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Dartbored Fairy stumbles into the room and looks around, confused.
"Oh! This is where I'm supposed to say things about myself, aren't I? I knew it was around here somewhere. Anyway, let's get started."
"My name is Dartbored Fairy, though you can also call me Dart, or Dartbored, or Fairy, or something. I personally don't mind what people decide to call me really. I'll likely be referring to myself as Dartbored or Fairy since Dartbored Fairy takes soooooooo long to say."

"Anyway, a lot of information about me can be found here."
Fairy holds up a sign saying ''. It looks rather click-able.
"But for those of us too lazy to click on that link, I'll just keep talking here. I got about... 99-thousand characters left, so I can chat on for a while I suppose." They say, as they toss the sign away. The sound of a cat screeching in the distance, rather similar to to the 'That Poor Cat' TV Trope can be heard.
"...I should watch out where I throw things. Anyway, I have experience with roleplaying. I've roleplayed lots and lots of times before in different places, and would put myself in the 'Casual' part of this forum, mostly because I'm not that good at describing things due to not having English as my first language."

"My main interests for roleplays lie with Fantasy-related things. Magic and such. I personally am less interested in Modern-Day or Futuristic Roleplays however, they don't appeal to me as much."

"Anyway, I...uh...have run out of things to say... Oh! My non-roleplaying interests!"
"As you can probably already tell by my avatar, I play Touhou Games. I also quite often play non-Touhou games, mainly strategy games. OpenTTD is also something I play quite often. Shooters are low on my interest list, as are Sports things."
"I also like coding things, which is also what I study at school! I like toying around with PHP, but I'm not super-experienced with it yet. Only started my study last year, so..."

"That.... should be about it. I'll probably add more information later I guess. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask them! I get bored easily (hence my username), so if you ask me questions I'll at least have things to do! See you around!"

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Lyullia had only barely managed to fall asleep when the explosion rocked the caravan. Though both the sound and the force of the blast were more than enough to wake her up, there was little she could do to prevent herself from being tossed from her bunk and across the caravan.

Nor was being awake going to do her much good in any attempts to avoid hitting anything. As she is thrown across the caravan by the explosion, she collides with something, and the impact knocks her out - likely causing other injuries in the process. As the caravan lands on the ground again, Lyullia hits the floor, breaking her leg in the process.
Lyullia looked rather... shocked as Illuvae brutally killed several of the harmless dragonflies. She opens her mouth to react, but decides against it and simply shakes her head.

"I guess I'll go and take a rest then." She says, nodding to Zay as she climbed back down and headed towards her bunk, climbing in and going to sleep.
Lyullia freezes as the dragonfly suddenly lands on her shoulder. It takes her a few seconds to realise that, in fact, it's just a dragonfly.

Smiling, she cautiously sits down, trying not to squash any dragonflies as she does so, amazed by the insane amount of them while wondering whether or not she should alert someone.

Fortunately, Zay soon arrives and Lyullia gives him a wave. "I honestly have no idea. They all just sorta arrived here. Are they dangerous or are they just dragonflies?"
Lyullia yawned as she watched the countryside lazily go by. Sure, it was nice to look at, but after a while it was starting to get boring. Always just trees, plants, etc.

She considered grabbing her book and resuming where she had stopped, but doing so would mean nobody would be keeping an eye on what was going on. And Lyullia knew that that probably wouldn't end very well, especially not out here only a short while after a previous attack.

Sighing, Lyullia returned to keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. She wouldn't have to wait long however, as soon she noticed a buzzing noise. At first she thought it was just a bee, but then as it slowly started to come closer, she became less and less confident that it was just a bee.

Standing up as tall as she could to get a better view, Lyullia looked around, hoping to spot whatever was making the buzzing noise before it attacked.
Lyullia looked up from her book. "Well, I can't say I disagree. It's nice out here, but the ever-present danger still means you can't really enjoy it to the fullest now, can you?"

Sighing, Lyullia closed her book again. "You've had experience with being on caravans, right? How 'common' would you say trouble is? And by that I don't mean breakdowns, I mean attacks and such."

Lyullia hoped that the answer would be 'not very common', she didn't like combat after all.

