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Cody Ang

As the Halberd moved into the battlefield, Cody looked up and spotted a Red-star missile cruiser advancing on their position. Following Narra's orders, he made his way towards said cruiser and began formulating a plan to capture it. As it would be used as merely a platform, eliminating most of its weapons would be a good way to create a path, along with eliminating any of its NC escorts trying to defend it. To hijack the cruiser however, he would need the skills of a certain utility NC. Switching into the comms, he would send a message to both Theodore and Adam detailing his plan. He would also send another message to pilot Steiner informing her about the plan to capture the cruiser and to move to his position. Lastly, he would switch to the team comms and speak to his squad: Heads up everyone, our target is the missile cruiser up ahead. The plan is to disarm and disable it, and to turn it into a forward staging area for the assault on the carrier. Our job is to eliminate the cruiser's weapons and its escorts, while escorting pilot Steiner to the cruiser so she will be able to hijack it. Pilot Mustang and I will provide support fire and take out the cruiser's guns, while TABRIS and pilot Trudeau will escort pilot Steiner, any objections?
Morgan Chen

Just as the Saurian was about to counter Morgan's mistake, another shot nicked the Saurian from behind once again. As soon as the Saurian lost focus, Morgan took the chance and dashed right in front of him, before slashing at the Saurian's upper torso using both his wrist blades. Blood gushed out of two large cuts in its body and it crumpled to the ground, only moments away from death. Morgan took one last precaution and thrust one pair of blades straight into its skull, just to make sure, before turning back and checking the status of the rest of the group. Seeing as how they were dealing with the remaining Saurians, he decided to instead focus on pushing forward and slowing down any reinforcements. Just then he received a message from RT, detailing another wave of Hostiles headed towards them. Switching back to the team comms, Morgan spoke up: "6 hostiles incoming, cannon fodder by the looks of it. 6 wets and 4 droids." Morgan also gave thanks to Ronan and also a heads up that he would slow down the incoming wave while they finished up with the Saurians. He took cover behind a nearby vehicle and started composing himself, preparing and planning for his next action.
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Morgan Chen

Morgan peeked from behind the tree only to see the Saurian gunner get shot right in the breastplate, forcing a screech of pain from it before falling to the ground, down but not out. He then heard a familiar voice taunting the downed foe from behind him, now realizing who took the shot. Of course. he thought to himself, as he readied to move. Taking advantage of the situation, he exited his cover and began charging towards the gunner. Without any gunfire slowing him down, he made it across the open ground at a blinding speed, eventually reaching the piece of metal that the saurian used as cover. However, Morgan had miscalculated the trajectory of his jump, and instead of leaping onto the Saurian and delivering a killing blow, he overshot his leap and landed several feet away from the Saurian, with his back to the cold steel wall of one of the convoy transports. The saurian, now having recovered from the shot somewhat, roared at Morgan and trained its gun on him.

Hovering above the trees was the group's VTOL transport. A single figure could be spotted kneeling down on the exposed ramp located in the transport's rear area. The figure was completely still, in its hands was a deadly sniper rifle, capable of terminating targets from extremely long distances. Its three round eyes remained a luminous green, and as it peered through the scope of its weapon, it spotted its prey: a disgusting cloned human, a foot soldier of EE. "This is my favourite part." it said before pulling the trigger.

Cody Ang

Seeing Adam verbally obliterate Osamu in front of both Haven and Red-star seemed oddly satisfying to Cody, though he didn't really know why. He was starting to like the new Field-captain, he acted much more professionally, and Cody respected that. While Adam briefed them on the battle plans, he mentions pilot Marianne as part of Cody's team. He recognizes the name as the name of the woman he met earlier, the one who stepped in and tried to defuse the situation between him and Trillanes. She gave a good impression at least, hopefully she was competent in the battlefield as well. His attention now turned back to the display to see Osamu seemingly screaming angrily, apparently unaware that the communications had been cut. He looked down at the ground as Alexander was electrocuted and then beaten again. If someone were to look at him, they could probably sense a feeling of uneasiness from him, and they wouldn't be wrong. After the link had been closed, and the briefing was over, Cody turned back to the exit and started making his way to the hangar, talking or even interacting with anyone along the way. He was taking the time to quickly read up on his new squad member, Marianne, viewing her pilot information and information about her NC. As he arrived in the hangar, he tapped into a private communications link between him and his squad, and sent a message, hoping that all of them would hear and respond quickly. "Greetings to all of you, this is your squad leader pilot Cody Ang speaking. We will be deploying soon, and I would like to remind you all that coordinaton and cooperation will be essential during the mission. Is everyone ready?". It's been a long time since he had someone else under his command, he hoped that he would be capable enough to pull through.
Cody Ang

