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"It is suppose to be." Frosiien started before she hooked her arm though Andy's and lead him forward, "But this is Arceus we're talking about, who knows what he's done."
She glanced towards Michael as she saw him step forward as well, she paused in her tracks for a moment and looked to Andy. "Should we allow him to go first or should we join him?" She asked, a small smile on her lips.

"That sounds like a fun story." Mitch said as he looked to Benny with a small smile, "I've always wondered what it would be like to be 'captured' by humans. Being a guardian means we're not able to unless our own Legendary either allows it, or is captured. Which barely ever happens." He explained calmly, giving a small smile on his beak.

"Why did you even think to plan that?" Gavin started, the taller figure staying stoic and serious. He closed his eyes and let out a gentle sigh.
"You see." The male started, "I needed to make sure that the balance of the legendaries continued while you and Niccia are off elsewhere."
"ELSEWHERE?!" Gavin finally yelled, his words echoing through the space and caught others attention. "You did this! You caused her to be like this! You caused all of this!"
Niccia pulled away from Hyia and walked to Gavin and gently held his arm. "Gav... Please calm down." She said, Gavin stared daggers towards his father.

Niccia looked over towards Michael as he walked over, se moved away from Gavin to gently pull him forward.
"Dad, dad!" Niccia said, wanting to change the tone of the conversation. "This is Michael. He's my boyfriend!"
The males attention pulled away from Gavin before his eyes moved to focus towards Michael as he tilted his head. "Boyfriend you say?" He asked, his tone back to being rather mysterious and focused.

Anylia watched Penalopy with a sigh before she looked to Chifferi and gave a small sigh. She looked towards Mindy and went to start translating what the Jirachi had said.
"He's glad to have met you, and he's happy to be at StarFall. But he is... Saddened that he needs to sleep once StarFall is over." She said with a frown, "He is one of the only ones who goes into hibernation for all these years until StarFall happens. The Comet dictates when he awakens." She moved to slowly lift the Jirachi up off the ground with a gentle smile.

Yalgai gave a small laugh before she looked towards Moralar, she gave a small smile towards him.
"Always happy to see you standing in between them." She said with a small laugh before she gave a small sigh, "Although, I am wondering where my wife is~" She hummed happily as she looked back to the portal as it opened and Saar walked though. "Oh brilliant!" She started happily before she bowed her head to the boys, "I'll talk to you later~" She blew them a kiss before walking over to the Heatran and his guardian. "Hello my lovely~"

Illias looked up as she heard Gavin yell before the portal opened again, she looked back towards the portal and smiled towards the newcomer and their guardian.
"Good afternoon." She said happily towards the newcomer.

Both Dera and Cloud looked to Tanter and shook their head.
"Nothing yet." Cloud said with a rumble, Dera frowned slightly.
"Sadly no, Have you?" Dera asked with a tilt of her head, looking over everything in front of her.
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"Let him go first," Andy said as he put an arm around Frosiien. "I'm sure Arceus is smart enough to see what is going on here anyway. What I want to know is if this party involves food and drink, maybe even alcohol? And if we have to wait until everyone gets here."
Priories, life was full of priorities. And there would be plenty of time to catch up with the creator of all Pokémon later in the day.

"It's hard to explain, really," Benny said as Mitch asked what it was like to be captured. "Merlin is the only one of us who was captured without prior consent. Bear, Kim and me were all asked and we wanted to come along. The Pokéball is weird, but it's not bad. You go in a kind of resting state, somewhere between being awake and sleeping. But you hear what's going on in the outside world and you can leave the Pokéball when you want to. If you're not claustrofobic the Pokéball isn't a bad place to rest. It's warm, dry, dark."

Then Merlin took over. "Wild Pokémon, like me, know about humans and their desire to catch Pokémon, who then want prove who is the best by letting us fight for them. I guess we are competitive in nature, as some of us like that and even come out of hiding when a human comes. Antony, Michaels Fletchling, said he wanted to be caught, as he saw it as a way to get stronger, so he always made sure to be in sight when a human showed up." Merlin ruffled his feather and tilted his head as he looked where the small Fletchling was, but he seemed to be in company of the Talonflame.
"I assure you," Merlin continued as he returned his attention to Mitch. "A Pokémon that doesn't want to be captured, won't be captured. All we need to do is target the human instead of the Pokémon they send out - humans are so weak. And if a Pokémon is rendered unconsious, it really isn't difficult to escape. Once let out of our Pokéball we can run away, - Pokeballs have a range and if you are out of range before the human can attempt to pull you back in the ball, you are free to go where-ever you want. If one were to injure or kill the captor they won't be able to catch us again. And because the Pokémon was captured once, it can't be caught in another Pokéball, so they would be free from humans for ever. Merlin glanced to Andy. "I did not care to fight for a human, but I was curious about humans. When Andy tried to capture me, I decided to play along and fight Benny for a bit, to see how he was as a human." He sighed. "I wasn't impressed."
Benny giggled.
"Benny did manage to distract me enough for a Pokéball to hit me - his second attempt at doing so I might add."
Benny was really laughing now. "He hit the tree the first time he threw a Pokéball at Merlin!" He managed to say between his laughs.
"And so I was captured," Merlin continued. "Later he called me to the field for a battle, but I had no desire to fight for him, so I flew away to observe the battle and how he handled it. Then he showed he wasn't as bad as I had first assessed, so I did help him win the fight in the end."

"Boyfriend," Michael confirmed. "It's an honour to meet you. I'm Michael Bansing, from the Rorie Islands." While he wanted to ask what was going on - Gavin had confronted Arceus about being responsible for making Niccia how she was now - he decided it would probably give a bad impression if he would impose now, as it was something between them.

