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"No." Mako bluntly replied. He made sure that they stayed hidden, it was the least he could do for the village. He went silent after, deciding that he had talked enough for today.
He could tell that she cared deeply about other Unknowns, as if it wasn't obvious already before. Mako didn't really see any downsides to telling Vex what he knew, it's not like that information could incriminate him. "A small group of elves live among the people in the village. They've managed to evade the Hunters until now."
Mako was taken aback by the sudden shift of topic in her question. He didn't exactly know what she meant by it. Was she asking if he was going to leak their info or if they were going to see some Unknowns on the way there. He asked, "What about the Unknowns?"
Vex really seemed to have a fondness for nature. Mako was also fond of it, having grown up in a rural area. He replied to her, "I think we'll get to have a look."
Mako lapsed into thought, thinking of an answer to her question, before replying. "Your standard forest-dwelling animals, with the addition of a few giant crabs by the river." The crabs were a particularly unusual aspect even by his standards.
Mako noticed her struggling to come up with an answer. Normally, he didn't really talk to other people that much. Though he noticed that he's become quite a bit more talkative around her. He wondered if he was losing his edge and going soft for a bit before dismissing the notion. "Don't be surprised if you haven't heard of it, it's an obscure location. Only the locals really know about it."
Mako looked at her, and noticed how she had behaved regarding her sister. He thought that perhaps there was a traumatic event that she experienced. His first thought was betrayal, after all, he was no stranger to it himself. He didn't really know how to comfort her, he wasn't very good at talking to people unless it was about business or threatening them. "It's in Emwhich Forest."
He paused for a moment as he thought about his plan before replying, "After we get off our stop, we're going to have to walk to my place, then we can track down the lich from there. I should probably tell you that it's deep inside a forest, so take care not to get lost."
"Good." Mako plooked out the window as well, and eyed the pair of Hunters. He did notice that the Hunter that threatened Vex was behaving oddly, almost as if he was locked into a trance when her sister was mentioned. His eyes also changed color as he snapped out of the trance. Before long, the train started moving, and the outline of the pair began to shrink until vanishing a few seconds later.
"I see." Mako would keep that in mind. Though he felt nothing when he first met with Bella, but he couldn't be completely sure that she didn't use the full extent of her magic to charm him. "Keep your emotions in check next time. I will not always be capable of saving you." He wanted to keep a low profile, and having Vex lash out at every nearby Hunter under her sister's control wasn't the best way to sneak around.
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