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Morgan Chen

Morgan had stayed under the VTOL and waited until most of the operatives had safely descended before moving to scout the area along with Ronan. Before he could get far however, he heard several shots coming from behind him, which he reacted to by immediately turning around and drawing his rifle. Thankfully, it wasn't an enemy ambush, it was just a few sniper shots landing near the talkative girl earlier. Morgan didn't even need to ask why or how, he was already pretty sure of what might have happened.

As he moved deeper into the jungle with Ronan and the siblings, they spotted a patrol of 6, 2 droids and 4 of those disgusting clones, probably scouting for nearby foes. As he waited for the order to attack, a shot caught one of the clones off guard, hitting its shoulder and crippling it. Shahab and Laleh would then fire at the patrol, further disorienting them and taking down two clones while the rest retreated. Morgan would continue sneaking and move around the patrol, in an effort to intercept their retreat, with Ronan dashing through the foliage attempting the same.

Suddenly, Morgan hears a message on the comms from a female operative, informing them of a flashbang grenade. He quickly looks away as the flashbang goes off, stunning the remanants of the patrol. He then dashes around the patrol and prepares to strike at the nearest member, a droid. As he lunges however, he stumbles onto the ground because of a large rock and manages to recover his balance, but not before the droid realizes he's there and blindly fires a shot in his general area. Morgan then dashes towards the droid, evading its fire and drawing his dual bladed wrist blades on both of his arms. He slashes the droid's torso with his right arm, leaving a huge gash, before following up the attach with a quick swipe aimed towards the neck of the droid, beheading it. He then announces on the comms:

Morgan: One droid down.


When the VTOL had finally arrived at its destination, RT's eyes glowed a fair bit brighter as he stood up.

RT-07E5: I'm excited for the slaughter already. You meatbags should hurry up and deploy, if you keep me waiting I might as well terminate you all as a practice run.

As the rest of the team started rappelling down, starting with meatcan #1, RT would stare blankly at them while gripping his rifle, waiting impatiently. However, one of the last meatbags to leave the VTOL, a human female, would casually insult RT as she rappelled down.

His three photoreceptors changed from the usual green to a bright red as he sprinted over to the door. Fortunately for the female, or Soup as she was called, managed to get off the craft before RT could throw her off himself. One would think she would be at least partially safe from his wrath on the ground, but one would then stand corrected as RT pulled out his silenced sniper rifle and immediately trained it on Soup's position. However, since he was requested not to eliminate any allies for the duration of the mission, he did not take the shot, so she would be safe from him, for the duration of the mission at least.

Despite this, he wasn't planning on letting her go without a message. RT then waited until she was still, before firing three shots in quick succession. The shots would whizz past her head, barely missing her, and land in the ground, forming a triangle around her. Although the shot was silenced and was most probably not heard by the EE troops, every Griffin operative in the vicinity would have heard it. If they looked towards the source of the shot, they would see a droid who seemed to be giving a death stare to a certain female despite not having any facial features. After the rest of the organic operatives left the transport, RT would move out of vision as the VTOL activated its engines. It would then hover closer to the downed convoy, descending closer to the forest as well. This new spot would serve as RT's vantage point, giving a good view of the battlefield, but partially exposing him to enemy fire as well.
Morgan Chen

Morgan looked around the cabin as the VTOL took off and started flying en route to the mission area. So far, the new recruits didn't seem all that bad to him, save for one female that seemed particularly talkative. Hopefully she wouldn't be blabbering as much when the fight began. For the rest of the trip, he did reply to those who greeted him, but aside from that he mostly kept to himself and focused on reviewing mission intel instead.

As the pilot gave the clear signal for the team to land, Morgan immediately rose from his seat and moved towards the door, fully prepared to drop. He looks back to the rest of the group before saying:

Morgan: I'm going in, good luck to the rest of you.