"I read about that," Mindy said. "The comet only comes every 1000 years. That is a long time to be sleeping. And he looks so sad too... I wish he wouldn't have to sleep if he doesn't want to..."
"A wish..." Penalopy said. "A Wish!" She floated to Chifferi and yanked on one of his tags.
"Ouch, ouch, ouch, carefull, they are attached to me!" Chifferi complained.
"Write it down! Maybe it will come through! Chifferi can grant wishes after all, just not for himself. And StarFall is powerful energy, more powerful than the comet. I'm sure his wishing capabilities are much stronger now! Just make sure to word it right. If you'd wish he won't sleep anymore he may die of exhaustion!"
Mindy looked from Penalopy, to the Jirachi and then quickly opened her yellow handbag and rummaged through it until she found her pencil. "Can I?" she asked.
Chifferi nodded with a hopeful look in his eyes. He wasn't sure if it could work, but if it did, how amazing would it be? No-one had ever whished something for him. "People usually don't ask for permission. One time I was just pushed down and scribbled on which forced me to grant the wish..."
"He says it's okay," Penalopy translated very losely.
Mindy wrote down the wish 'let Jirachi choose his sleep-cycle', giving Jirachi the freedom to decide for himself what he considered the best sleepcycle.
A white light engulfed Jirachi and then it faded. "It is done," he said and then wrapped his stubby arms around Mindy's neck. "Thank you~"

Hyachu nodded to Yalgai and when he heard Illias he nodded to her too. "I see you made it too," he stated as he glanced at Yalgai, before looking around to see who was here. "Who are the humans?"
Humans at starfall again, he grumbled a bit to himself. Why some of his fellow legendary and mythical Pokémon insisted on bringing human companions was something he still didn't understand.

Tanter shook his head. "The last time we spoke he said he'd be waiting for us here, which implied he'd be here before us. I don't know where he is." He walked to mother of the birds. "Nygari, did Netherlu say anything about when he would come to StarFall?"

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Frosiien gave a nod at Andy's words, she hesitated before she looked around for a moment before she looked back to Andy.
"We normally have food and drink." She said with a bigger grin, "Alcohol definitely, but I worry that some of the stuff will be too strong for a human." Her smile wavered slightly, "But I think we'll have something consumable for humans, considering that Gavin and Niccia are here in human form, as well as many others."
She looked towards Mitch as he spoke to Andy's pokemon, "Hm." She said with a small smile, "Mitch seems to enjoy your team."

Mitch shuddered at Benny's words before he shook his head. "No thank you." He said before he turned towards Merlin as he listened to his story. He glanced towards Andy with a weak grin on his face. "Somehow I'm not too surprised with the human."
He laughed before he gave a small sigh, "Andy seems like a good kid, Frosiien doesn't fall for others often. But sadly Andy isn't her first attempt at... Romantic interest with humans."

The male watched Michael carefully as he spoke, tilting his head the entire time he spoke.
His eyes slowly looked to Niccia before they moved towards Michael again. "Interesting." He uttered as he lifted his head slightly, "I assume you already understand who I am, but please, call me Lecrero." He continued, extending his hand out to Michael. "It's a pleasure to meet you. I trust you will look after my daughter well." He said, keeping his voice calm but the protective aura flooded through every syllable.

Art fluffed his wings as he looked down to the small fletchling beside him and gave a small smile on his beak.
"What moves do you know kiddo?" He asked, fluffing his wings quietly. "Don't be shy, you can tell me."
The Emolga floated around them, watching quietly before fluttering over to Illias and Illios. "Where is your guardian Illias? Illios has his with him."
Enterium cleared his throat as he stepped out from behind Illias and the Emolga grinned and landed on his head happily. "You're here!"

Anylia smiled as Mindy made the wish for Jirachi, before she blinked and floated over to Mindy.
"I'm going to do something." She said as she floated in front of Mindy's face, "This may be very weird, but I feel like this is helpful."
She held her hands out to gently touch Mindy's face before she moved to give Mindy a small kiss on the lips, hoping that would be enough for Mindy to start to understand them.

Yalgai grinned to Hyachu, "Andy is Frosiiens boyfriend, Niccia brought her new boyfriend and then Gavin brought a friend of Niccias boyfriend~" She said happily before she looked to the portal as it opened again.
A tall, well built male stepped through the portal with Dausiin in his arms, not struggling; sitting rather calmly.
"Dausiin!" Yalgai said with a grin, happy to have another one of her prank gang. She stepped forward before she looked at the male quietly. "This one... I cannot get a read on." She said before she looked back to Hyachu.
The male moved to free one of his hands from under Dausiin and moved to run his hand through his teal hair. "This is the place, huh Dau?" He asked as he looked around, Dausiin nodded happily.

Nygari looked up from her glass to Tanter, "Oh." She started, looking around with a worried look in her eyes. "He said he'd be here." She said with a small sigh, "I haven't seen him in a while. I was hoping he'd already be here waiting for us." She mumbled something under her breath as she pushed around one of the cutleries with her finger.
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"It's a good team," Andy said. "I know Bear and Merlin bicker sometimes, but all in all, a very good team." He looked around to see where his newest addition to the team was. Soul had carried her last time he had seen her. He noticed the keystone in the grass; Varina was probably nervous about getting out considering who she had guarded before. "Excuse me," he said to Frosiien as he unhooked and went to take the keystone.
"Varina?" he said gently. "Would you like to come out and meet everyone?"

"Frosiien isn't Andy's first," Benny said. "But... it is the first time he goes with a legendary Pokémon, so in a way this is very new. And I don't think he is as confident about it as he shows."

"Of course," Michael said as he shook Lecrero's hand. Shaking hands with Arceus... one thing he never thought would ever happen. He was at a loss of what he should say or do now, he hoped either Lecrero or Niccia would ask something or say something. This, being in the presence of so many powerful being, was not easy. Even though they all looked human, he knew they weren't.

