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Current I have discovered food is both delicious and necessary for continued life.
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Yes, Zyngard. Also known as various things across the Interwebs, but the only one you need to know is Zyngard

I hope I will see you around, Traveller.

whee I’m bored and bad at writing these things

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In Trios 2 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Dartbored Fairy

She fidgets a little, then grins “Yep! I just got here today! Met this really big bald dude who gave me some cookies right before I met you... Also this weird girl who acted all mister-ious.”

That said, she turned away from Whiteleaf, glancing down the street “But more important matters to handle! Gotta find her before she eats all the cookies!”
In Diddly Do 11 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Hokum@Dartbored Fairy

“Bloody-fucking-hell!” He swore quickly, both at the approaching horde and their temporary rescue. Well, he guessed now was as good a fucking time as any to find out what that damn gun he took did.

With a growl, he whips it out, surprisingly handling it with proper gun safety, holding it in a proper positioning with both hands, before taking a breath and aiming at the stampede, squeezing the flaming trigger.
In Trios 11 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Dartbored Fairy

Kura tilts her head curiously, watching the cart as it sorta sunk into the ground, before grinning widely "Woah! That's a pretty neat trick! How'd you do that one..?" ...She seems to have forgotten about her quest at the moment "Wait, right. I'm Kura! And my sisters name is Kira!"

She gratefully accepts the cookie, munching away on it and managing not to choke herself.
In Trios 14 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Dartbored Fairy

Kura smiles and gives a happy nod to Whiteleaf "Yep! She's been here for a little while, should be inside some building or something..."
In Diddly Do 20 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Cuna glanced around at the sudden disappearance and subsequent hubbub that was going on, stumbling a little and muttering quietly to himself at the earthquake.

From there, he easily notes the approaching angry herd, and swears mentally, sighing audibly and reaching down to lightly take hold of Mili's wrist and taps it a little to get her attention. "Now's a perfectly brilliant time to wake up! Time to-" bloody "-get off of to the side of this herd, please! Shard, time for that later please!" He says in a loud voice, trying to project himself to be easily heard, as he releases Mili's wrist and looks over to the herd, trying to quickly estimate around how much time they've got left to run.
In Trios 23 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Dartbored Fairy

Kura grins happily, accepting the cookie and munching on it. She would always accept cookies. Always. No exceptions. While eating, she began to talk again, although her speech was less than coherent, what with half a cookie stuffed into her mouth.

After a moment, she realizes she can’t talk good with cookie in her mouth, and swallows, then blinks a couple times, before breaking into a coughing fit, and wiping off her mouth afterwards. “Gahhh... daddy always said I should eat slower...” In a quick change of pace, she grins “But yeah you could probably recognize her pretty easily!” Kura leans in with a smile “She sorta looks a lot like me!”
In Trios 1 mo ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Kura skips outside, munching happily on her pair of cookies, skipping over to the girl with the umbrella, tilting her head to the side as she glances up at the big man, having just missed their conservatio- convertisaion... conversation. There we go. After a moment of munching, and a swallow, she grins widely at the girl "I heard you bought all the cookies out!" She pouts briefly, considering something mentally. "Have you seen anybody else buying out some cookies an' stuff? She was probably here right before you! Or fairly soon beforehand, anyways..."
@Hokum@Dartbored Fairy

Cuna, after that... encounter. Indeed hurriedly dresses and exits the room, then noting the wall of weapons that was... apparently there. Must have gotten up after he fuckin went to fuck, and quickly grabs just a random gun off of the wall, something that looked relatively portable. Should be useful, as he tucked it into his belt, before suddenly finding himself back on the ground with that girl who said he couldn’t swear (what was she, his fucking mother?), shard again, and another girl. Well he was certainly usefulcover that trip...
In Trios 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Hokum@Dartbored Fairy

Kura looks curiously at Boris as he slams down a jar of cookies, and her eyes widen, her mouth opening in a wide grin as she pumps her fists into the air “Yay! Thank you Mister Boris!” She grabs her coins back and the candy, slipping both into her pouch as she grabs one or two cookies from Boris’ cookie jar, biting into one happily.
As the troopers prepare themselves to fire upon the doorway.... nothing comes out. For a time, there are clomping sounds up above, until eventually it quiets down, and the blip disappears off of the motion tracker.

The HAM troopers see a group of pretty generic infected seeming to walk, almost in some sort of line, around a corner beyond their sight.

The bioship seems to be drifting towards the cruiser, albeit very slowly.
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