But she knew she'd likely be disappointed by the answer.
Lyullia slumped down onto the floor of the Caravan's roof as the fight came to an end. They were now safe - mostly - and the straggler had been rescued. She had managed to at least do something in the fight, even though it had had minimal effect.

Sighing, she grabbed the book that she had dropped moments ago to continue reading, take her thoughts off of the bloodshed.

Then, Daelin climbed up to the roof, shouting something to the people below. Lyullia gave him a polite nod as she turned to read her book. As much as she didn't want to, she knew Daelin was likely right and that there was more to come.

Moments like these made her wish she was back at home.
Daelin's alert startled Lyullia. Who was attacking? Bandits? Or something worse?

It didn't take long for her to spot the almost wolf-like creatures that were attacking. She didn't like having to fight, but she had to do something.

Moving to the roof of the Caravan, Lyullia uses her magic to create spiked metal Javelins, and from her relatively safe position on top of the cart starts throwing them at the creatures. Sure, she wasn't the most accurate thrower, but at least she was accurate enough to not hit her allies.

Her main target was the creature closest to the others on top of the ramp. She had to get it off somehow, and maybe this bombardment of javelins would be a good way to accomplish it.
Lyullia nods. "Will do!" She says, as she puts down her book and climbs down from the Caravan's roof and heads towards the reins.

Checking every bit of metal for signs of damage, Lyullia uses her ability to reinforce whatever looks like it could use some strengthening. They could be replaced if needed later, but right now it'd be more important to be able to get going without having to worry about the reins breaking.

If she spots any cracks, she fills them. If she sees anything that is just slightly damaged, she adds another layer of metal.

Hopefully she wouldn't find anything that needed immediate replacement - she didn't have the tools to do that on the spot.

After finishing, she looks up at Marilyn and gives a thumbs up. "All done! This should last at least until we get the chance to set up camp somewhere safe." She says, before climbing onto the caravan, unaware of the approaching danger.
As Illruvae seemingly let Lyullia be, she decided to return to reading. Grabbing her book from the ground, Lyullia looks around for a place to sit and read.

Deciding that being able to look at the scenery would be nice, Lyullia decides to go to the roof of the caravan.

Once there, she spots Zay. "Hello Captain, I hope you don't mind me reading a book up here."

Not waiting for a response, Lyullia sits down and starts reading again, occasionally looking around at the scenery unless interrupted.
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As the group manages to narrowly escape the horde, the darkness of the catacombs makes for a sub-optimal refuge.

The staircase leading down into the depths of the catacombs are wet and uneven, and the walls are cold and rough, almost as though the catacombs were dug into the ground by someone who cared not for what the end result looked like.

After a short, but potentially dangerous walk down the stairs, the groups arrives on a level surface once again. They have arrived in what appears to be some sort of burial chamber, judging by the several stone coffins that fill the room. Three in each corner, making for a total 12 solid stone coffins. Unmarked, and undisturbed, whoever was buried here is likely to still rest within their coffin.

The room, however, is not a dead end, nor is it quiet. There are two seperate hallways, one to the right of the stairs, and another across from them. The distant sound of running water echoing through one, while a heavy wind blows through another.

But perhaps most disturbing is the fresh puddle of blood at the bottom of the stairs, while no body is in sight.


Nona walked up to the Elf, standing on her toes in an attempt to roughly match their heights.

"Mister or Miss Aelih, why do you know nothing of your companions?" Nona asked, grinning. "Do you perhaps plan to rid of them when you see the opportunity?"

As the knight emerges from the bush, Nona turns their attention to them instead, seemingly amused by their response to Nona's 'threat'.

"Oh please, Mr. Knight, the fire's sole purpose would be to drive the prey to the pot. Yet I don't eat Human so there is no need to worry about ending up in my stomach. Metal tastes bad anyway." Nona responded cheerily. "So, what brings you to this little clearing of... mine I guess? Are you here to explore catacombs as well?"

Lui, who had been hiding behind a tree watching the conversation, suddenly notices Foeldar. The massive tree towered far above her, and asked about the others.

Cautiously, she points in the direction the others went. "T-that way... to some kind of catacombthing..." The massive creature was kind of scary, but somehow less scary than some humans Lui had seen. Perhaps because the tree was made out of wood?
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