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Niccia gently took Michaels hand as he returned from checking up on Lytse. Her ears pricked up and twitched as Lytse talk before she frowned, she was the reason he was here... Surely she could make him feel a bit more comfortable?
She looked back to Michael again before she started to head towards Xapher. "I'll introduce you to the mythicals first." She said with a bigger smile, "They're the ones I tend to hang out with the most."

Bia frowned slightly, "You're overwhelmed?" She asked before she stood up, picking the plate up with her tail and offering her hands to Lytse. "Come, I know a much quieter place." She continued with a small smile. "It has the most lush grass."

Nygari's ears perked up at his words, he didn't say that he wasn't angry at her; but at least they were talking.
Their argument up on the Bell Tower hopefully didn't cause them to split, although Nygari knew it was her fault; The humans had awoken her from her watery slumber by disturbing her bird children, which caused her to rocket across the land to try to save them.
Her mind was heavy then, she had an argument with Netherlu; who would have probably just wanted a nice talk but Nygari was aggravated and snappy.
"Hey Neth...?" She started after a while, she would mention it to Frosiien about the human he had saved later. "I'm... Sorry." She started as she looked away again.

Xapher smiled towards Mindy as he stood up, Koriga stepped towards them.
"I can get it for you! You relax, you're at a party." She said, Xapher smiled towards his guardian and moved to gently pet her head.
"Go off and play with the other Guardians. You don't need to baby me." He said before he turned to follow Mindy.
He looked around, being as short as he was made it hard to keep track of everyone, and as he was looking sideways he slammed into the side of Nethan, the Humanoid Kyreum.
"Oh sorry I didn't mean to-" He froze as he looked to who it was and froze in place.

Frosiien gave a big smile to Andy's words, "That sounds amazing!" She said as she looked to Dialla, "Doesn't Galar have different forms of other pokemon? I know theres a Galar Weezling, and I think the slowpoke line?"
Dialla furrowed her brow as she listened to Andy's words, she looked towards Frosiien before Rorsh suddenly ran over to her sister and hopped up onto her shoulders happily, almost knocking her over.
"You're right!" Rorsh said quickly, "We have SO MANY, the Galarian Meowth even has a new Evolution! Being in Kanto is amazing, it's so different from home!"
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"Of course," Michael said, smiling gently. "Lead the way."
Seeing Niccia happy like this, that was what he wanted to see. He tried to recall the difference between Mythical and Legendary as there was some debate about that among scientists, but his uncle had once said to not worry about it as all Mythicals were Legendary Pokémon, but not all Legendary Pokémon were Mythical.

"I'm not really," Lytse said as he followed Bia. "I just needed Michael to not worry about me. But a quiet place would be nice."
He watched Michael walk in a different direction, feeling much lonelier than before even though he was surrounded by Pokémon.

"Sorry for..." Netherlu began as he pondered what in Arceus' name Nygari was talking about. Why was he supposed to be angry at her? Then he recalled the last time they had spoken and Nygari had been snappy at him. They hadn't spoken since. "Oh, right. Hey, apology accepted. I know I reacted a bit harsh when you flew off; I honestly shouldn't have called after you that if you weren't going to stop for a quick chat you shouldn't bother coming at all. That was insensitive of me and apologize as well."
At that time he really had felt annoyed to see her and that she didn't even make time for a quick chat, but that feeling had gone away rather quickly. Of course he hadn't seen her after that, but he was glad they had the opportunity to make it up now.

Nethan looked down on Xapher. "Oh, it's you," he said. He seemed ready to say something more, but then remembered it was Star Fall and he really shouldn't. "Look out where you are going," he said instead.
"We were on our way to check out the pastries," Mindy said as she joined Xapher. "Hi, I'm Mindy. Human friend of Gavin."
"That's a surprise," Nethan muttered as he glanced to Gavin. Mewtwo making a human friend? What were the odds of that?

Andy listened to Rorsh; he liked this cousin much better than Dialla. He started looking around and he turned his attention on the table with the food.
"Would you like something?" he asked Frosiien. "I can go grab something for us."
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Niccia lead Michael along with ease, darting in and out from all of the legendaries while keeping track of where Xapher was. She noticed that he was with Mindy for now and hesitated, "Maybe not Xapher first, he seems to have his hooves full at the moment." She chuckled before she looked around to find someone else, grinning at the sight of Saverii talking to Seth. "Let's go meet Celebi!" She gently redirected Michael towards where the small green human was floating in the air by Seth, who now had a small drink in his hand.

