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Real Name: Lochila Laufeysdottir
Hero/Villain Name: Lochila
Nicknames: Lochila Odinsdottir, Madame Trickster, Goddess of Mischief, Serpent Queen, Lady Discord, Witch.

Odin (foster father), Laufey (biological father; deceased), Angela/Aldrif (older foster sister), Thor (older foster brother), Balder (older foster brother), Loki (biological older brother), Torunn (foster niece).

Affiliations: Loki (formerly); Avengers (on-and-off); Asgardians.

Race: Frost Giant.
Citizenship: Jotunheim (birthplace); Asgard (currently).
Marital Status: Single.
Faction: Redeemed Villain (Asgardians).
Profession/Occupation(s): Deity; Adventurer; Goddess of Mischief; Part-Time Ally to the Avengers; Teacher/Guardian to Torunn Thorsdottir.
Equipment/Weapons: Sorcery.

Gender: Female.
Height: 6’ 0”.
Weight: 425 lbs.
Age: Over 1,000; Physically 33-34.

Hair Color: Black.
Eye Color: Green.

* Superhuman Strength, Speed, Agility, Reflexes, Durability, Stamina, and Longevity.
* Cold Immunity/Cryokinesis.
* Flight.
* Arcane Lore Expert.
* Master Manipulator.
* Expert Combatant.
* Advanced Intelligence.

- Sorcery
* Magical Energy Projection/Manipulation/Detection/Intuition.
* Illusion Manipulation/Shapeshifting.
* Hypnosis/Mind Control.
* Telepathic Communication/Immunity (with Loki).
* Invisibility.
* Telekinesis.
* Teleportation.

Having to be related to Loki, one can guess that the personality of Lochila is similar to his own: Thoughtful, farseeing, and calculating. A truly playful yet kind-hearted goddess, Lochila represents the good, harmless sides of a trickster, before becoming corrupted by her older brother's more-malicious aspect. Having to mostly grow up by his side, Lochila was in a position of total dependency; since Loki was the more experienced and worldly-wise of the two, he helped her study magic, agree with everything he says, and constantly bring her along in his many conquests. Because of all that Loki did for her, Lochila's previous affections for her other siblings were transferred solely to him, resulting her to have great hesitation to even question or reject his intentions, although it is heavily implied that she still harbors romantic feelings for Thor.

All across Asgard, Lochila was considered to be one of the most beautiful of individuals, having to rival with Amora the Enchantress, the huntress Angela/Aldrif, and the Lady Sif of War. Being able to attract numerous individuals, it even led her siblings to develop a soft spot for her. Even though this beauty was proven to be a natural strength, she is also very capable; even for a woman, she holds a very shrewd and manipulative mind that has been developing for centuries, and for Lochila to be competent and cunning with her magic, she's really an incredible foe, especially for those who mostly rely on brutish combat.

Unlike her brother, Lochila doesn't hold any resentment for her adoptive family; even after she found herself to be a Frost Giant, she doesn’t hold any sense of hatred for them either. However, after Loki convinced her that they were never going to get the throne, due to Odin’s fear of his betters, it made her to develop very strong feelings of rage and confusion. After being sentenced to exile by her adoptive father, to watch Thor's daughter Torunn, who comes to be her adoptive niece, she initially despised the child, but began to soften due to the girl's innocence. After many years, Lochila began to transform back into the woman she used to be before her corruption, having to become a capable mother-figure and mentor to Torunn, eventually developing a genuine familial love for her, in the process. She also becomes far more independent in her time of exile, and not have to rely on Loki for everything, although she still retains a typical but tenuous "brother-sister" relationship with him.

Voiced By: Amy Pemberton (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow)
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Real Name: Torunn Thorsdottir
Hero/Villain Name: Torunn
Nicknames: Tori, Thor-unn, The Second Thor, Princess of Asgard, Daughter of Thor, The Storm Maiden, Goddess of Thunder.

Odin (biological grandfather), Angela/Aldrif (biological aunt), Balder (biological uncle), Thor (biological father), Sif (biological mother), Loki (foster uncle), Lochila (foster aunt).

Affiliations: Avengers (on-and-off); Asgardians; Lochila.

Race: Asgardian.
Citizenship: Asgard and Midgard.
Marital Status: Single.
Faction: Hero (Asgardians).
Profession/Occupation(s): Deity (in-training); Adventurer; Goddess of Thunder; Part-Time Ally of the Avengers; Student of Lochila Thorsdottir.
Equipment/Weapons: Enchanted Sword, Natural God-Like Power.