Anthony looked up at the taller bird. "I know how to Peck, Tackle and do a Quick Attack," he said. "That's it. You must know a lot more moves. Is it true our species can attack with fire too?" He had heard about it, but he hadn't seen it yet. It could have been his brother telling a tall tale of course; his brother had claimed a lot of things and not all of them had been true.

That was definitely weird. Mindy blinked a few times; being kissed by a Pokémon was super weird, but it was a small gesture of appreciation, she supposed. What did she mean by helpful though?
"So..." she began. "What is going to happen at Star Fall? Is it like an informal get-together for the entire family, with a buffet? Or is there a more serious part to it also?"

Hyachu looked at the male carrying Dausiin, until Yalgai mentioned she couldn't get a read on him. "Okay Dausiin, who did you bring this time?" Hyachu grumbled. Another human. He supposed Pokémon and humans did live together, so paths crossed and occasionally strong bonds were formed.

"I suppose we'll wait then," Tater said. "Thanks Nygari." He started walking around when he noticed Dausiin had arrived, with a human companion. He wandered in that direction; there was little else to do and he met with his siblings often enough.

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Frosiien chuckled at Andy's words about his team, "They seem like good friends." She said with a small nod.
As he spoke to Varina, Frosiien held her breath. Varina slowly lifted herself out of her keystone, looking around before she seemed to shudder.
"They.... Won't hurt me wi...will they?" She asked, looking towards Frosiien as she knew she could understand her. Frosiien only looked to Andy to answer with a small smile.

Mitch nodded at Benny's words, looking between the two Pokemon with a small smile.
"They're both learning something new from this. And we'll be along for the ride." He said with a bit of a grin, he had relaxed around these Pokemon. They were good Pokemon, even if Merlin was a bit of a Jerk.

As Lecrero pulled his hand away from Michaels, he looked to the two of them before he looked to Hyia. "Hyia, how do you like your older siblings?" He asked, Hyia flinched at his words and straightened up a little bit.
"They... seem nice." She started, looking to Niccia with a bit of a smile, "They don't seem like bad people, but they're still new to me so I can't really answer the question." She had an awkward smile before Gavin stood beside Niccia and Michael.

"It's a get together mainly." Anylia said, speaking in her native tongue in hopes that Mindy can understand now. "There's usually nothing serious unless an argument starts up. Which, given the amount of siblings arrive, happens a little bit." She said with a small chuckle.

Dausiin grinned as he moved to wriggle out of the males grip and spun around him happily.
"This is my new friend! I met him a month or so ago!" He said as he pushed the male towards the two other legendaries.
The man skidded along with a weak smile, holding out his hand with worry in his eyes. "After.." he glanced to the sky and watched the dusk coloured sky above them, "...Noon? My name is Seth." He introduced himself, "Dausiin was in trouble once and I saved him and he hasn't left me alone since."

Nygari gave a small bow of her head towards Tanter, "Absolutely not a problem young one." She said with a weak smile before she turned back to her cutlery.
Illias looked around as she stepped away from Illios, looking around as she saw Prez and Thundurk talking to each other.
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"As if I would let anyone hurt you," Andy said. "No, Varina, legendary Pokémon or not, they will have to go through me before they can get to you." He tapped the keystone as he looked around. "Would you like to go to Arceus to explain has happened? I think the big guy should hear about it first, if you agree."

Michael examined Hyia. Purple, younger sibling of Mew and Mewtwo. Mewthree? Had Arceus made a new one? "If you don't mind," Michael began politely with his eyes on Hyia. "What Pokémon are you? I understand you are related to Mew and Mewtwo."
From what he had seen, her being here had surprised Niccia and Gavin, so they probably hadn't known a third had been added to the Mew-line.

"Oh, right," Mindy said, followed by a "oh wow. That is amazing. Is that how Michael hears it. Like, I don't hear you in my language, but I still understand you. That is amazing."
"See it as being bilangual," Penalopy chimed. "I am too~"

Several others were coming through the gate now, Tanter recognized the Sword of Justice, who seemed to chat amonst each other as they entered the grounds of Star Fall. They were followed by Gathaar and Handeer; he glanced to Yalgai to see if she had noticed them too.
He joined Hyachu and listened to Seth's introduction.
"That sounds like Dausiin," he stated. "I'm Tanter. And if you wish to socialize with your own kind, we have Michael over there, that one is Andy and over there is Mindy. They are the other human guests we have today."

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Varina looked towards Andy before she nodded, looking towards Lecrero as Niccia and Gavin stood around him, with Michael beside Niccia and someone new. She hesitated before she looked back to Andy again before she looked him up and down before she looked towards Frosiien with a big grin.
"You big cheeky frozen farfetch'd!" She said cheekily before she turned towards Andy again, "I'm so glad you can understand us!"

Hyia looked towards Michael suddenly as she was spoken to, she moved the egg in her other arm to stabilize it as she moved to rub the back of her head.
"I'm technically The New Mewtwo." She said with a sheepish smile, "Now that Gavin is adventuring, I have to take his space in the cave. Father tends to make sure we don't linger too long from our spots or humans get suspicious." Hyia lifted the egg in her arms gently. "This will end up becoming the New Mew while Niccia since Niccia is travelling. But we couldn't properly form them in time so Father made an egg for me to look after as my first test."

Anylia smiled softly, "A many of us legendaries are technically counted as Bilingual, but its' a lot easier when we can talk in our native language with humans. It's a very rare gift, well... It is if you're out in public, here however its pretty standard." She laughed before Saveri floated over to her and floated around Mindy happily.
"More people are coming!" He called out happily.

Xaphar stumbled through the portal as he followed his adopted family, falling into the back of Voltar. He pulled back with a stumble as his blue hair shone in the sky.
"Sorry!" He squeaked before he looked around, his eyes widening at the sight of everyone else around them. "Oh wow!"