Bia nodded at Lytse as he spoke, leading him to a small corner out of the way of everyone else. She settled herself down and patted the floor for Lytse to sit close to her.
"You know, you can allow him to worry about you." She said gently, "I understand wanting to make sure that your humans aren't too worried, but you don't have to hide your feelings." Bia sighed and looked to the stars above them, "I used to have a trainer once." She admitted.

Nygari looked to Netherlu as he accepted her apology and apologized himself.
"No don't apologize, you have nothing to apologize about!" She said quickly, "I was too far into my head, I should have just said something. I shouldn't have just snapped at you, I could have broken one of your wings!" She said as she moved to grip his hand gently, squeezing it tightly. "When I came to, I... I was devastated at what I did, I was terrified."

Xapher swallowed hard at Nethan as Mindy just talked to him casually. "Sor sorry." He squeaked as he hid behind Mindy, he knew that Starfall wasn't a place to fight or argue, but the Ice Dragon still terrified the littler Legendary. "She's made friends with Penny and Anylia too!" He said as he peaked over Mindy's shoulder.
Gavin stayed away from everyone, leaning against a tree with his eyes watching the area. He looked up and locked eyes with Nethan when he felt himself being stared at, giving a weak smile in response.

"Ooh, maybe a danish?" Frosiien said with a bigger smile, "And a small glass of juice is there's any left." She said with a laugh.
Rorsh looked to Dialla with a grin, watching the Galarian Articuno leave quietly. Rorsh looked to Frosiien and leapt into her arms for a hug.
"It's so good to see you again!" Rorsh said happily, "Ori told me about the Trainer battle you watched! It sounded amazing!"
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"Yeah, sure," Michael said as he let Niccia lead him to the ones she wanted him to meet. He had seen Celebi before going through the portal, but not really had the opportunity to talk with him yet. He wasn't sure what he had expected from Star Fall, but it looked like any family reunion; just people talking and happy to see each other.

Lytse didn't react when Bia said could allow Michael to worry about him, but he looked at her when she mentioned she once had a trainer. "Really?" he asked. "What happened?... If you want to talk about it, of course." While he was curious, he suddenly realised Bia might not want to go into details. Trainer-stories weren't always happy stories after all.

Netherlu chuckled and gave a pat on her hand. "Now you're overestimating yourself. My wings aren't broken that easily. So don't worry about it. We're good." He glanced over his shoulder to Andy. "You know, my offspring made some offspring of their own with regular Pokémon. Has it ever happened one of us mated with a human? Would you be okay with that?"
Maybe it wasn't an appropriate topic, but a direct question was often best. He knew his offspring had actually been rather busy and he reminded himself he had to introduce himself to what technically were grandchildren of his.

Nethan turned to look at the musical diva's when they were mentioned. No surprise there, especially Penalopy seemed able to make friends with anyone. He nodded to Mindy and didn't give Xapher much attention as he walked off, going towards Gavin.
"I heard you made a friend," he said once he was close enough.

Mindy watched Nethan leave for a moment and then smiled to Xapher, before going to the table. It didn't take her long to spot the pastries and she took her time examining all of them. She noticed Andy join them.
"Hello, Professor Bansing."
"We're at a party, just say Andy. And please tell me what a Danish looks like."
Mindy giggled and pointed them out for him, before turning to see if Xapher was with her.

Andy took a plate and put a Danish on it, and after much consideration some apple strudel for himself. And after picking up two glasses of juice he started walking back to Frosiien.

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Niccia stopped by Seth and Saveri, grinning towards the two of them.
"My apologies if I am interrupting anything." She said as she linked arms with Michael. "I was wanting to introduce my Boyfriend to my friends."
Seth looked towards Niccia and Michael and bowed his head to Saveri before he went to go talk to someone else. Saveri turned to face Niccia and Michael before he floated to the ground with a bow of his head.
"A pleasure." He said as he held out his hand to Michael, "My name is Saveri. Or as you would know me, Celebi. Keeper of the Forest. Wanderer of time."

