District as a Bus Driver, and my hobbies include numerous video games, writing smutty fanfiction, listening to folk music and heavy metal, and run multiple fandom pages on numerous media platforms. I am a semi-professional fangirl. (I do it out of love, not out of wealth, obviously. Heh, could you imagine getting paid to be a fangirl? Dream come true, man...)

My RP interests are quite simple:
-When it comes to writing fandom: I enjoy Canon Divergence, Alternate Universes, and Canon x OC
-Classic fantasy, mostly in medieval or renaissance settings. I like the idea of 'new powers, new life' and 'how did that happen?' storylines.
-Romance: Any, all, favor comedic relief and/or silly meet cutes. Slice of life is fun, but when I get into romance, I like it to be fresh starts between characters (Yes, even with Canon and Fandom)
-Cliche is always fun.

With that, I am happy to be here, and look forward to meeting you all <3
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ONE OF US, ONE OF US Welcome :) If you have any questions feel free to pm me here, or on discord. (Especially concerning the forum's BBCode, I like to think I know all of it by now.)
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Waves politely.
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