Yalgai grinned sweetly as she saw her brothers, excusing herself and headed over towards them with open arms.
"Han, Gath. A pleasure to see you again~ I hope you can forgive our.. previous encounters." She said with a bit of a giggle.
Dausiin giggled at Tanters words, "Don't be silly, Seth is-"
"-Completely human." Seth added as he moved to grab Dausiin and covered his mouth. He smiled and bowed his head towards Tanter, "It's a pleasure to meet you, I never thought I'd manage to get a glimpse of legends like you, but now I'm meeting them!" He laughed as he shot a glare at Dausiin.
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Andy grinned as he walked towards Arceus with the keystone under his arm. "You know, I'm going to miss you having to possess Gavin and make him throw up just to talk with me. Gavin, on the other hand, will be quite pleased about it."

"Replacements?" Michael asked as he looked from Hyia, to Gavin and Niccia, and finally to Lecrero. "Most humans never see a legendary Pokémon in their life. We call you legendary because most only hear stories about you. Jirachi slumbers for a thousand years and I haven't met anyone who believes Jirachi is just a fairy tale." He shook his head. "I don't think anyone would have gotten suspicious if Gavin walks around for a few decades; people would just assume he was really well hidden."
He honestly couldn't believe what he had just heard. A new Mew, while Mew was still alive? Now he understood why Gavin had reacted like that, but why wasn't Niccia upset about this? She had even hugged Hyia.

Mindy turned to Saveri and then examined the new arrivals. It was really hard to tell what Pokémon they were. They all looked so human, with some unusual features. She gave up on trying to determine who was who. The other two, Andy and Michael, were more read up on Legendary Pokémon and were probably able to make educated guesses, but they seemed to be busy with other things.

Voltar turned to Xaphar and flashed a smile. "It's okay," he said to him. "So, what are we going to do first?"
"I don't know what you guys are going to do," Ezzar said, walking foward in a long green and white dress, and flowers in her long, green hair. "But I am going to mingle. "Oh, Nygari has a beautiful dress on." She waved to Anzar, Voltar and Xaphar and strode away.

"It's Star Fall," Gathaar said. "That's all about leaving things in the past."
Handeer nodded to show he approved with that statement. "But please behave during Star Fall," he added. "Everyone has to be able to get along today."

Tanter frowned at Seth. "Okay then. I stand corrected. Whatever you are, if Dausiin thinks you're good enough for Star Fall, then I won't question it. I do suggest you won't glare at Dausiin like that, we try to be honest with each other at Star fall." He glanced at Yalgai briefly. "Some manage to do so better than others."

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Varina laughed at Andy's words, "Just because you can understand me doesn't mean I can't still do that to Gavin." She said as she grinned to him, before they stood beside Michael and Niccia, Varina looked straight at Lecrero. At first, the Arceus wasn't paying attention to herself and Andy, listening to what Michael had to say.

"I understand your concern." Lecrero said smoothly towards Michael, "I do not expect you to understand the logic. It is not for the logic of Humans, but for the way that the Pokemon World remains full." He took a pause, his eyes moving to Andy before he locked eyes with Varina. He straightened himself up before he looked back to Michael, his tone and stature now different.
"While Gavin and Niccia are still alive, I doubt either of them will want to return to the Pokemon only life since they've had a taste of Human life. It has happened before with a couple of other Legendaries."

Saveri looked to Mindy as he seemed to notice her confusion.
"The Swords of justice!" He pointed out the four newer legendaries, before pointing to Yalgai and her brothers, "The creation trio." He them pointed at the three djiin. "That's the Forces of nature!"

Xapher looked around, his eyes widened. He couldn't pick who he wanted to see first, but he saw Saveri and the two Divas around a human. He hopped over to them happily and moved to hug Penalopy and Anylia gently.
"My friends! It's been forever!"

Yalgai gave her brothers a gentle grin, "How dare you insinuate that I would do anything bad~" She said teasingly, "I am just waiting for my friend mainly." She looked over as she saw the swords of justice enter and grinned as Xapher bounced along, her eyes catching Ezzars' as she bowed her head gently.

Seth followed his gaze before he looked back to Tanter with a small smile, letting go of Dausiin as he rubbed the back of his neck wit an embarrassed smile.
"Right, my apologies." He said as he looked around, he noticed the humans and then to Niccia and Gavin. He had seen them before, but he couldn't pinpoint who they were.
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Michael stared at Arceus. He probably should be glad he assumed Niccia wouldn't want to return to a Pokémon life and the idea she would stay with him was a happy one, but he still couldn't shake the feeling it was wrong, somehow. Maybe because he was human - the idea a parent would just replace their children was awful, and Gavin had not taken it well; he had seen that.

"Look," Andy said as he almost shoved Varina in Arceus's face. "She's with me now. Darkrai abandoned her after his failed attempt to abduct my nephew," he said, gestured with his head to Michael as he used both hands to hold the keystone on front of him. "And that was his second attempt at it I might at, because my nephew had been abducted by him earlier, but with some help managed to escape from him. Oh, and as a FYI, I am dating Frosiien. And I'm Andy Bansing, by the way, pleasure to meet you."

"Right," Mindy said as she looked around. "Wow." She knew the nicknames of the groups, and now that she knew she did see some details in their appearances give away who they were.
"Xapher!" Penalopy hugged him back. "This is my friend Mindy," she said as she pointed to her. "Oh, and Niccia and Frosiien both have a boyfriend and you should totally date Mindy. She's cute, isn't she?"
Mindy's cheeks turned red. "Penalopy," she hissed. "I'm not here to look for a date."

"Because we know you, sister," Gathaar said. He walked off to greet the two brothers of Frosiien and Handeer went to the two remaining malesof the Swords of Justice.

Ezzar nodded back to Yalgai, smiling as she did, but strode to Nygari and sat down next to her. "You look stunning," she complimented her. "How are you today?"

