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Dartbored Fairy stumbles into the room and looks around, confused.
"Oh! This is where I'm supposed to say things about myself, aren't I? I knew it was around here somewhere. Anyway, let's get started."
"My name is Dartbored Fairy, though you can also call me Dart, or Dartbored, or Fairy, or something. I personally don't mind what people decide to call me really. I'll likely be referring to myself as Dartbored or Fairy since Dartbored Fairy takes soooooooo long to say."

"Anyway, a lot of information about me can be found here."
Fairy holds up a sign saying ''. It looks rather click-able.
"But for those of us too lazy to click on that link, I'll just keep talking here. I got about... 99-thousand characters left, so I can chat on for a while I suppose." They say, as they toss the sign away. The sound of a cat screeching in the distance, rather similar to to the 'That Poor Cat' TV Trope can be heard.
"...I should watch out where I throw things. Anyway, I have experience with roleplaying. I've roleplayed lots and lots of times before in different places, and would put myself in the 'Casual' part of this forum, mostly because I'm not that good at describing things due to not having English as my first language."

"My main interests for roleplays lie with Fantasy-related things. Magic and such. I personally am less interested in Modern-Day or Futuristic Roleplays however, they don't appeal to me as much."

"Anyway, I...uh...have run out of things to say... Oh! My non-roleplaying interests!"
"As you can probably already tell by my avatar, I play Touhou Games. I also quite often play non-Touhou games, mainly strategy games. OpenTTD is also something I play quite often. Shooters are low on my interest list, as are Sports things."
"I also like coding things, which is also what I study at school! I like toying around with PHP, but I'm not super-experienced with it yet. Only started my study last year, so..."

"That.... should be about it. I'll probably add more information later I guess. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask them! I get bored easily (hence my username), so if you ask me questions I'll at least have things to do! See you around!"

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The girl smiles as Karter introduces himself. "Nice to meet you, Karter. My name's Vesania. As for spending a night somewhere, there should be an inn up ahead, you could spend the night there, but it's still morning so why not go and explore first?" She asks, smiling as she gestures to an inn further ahead.

"As for money exchange... your best bet is probably the Bazaar I'd say. It's not too far away from here either."


As Kura and Kaldalis make their way down the street, a girl, somewhere in her late teens, emerges from an alleyway. She appears busy rummaging through one of the bags she's carrying, and fails to notice Kaldalis in time, crashing into him.

The girl has short brown hair, and wears a rather long black dress. As the girl recovers from the collision and finally notices that she has, in fact, collided with someone, an observant Kura might notice that the 'alleyway' the girl emerged from is in fact just a wall. Strange, that.

"Ow... sorry about that..." The girl says as she takes a moment to observe both Kura and Kaldalis with her bright blue eyes. As she notices Kura however, her eyes widen. "Oh hey, we meet again!" She says, smiling as she scrambles to her feet.


"No problem!" The girl says, smiling as Allysee looks around. "But no, I'm not a traveller. I live here, but I like watching the boats come and go, so that's how I found you here."

"So you're looking to live here huh? Gonna start searching for a good house soon then?" She says, seemingly lost in thought for a second.

"Oh by the way, what's your name? Mine's Vesania."


"My name's Vesania, what's yours?" The girl, Vesania, asks, glancing at Illyssa's luggage before smiling. "And if you're looking for a better life here, does that mean you plan on living here?"
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@Prima Luce

Mili manages a faint smile as Pirila crouches down in front of her. "O..okay..." She says, exhausted. Today's events had been... well, tiring. Tiring and also quite terrifying, so Mili decides to simply let Pirila do all the thinking and worrying. She'll just nod and follow since she was too tired to really do much thinking.

Then, however, Pirila does something strange. Is she... tasting Mili's blood? Mili frowns, Pirila was acting weird. Why would she taste Mili's blood? That wasn't normal...

But the question Pirila asks really alarms Mili, but before she can really react her vision goes black. Pirila had punched her, and in doing so knocked her unconscious...


Pirila looks away from the windows as the start moving. She really didn't like the fact that she suffered from motion sickness, and she had been avoiding vehicles for quite a while because of it.

So when Shard pulls her away she simply nods, not really paying attention to what's going on until Shard pulls a gun on her. Pirila takes a step back but before she can get away, Shard pulls the trigger...

And Pirila's dizziness fades, Shard asks her a weird a weird question about Cuna without even saying anything about what she just did."

"H-hold on Miss. First of all, I would much prefer it if you didn't pull out a gun on me for no reason. Secondly, are you assuming I am in a relationship with him?"

