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"What? Got a problem with a girl defending herself?" Hida asks as she walks over to the helpless bandit, pushing him to the ground once more and stealing the man's knife as he drops it. "Now, with that settled..."

With the man still on the ground, Hida gives him a small kick. Not really anything significant, but more an attempt to get him to stay in place. "Since your 'friends' have decided to leave you behind, you might as well answer a few questions for us, right? If you do, I might let you open your eyes again. If not, I'll let you experience what it feels like to have a knife in your throat."

Not waiting for a response, Hida grabs the man's arm and pulls him up slightly, using her ability to open one of the man's eyelids again, allowing him to see the knife Hida is now pointing at him. "First off, where are we. Second off, do you have any money or valuables on you we could borrow in perpetuity?"
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The girl grins as Ahnciel asks them for their name, and shakes their head.

"You're right, how could I possibly be so rude as to not even give you my name?" She remarks, smiling. "My name is Umli"

"But no, I doubt you'll be in need of my aid. Unless you're unlucky that is. So unless you get unlucky, I'll be seeing you around I assume?"


The guard nods in response. "That makes sense, nobody really wants to be here unless they have business here. I'd suggest going back the way you came and then turning right, that should lead you to the more... civilised parts of the town, if that's what you're looking for."


As Madison opens the envelope, some kind of fumes are released and blown into her face. While it might cause some coughing, they don't appear to be harmful, just annoying at most.

The letter itself is written in a strange mix of handwritings as if multiple people wrote the letter. Sometimes the writing is clear and elegant, at other times it's similar to childish scribblings, barely readable. It reads as following.

"We do not take kindly to nosy people like you. The Gold in this town is no business of yours, so if you value your life you will stay far away from it."
"Many have already perished on their quest to get the Gold. Continue your pursuit of this town's Gold, and you will just become another unmarked grave left abandoned underground."
"This is our only warning. Abandon your search for the Gold, or suffer the consequences."

After a few moments, barely long enough to read the letter, the envelope it came in begins crumbling to dust


"Too mysterious? I've never heard of anyone like that before, I didn't even know that was possible!"

Frowning as she realises she has no idea where to start searching, Whiteleaf stops in the middle of the street and turns around to face Kura.

"Say, if you were her, where'd you go first? Might give us a place to start searching!"
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As Karter wanders down the dark alleyway, a man steps out from another alleyway in front of him. Almost immediately afterwards, two other men move to stand behind him.

"Well well well, ya look like someone who ain't got any business bein' here." The man in front of him says, in the darkness Karter can barely make out the grin on the man's face. "Are you lost?" One of the two men behind him asks, followed by the other two laughing.

The laughter doesn't last long, however, as the man in front of Karter pulls out a knife - a big one at that. "If you give us all your money, we'll tell ya how to get outta here. And if not..."

Karter then hears sounds of weapons being unsheathed behind him. "If not then we'll just take it from you by force, whaddya say?"

Not even five seconds later though, Karter and the men are lit up by a lantern. A group of guards have arrived, carrying a lantern. "HALT!" One of the guards shout, as he draws his sword.

The three men who confronted Karter do not obey him, however, and instead opt to do the exact opposite, running away in the direction Karter came from, pursued by three guards, one of whom carries the lantern. The fourth guard meanwhile approaches Karter.

"You're lucky we got here on time sir, are you alright?"


"Oh! She has cookies? Then we really should find her! Anyone who has cookies is worth finding, especially if they're willing to share, right?" Whiteleaf responds, cheerfully. "But you say you met a bald guy and a mystery girl?"

Wandering down the street, Whiteleaf seems to be lost in thought for a few moments. "What was this mystery girl like? I mean, I know a lot of mystery girls, maybe I know this one too!"

@Hokum - Madison

As Madison sits in the tavern, drinking her Ale, a person eventually succeeds at approaching her without nearly passing out or throwing up.

"M-miss? S-someone asked to give t-this to you." The man stammers, hurriedly putting an envelope on the table in front of her and then walking away as fast as one can walk away without running.

The envelope appears to not have been opened yet, and while there is no name on it of any sort, someone has written on it.