Tanter gave Seth a pat on the back. "Go on, mingle a bit. We're always happy to welcome humans here." He glanced to Heathran. "Well, most of us anyway." He turned to Dausiin. "And how have you been doing? It's been a while since we last saw each other."

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Lecrero hesitated as he felt Michael watch him, before he looked towards Andy as he spoke. His face nonmoving before he breathed in slowly, letting out a small sigh before he bowed his head.
"It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Bansing." He started, for a moment the stoic sound in his voice wavered. "I have to commend you on taking in a fallen Guardian." He continued, straightening himself up as he looked to Niccia, who wasn't paying attention to him at the moment before he looked back to Andy and Michael, "And to think that two men, of the same bloodline- be it slightly skewed, both pairing with legendaries." He gave a bit of a smile, the first one he had shown towards the human males, before he unfolded his arms and held them out. "I welcome you into the family."

Varina looked to Andy as he spoke in such a way to Arceus, surprised that Arceus didn't seem to even be bothered.
"And... Myself?" She asked, Lecrero looked down to Varina and moved his hands to gently cup the keystone from Andy before he lifted her up to his face.
"Of course, my little Varina." He said, watching the Spiritomb slowly slink out of her keystone, "You are one of my children. I made you to specifically guard him, you could not know he was going to turn out bad. You are with a trainer now, you're doing amazingly. I couldn't be prouder than I am for a fallen Guardian." Varina stayed silent, staring at the godly legendary before she bowed her head to him, and Lecrero placed her back into Andy's hands. He looked to Andy and bowed his head, "You are doing a great thing, taking her in." He said with a bit of a sigh.

Xapher smiled and waved to Mindy before looking towards Frosiien and Niccia, grinning happily.
"Oh bless them!" He said before his face suddenly went red at Penalopy's words. "P...Penny! I c...can't just date someone I've never really met!" He said before he kind of shrunk away from Mindy. "I...I've never really met a human!" He managed to squeak before he looked around to try and find a way out.

Yalgai grinned at her brothers words, "Oh, you're no fun you~" She teased her brother before the portal twisted again as a figure stepped through. Yalgai's eyes widened as she grew giddy at the figure as they fixed up their gorgeous red and black dress.
The figure had her dark grey hair tied in a plait.
"Oh my darling~" Yalgai called out as she stepped over to the Dark/Flying Legendary.
Kyio looked to Yalgai and both of them shared an embrace, their foreheads touching as they stayed for a bit more time before they seperated. "There are many here already." Kyio said, her voice barely higher than a whisper. Yalgai gave a nod and a grin.

Nygari looked to Ezzar with a small smile, "Thank you, you're looking lovely." She replied, giving a small sigh before she looked to the portal. "I'm good. I'm just waiting for someone. How are you? How have you been?"

Seth nodded to Tanters words before slowly walking off to find someone to talk to.
Dausiin grinned towards Tanter as he spoke. "I've been good! Apart from being trapped. But that's okay! Seth saved me!" He said as he spun around, "It has been forever since we've seen each other. What have you been doing? I hear you've got kids!"

Thunderk and Prezzleflame looked up to Gathaar as he walked over, both of them bowing their heads hello.
"Hello old friend." Prezzleflame started, "How have you been? Keeping your sister under wraps?"
Thunderk only laughed at his brothers words, moving to cover his mouth with his hands.
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"We're just a family of good taste," Andy said with a wink when Lecrero mused about two of the same family ending up with Legendary Pokémon. He kept an eye on Varina as she talked with the big guy and nodded when he took her back. "We'll have lots of fun together," he stated.

It sounded like the conversation was over, so Michael turned around to see who was here. It still felt unreal hearing about Niccia's replacement, but he really wasn't in the position to question it. Maybe he was thinking too much as a human about it, but he would not take it well if his parents would replace him with a clone because he wasn't on the Rorie Islands where he was supposed to be.
When he made eye contact with Lytse, the small Cyndaquil ran towards him and he picked him up.
"I'm hungry..." Lytse said.

"Imagine how I feel," Mindy said. "It's my first time meeting all those Legendary Pokémon. You know how rare that is for humans? This is amazing!" she paused as she examined Xapher. "Which one of the Swords of justice are you? I'm sorry I have to ask, but I don't know many of the legendary Pokémon."

"He's silly," Penalopy said to her sister. "He thinks you have to know someone before dating them. Hasn't he heard about blind dates yet? Or is that something only humans do?" She pondered it for a while; she had spent a lot of time in human cities and had even witnessed a speed-dating event once. Very peculiar and a little strange, but that was what she loved about humans. They were all peculiar and strange, but mostly in a good way.

Ezzar had a small but kind smile on her lips. "Luckily things have been calm lately. The last time we had to fight humans because they wanted to cut down the forest and endanger the Pokémon living in it was a decade ago." She winked. "Sometimes they have to be reminded they have to share the land with Pokémon."
She glanced to the human guests. "To be honest, I'm not too fond of humans; they cause a lot of trouble with their insatiable lust for expension and domination."

Tanter nodded. "Yeah, I'll introduce you in a moment." He glanced at Seth with a pondering look in his eyes. "I understand Seth isn't human or possibly not completely human, judged by the way he tried to stop you from telling something and the way he emphasised he was completely human. So, what exactly is Seth?"

Gathaar sighed. "That is impossible, my sister is chaos itself." When he looked back he noticed her greeting Yveltal. "But I'm sure things will be fine here. She won't be bored here, so she won't have to find a form of amusement. Plus, her darling is here."
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Lecrero watched Andy as he gave him a wink before he gave a small smile.
"I'm sure you will, Varina is a good child." He said before he looked to everyone else and counted the number of legendaries already here. "Hm... Not everyone is here yet but it's probably safe to bring out some food." He said more to himself before he clapped his hand once, a large Bouffaunt appearing beside him and looked up to him.
"The food please, Snacks to start with. Human and Pokemon if you may?" He asked his guardian, who nodded as part of his afro moved; He turned and started to walk off slowly. Lecrero returned his attention back to Andy with a small smile. "Food is on its' way." He said before he looked towards Lytse and Michael before he excused himself from Andy and stood beside Michael. "Food will be coming little one, we have many different kinds for you all, berries, baked goods, puffins, Pokeblocks." He listed off before he gave a small smile to Michael.

