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Dartbored Fairy stumbles into the room and looks around, confused.
"Oh! This is where I'm supposed to say things about myself, aren't I? I knew it was around here somewhere. Anyway, let's get started."
"My name is Dartbored Fairy, though you can also call me Dart, or Dartbored, or Fairy, or something. I personally don't mind what people decide to call me really. I'll likely be referring to myself as Dartbored or Fairy since Dartbored Fairy takes soooooooo long to say."

"Anyway, a lot of information about me can be found here."
Fairy holds up a sign saying ''. It looks rather click-able.
"But for those of us too lazy to click on that link, I'll just keep talking here. I got about... 99-thousand characters left, so I can chat on for a while I suppose." They say, as they toss the sign away. The sound of a cat screeching in the distance, rather similar to to the 'That Poor Cat' TV Trope can be heard.
"...I should watch out where I throw things. Anyway, I have experience with roleplaying. I've roleplayed lots and lots of times before in different places, and would put myself in the 'Casual' part of this forum, mostly because I'm not that good at describing things due to not having English as my first language."

"My main interests for roleplays lie with Fantasy-related things. Magic and such. I personally am less interested in Modern-Day or Futuristic Roleplays however, they don't appeal to me as much."

"Anyway, I...uh...have run out of things to say... Oh! My non-roleplaying interests!"
"As you can probably already tell by my avatar, I play Touhou Games. I also quite often play non-Touhou games, mainly strategy games. OpenTTD is also something I play quite often. Shooters are low on my interest list, as are Sports things."
"I also like coding things, which is also what I study at school! I like toying around with PHP, but I'm not super-experienced with it yet. Only started my study last year, so..."

"That.... should be about it. I'll probably add more information later I guess. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask them! I get bored easily (hence my username), so if you ask me questions I'll at least have things to do! See you around!"

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I hope to get another IC post of my own out tomorrow, I was a bit busy today but I should have more time tomorrow!
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Post #0 has been made, and with that the RP has been started, so feel free to start posting and stuff!

I'll still be accepting new characters, so if you're interested don't forget to apply while you still can! Don't worry, I don't bite.
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For Nadska, itโ€™s just another lazy Tuesday. The small town rarely is the site of any big events, and today is shaping up to be no different.

Due to not being a very rich town, most of the buildings in Nadska are made out of wood, with only the most important buildings being made out of stone. The town is divided into three districts; the Harbour District, which lies adjacent to the river. Most of the buildings here are warehouses or shops so goods donโ€™t have to travel as far to get to the shops. The other two districts are the Church District and the Market District, with the landmark in each being the local Church and Market respectively.

At the river harbour, a merchant ship is busy unloading goods. While overland travel has almost completely grinded to a halt thanks to the monsters, brave sailors still risk their lives by sailing between cities, well aware that they could be sunk by some aquatic terror at any given time.

In the town square, children are playing around the fountain in the middle of the square while people are busy setting up market stalls. Every Wednesday and Saturday there is a large market here in Nadska, and people are already busy setting things up, and merchants are arguing over who gets what spot.

At the church, people are busy praying to the local Harvest God. There used to be fewer worshippers here in Nadska, but with the upcoming harvest, people are hoping for a blessing from the Harvest God. After all, several farms have already been torched by rampaging undead, so people could do with a good harvest. The church itself is rather small, but it is one of the few stone buildings. It houses a large statue in honour of the aforementioned Harvest God, and space to house a few dozen worshippers. It does however have a large clock tower and a very loud bell, meaning people can use it to know the time.

Meanwhile, at the northern town gate, the guards are having a slight issue; the gate is stuck. The massive wooden doors refuse to open, so people hoping to get into town are redirected to the eastern and western gates, which fortunately are open, meaning that the guards there get to relax. After all, itโ€™s not like anyone would be smuggling goods into town nowadays, and the guards are of better use at night, patrolling the townโ€™s perimeter to spot any potential monsters hoping to attack the town.

At the local library, a librarian is busy waking up someone who apparently spent all night reading books - even after closing time. She eventually manages to wake up the bookworm, who soon leaves the library in search of a tavern to eat at.

In front of the town hall, the largest stone building in Nadska, the town crier announces the upcoming public hanging of a notorious criminal, accused of stealing a large chest of money from the town bank - something the criminal denies. So far though, nobody has actually found the chest despite thorough searching efforts and a big reward for whoever returns the chest to its rightful owners.

And in the townโ€™s many taverns, the local drunks are busy gettingโ€ฆ well, drunk. Nadska has several taverns, more than one would expect from a town of this size. Some of the taverns even serve as Inns, meaning people can rent a room for a night. In most, a payment of two Silver Coins would get you a decent room, though that doesnโ€™t necessarily include a mealโ€ฆ
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Accepted yet again

Name: Red, aka Jack

Accepted, yay!

I'll probably put up post #0 at some point between now and Wednesday Night/Evening, after which you all can start posting. That doesn't mean that I won't be accepting any more people, it just means that the RP is starting.

Joining will still be possible until I decide that we're too far into the story for more people to join, but it's still a good idea to join before we start!
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Also accepted!


Another one accepted!


Guess what? You've been accepted!

I think it's best to wait for a few more players before starting, but if it takes too long I'll let you guys know that you can start posting.
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I noticed that there's no age in the sheet template as well. Intentional?

Sorta? I didn't consider an 'Age' section to be that important but I'll add it.
In Defiance 5 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Hmm... Personally I do not quite see the 'need' to have a Discord Server. Using the standard OOC tab we have here would also allow late-joiners to read up on discussions we've had here; something that is less easy to accomplish when we use a discord server for discussions.

But I guess that, if a lot of people really want a discord server then one will probably be made.
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@Dartbored Fairy

Any preference on images that we can use on the character sheet?

Nah, just remember to put them in a hider if they're too big
In Defiance 5 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Do you have a character sheet template for us to work with?

Yep, it's up now!
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So, the character sheet!

First of all, the less fun bit. Banned & Nerfed Powers and why.
Do note that this applies to Character Abilities; you might find items or things that allow things that are normally banned later on if you're lucky.

Flight/Hovering - This one should be rather obvious. Unless you've got good reasons to posess the power of flight, I'd rather not have people capable of flying around the place. It makes lots and lots of obstacles useless. I'm willing to make an exception for gliding because gliding is basically 'slow falling'.
The obvious OP powers - Teleportation, Immortality, Invisibility, Mind Control, Telepathy, Telekinisis, a lot of abilities from here, etc. Not allowed for obvious reasons.
If I think of/find/encounter anything else that is too OP, I'll add it here. When in doubt, please ask me on whether or not something is allowed.

Anyway, the sheet:

Name: (How would they introduce themselves)
Species: (If not human, please describe the species here)
Appearance: (What do they look like?)
Abilities: (What special skills/abilities, if any, do they have?)
Special Weaknesses: (Do they have any unique weaknesses? Allergies, Phobias and more extreme weaknesses go here.)
Weapons: (Do they carry any weapons with them?)
Items: (Do they carry anything special with them?)
Backstory: (This is where your character's past goes. Optional but recommended.)
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