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"Phew!" A young woman with blue hair, golden eyes, and something to prove wiped her forehead as she stepped off the tiny boat that had carried her from one mess to another. "Another day." She sighed, shaking her head. "Another sweltering day." Out of the many things Abbygail could stand, hot days, full of humidity, were the worst. If it were up to her, she'd just turn around, and go right back into her the ship to cast off until she found somewhere cooler. It wasn't up to her though, not entirely. Yes, in some ways she had a choice, but in others, she had duty and that nullified any illusion of free will. So with a grunt, she heaved her sack over her shoulder and started making her way to the town proper.

"Hey!" A commanding voice called after she managed to make a few steps. "What do you think you're doing?!"

"Damn." Abbygail sighed. "That was fast." Clenching her hand, wrapping it tight around something in her pocket, Abbygail tensed as she turned around.

"Hey!" The marine, thick and wide like a bear who shaved. "You can't leave taht ship there?"

"I'm sorry?" She turned her attention to the ship. "It looks fine."

"Look." The marine swallowed. "Boats just can't be put there. You've got to go through registration over there." The marine pointed to a dock, further out than the others, with a small hut at the end. There was a line of ships next to it.


The marine nodded. "Yeah. They implemented a toll here. So you need to pay to leave your boat."

"Tolls?" Abbygail arched an eyebrow. "That's new. When did it start?"

"Uhm." The marine looked away momentarily. It was a brief pause that most people woul'dve missed. "It's new. The uhm, the commanding officer decided to instate it, as a way to raise money for the forces here." He swallowed and looked down at his feet, obviously uncomfortable with what was going on. "Hey, look, I don't make the rules. I'm just here to let you know you can't leave the boat there, or it'll get repossessed by the patrols."

Abbygail nodded. "Eh. It's fine."


"It's an old little dingy. Take it. I'll get something else."

"But..." The marine raised his hand to say something, but the young woman was already on her way out. He paused to look down at her boat. "well, at least she's got all her stuff. Nothing left on there but a seat and oars."
"Hey how are you doing?" Abbygail said to the forth random person she passed on the streets, and like the rest all the woman did was giver her a nod before hurrying off. Which was lucky, the rest just hurried off. "Hmmm." She rubbed her chin as she adjust her sack. "They weren't kidding about this place. The marine commander really does have a tight lip on everyone." She stopped to look around before settling her sites on a nearby tavern. Her stomach growled

"Well I'll get to that later." She mumbled, checking her pocket to make sure the camera was still inside. "But first I want something to eat, or I'm going to faint."
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A belch escaped one of the uniformed men a few tables away. The white haired man frowned in his direction, momentarily distracted from his companion's prattling. Both were dressed casually, though the talking one was clearly less comfortable, constantly adjusting himself as he talked to settled the blue button up right on his body. The low brimmed cap was tugged down to hide his dark green hair and sea blue eyes. The white haired man, by comparison, were a plain black t-shirt beneath a white jacket, matched with loose fitted black pants. His light blue eyes stayed on the Marine he had heard, his annoyance barely contained.

"...sir? Uh...sir!" His companion was quick to draw him back. "Were you listen? What is our plan, sir?"

The other man shook his head. "First of all, we've been over this, Lee," he said with a small sigh. "Not sir. I'm not your superior here. We're equals. Mitsuki is fine. We need to stay quiet." He glanced back to the Marines sitting at the table. The one who had drawn his ire earlier was now harassing one of the tavern wenches, unconcerned with the annoyed looks he would receive. Not that he received many. Most of the people here were too afraid to do more than avert their gaze. "First step, we observe. I'll have you check around town. Once I'm satisfied, I'll meet with the Captain here, but not before. I want a clear idea of how these people operate."

Lee's eyes followed Mitsuki's gaze, finding the group just as the Marine reached over to grab the woman's behind. This was met with a roar of laughter from his compatriots, but only earned a low, almost inaudible growl from Mitsuki. "Sir...you won't do anything we'll regret, will you?"