Sparky ran over towards Michael and Lytse and slid herself between his legs before she looked up to Lecrero as he walked over. Her eyes widened as she stared at him, her fur standing on end.
Niccia walked over towards Michael as he had walked off, she hesitated for a moment as Lecrero came over to mention food, only relaxing when he turned to walk off towards the head of the table again.

Xapher flushed red in the face again, giving a small laugh before moving to rub his hands through his hair.
"I'm Keldeo!" He grinned, before he looked to Penalopy before returning his attention to Mindy, "Ezzar is Virizon, she's over by Lugia." He moved to point to Anzar and then Voltar. "And those two are Cobalion and Terrakion." He grinned as he looked to Mindy, "They're like my older siblings, I like training with Ezzar, she's a lot kinder and Anzar just pushes me over all the time."

Anylia listened to Penalopy and gave a small yawn, she looked over to her sister before she looked around everyone else.
"I'm not sure if Blind-dates really work in the Human world. Although, you are the more knowledgeable out of us when it comes to Humans." She said calmly and almost tiredly. She lifted her head as she looked towards Latios and gave a small wave with a slight blush.

Yalgai stayed with her arms around Kyio for a moment before they broke away, both of them holding each others hand tightly.
"There are humans?" Kyio asked, her voice still a whisper. Despite her tone being low and soft, Yalgai could hear her as clear as day.
"Yes! Niccia and Frosiien have found partners!" Yalgai said with a bigger smile, moving to pull her partner along, "But there's someone I want you to see."

Nygari looked to the human guests as well, looking back to Ezzar with a small nod.
"I understand that." She started slowly, "Last I really had any proper interaction with humans was when they tried to corrupt my children. But they're not all terrible." She continued with a lowering of her head. "Sadly I cannot properly determines someones purity of heart on my own. And... He's still not here." She held back her fear and worry for a moment.
"I think he's still mad at me." She said quietly, looking at her plate as tears slowly ebbed at the corners of her eyes.

Dausiin looked to Tanter with a small blink as he asked.
"Oh that!" He said with a bigger grin, "I have no idea what he is! He tells me he's human but I don't believe him. He does things, I swear he floats occasionally!" He looked over to Seth, who had paused as Saveri floated around him, happily speaking to him; although it wasn't audible to tell if it was in human or Pokemon.

Prezzleflame watched as Yalgai spoke to Kyio. He gave a bit of a smirk, "Of course." He said as he elbowed Thundurk, who jolted upright and looked over, his mouth dropping before he held his hands over his face to stop himself from laughing.
The portal opened again, Orikin walked into the area with Rorsh in his arms. As they got to the bottom of the steps, Orikin looked over to the portal as Dialla stepped through. The air around her froze up and small sparkles of snow flicked around her before she looked to Orikin and lowered her shades at him with a raised eyebrow.
Rorsh snoozed in Orikins arms quietly, but the noise of everyone talking started to wake her up.
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Lytse tried to make himself smaller in Michael's arms when Lecrero talked to him, but he nodded and muttered a "Thank you."

Ezzar put a hand on Nygari's arm. "I'm sure there is a good explanation. No-one would let a grudge get in the way of Star Fall," she assured her.

One by one legendary Pokémon in their human form arrived, some alone, some in groups. They all seemed excited about being here and greeted those they hadn't seen for a long time, at least those that weren't catching up with another.

Penalopy left Mindy and Keldeo and floated around to say hi to everyone, soon followed by Jirachi, which then became a game of tag. After being tapped by Chifferi, Penalopy went to Celebi to try and tag him, without asking upfront whether or not Saveri was even interested in a game of tag.

A man with long wavy strawberry-blond hair and golden eyes stepped through the portal and he looked around. It seemed about everyone was here already and the food was being served. Late, but not too late. He straightened the tight red leather jacket with golden buttons he wore over a yellow shirt and looked around. He spotted Cloud first and walked to his son to greet him, but by now he had also spotted Derasin and Tanter.
"I'm glad to see you and your siblings made it," he told him when he was close enough.
After that he spotted Nygari sitting at the table

Andy went back to Frosiien now, but he kept an eye on all the new arrivals. He recalled meeting Dialla earlier that day and he wondered if she would be more pleasant this time. And whether or not it would be fun if she would be.
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As Lecrero left everyone alone, Niccia hesitated to walk to Michael and stood beside him, giving a bit of distance.
"How..." She uttered out loud before she cut herself off, looking down at the ground slowly. "I'm... sorry."
Sparky waddled over to Niccia and hopped onto her hind legs to be lifted up, when she watched Niccia not move to pick her up she landed on her feet again.

Kyio and Yalgai walked over to near Michael, Yalgai giving a small whistle as Sparky turned to face them.
"Mamma!" She called before she ran over to her and hopped up into her arms. Kyio moved to gently rub Sparky's head.
Yalgai moved her head to watch more Legendaries arrive, all with their guardians.

"It's... not just for StarFall." Nygari said with a small, weakened smile. "But thank you." She said before she looked towards the final figure that walked through the Portal.
Her heart skipped a beat and almost stopped, she looked towards the table with her face deepening in red.
Cloud glanced over to his father as he arrived. "You're here!" He said with a bigger smile, "It's great to see you too!"
Dera looked over to her father as she tilted her head, she was talking with two of the newest Legendaries, the Galar Protectors. "My apologies, I will be back." She said to them before she headed over towards her father and held her arms out with a bigger smile. "Fashionably late as per usual, and fashionable as well!"