Pirila simply shakes her head. This woman was... a bit odd.

"To answer your question, yes he is 'available', so go ahead and get to know him better."
In Trios 5 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

She sounds... eh... eww... accepted!
In Trios 8 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Allysse is awoken to the sound of someone repeatedly saying "Hey."

Standing next to the rock Allysse had decided to take a nap on was a girl about her own age, with long purple hair and green eyes. She was wearing a white dress, and was looking at Allysse with a look of concern.

"It's not a very good idea to sleep out here in the open you know? You might catch a cold or be abducted. There's all kinds of bad people around here you know. Are you a visiting traveller?"


"Amnesia huh? That's unfortunate. So you do not know who put that thing there? Must've been a painful experience..."

As Karter leaves the ship, the girl follows him. "I have come here to... visit some relatives of mine. My family has resided in Trios for almost longer than Trios has held that name. I normally live abroad but I've decided to pay my family a visit." Smiling, the girl walks up dock. Nobody still seems to as much as acknowledge the girl. In fact, the only reason nobody has walked into her yet is because she seems to be an expert at dodging as nobody seems to bother trying to avoid walking into her. Strange, that, they do seem to make an effort not to walk into Karter or anyone else.

@Karkinos (and to some extent, @Harlequ)

The man slowly nods. "Y-yea... I'm fine I guess..." He answers. "Where's my daughter?"

"She's still in that balloon of yours! That man abducted her in that stupid balloon of yours!" His wife responds with a mix of fear and anger. Fear because her daughter had gone missing, and anger at having agreed to travel via this... thing her husband had built.

"W-what?! Where did they go?!" The man says as he gets to his feet. He barely manages to stay upright however. "I need to find my daughter!"

Before he can rush off to find her though, Ilyssa brings the girl back to the family. "Mika!" The man yells as the three are reunited and the father hugs his wife and daughter.


As Ilyssa turns around to search for a place to stay, she finds herself staring into the green eyes of a purple-haired girl. "Nice work!" She says, giving Ilyssa a thumbs up. "There should be more people like you, you know? I don't think many people would've been willing to do what you did if they could."

The girl takes a step to the side, allowing Ilyssa to spot an inn up in the distance. "So, what brings you to this town? Do you plan on helping more people?"
In Trios 8 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Harlequ Are you going to post soon? I'd like to get a post out soon (either today or tomorrow) but I was wondering if you wanted to make one first.
In Diddly Do 8 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Pirila growls as Dino starts swearing. She was grateful that he was willing to help, but she'd much rather he didn't swear. Still, she'd keep quiet about it. For now.

As they leave the building, a weird... thing lands in front of them. Pirila looks at it with confusion. What is that? She is about to say something when suddenly she becomes dizzy and her vision goes black.

A bit later - Pirila honestly had no idea how long they'd been blacked out - she finds herself, together with the others, inside some weird building. She and Hida follow Dino, with Pirila being rather suspicious of the place they found themselves in.

"Thanks, I suppose..." Pirila says as she looks around the room. There was all sorts of weird equipment here, and Pirila would much rather not come in contact with it. She decides to ask a question about what this DGS thing even was, when suddenly they started moving and Pirila becomes dizzy. "...are we moving...?" She asks, as her dizziness slowly becomes worse.

@Prima Luce

Mili runs for her life through the dark cavern. She had no idea which way to go, all she knew is that her best bet was to get away from her assailant as fast as she could.

The noises of her creations being destroyed worry her. There was nothing stopping the attacker from chasing after her now, but instead of summoning something else she decides to keep running. After all, if her enemy caught up with her she could maybe hide down one of the cave's passages, something that wouldn't work too well if she summoned a monster in it.

But Mili knew that even if she got away she'd still be in trouble. She had no idea where she was after all, she had no clue how to get home. Maybe there were more enemies wherever she now was...

But then, up ahead, a familiar face. Pirila. Mili can't believe her eyes as she speeds up, running as fast as she can towards Pirila. She was safe now.

Once within reach, Mili hugs Pirila tightly, and starts crying. Mere moments earlier she was afraid that she'd never see Pirila again, but here she was, having come to rescue her.

While Pirila breaks the embrace, and takes Mili's hand, Mili is still sobbing, responding only with a nod as she covers her injury again with her other hand. She'd let Pirila resolve the 'getting home' part, Mili knew she was in safe and capable hands now.
In Diddly Do 12 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Prima Luce

Mili lets out another scream, this time one of pain, as Dnias slashes her with his knife. Her creatures had been destroyed with ease, far before they could really do anything.

