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Yes, Zyngard. Also known as various things across the Interwebs, but the only one you need to know is Zyngard

I hope I will see you around, Traveller.

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I mean Sniper’s not really going anywhere at the moment, but shre
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@Dartbored Fairy@Metatrooper

Kura waved excitedly to the unfamiliar girl “Hey there, um... person!” She grinned. “Have we actually met though..? You don’t seem familial... famiri...-“

She realizes something, and her face lights up “Oh! Uh, where was it where we first met? I kinda got lost...”
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“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m keeping an eye out for that squad of yours, I’m no bloody civilian to be herded into a corner and protected.” The sniper said coldly, without looking away from his scope. Mm, a boomer or whatever it was called seemed to be slowly approaching their position. ...emphasis on slowly, given that things muscle mass, which was low. His rifle hummed as it charged up, and he took a shot after briefly calculating his angle, and hit the boomer right in the torso, taking it out, while in sight of the troopers, far enough to avoid the resulting explosion of spores.
Pyra decided to finally step out of the Caravan after the repeated loud noises and shaking of the earth, grimacing to himself as he does so. Couldn’t he have a nap without being attacked, please?

That minor griping done, he notices the main fight, of sorts, seemingly some inhuman... human, jumping back from a hammer blow, then concentrating to himself, launching some sort of force. Well, he was a bit too late to directly help the man out against his assailant, and, based on that hammer, probably not the friendliest of guys. With that said, he takes advantage of the uneven and broken earth to grab what he can with his magic, wrapping up clods of dirt and shards of rock to toss in the hammer man’s way (specifically towards the head with the dirt) and be a general nuisance, if not worse.
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"Fuck that." He said simply in response to being told to wait for the transports. "I'm going to leave certainly enough, but not until my job is done." Quite simply, he didn't move to the barricade to wait, instead unslinging his rifle from his back and approaching the edge of the rooftop near where he knew the exit doorway was. He eyed them through his scope as they exited the building, watching their path as a pack of Skitterersf soon spotted them, quickly approaching the recon team.

For Memoriae, the sniper's memories would be crystal clear, as clear as though he was there seeing it himself. The memories would consist of arriving on the planet, dispatching some infected, and making his way up to the top of the building, at which point he encountered, and took out, a Brute. The rest was, of course, history as he made his way back down and met Memoriae, then came up at the sound of the troops. His vision seems... different than a normal persons, sharper. Clearer.

@Dartbored Fairy@Hokum

Cuna takes a moment to recover, barely hearing Shard's innuendo, although soon enough he had recovered from the brief stint of motion sickness. Muttering to himself, he stood back up "Bloody... teleportation..." He sighed and went back over what Shard said, smiling and nodding to himself, opening one door, one neither Dino nor Shard had went into. Lets see here, 50% chance of it being the damn bedchamber...
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"mmmm..." She thought about that for a short time "How hungry are you? I hope you're not hungry, I've got a bet going with my sis and I need to find her before she eats all of her cookies!"

With that said, she promptly turns to leave and just wander around the town to search... lets see here... Well, first she thinks of Orange, and Oranges. That's what she does. Why? Who knows.
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"Well I don't look dead now do I?" He said rather dryly, holding his own hands up, his left hand twisted around to show the back of his hand rather than the palm. "But no, I'm no survivor myself. Got hired by some anonymous donor to kill this plague. Frankly a quite ridiculous amount of money to do so too." He noticed the one he had passed on the way up, seemingly having a sword of some kind. Really? A sword? What kind of dark age society was he from? Those soldiers though.. he liked the look of those turrets they had set up

"To my knowledge, there's nothing here living that's not plague. Of course, to my knowledge, this guy didn't exist either, so maybe there's some survivor group. I wouldn't count on it."

He sighs at the question of whether he's infected "Do I look like I've been bloody infected? I'm no zombie." He says firmly "But I'd tell your jetpack troops to watch out for any projectiles, those big guys are quite strong from what I've seen."
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"Aww..." She pouts, seeming rather disappointed that the knight didn't know who she was looking for, before vaguely gesturing towards the lake "Oh they're somewhere... off that way. Eventau-, Evetan- ...somewhere. Might be a while if you're looking for them."

She perks up at the mention of coming here along, though frowning at the same time, rather paradoxically all things considered. "Well I came here alone unfortanu-... untunfor... sadly. It's like an adventure but I'm all alone, instead of with my sis..."
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@Dartbored Fairy@Hokum

Cuna nodded to Pirila. Fucking.... "Fine. No f-swearing." Well whatever. He snickered slightly at Dino talking to him, then frowned. Important eventually? He was important dammit!
He eyed Shard as she winks at him, and gives her a wink and grin in return. His eyes widened as he stepped outside and suddenly kinda stopped existing, simply sliding to sit down on the floor, looking around the spaceship or whatever he's in now.


The strange fortune teller would pass the sniper on his way in, who was simply leaning on a wall nearby the door, out of sight from the street. Said sniper would calmly unsling his rifle from his back, quietly unclip the… well, clip from it, and check his ammo, before reclipping it back in and nodding to himself. Now then, how did that one escape the spores…? He knew his own method, but he couldn’t see any respirator or breathing filter on that one, and he highly doubted that it used his method as well.

The sniper shifted slightly towards the window to watch the ships, managing to somehow see the pilot of one even from the distance he was at, noting the strange body armor worn. He watched them fly up towards the rooftop of.. The building he just came down from. He gave a quiet sigh, and reslung the rifle over his back, before breaking into a light jog up the stairs (passing the fortune teller on his way and not saying a word), slowing down not for an instant, and opening the door to the roof only about half a minute after the troops would have landed. Presumably they were here for the same reason he was. Not that he cared, he got paid one way or another as long as he could prove he was involved in the plague’s destruction. He calmly raised his voice towards the troops, knowing silence was no longer a priority given the damnable noise of those engines. “You got lucky, this buildings one of the few clear ones. I cleared it myself on my way down. That said, if you’re looking for anything I’d move fast, they’ll be on their way in.” Hmm, was there anything else..? Oh yes, he had seen something… odd once or twice since his entrance, infected climbing the buildings with ease “And watch the buildings sides, there’s a variant with spider legs or some shit.” ...Oh yeah. It was probably suspicious of his lack of helmet or whatever with these spores around. Too late now, anyways.
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Kura grasps randomly at the air above her, soon enough feeling some weird, cool, hand shaped object in the air, pulling herself up with it, and stumbling around a bit. Woah, getting off a ship was weird... She blinked a couple times and looked at the hand shaped object, which had an arm shaped object attached to it, which had an... oh, it was just a knight. She should have figured that out earlier really.

"Oh yeah, I'm fine! Don't worry about-" She trips and falls backwards onto the ground again, before soon jumping back up to her feet "me! I'm fine, totally!" She notices a small scrape on her knee and frowns, placing one hand over it, before removing her hand, and apparently the cut with it, as the scrape was gone. "I'm Kura! Have you seen anybody else around looking, erm, around yay tall?" She holds a hand up... to the top of her own head. "She looks sorta similar to me!"
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