He would then grab onto a cable line before rappelling down into the forest, weapons ready. Fortunately, his helmet's sensors didn't detect any sort of trap such as explosives or tripwire, which was good news. Morgan then switched to the team comms and relayed the situation to them.

Morgan: Sector is clear down here, no hostiles or traps nearby. Feel free to deploy.

Now he hoped that the rest of the team could deploy without alerting the enemy. Wouldn't want to lose the element of surprise so soon.
Morgan Chen

Morgan was sitting down in his room, doing a final check on his equipment before making his way out to the VTOLs. As he was calibrating his helmet, he watched the TV in his room as it broadcasted news of EE's "achievements". Even just listening to their messages made him want to blow several holes into the screen, fortunately he decided against it. After finishing his final check, he slips his helmet on and makes his way out the door and to the hangar.


As he arrives in the hangar, he catches sight of the nearest transport, which is already occupied by a few of his supposed squad members. He's already been here for a few months, so he does recognize some of them, most notably the Iranian siblings and a fellow armored person by the name of Ronan Stark. He looks towards them and nods to them as a greeting before finding an empty seat. Morgan would then begin checking his own gun, while keeping to himself for the duration.

Armament List:
- Modified Assault Rifle
- Modified Pistol Sidearm
- Several fragmentation grenades, sonic imploders, and EMP grenades

The next thing he would see was a familiar figure, whose eyes glowed green as he walked towards the transport. An audible "Oh no" would escape Morgan's mouth, this mission was about to get a whole lot more interesting.


The first thing RT saw when he booted up was the face of the head engineer, his creator in a sense.

RT-07E5: Ah, good day master. I assume you have something for me to dismember today?

Head Engineer: Yes RT, you've been chosen to participate in another operation. However, you will be deployed with a team of humans. So I'm begging you, please don't make a repeat of Zeta Squad please.

RT-07E5: Ah yes Zeta squad, I recall that they were not very skilled. It was command's fault for lumping me in with those who couldn't handle me. Perhaps if this new team is not as incompetent, I won't have to eliminate them.

Head Engineer: I hope not, your weapons have already been readied for you and the intel concerning your mission has already been uploaded, good luck RT.

The droid's glowing green eyes blink for a few seconds before reverting back to its solid green state.

RT-07E5: Thank you master, I will be sure not to disappoint you.

After RT breaks free of his restraints and recovers his weapons, he makes his way towards the hangar and towards his designated transport.


RT would scan the surrounding area and see his assigned transport, which was already occupied by quite a few organics. He would pause for a moment before walking towards the VTOL, with a sniper rifle strapped to him. As he arrived he greeted all of them.

RT-07E5: Good morning meatbags, what a fine day for killing organics isn't it?

The droid would then make his way towards the nearest empty seat, which also happened to be the one beside Morgan.

RT-07E5: Hello there meatcan, I see you've been assigned to this mission as well.

RT would then focus on his own weapons, inspecting his sniper rifle and confirming that it was the one he had always used, as was his sidearm.

Armament List:
- Sniper Rifle
- Revolver
- Combat Knife embedded into his arm

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Cody Ang

@Psychic Loser

Cody had a look of surprise on his face, fortunately no one could see it. He would now be part of, no, commanding, a squad of his own. Though he has worked as a leader in the past, being assigned one this quick is unexpected to say the least. At least he didn't have any problems with his teammates. Of course he trusted TABRIS, and wouldn't find any sort of difficulty fighting alongside her. The other name however, was that of the newcomer from Denver-Vegas who was going to be replacing their former sniper. The news accompanying Mustang's arrival was actually a distressing one, looks like Red-Star wasn't the only one with traitors in their midst.

We were lucky that we caught him before he could wreak any damage, but next time...

Cody was going have to be more vigilant this time around, any of his comrades could be a suspect at this point, especially the newcomer, he would have to keep a close eye on them. He would then turn around and start walking towards his new teammate, stopping in front of her seat.

Cody: So, you're the newcomer huh?

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