Cody tensed up as he watched Red-star's holographic presentation. He recognized his former student, now a prisoner of the army he once served. You could've just run when you had the chance, why did you throw away your life doing this... Cody thought to himself. He didn't approve of Alexander's method of detection, which was being a double agent, as he knew he would get caught sooner or later. Although one would think that Cody was simply staring at the screen blankly, watching the events on the hologram unfold, his facial expressions said otherwise as he clenched his teeth when Alexander was electrocuted. Bits of anger and fate swelled up inside him as he watched, but it didn't surprise him, based on how Osamu was described in the briefing and the fact that he's a Red-star official, this was to be expected.

His attention then turned to Terra however, as Osamu revealed his plan of using her parents as a bargaining chip. Although simply killing her parents would end the conflict immediately, it was very likely that Osamu wouldn't keep his word and there was no telling how Terra had would react to this. The decision however, ultimately relied on general Narra and their new field-captain, Adam Philips. He was again surprised when his squadmate, the newcomer from Denver-Vegas, volunteered to take down the guns where Terra's parents are strapped to. Her sudden seriousness and conviction was a surprising turn from her original demeanor, but that left him to wonder: what made her change like this. Cody was 90% sure she talked to Terra herself beforehand, there was really nothing else that could have convinced her otherwise. Whatever the reason was, he thought it was important, he would ask her later when he got the chance.
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In Santiago's mad desperation, he threw away his most practical emergency weapon away. Taking advantage of the jammed weapons, an unforeseen enemy was ready to make the ambush. Just as the enemy was retreating as the operatives advanced to the convoy, Ronan swore he heard something...

While Shahab and Laleh dismissed Ronan's misgivings, the commando was still on watch for any potential ambushes. "It's too quiet here...keep your eyes peeled." Ronan still warned the group in a quiet whisper.

Meanwhile, unknown enemies were readying an attack on the operatives in the back. Speaking in a language that resembled bird and reptile sounds, yet with the consistency of human language, these enemies put their plans into motion. Readying their weapons, they stealthily got into position. Most of the enemies were right behind the advancing Griffin operatives. One of them chose to stay behind the convoy.

While Morgan stalked through the dense jungle and staying close to the front, his helmet began to detect signals, more specifically, extremely faint heat signatures that were located around the group. At first he thought it might be just the local fauna, but when the signatures moved nearer to the group at the same time a faint rustling sound could be heard in the nearby bushes, he realized what was going on. Morgan then yelled into the squad's comms, "Hostiles incoming!" But it was too late.

The closest to the ambush were able to witness what the new enemies looked like! These were a far cry from the clones and robots, as they were much taller, more well-defined, scaly save for some feathers that seemed analogous to hair, and possessed a prehistoric air to them. They pounced upon Santiago and Tanya as they were the closest targets. The one up front in the convoy took cover by a downed vehicle, harassing approaching targets with suppressing fire and aimed shots.

While the commando showed little reaction, the siblings panicked at the prospects of fighting the new enemies. "TAKE COVER!" Laleh warned and dived into cover as quickly as she could. Clutching her dart rifle, she loaded medicinal darts to heal from afar. Shahab hunkered down, readying his explosives in case they advance. Ronan rolled his eyes, readied his shotgun, and prepared for return fire. Morgan, with wrist blades still drawn, started moving out of the forest and towards the downed open convoy.

"Frontline fighters!" Ronan warned the rest of the operatives of the new enemy in the field. But he also assumed they were guarding someone or something very important. While he was cautious in this regard...the skull-masked commando didn't envy others going up against them. "Morgan, it's those damn dinosaurs again! Marking targets for RT!" Ronan gave the hint to engage the firing Saurians from afar while also giving his fellow commando the green-light for sneak attacks. Morgan replied to Ronan: "The murderbot can't shoot through the trees!". He would then stop right at the edge of the forest, a good distance away from the prehistoric gunner and contacted his fellow commando once again. "I'll handle the gunner up front and have RT cover my approach. I suggest that you focus on defending our rear instead." Morgan said as he used his helmet to send orders to RT. As the dinosaur-like aliens continued to harass the squad, some of the convoy's foot soldiers had been notified of the interlopers. It would take some time for them to arrive, but if Griffin didn't deal with the dinos fast, they would surely be overrun.
Morgan Chen

Morgan had stayed under the VTOL and waited until most of the operatives had safely descended before moving to scout the area along with Ronan. Before he could get far however, he heard several shots coming from behind him, which he reacted to by immediately turning around and drawing his rifle. Thankfully, it wasn't an enemy ambush, it was just a few sniper shots landing near the talkative girl earlier. Morgan didn't even need to ask why or how, he was already pretty sure of what might have happened.

