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Current I have discovered food is both delicious and necessary for continued life.
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Yes, Zyngard. Also known as various things across the Interwebs, but the only one you need to know is Zyngard

I hope I will see you around, Traveller.

whee I’m bored and bad at writing these things

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Ilruvae gives a nod, unsure of what to say next. He was never the best at talking to people, although his father wanted him to be. He wasn't a lot of things his parents wanted to be. He smiled at that, for what they did, the least they deserved someone who wasn't what they wanted.
Ilruvae looked over to Lyuilla, and gave the girl a nod, standing up to move next to her, since apparently it would be a while, and he might as well learn his other knights.

“So, you work with metal? Sounds... difficult, yet rewarding.”
Pyra raised an eyebrow when they stopped, but didn’t move or even get up. Instead, when Miss Eridel entered, he simply gave her a polite nod, his cool gaze never leaving her as she moved through, tapping one hand impatiently.
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Aelih continued sitting down by the tree, murmuring barely loud enough for Lui to hear "Not really, but don't let her know that."

The elf then speaks up for Nona to hear "Well, truth be told, I don't know them very well myself, the only one I've really talked with would be Lui here, other than that, I don't know much other than names. As for me... Aelih. Fighter with a spear. Not sure what else you really want to know, but if you do, you can ask more specific questions."

Aelih really didn't feel in the mood to trust Nona, especially how she said 'flammable' to the man who, as Aelih had suspected, was hiding in a bush.
Ilruvae glances at Daelin, then grimaces. His family.... He sighs “Letd day there’s a reason I left Kel. They were... heavily involved. I suggest you content yourself with that answer.” He doesn’t like to dwell on his parents, not his problem anymore.
Pyra simply stood up and moved to a pull down bed, pulling down said bed, to make room for someone else to take his chair "Go ahead, I'm not particularly in the mood to play cards at the moment. I might join in in a couple of rounds though." He sighs, wondering what game they're playing. He was acquainted with most games of cards, but not particularly good at any of them... He didn't have a very good neutral expression, to be honest, he always looked like he got a bad hand.
"No, I came from outside the walls" Pyra responded dryly, pocketing the rock for now. "Spent more time outside them than I have inside, myself. How about you? Born inside the walls?" He asked the knight who seemed to have more pride than one really needed, in his opinion. Too... stiff. He had known a couple Eldi like that, back in his time. Pricks, the lot of them.
Pyra nods and gives a thumbs up to Daelin, taking the rock and accidentally tossing it too high at the ceiling, then presses it against the ceiling for a hot second with his mana, then lets it fall back into his hand. As far as he could tell, he didn't have anything else to do for the time being, and he didn't feel like napping.
Pyra continues idly tossing the rock as Zay talks about their mission. "So we're just checking on grain production? Boring. Necessary, I suppose, but boring nonetheless. Lok'sha, however... interesting." Pyra had never seen a Lok'sha before, outside of a section during his learning about the various races of the land, but, of course, focused the most on Eldi.

"If we come across a Colossal class, you better be pretty damn clever, or hope you have a devil's luck, because there's no other way you're getting out of there." He says dryly in response to the idiot boasting. "But yes, somehow I doubt we could keep a Lok'Sha in here all the way back."
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