As Mili's blood spills on the floor, her eye is already at work bringing something else to this world, but Mili knows that alone wouldn't be enough; she needs to get out of there and fast.

But perhaps this being would be able to buy her the time she so desperately needs.

As Mili glares at Dnias, the cave continues shaking as cracks form in the cavern floor, and part of the ground, covered in Mili's blood, starts moving on it's own.

A large creature, composed entirely of rock and crystals, rises up out of the ground covered with Mili's blood. Mili's eye has awoken an Illearth, a corrupted Earth Elemental. Perhaps it had always been buried there, or maybe Mili had summoned it, but it attacks Dnias regardless while the rocks it is made out take on a more... creature-like form, giving the being arms it needs to attack and a set of eight legs to move around.

While the creature distracts Dnias - it would at least serve as a physical barrier - Mili gets to work trying to find a way out of her binds. She moves around as much as she can as she brings one of the ropes keeping her in place in front of her hand and fires a fireball at it. The blast of said projectile burns through the rope, but it also burns Mili. But despite the pain, Mili grins. She had one hand free now, and could get to work on the others.

But, before she gets to work on freeing herself, her eye brings more beings into this world. After all, the more enemies her assailant had to deal with, the more time she would have to escape.

Soon, the cave begins to be illuminated by the presence of a duo of Fire Elementals. These creatures are nothing more than sentient flames burning without a need for fuel, and they too begin to attack Dnias, throwing what is essentially parts of their own body at him as they launch small fireballs.

Mili, meanwhile, gets to work on dealing with the rest of the ropes holding her in place. First burning each of the ropes keeping her legs in place, and then freeing her other arm. Though she sustains some burns in this process, they are far from her biggest concern.

Now free to move about, Mili covers her injury with one hand as she makes a mad dash towards the exit, under the cover of the creatures she has summoned.


Pirila frowns as Dino offers his assistance. She doesn't trust him, not one bit, but at this point he was her only option if she wanted to get Mili back before things got really bad.

"Thank you." She simply says, sighing as she does so. There were so many things that could go wrong with this whole situation, and there wasn't really anything she could do to prevent that.

As Cuna offers to help out, Pirila manages a smile. "Thanks. Just, no swearing, got it?"
In Trios 13 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

As Boris comes crashing through the roof, the woman panics. First her husband had lost his head, and now this giant of a man came crashing into her house!

Grabbing the nearest potential weapon, the woman grabs a Rolling Pin. "S-Stay back!" She shouts, holding the 'weapon' in a defensive position.

"I-I don't know what you're talking about! I didn't kill him!" The woman says, frowning at the accusations. This man just broke her roof and ceiling, and was now accusing her of killing her own husband? "G-GET OUT!" She shouts, angry while pointing at the door. "O-Or I'll have you arrested!"


While everyone on deck remains distracted by the recovering woman and the unconscious man, the Captain steps in. "We'll be docking soon. You three," The Captain gestures to three crewmen standing nearby. "Help these women take care of them. Everyone else, we'll be docking so back to work."

As most of the crowd disperses, nobody seems to be paying any attention to the two men in black outfits watching the commotion from afar. They turn to look at eachother, nod, and both head in a different direction.

Soon, the ship is docking at the port. It won't be long before they'll be allowed off the ship.


"Perhaps it's a scream of pain. Maybe you'll get to make those too soon." A voice comes from Karter's right. Sitting on a chair there is a girl with long purple hair wearing a white dress. Where did she come from? She wasn't here a moment ago, nor did Karter hear her sit down. What's more, nobody seemed to pay any attention to her. Did they not hear or see her?

"So, mister, what brings you and your funny eye to this place? Holiday? Adventure? Or have you just given up on life?" The girl says, staring into Karter's eyes with her own green eyes.


"I can do a lot of cool things." Says a female voice coming from in front of her. Sitting there is a girl, about Kura's height, with long purple hair, green eyes and a white dress. "Perhaps you'll get to see them in action sometime." She says. That's weird, she wasn't here a moment ago, nor did she make any noise approaching. Where did she come from?

"So, what brings you here? Looking for sweets? Visiting a relative?"

As the ship docks, people slowly start to leave the ship. A crewmember goes to find dedicated medical personell to help the people they rescued, while another heads to the authorities to report the incident.

Among the people leaving the ship are the two men. They both leave the ship separately as if following someone, but in the large crowd of people it's hard to determine who exactly it is they're following.
In Trios 15 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Nice post! But... there's just a slight issue.

