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Mako looked at her, and noticed how she had behaved regarding her sister. He thought that perhaps there was a traumatic event that she experienced. His first thought was betrayal, after all, he was no stranger to it himself. He didn't really know how to comfort her, he wasn't very good at talking to people unless it was about business or threatening them. "It's in Emwhich Forest."
He paused for a moment as he thought about his plan before replying, "After we get off our stop, we're going to have to walk to my place, then we can track down the lich from there. I should probably tell you that it's deep inside a forest, so take care not to get lost."
"Good." Mako plooked out the window as well, and eyed the pair of Hunters. He did notice that the Hunter that threatened Vex was behaving oddly, almost as if he was locked into a trance when her sister was mentioned. His eyes also changed color as he snapped out of the trance. Before long, the train started moving, and the outline of the pair began to shrink until vanishing a few seconds later.
"I see." Mako would keep that in mind. Though he felt nothing when he first met with Bella, but he couldn't be completely sure that she didn't use the full extent of her magic to charm him. "Keep your emotions in check next time. I will not always be capable of saving you." He wanted to keep a low profile, and having Vex lash out at every nearby Hunter under her sister's control wasn't the best way to sneak around.
Mako glared at the Hunter through his visor, a silent warning telling him not to interfere again. After purchasing tickets, he led Vex to the train, looking around to see if any others might be watching them. Once the coast was clear, he removed the cuffs and asked her: "Are you alright?"
Vex's acting was surprisingly good, Mako honestly didn't expect her to play along that well. He sighed in relief as the Hunter seemed to have believed him. The entire ruse fell apart however, when Vex took it a little too far and incurred the wrath of the Hunter. Mako's instincts kicked in, attempting to grab and pull the Hunter away from Vex before ejecting a pair of steel blades from his forearm gauntlet and holding it up to the Hunter's throat. "I need her alive to complete my mission."
Mako anticipated that at least one of the hunters would ask him rather than assuming the obvious. He turned to face the taller Hunter, his visor masking any hint of emotion. "I'm doing my job." he said nonchalantly. "It just so happens that I need her alive to complete it... for now." The mercenary emphasized that last part. He trusted Vex to follow through the charade, and hoped that it would be enough to convince the Hunters and get them off his back.
Mako gave a small nod of thanks as he proceeded to put the cuffs on Vex. He looked back at the pair of Hunters, before dragging the girl out from behind the wall and headed over to the ticket booth. The Hunters would no doubt notice them as they headed to the booth, but Mako could act well enough if they started asking questions.
He lapsed into thought for a moment before saying "I have an idea." Mako then reached for his belt and held up a pair of handcuffs, the same handcuffs he had used to restrain Vex earlier.
After around an hour of walking, they arrived at the station. They walked around, looking for the ticket booth, but spotted something else instead. A pair of Hunters, the ones that waited for Mako outside the hotel seemed to be standing beside the booth. He grabbed Vex's arm and suddenly led her to a wall to hide her. "We've got company."
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