As he moved deeper into the jungle with Ronan and the siblings, they spotted a patrol of 6, 2 droids and 4 of those disgusting clones, probably scouting for nearby foes. As he waited for the order to attack, a shot caught one of the clones off guard, hitting its shoulder and crippling it. Shahab and Laleh would then fire at the patrol, further disorienting them and taking down two clones while the rest retreated. Morgan would continue sneaking and move around the patrol, in an effort to intercept their retreat, with Ronan dashing through the foliage attempting the same.

Suddenly, Morgan hears a message on the comms from a female operative, informing them of a flashbang grenade. He quickly looks away as the flashbang goes off, stunning the remanants of the patrol. He then dashes around the patrol and prepares to strike at the nearest member, a droid. As he lunges however, he stumbles onto the ground because of a large rock and manages to recover his balance, but not before the droid realizes he's there and blindly fires a shot in his general area. Morgan then dashes towards the droid, evading its fire and drawing his dual bladed wrist blades on both of his arms. He slashes the droid's torso with his right arm, leaving a huge gash, before following up the attach with a quick swipe aimed towards the neck of the droid, beheading it. He then announces on the comms:

Morgan: One droid down.


When the VTOL had finally arrived at its destination, RT's eyes glowed a fair bit brighter as he stood up.

RT-07E5: I'm excited for the slaughter already. You meatbags should hurry up and deploy, if you keep me waiting I might as well terminate you all as a practice run.

As the rest of the team started rappelling down, starting with meatcan #1, RT would stare blankly at them while gripping his rifle, waiting impatiently. However, one of the last meatbags to leave the VTOL, a human female, would casually insult RT as she rappelled down.

His three photoreceptors changed from the usual green to a bright red as he sprinted over to the door. Fortunately for the female, or Soup as she was called, managed to get off the craft before RT could throw her off himself. One would think she would be at least partially safe from his wrath on the ground, but one would then stand corrected as RT pulled out his silenced sniper rifle and immediately trained it on Soup's position. However, since he was requested not to eliminate any allies for the duration of the mission, he did not take the shot, so she would be safe from him, for the duration of the mission at least.

Despite this, he wasn't planning on letting her go without a message. RT then waited until she was still, before firing three shots in quick succession. The shots would whizz past her head, barely missing her, and land in the ground, forming a triangle around her. Although the shot was silenced and was most probably not heard by the EE troops, every Griffin operative in the vicinity would have heard it. If they looked towards the source of the shot, they would see a droid who seemed to be giving a death stare to a certain female despite not having any facial features. After the rest of the organic operatives left the transport, RT would move out of vision as the VTOL activated its engines. It would then hover closer to the downed convoy, descending closer to the forest as well. This new spot would serve as RT's vantage point, giving a good view of the battlefield, but partially exposing him to enemy fire as well.
Morgan Chen

Morgan looked around the cabin as the VTOL took off and started flying en route to the mission area. So far, the new recruits didn't seem all that bad to him, save for one female that seemed particularly talkative. Hopefully she wouldn't be blabbering as much when the fight began. For the rest of the trip, he did reply to those who greeted him, but aside from that he mostly kept to himself and focused on reviewing mission intel instead.

As the pilot gave the clear signal for the team to land, Morgan immediately rose from his seat and moved towards the door, fully prepared to drop. He looks back to the rest of the group before saying:

Morgan: I'm going in, good luck to the rest of you.

He would then grab onto a cable line before rappelling down into the forest, weapons ready. Fortunately, his helmet's sensors didn't detect any sort of trap such as explosives or tripwire, which was good news. Morgan then switched to the team comms and relayed the situation to them.

Morgan: Sector is clear down here, no hostiles or traps nearby. Feel free to deploy.

Now he hoped that the rest of the team could deploy without alerting the enemy. Wouldn't want to lose the element of surprise so soon.
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