"To she who seeks gold. Read this and reconsider." the text reads, written in a colour that itself looks very similar to gold.
@Hokum @Zyngard

As the horde approaches, Mili begins to attempt to get free, likely in an attempt to run away. Pirila, meanwhile, really feels like running would be the best idea. After all, nobody likes being trampled.

But then, Cuna fires his weapon, shrinking the incoming horde and rendering the beasts harmless as they run between the group.

"...Well, that was... interesting..." Pirila says, watching the horde run past before turning her attention to Mili. "And I see you've woken up! Are you alright?" She asks, smiling.

Mili, however, does not smile. "...why?" She simply asks, looking both scared and upset. "...why did you punch me?"

This brings a frown to Pirila's face. After all, she had done no such thing. "I didn't punch you? Did you have a nightmare?"

"No!" Mili snaps, trying to get free. "You said my blood was tasty and punched me!"

"What are you talking about?" Pirila responds, putting Mili down on the ground. "You were unconscious the entire time I've been with you after we rescued you."


Hida sighs as the Bandit resumes shouting nonsense and making empty threats. Soon, though, they appear to be attempting to follow up on their threats.

As Cas is pinned to the ground the leader of the ground moves in and throws a punch at Hida, likely attempting to knock her out.

Unfortunately for him though, Hida simply side-steps the punch. Now with the bandit in range, one could easily expect her to attempt to do the same and punch the Bandit.

Instead, however, she grabs his arm, and with a grin on her face, she simply states "I don't like the way you're talking, how about we shut that useless mouth of yours. And while we're at it, I'd rather you not look at me anymore."

As she speaks, Hida's magic begins to do it's work as the unfortunate Bandit's skin begins growing under Hida's control, sealing shut his mouth and eyes, preventing him from opening them again.

"There, much better." She responds as she lets go of the Bandit and gives him a shove, hoping to push him to the ground for all to see.
Laika sighed a breath of relief as she looked around the Ship's Cargo Hold. She'd followed Victor's risky plan as best she could, and it seemed that that effort had paid off.

They'd gotten past the security without trouble, no camera had seen them, and no guards had blocked their way. And as a result, they had gotten into the Cargo Hold without complications. This place would be their hideout for who a time. How long? Laika didn't know, she didn't even know what this ship was for, all that mattered was that they had gotten aboard safely. Her only concern now was with staying hidden from the crew. Especially while they hadn't taken off yet.

"I'm here, I'm here..." Laika whispered, sitting down next to Victor. "We got aboard safe, it's fine..."

Managing a smile, Laika looks around once again at the containers in the Cargo Hold. "Guess this will be our hiding place, huh? Reckon we can get into one of those containers to hide?"

As Shard attempts a teleport and keeps shouting, Mili slowly becomes a bit more aware of what's going on - and notices the large herd of beasts approaching.

Still scared from what happened, Mili decides to do the most reasonable thing she, a young scared girl, can think of in a situation like this, and screams, loudly.

As she does so, Pirila becomes aware that Mili is awake again (obviously) but is quickly nearly deafened by her scream. After all, Mili can be quite very loud.

Too bad her hands were full with Mili right now, otherwise she could maybe have attempted to do something. But for now, all she could do was hope Cuna's gun, Mili's scream, and whatever else Shard could come up with would be enough to keep them all safe.

@Hokum (As Cas and a bunch of bandits)

Hida is about to respond to Cas when the sound of approaching horsemen interrupt her. Arriving in the clearing where a bunch of bandits - ten of them to be precise. Each of them as well-mannered and as intelligent as they sounded. As one climbed off their horse - likely the leader of the group of ruffians - they began making comments that... didn't really amuse Hida, to say the least.

"Be careful with that sword you have there," Hida began, with a frown on her face. "You might hurt yourself with it since you don't look like you're smart enough to know how to handle it."

"But yes, the gods seem to have favoured you today. You managed to get this far without falling off of your horse, which, judging by your face, is a common occurrence."

Needless to say, Hida does not follow the Bandits' request. In fact, she remains where she is, frowning with her arms crossed. After all, they'd need to get closer if they wanted to do anything.
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A slight smile returns to the girl's face as Ahnciel turns around to continue the conversation.