You see, Hot Air Balloons in this world are far from common. In fact, it is very likely that the husband Boris threw out of the Balloon was an inventor who built the Hot Air Balloon himself (likely not the person who invented the whole concept of them, but just someone copying it to test it and stuff). Therefore it is highly unlikely that anyone would know how one such Balloon worked. This leads me to my question: How does Ilyssa know how to operate the Hot Air Balloon so skilfully?
In Diddly Do 16 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Pirila was about to open her mouth to say something when she heard a painful scream, Mili screaming. Before she had any opportunity to react to it however she found herself being violently thrown across the room, landing on the ground several meters away from the couch, dazed as a blinding light envelops the couch.

It takes her barely any time to realise what happened though, and Pirila rushes over to the couch to confirm her worst fears: Mili was gone.

Panicking, Pirila ran over to her bedroom and grabbed a bag standing in the corner - it was filled with emergency supplies in the case they had to leave their home in a moment's notice, but the current situation warranted it's use.

She had to find Mili, no matter what. After all, her disappearance worried Pirila. She wasn't just worried what whatever took Mili would do to her, but she was also worried what Mili might do to everything around her if left unchecked.

Rushing down the stairs she narrowly manages to avoid colliding with Cuna but in doing so fails to avoid Hida, crashing into her and throwing them both to the ground.

Despite never having seen Hida in her current appearance before, Pirila instinctively knows her. "She's gone." Pirila mutters before getting up from the ground as Hida's eyes widen as she realises what Pirila said.

As Pirila goes through a door to a back room to grab some more useful items, Hida gets up and turns her attention to Shard.

"Well, I suppose things are going to get less dull. Feel like joining me in what will probably be either a fruitless search or a bloody rescue attempt?"

@Prima Luce

It takes a bit for Mili to realise what's going on, and when she does she's... not very happy and, well, scared.

She tries to move, but finds herself rather thoroughly bound to various surfaces using ropes, and the person standing before her with a knife didn't seem like the kind of person planning on using that knife to cut her loose and rescue her.

Panicking, Mili begins to look around the room for a way out, but she finds none. She's trapped. Defenseless. Nothing she can do to survive. Pirila didn't appear to be nearby either, so she couldn't save Mili either.

...Pirila. Mili had met her years and years earlier... things weren't good back then either.

Mili cried as she looked around. Burning buildings were all around her, and the streets were littered with corpses as blood ran down the drains the community she lived in had built to deal with rain. Not everyone was dead, but all were at least dying, judging by the pained screams and crying coming from all around.

Nuclear Fire had annihilated the world years before, and mankind was slowly starting to rebuild itself. Mili herself was lucky enough to live in one of these communities. She lived a happy, carefree life there.

Until, one night, all that came crashing down as an unknown force swept through her town. In the chaos, the attackers burnt down every house and slaughtered everyone. All but Mili.

It was after this that Pirila found her and took her in. Mili remembered what Pirila had said to her when they met.

"I don't blame you for what you did, you're just a kid after all. But you must forget what happened here."

Now Mili remembered.

She summoned the attackers that burnt her home down.

And she knew she could do it again if needed.

Pirila had, after all, given Mili the training she needed. No longer did she accidentally summon terrible creatures during her nightmares, she learnt how to control her summons. And the bandages Pirila created helped suppress her powers as well, sealing them away behind sacred chains.

But the brief absence of the bandages earlier this day meant her powers were unchained again.

She could defend herself.

Mili screamed out. Not in pain, not in fear, but in anger. Anger over having been taken away from her comfortable home by this strange being, but also anger directed at herself for being so defenseless.

And her eye responded. A red glow manages to escape through the bandage, creating a red, five-pointed star with distorted lines on the bandage as her powers get to work, taking creatures from Mili many nightmares and slowly bringing them into the world.

Even though she herself couldn't directly do anything in her current state, she wouldn't be a defenseless target for anyone. Not now, not ever.

It doesn't take long for the first creatures to slowly materialise in the room. These creatures have something human about them, but their pained and horrified facial expressions, combined with missing limbs and charred bodies make them easy to distinguish from actual humans.

The least horrifying creatures are the easiest for Mili to summon and thus are the best option to delay her attacker while Mili summons things that could actually be threatening. In her state of anger and panic she doesn't realise what she has summoned however.

The entities standing before her, crawling and shambling their way towards Dnias, are all she remembers of the people she used to live with. Her first friends and family, reducing to nothing more but shambling husks in Mili's memories, are now the first to defend Mili from suffering a horrible death herself.

The creatures, mindless and weak, make their way towards Dnias. There are many of them, which is perhaps their only strength as most are unarmed, with some using their own detached limbs as weapons as they attack Dnias.
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