Mitsuki rolled his eyes. "Mitsuki," he reiterated. "And no. Now, off with you. We have work to do." Lee let out a soft sigh, but nodded, obeying his commander as he slowly got up from his seat to leave.
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Abbygail pushed the tavern's door open. It didn't resist much, but there was a bit of a squeak. The door hadn't been treated well and the rust was starting to catch up to it. As tempting as it was, Abbygail decided not to chalk it up directly to the marine's influence as she had no way to verify that it was their fault entirely, the owners entirely, or a mixture of the owners being to preoccupied with the marines to take care of their shop. So she put the hinges into the maybe section.

"Morning." She said to the bartender, an elderly man with white hair and deep set eyes which were made all the smaller because of the bags. He hadn't been sleeping very much, if at all. Internally Abbygail chastised herself for not checking to see how long the marine in charge of the town had in fact been in charge. She wouldn't make the same mistake next time.

"Morning." The man said without looking up from the glass he was wiping clean. "Welcome to the Jerk's end. How may I help you?"

Abbygail nodded as she moved towards the bar. "Nice place you've got her." The man, Gill, if his name tag was to be believed nodded. "Thanks. We do our best here."

"We?" Abbygail said leaning forwards. Gil nodded, but didn't add anything. After a pause Abbygail shrugged. "So what do you have to eat around here? Any recommendations?"

Gil shrugged. "Normal tavern stuff. Chicken strips and rice is what I usually get."

She paused to look at the man, from the corner of her eye, noting his full frame she figured he got them a lot and if nothing else they were managable. "Great!" She said with a smile. "I'll have an order of that."

Gil nodded. "And to drink?"

Tempting as it was to request some whiskey, Abbygail decided that last time wasn't going to happen again. So she settled on soda. "Coming right up. It'll be about five minutes." Abbygail nodded a thanks as the man slid her drink across the bar.

Abbygail would've said more but was cut off by the sound of a woman gasping and a group of marines laughing furiously. Turning her eyes, while she took a drink, she watched the men laugh at the abuse.

"Hey" She whispered to Gil, who had moved closer to her to watch what was going on.

"...." Gil didn't look away but made a short nose that explained he could hear her.

"Aren't you going to do something?"

Gil shook his head.

"Why not?"

He swallowed hard and nodded to the party. "Marines."


"They have guns, and swords."

"They do." Abbygail nodded, noting the weapons.

"They're just touching her bottom. They won't hurt her."

"Sure?" Abbygail asked and took a long drink of her soda, giving the man time to respond. When he didn't Abbygail sighed and asked where her food was.

"Yeah," Gill nodded and despite not wanting to go, turned to get the order from the kitchen.

"Great!" Abbygail put her drink down to watch the man go, and once he was gone, she turned her attention back to the marines, who were still laughing. "Room." She said calmly, without moving. Something changed in the tavern's room, almost instantly. There was a blue light, which shone in the walls and floor. None of the marines noticed, which was good.

At least they didn't notice till their pants all fell down at once, and wouldn't leave the floor when they tried to pull them back up. Nonbody was laughing now. Abbygail kept the pants down until the men's faces were red with effort. Then she let them go up, at least half of them. Unfortunately the men were pulling too hard, too fast, so once she started to slowly deactivate her power. The force the men were exercting causes the pants to rip in halves, and become unusable. Also their shirts ripped too, for some reason.

"The hell!" The marine who grabbed the waitresses bottom cursed, looking at his pants before tossing them aside to note the damage all over his shirt. "Who did this?" He shoutted, turning around and surveying everyone in the bar, which, aside from the help, was Abbygail and a dark haired man sitting at a table.

"Alright! Which one of you two did this"
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The white haired man watched the scene play out, amusement in his eyes as he saw the distress of the Marines. There was only another girl there in the tavern. Mitsuki recognized the Devil's power when he saw it. He hadn't lifted a finger, so it had to be her.

At the demand, Mitsuki snorted. "I believe you did it to yourself, you oaf," he commented drily. "Try to have some class."