Saveri dodged Penalopy quickly as he continued to speak to Seth, stopping as he looked towards her with a furrowed brow.
"I'm having an important conversation!" He said, almost angrily, "My apologies Seth, our talk of time walking will have to be paused as PENALOPY IS IT!" He quickly darted away.

Frosiien wrapped her arm into Andys' before she looked towards Dialla.
Thundurk stood quickly as soon as the Galar birds came in, running to grab Rorsh from her brother and spun her around as she woke up.
"Oh! Cousin!" She grinned happily, "It's good to see you~"
Dialla stepped towards Frosiien and Andy, stopping in front of them as she lifted her chin slightly.
"It's good to see you actually decided to show up." She said towards Frosiien, before she looked to Andy and saw Varina in his hands. "And you brought a human, and a discarded Guardian. Interesting."
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"What are you sorry for?" Michael asked as he turned to Niccia, confusion clearly visible on his face. He reached out to cup her cheek so he could let her look up instead of down, while opening his arm so Lytse could jump down, which the Cyndaquil did.

Lytse stayed with Michael, sitting close to his feet. He watched Sparky greet his mother... it was odd to see a Pokémon call a human mother, but he quickly remembered these were all disguised Pokémon. Then he thought about his own mother and lowered his head. Was she still alive, somewhere? It had been years since he last saw her.

Netherlu spread his arms when Dera complimented his fashion. "Thank you. I'm glad to see my sense of fashion spread to my children too." He glanced to Tater and his sweater. "I mean... Well, being comfortable isn't bad either. We'll catch up in a moment, I'm going to greet Nygari."
He gave Cloud a pat on the back as he passed him and walked to the table where Nygari and Ezzar were sitting.

When Ezzar saw him approach she smiled and rose from the seat to offer it to Netherlu instead. With a faint bow of her head to Nygari, she walked away and went to Yalgai and Kyio.

Penalopy immediately went in pursuit of Saveri, going around and just missing Ezzar as she did. She let out a melodic laugh as she chased her friend around, spinning a bit. Star Fall was great!
When she saw she could catch Saveri she sped up and stretched her arms as she went straight towards him.

Mindy watched the game of tag and flashed a smile to Keldeo. This was amazing.
"So, which one is your guardian?" she asked Xapher. "Everyone has a guardian, right?"
There were so many Pokémon now; all the guardians and the teams of the human guests. Everyone seemed to get along just fine; even her Pokémon were mingling with the Guardians. Just her Lapras stood by the side, with her Onix staying close to her.

"Didn't she do great?" Andy asked. "What interesting things did you bring to Star Fall this time? Did you rescue anyone? Taken care of someone in need? Star Fall is the perfect place to boast about our heroic adventures. Although..." He looked to Varina. "We may need to come up with a more exciting story about how you ended up with me."
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"I've made you uncomfortable." She said, as she moved her hand up to his as he cupped her face. "StarFall is suppose to be a time of happiness, and I've just... dragged you into a whole lot." She sighed, "I... knew something like this would have probably popped up. Lecrero likes... to 'keep balance' per say."
She crossed her arms as she hugged herself. "I get that it's not exactly the most conventional idea in human standards, but... he has his reasons. It's confusing, but, it's there."

An Alolan Raichu walked over to Lyste and offered a small plate of assorted berries.
"I noticed you hadn't eaten." She said softly, moving to sit in front of Lytse with a small smile, "I understand if you're overwhelmed and confused. I was when it was my first Starfall." She smiled before she offered her paw to Lytse, "My name is Biaphar, please just call me Bia."

Dera grinned at her fathers words, looking to Tanter with a bit of a smirk before she nudged his arm with hers slightly.
Cloud bowed his head at his fathers words, grinning as he patted his back as he watched him head over towards Nygari.
Nygari smiled towards Ezzar as she left before she looked towards Netherlu as he stepped towards her.
"It's a pleasure to see you again, Mr Netherlu." She said as she looked away from him, hiding her frown with her hand. She was being incredibly formal, she didn't want to be too casual when she believed their relationship was strained.

Kyio took Sparky from Yalgai, turning to face Ezzar moved to speak to them.
"Hello Ezzar." Yalgai grinned happily, "It's a pleasure to see you again." She moved to gently grab Ezzar's hand and gave it a small kiss.
"This is Sparky, she is my daughter." Yalgai grinned happily; Kyio moved to gently stroke Sparky's head, watching as the small creature fall asleep in her arms.

"Oh, My guardian?" Xapher grinned before he moved to whistle. "Everyone has a guardian, yeah!"
The sound of scuttling echoed from in the crowds before a Kingler made her way towards Xapher.
"Are you okay Xaph? The human isn't causing distress?" She asked, Xapher shook his head.
"No, this is Mindy! She's a friend, Mindy, this is Koriga." He introduced the two females happily.

Saveri had essentially locked himself in a place where he couldn't get away from Penalopy, spinning in place before she touched him. As soon as they touched, Saveri moved to pull her into a massive hug with a spin.

Dialla hesitated at Andy's words, she went to speak but paused.
"I haven't bought anyone with me ever to StarFall." She said, her tone still cold, "I haven't saved or helped anyone either, Galar tends to be a place where humans know their place in terms of their standing with Legendaries."
Varina looked up to Andy with a small smile, "I like the story of how it happened." She said happily, "It shows your real colours."

While everyone was talking and already distracted, a small figure stepped out from the shadows from Lecrero's chair. They looked around slowly as they slunk along under the table, slowly making sure his horns don't slam into the table.
Father never let him out like this before, but father said he could come to StarFall. Sure he mentioned he had to stay under the chair, but when did he ever listen to his father?
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"Humans would react pretty much like Gavin did," Michael said. "But don't worry, I'm sure StarFall will still be a great celebration." He glanced around. "Everyone seems to be having a good time. I am worried about you though." He had a frown in his forehead. "Are you okay with the news? With being replaced?" He glanced to Gavin, who had already shown how he felt about it.