Gender: Female.
Height: 5’ 6”.
Weight: 320 lbs.
Age: Over 900; Physically 17-18.

Hair Color: Blonde.
Eye Color: Blue.

* Superhuman Strength, Speed, Agility, Durability, Reflexes, Stamina, and Longevity.
* Electrical-Energy Manipulation/Generation/Detection/Projection/Immunity.
* Weather Element Manipulation/Conjuration/Immunity (thunder, lightning, wind, rain).
* Idiosyncratic Manipulation/Mystical Link (telekinetically-control/summon her sword).
* Worthiness Enchantment.
* Indomitable Will (can occasionally resist mental influence; not fully-developed).
* Advanced Intelligence.
* Flight.
* Expert Combatant.
* Arcane Lore Expert (still learning).
* Swordsmanship.

Torunn is shy but strong, very kind, graceful, somewhat tomboyish, and always motivated by her continuous desire to do the right thing. Having to be raised on Earth, instead of Asgard, mainly to learn about the humility and wisdom of her own mortality, Torunn has matured into becoming a beautiful young maiden, full of compassion and selflessness. While she's trying to gain some independence for independence, Torunn continues to mostly rely on the guidance and help from her family, whenever conflicts arise, especially from her father, whom she wishes to connect more with, and the Goddess of Mischief, whom she continues to see as a "mother-figure", and a teacher, despite the latter having to be an adopted family member.

Due to having to grow up on Midgard, Torunn’s relationship with Asgard is distant, although she is quite curious about its culture and traditions. To add to this, even though she is smart, with a high-level of intelligence, Torunn is also quite naïve to the capabilities of her own family, making her become one of Loki's easiest of victims (with Lochila always having to interfere). However, much of this knowledge has been eventually filled in for her, thanks to Lochila. Although Torunn’s curiosity and naïveté seemed to always make her an easy target, her warm nature only acts as a brilliant façade for others to greatly underestimate her, especially since her own sentiment is fierce, and when she’s manifesting and wielding her god-like power.

Although a budding adventurer and warrior, Torunn is, by heart, a pacifist, who dislikes war and violence, in any form. However, she knows that fighting is only necessary when it comes to protecting and defending others, as well as herself. Also, because of her innocence and purity, Torunn was considered special, where a few have already perceived her as one of the most worthy of individuals, to the point where she can wield even the most sacred of weapons i.e. the hammer of Mjolnir, which led to the creation of her sword. Because of this said-worthiness, as well as her strong-morale, Torunn tries to see the good in most individuals, and tends to play as the voice of reason for them; as such, towards her adoptive uncle Loki (despite his villainous deeds), and a few others.

Voiced By: Madison Iseman
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Real Name: Cassandra Reed
Hero/Villain Name: Titanium
Nicknames: Agent Reed

Relatives/Relationships: Carolina Reed

Affiliations (If not, put N/A): SHIELD

Specie(s): Mutant
Citizenship (Where are they from?): UK
Marital Status (Single, Married, Divorced, etc.): Sing
Faction (Hero/Villain/Neutral): Hero
Profession/Occupation(s): SHIELD Agent
Equipment/Weapons: ICER, Combat knife

Gender: Female
Height: 5'7
Weight: 134lbs
Age: 28

Hair Color: Black/Purple
Eye Color: Brown

Dermal Armor: The power to have innate physical armor for protection.
Season Manipulation: The power to manipulate seasons and the concepts they represent.
Enhanced Condition: The power to possess a physical and mental condition beyond the peak of human condition

Personality: Cassandra once you meet her she is pretty friendly person and very easy to get along with anyone she works with. She enjoys working with other people and helping out others as much as possible, however Cassandra is one of those people who is very curious with just about everything. She enjoys trying to take things apart and then rebuilding them, Cassandra is also really smart she enjoys doing long and complex equations that most people probably wouldn't even figure out.

However Cassandra's curiosity can at times get her into a lot of trouble with people, she is sometimes known to take something apart without asking someones permission, which will get them into a lot of trouble. Cassandra is also a person who can hold a grudge if they betray that trust it will be very hard to regain it. But all in all she enjoys helping and being around with other people doing her best to make others happy.

Voiced By (actor/actress): Chloe Bennet
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