Bia looked to Lytse and offered him another berry with a small smile. "It's not much of a story." She started quietly, looking up to the stars again and watched them sparkle. "I was hatched by a young couple who were expecting a child. They had their child, a young girl; I grew up with her as a Pichu before I evolved into a Pikachu. She... wasn't a good trainer, she didn't understand how to battle properly and focused on... dressing us up and feeding us way too many berries."
Bia looked back to Lytse with a small smile, "We went to Alola when she heard about the food there, I was... Overweight to say the most, she never let me explore or exercise. And when we got to Alola I... almost couldn't take it." Bia closed her eyes and looked to the plate of berries. "Then she learnt about the difference in Raichu's between Kanto and Alola, how the Alolan ones are said to be like Pancakes, so she just found a thunderstone and just kind of, smacked it into my tail and... I guess she just fell out of love with me."

Nygari smiled to Netherlu as he spoke to her, moving to look at him properly as he asked about a human being with a legendary/mythical pokemon. She looked towards Frosiien for a moment before she looked back towards her partner.
"'One of us' meaning my children?" She asked with a tilt of her head, "Or are you meaning, myself and you?" She moved to take a sip of her drink. "I'm... unsure, If it was one of my kids I would just hope that the humans are kind to the Legendary. If it was you however, I wouldn't be too happy because you know how possessive I am with you." She said with a happy sigh, looking into Netherlu's eyes.

Gavin looked over to Nethan as he spoke to him, he lifted his head and a small smile spread across his face. "You can thank Niccia really." He said with a bit of a chuckle, "Did you bring anyone?" He looked around before he looked back to the taller Legendary with a bit of a smirk. "I'm kidding Neth, you still caught up with Xander?" He had a bit of a smirk, "If you're avoiding him because of some bottled feelings~" He gave a cheeky wink towards the Kyurem as he pulled himself off the tree.

Xapher looked to Andy as he and Mindy spoke, he moved to hold out his hand before he watched the man move away.
"Ah." He said with a bit of a smile before he looked to Mindy again, "Is he family?" He asked as he looked to Mindy with a big smile. "Although, your words seem more of talking to a master of some sorts."

Frosiien looked to Andy with a bigger smile as he returned, moving to take the glass from him and gently sipped from the glass.
"Are there any Legendaries you wish to meet?" She asked as she looked back to him with a raised eyebrow.

The table shuddered slightly as something bumped into it. A small figure moved a hoof to their head before grumbling, slipping his snout out of the tablecloth, suddenly pulling it in as the large Buffalo Pokemon walked past the table, presumably looking for him.
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"I read about you," Michael said as he took Saveri's hand to shake it. "A pleasure to meet you."
He noticed a snout sticking out from under the tablecloth, but it got pulled in when a Buffalo waked past. He didn't recognise the snout immediately, but it was probably one of the Guardians. He turned to Saveri again. "I reckon it's the children of Ho-oh you see most regularly?" he asked.

"That's sad," Lytse said. He couldn't imagine what that must have felt like and he was glad Michael wasn't like that. "I can't evolve," he mentioned. "I sometimes worry about it, because Michael has seen what my species can evolve into. But he isn't a competitive trainer, so he probably doesn't mind."
Suddenly Bear jumped next to him and the startled Cyndaquil squeaked. "So," Bear said, looking at Bia. "Is this just another boring talking party?"

"I was talking about our children," Netherlu replied with a grin. "I was just thinking, Pokémon have special attacks, so if our children mate with a Pokémon, their offspring can have some abilities that one would normally only find in legendary or mythical Pokémon. But humans don't have any special abilities, so it just had me wondering... what if a human mates with a legendary Pokémon in human form. I don't know if it ever happened before. Would it produce a human with paranormal abilities? Or a half-human, half-Pokémon? Or nothing because they aren't compatible for breeding?" He eyed Andy and Frosiien. "And if it's the last, the humans should at least be aware of the possibility. Getting offspring is important for most."

"I'm surprised you're okay with Xapher keeping your friend away from you," Nethan said, not willing to answer the questions Gavin asked. "You bring a friend and you're still by yourself." He glanced to the girl that stayed close to Arceus. "Who's that? She kinda looks familiar, but I've never seen her before."

Mindy turned to face Xapher. "Oh, he was one of my teachers at the academy. He is family of Niccia's boyfriend Michael. And I'm a friend of Michael. So we are all connected in a way." She bit down in a delicious looking pastry. "Do legendary Pokémon have family?" she asked. "You're created instead of birthed, right?"

Andy took a moment to observe the crowd around them; all legendary Pokémon in human form were chatting with each other. "Well, I already met the best so it can only be disappointing from here on. And most of my interest is research-based in nature and this is really not the place to do that. So, instead I would just like to meet your friends."

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