"Thank you," Lytse said as he put his paw against Bia's paw. "I'm called Lytse," he introduced himself. "At least, that is the name Michael gave me. My mother called me Ruma..." he paused as he glanced to his trainer, who was talking with Niccia. "Maybe I should tell him, but Pokémon always adopt the name their trainer gives them as their own..." He played a bit with one of the berries, rolling it around on the plate with his paw.

"I put on my finest sweater," Tanter grinned as he stroke the warm fabric. Since their father was going to catch up with Nygari, Tanter decided to talk with Heatran for a while; the fellow fire-type could be grumpy at times, but he got along with him just fine.

"She's adorable," Ezzar said as she watched Sparky doze off, before turning to the two women. "It's so nice to see you two again. How have you been?"

"So formal, Nygari," Netherlu sighed, frowning slightly as he examined her and noticed the lack the eye-contact. "Everything okay with you? You're not mad at me for being late, right?"
Had they agreed on a time? He didn't think they had, just that he would meet them here. He hadn't wanted to arrive this late of course.

"Nice to meet you," Mindy said to Koriga and she turned to Xapher. "So, ehm, the food. Is it a buffet or do we eat together at the table?" She craned her neck to see where it was, as she saw some Pokémon munching on a berry as the walked past them.

Andy flashed a smile at Varina before turning his attention to Dialla. "Well, maybe another we can hear about one your adventures then, but... I actually have no idea how Kanto people... Kantonians?" he shrugged, it didn't really matter. "I don't know how they view their legendaries, but us... Rhandonians? Rorians?" He frowned as he thought about the proper term for people from the island, or the island group. "We really need to have a meeting to decide how we call ourselves," he muttered, but made a dismissive motion with his hand and shook his head - that didn't matter now. "We don't have any legendary Pokémon ourselves," he continued as he turned his attention to Dialla again. "The only legends we have are about average Pokémon really. Rainbow Cyndaquil is one, and Volcarona is revered as almost a legendary on one of the islands. So our standing with Legendary Pokémon is less formal, as our Legends are Pokémon we can see on a daily basis."
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Niccia smiled at Michaels words saying he okay. She moved to gently pressed her head against his before she sighed, closing her eyes as he asked the question.
"I..." She hesitated before she sighed slightly, "It'll sound weird but.. I don't mind." She lifted her head away from Michaels and gave him a small smile, "It means I'm allowed to spend as much time as I wish with you." She grabbed his hands gently, "And it means I can go where ever I wish to." Niccia gave a happy sigh, her tail swaying happily.

"Which one would you prefer?" Bia asked gently, "I have heard many trainers do such thing, especially if they cannot understand us, which is quite a lot of them." She continued before she took a bite of a berry with a small smile. "It will be hard for him to change his ways to call you Ruma if you'd prefer, but he seems like a nice human."
Bia watched Lytse softly, tilting her head as she awaited his reply.

"Its good to see you too." Kyio said gently, smiling towards Ezzar, "I have been good. Sleeping a lot, but doing pretty good." She gave a bit of a yawn and pulled Sparky closer to her.
Yalgai grinned towards Ezzar, "I can't complain, Been tricking a couple of humans; playing around. Annoying my brothers, nothing different really~" She said with a bigger smile.

Nygari looked up to Netherlu, "A..Angry? I would never. I don't mind that you were late at all!" She babbled, "I was worried you would be angry at me. I was worried you wouldn't even talk to me at all, let alone look at me."

"The food is free to pick." Koriga said, "Would you like me to get you anything?"
"Some berries please," Xapher said with a bigger smile, "Mindy, would you like some pastries or something?"

Dialla rolled her eyes at Andy's words, "I'm not too surprised that you take ordinary pokemon and decide to lord over them." She said, about to speak before Frosiien interrupted.
"I think it's nice." The Ice Bird said with a grin, "Allowing the general consensus of Pokemon being seen as 'legendary', rather than our standing which is seen as 'legend'." She smiled, "You Rorians are very kind, I have noticed." She said with a bigger smile, noticing how annoyed Dialla was getting at her agreeing with Andy.
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"If you're happy with it," Michael said, "then I am too." He put his arm around her and turned to face all the guests. "Let's mingle in the party for a bit."
He noticed his Cyndaquil wasn't looking happy and he let go of Niccia as he knelt down in front of him. "Lytse, are you okay?" he asked.
"Yes!"" the Cyndaquil quickly squeaked. "It's just... overwhelming being here. But I have Bear, and my new friend here. You really should stay with Niccia and meet some legendary Pokémon.
Michael hesitated for a moment and nodded. He got back on his feet and heldout his hand to Niccia so she could introduce him to her friends.

"Oh," Netherlu replied. "I'm sorry I made you feel that way. I was late because a human close to the Ruins of Alph was in trouble. Badly injured. I saw him when I flew over and I had stop to take him to the hospital first." He turned to look at Frosiien. "Your daughter picked one up too I see." He tilted his head. "He looks a bit like the one I brought to the hospital... but then again, most humans look alike."

"Pastries?" Mindy replied. "Well, yes please." She turned to Xapher. "You should try some too. Let's go see what they have."
She started going to the table to see what pastries there would be. Parties weren't about healthy eating after all. Pastries as main course were totally acceptable.

Andy smiled at Frosiien. "Michael's Cyndaquil is actually a Pokémon of legends. Not by birth though." Then he turned to Dialla. "The volcano on Resto erupted years ago and ash blocked out the sun. People would have starved if Volcarona wouldn't have been a substitute sun. So we are grateful for them, and ever since they are honoured in an annual festival. You should come once; they give away free cookies in the shape of Larvesta." He turned to Frosiien again. "Which naturally is the best part of the entire festival. Free cookies."
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