"Well, Paladin Ahnciel," the girl began, looking up at the Knight. "It all depends on the crows. The crows that normally live here are fine, but a few... less regular ones have... temporarily migrated here to accompany their mistress."

"As for Agartha, do you simply want a direction, or do you want me to lead you there directly?" She says as she takes a small compass out of her pocket. It has at least six pointers, each pointing in a different direction, with some moving. "Agartha lies to the... west of here," she states, as she puts the compass away again. "Though it's on the other side of the town, so it'll be a decent walk."


As Karter turns around, he finds that the street behind him is empty, with the source of the mystery footsteps being nowhere in sight...

Going down the dark alleyway, Karter soon finds himself travelling on a downward slope. The alleyway is lined with houses of dubious quality, with equally dubious figures occasionally being found sitting in groups next to the doors, eyeing Karter with suspicion as the alleyway becomes darker and darker, to the point that lanterns are used to light the alleyway.

After a short while of walking, the alleyway leads into a tunnel lined with doors and windows. Did this alleyway truly lead underground?


"That's a secret!" Whiteleaf says, grinning as she closes her bag and tucks it away under her cloak, strangely enough without causing the cloak to bulge. How could such a big bag fit in a small cloak?

"So then Kura! Tell me about Kira and yourself! I haven't seen you around before, so you must be new here, right?"
Laika exists now after a super-secret version with all info has been approved by Mr Quote
Name: Laika
Title/Rank: Stowaway First Class
Common name: Laika
Species: Human. Mostly.
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Appearance: Having lived on the street for most of her life, the green-eyed Laika isn't one to have the time and resources to spend on her appearance beyond the bare minimum. Her light-grey hair reaches down to just above her shoulders and is often a mess, and her clothes have seen better days. The brown jacket she wears is a tad too big for her, and her dark-blue trousers have taken some damage around her knees. Her shirt - a black long-sleeved shirt - is in a better condition, but that is mainly because it is covered by her jacket. She wears short brown boots to protect herself from stepping in yucky things. Laika reaches a staggering 5 feet and 2 inches in height (Roughly 1,57m for those with the good choice in units of measurement).
Equipment: For emergency situations, Laika carries with her a rock to throw at something in dire situations.
Background: Born to a poor family, Laika was orphaned at a young age after her father left her mother and her mother died before her eighth birthday. She was quickly adopted though, but not by a loving family.
[what was previously here is hidden under a stain of blood. How annoying]
While living on the streets she met Victor, and the two quickly became close friends, living and battling to stay alive by their wits and brawn on the streets of The Third Star Capital, until one day they heard of a way they might be able to escape that life forever…
Other stuff: Being the street kid that she is, she has definitely not pledged her allegiance to the so-called 'Empire of the Third Star'

- The full sheet is known only to Quote and Hokum -
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The girl smiles as Ahnciel introduces herself, seemingly unconcerned with Ahnciel's title as Paladin as she listens to Ahnciel talk on.

Her smile fades, however, as Ahnciel turns around and bids farewell.

"Leaving so soon? The conversation was just getting started..." The girl asks, a hint of disappointment in her voice. "Well, I guess I'll be seeing you around then. Do try not to anger the crows."

Heading back in the direction from where they came leads her back towards the Inn once, though with the rain dying out the streets are slowly getting more crowded as people emerge from wherever they were hiding from the rain.


As Karter wanders aimlessly down the streets, a shiver goes down his spine. That's weird.

What's likely weirder however is the large amount of crows looking down on Karter as he walks down an empty street with nobody else in sight.

Then, footsteps, coming from behind him. Is someone following him? Or is it just someone else walking down the road. Whichever the case, they don't appear to be getting any closer.

Up ahead, the road forks into two directions. Taking the right road leads into a darker alley, while taking the left road would lead Karter down a road with more crows.


"Inside a building huh? Well, let's get to searching then!" Whiteleaf says happily as she jumps off the cart, landing on the ground next to Kura as the cart she was on sinks into the ground, leaving not a trace of it ever having been there, nor does the road seem damaged in the slightest. Weird, that.

"So, what's your name? And what's your sister's name? That would help with finding her." She says cheerfully as she offers another cookie to Kura.
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