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Hokum's Interest Check

Hey there, and welcome to my interest check!

Normally I lurk about like a creep looking for 1X1 interest checks from others I might find interest in, though for one reason or another not at all because I haven’t found anything of interest lately I’m feeling the urge to post my own!

To begin, I’d like to point out a few things, 1. There are cookies in the corner of the room if you want to feed your face while reading, 2. Mind goes blank hating on the number two. And of course, 3. The following is a list of objective, or possibly subjective… objectively subjective… subjectively objective… points that may help you make a decision on whether you want to RP with me. Most of them feel very a little redundant to mention, but I figure I better keep the trend.

By the way, if you don’t laugh at all while reading this, you’re not alone and it’s not your fault.


Genres and Time Period pains: Most I enjoy, but just to say I have no interest in Anime related RP’s, or existing content such as movies, series, games and other fandom. Feels like I’ve committed a sin by saying that. Please put away your pitchforks.

Writing style: Casual to lower Advanced, but of course there are times when writing more than a couple of paragraphs isn’t needed for a response (that old sense of redundancy). I also try to make the effort of being as legible as possible - and for the love of Cheesecake, please return the courtesy!

Characters: I always create my own OC’s, I mean, that’s a lot of the fun for me right there. I feel the same about world building, and I like to delude myself into thinking my partner shares that mindset as well.

One, but up to three main characters can be good, with no real limit on npc’s.

In cases of romantic development, I prefer heterosexual inclinations. Please don’t stone me, there are never enough rocks. That said, my leading main character is normally male.

No sneaky, indirect requests being made here, no ma’am.

Smut – oof, the word itself sounds distasteful. Let’s just call it Erotica: Either way it isn’t needed unless you’re writing a porno. I mean, my motto is: Don't run into an RP naked! Oh… wait, never mind, I’ve actually done that. Twice. But I swear on both occasions there was a good reason for it! eyeballs pitchforks. Seriously though, most things can have its place as long as it’s done well and done tastefully, and not just there for the sake of it being there. I know that ‘tasteful’ means something different to each person, and this is why PM’s are good for discussing matters that people tend to place an unhealthy amount of attention on.

A sense of self-disappointment

Slash and Gore. Again, it isn’t needed unless the RP is based around these themes, like duh. Really, I sometimes enjoy delving into the darker side of storytelling. But even then, projectile bloodletting shouldn’t be there just for the sake of being there.

A good plot and story is first and foremost.

Ah, and yes, almost forgot the almighty posting speed scenario. Ahem. I don’t care much for speed posting. Rush jobs just aren’t my thing. Why you so urgent, key-masher? I know some people like it, but for me, there is enough pressure in RL without having to feel it in an RP where casual fun is meant to be had. Not to mention that RL doesn’t always allow a person to post every hour or even every day at times. So a casual pace is good. Just take your time and enjoy the ride. I insist. The character building, world building, using your imagination to create. Good stuff. Anyway, I usually post within a few day, but could be delayed for up to a week if RL commitments poke at my ribs. I don’t expect anything faster from my partner either - BUT PLEASE HURRY UP! Oh yeah, I also like to keep my partner informed of any major changes that dramatically effect or delay the RP for lengthy periods. …Not to say I haven’t been guilty of doing otherwise once or twice. Oof.

...Feels the need to point out at this time that I can actually be serious when I write, so if you're sneering at my lack of serious tone right now, then get a hold of yourself!

Crap, I just remembered something important to mention: Plausibility! Or believability, however you want to tag it. When in RP’s that are fantasy or Sci-Fi etc. Actually, any genre for that matter. I do like things to remain at a plausible level. Like, having a super hot paper cut-out flying about will-nilly and throwing planets around is just kinda, uh, well, “See ya!”

Okay, I think I’ve covered everything that I still feel didn’t need to be mentioned. So here are a few unfathomably loose plot ideas I’ve slapped together. Maybe they are of interest to someone else as well. Everything is open to discussion.

Unfathomably loose and ill-written plot ideas

Unnamed. Slice of Life/horror: Grumpy, cynical man (MC) buys a rundown old house without doing his research on the joint. He soon finds out that the house might just have a mind of its own, and that the lady living next door (YC) isn’t exactly normal either. A strange and possibly terrifying relationship ensues between the three of them.

Unnamed. Slice of life: An escaped criminal on the run (MC) in the 90’s, manages to elude recapture and hunkers down in what he thinks is a nice little hidey place until things cool down. Little does he realise that he has been followed, not by the law, rather by your own character. Reasoning for being after my character is open to discussion. Heck, I don’t even mind if you keep the reasoning a secret to be revealed as the RP unravels. That’s fine too.

The Hard Way. Fantasy: Medieval. A thief (MC) is sentenced to death by hanging, only to be saved by YC in the nick of time. Cliché. Why your character wanted to save mine is also open. In any case, they escape together. Their efforts to stay one step ahead of those in pursuit, leads them down a crazy path of adventure as an unlikely relationship develops. I agree, that last part sounded cumbersome and corny. My bad.

Launch. Sci-Fi/Fantasy: A character (mine or yours) in the communication/computer age, discovers a way to travel faster than light. Being a hermit type, they don’t tell anyone about their discovery, but instead build a craft to launch them self into space. Gallivanting across the universe, they soon encounter other life form/s, inhabited worlds, and an adventure like no other. Gosh dammit, I did it again!

Poisoned Hope. Post-apocalyptic: At a time when disorder and famine oppress those that linger on, at a time when even so much as a drop of clean water is hard to find, word of a great city reaches the ears of the desperate throughout the ashen land. The rumours of this city lure the hopes of many with stories of clean water, food aplenty, even glory and wealth. But what is the true fate of those that succumb to such tantalising promises in this God forsaken land? (Honestly I’m also considering creating a group RP with something like this in mind)

That’s all I’ll put here for now. Probably add more later. Hope you enjoyed the read!

If you don’t like any of the above very loose ideas, then bite me. Nah, really, if none of those are your cup of tea but you’re still interested in RPing with me, then please feel free to PM me with some ideas of your own… that is, if you still feel comfortable doing so. I’ll be look’n forward to hearing about them!

Leave any uneaten cookies at the door on your way out.

See ya!

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