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I'm Meta, a weird dude with an obsession with badass armor

I really like Star Wars, anything from Nintendo, gaming, and memes

In terms of RP I usually go for sci-fi, everything in between is a-ok, except for horror, slice of life, and romance.

I guess that's it ok bye

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Meta respected Palin's choice, he was professional enough to have Meta operate on his own and trusted him enough to do so.

Meta: Good.

Sahmi then put her hand on his shoulder and asked him if he was seducing her. Even though he never really interacted with women outside of jobs, he was sure that she was the one seducing him. He stared her down, his void black visor piercing her own gaze as he said with a dead serious tone:

Meta: No, I do not.

She then walks over to a nearby shelf and retrieves the transect. As she brings it back and asks where to place it, he remarks:

Meta: That won't be necessary.

Meta lifts both his hands and grasps the sides of his helmet. Sahmi could hear a faint hissing sound as the helmet depressurizes. He lifts it up, revealing his face before holding the helmet in front of her.

Meta: I would like you to attach the device here.

She would then ask about his name, to which he replies:

Meta: You can call me Meta.


Back on the Tempest, both droids ignore most of Rufus' statements. However, the ASP then replies to Rufus' question about returning to his ship.

ASP: Should you find a way to return to your ship, then do so. I will inform the captain of your departure.
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@Prima Luce

As he allows the guards to enter, he notices them pausing to stare at the mutilated corpse he had dispatched. While they were still watching, he speaks up:

Kaldalis: He attacked me, I fought back in self-defense.

Two of the guards then approach and attempt to subdue him. His first instinct is to defend himself, but he supresses it and allows them to sieze him. Another guard then takes his sword and leaves as another one enters, holding up a parchment for him to read. As he finishes reading, he notices a golden glint in the guard's eyes. Peculiar... he thought, all of the other guards seemed like normal people, perhaps this was a non-human species, or something else was going on. Said guard then starts speaking, before rolling up the parchment and drawing his sword. The guard then tells him to accompany them to town hall, to which Kaldalis replies:

Kaldalis: I mean you no harm, my name is Kaldalis Vau, and as I said before this man attacked me, this I was forced to defend myself in the process. I will accompany you to town hall in peace, but I only ask for you to unhand me and return my weapon to me.
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He ignored Palin's comment about his technological inferiority once again, he was already getting used to it anyway. He immediately sent a command to Niner, telling him to lower the shields, then raise them up immediately after he gets teleported. Once the shields are lowered he finds himself teleported into what appears to be a laboratory with a woman standing in front of him. He actually found her attractive, although he obviously kept his thoughts to himself and maintained his composure. However, he actually froze as she stated her full name. Meta remembered seeing Dino's identify documents, and recalled him having two daughters, she must be one of them. He actually felt some semblance of guilt, having her help him in killing her own father, nevertheless he will not hesitate when the time comes. After she has finished talking, he replies:

Meta: May I ask for you to turn off any direct visual surveillance systems before you adapt the transect?

After waiting for her reply, he also adds to her next comment.

Meta: I'm a bounty hunter, that's all you need to know.


Meanwhile, the ASP does not respond to Rufus at all, merely hovering in the air after retracting his arm.
Banned because he didn't watch those wrist rockets
Sorry, school has been rough on me the past few weeks, I thought I would have time but it seems I need to drop out.

Again, really sorry@Raptra
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@Prima Luce

Kaldalis let out a breath of relief as the adrenaline started to ebb. His attack was successful, as the now further mutilated corpse lay before him, now entirely lifeless. He looked at Kuy'val Dar, now stained with the blood of the innkeeper, then to the cat, who seemed to be cleaning itself.

Suddenly, he heard the sounds of men assembling outside. At first he thought that it was a mob of civilians drawn to the sounds inside, unfortunately it was something much worse, as three loud knocks were heard and then a voice confirming that it was the town guard. It took a moment for Kaldalis to think of how to address this new situation. If he refused, they would just knock down the door and arrest him, if he ran, somebody would see him and he'd probably be reported to the authorities as a fugitive. His only choice was to cooperate and hopefully reason with the guards, he didn't want to spill any more blood for today. He takes a few steps forward, sheathing his sword before opening the door for the guards.
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After several minutes, Meta finished up in the armory. His resulting loadout consisted of: -Several power packs for his rifle
-Sniper attachment for his rifle
-Fuel for both his flamethrower and jetpack
-Additional wrist rockets
-3 of each: impact grenades, nerve gas grenades, EMP grenades,
remote detonators, and sonic imploders
-Additional stun/poison darts

Fortunately, most of these items did not limit his mobility by much, due to their miniature size. After assembling his gear and leaving the armory, he receives a message, once again from the DGS but on a different, far more advanced frequency. He listens to it but doesn't bother replying and continues on his way towards the bridge. As he arrives, he opens the secure channel to Palin and speaks:

Meta: Palin, I need access to your teleporting capabilities.


Meanwhile, the ASP stopped to process Rufus' offer, after a few seconds it reached out one of its arms and produced a tiny flame for Rufus.
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