"What was that?" The Marine's face was bright red, now from anger rather than exertion. He stomped towards where the man was sipping his drink, reaching out for his collar.

"I wouldn't do that." The man's eyes flashed momentarily, barely susceptible to the onlookers. The Marine hesitated, though, staggering a moment as though he had been hit. His eyes narrowed and he lashed out anyway, reaching for his collar again.

In a quick movement, his sword came up, the sheathed blade arcing up to strike the Marine's chin. His face jerked up and Mitsuki planted his foot in the man's stomach. The force sent his chair back even as the Marine staggered away.

"I suggest you stand down while you only have a few bruises and wounded pride." The swordsman was now standing, clutching his still sheathed blade in his hand, but not intending to back down.
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"The hell!" The marine mouthed. He wanted to say more, but couldn't get enough air into him to do so. He started to push up, but paused when he noticed the position he was in, the position the white haired man was in, and the clear advantage the man's position had over his own. He decided to be still and catch his breath, while hoping his fellow soldiers would see this as an opportunity to aid their downed comrade in battle.

They didn't,
even after a while.

Chest capable of taking in air, the marine narrowed his eyes and wheezed. "The hell do you think you are old man?" He paused for a few breaths before continuing with a snarl "I don't care what you suggest!" The marine made a nodding motion towards the man. "We're going to mess you up" he smiled. "And even if we don't, the captain and Lieutenant will handle you guys." He shrugged under the boot, annoyed the group hadn't attacked yet. "Of course if they don't, well, you're causing problems for the marines, and nobody wants that, right?"

"Oh god damn it!" The marine swirled towards his group. "Will you guys hurry up and rush this bum already!"

"We're trying!" A marine said.
"Yeah." The second added.
The four behind all nodded. "Our legs won't move. It's like they're glued to the floor. or something."

"Hey!" Gill shouted as he stepped out of the kitchen with a plate of tenders. "What's going on here?" He looked at the marines, and his face went white. "Look. I know they seemed rough but they weren't causing any trouble." He hurried over to what the white haired man was holding down the group's leader. "Please. Just let them go, even if they did wrong. They're just kids and I really don't wan any trouble with anyone. I just want to own my shop."

"Damn it." Abbygail sighed under her breath. With a frown, the light blue aura that permeated the room vanished and the group of marines fell forwards.
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"There won't be any trouble," Mitsuki replied. He shot the girl a warning look, hoping she would stay quiet. "I just got tired of the way they treat the staff." He held up his hands, the sword loose in his hands. "I surrender. I'd like to talk to your Captain anyway."

The Marine blinked for a second, but only let out a snarl of annoyance. "You think you would get away with that?" he asked. "We'll bring you before him, but only after having our fun."

Mitsuki tilted his head to the side curiously. "You think you can?" he asked. His eyes flashed again, the Marine taking a step back nervously as the aura exuded from him.

"I..." The Marine paused and swallowed hard, eyes narrowed. He shook his head. "The Captain will make an example of you."

"Good. Finally, some sense." He tossed his sword over, the man fumbling for a moment before grasping it firmly in his hands. Mitsuki was already making his way out of the bar, the Marines forced to hurry after him to keep up. Even the one in charged rushed out, not sparing any words for the other two in the bar with their target apprehended.
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"Thank you. Thank you." Gill said, with a nod. He was rubbing his hands together, his deepened eyes darting from one marine to another. Though he didn't say anything the look on his face said that he knew the events were going to cost him and he was trying to figure out what it would be.

The blue haired woman watched the men talk and move without a word. As the man who knocked them down was leaving, he gave a her a look that practically screamed, behave. She knew the look anywhere as it was one she grew up with. She met it with a smile and thumbs up. Her way of saying never, and get ready because she was going to rock the town.

Once the men were out, Abbygail turned her attention to the meal, and asked for another cup of soda pop. "So." She between mouthfuls, which way is the marine HQ on this island?

The lead marine, Serges, by his name tag led the man with white hair down a street. Civilians saw them coming, blocks away and quickly fled inside. As Serges walked he put his hand in his pocket and tried not move is other hand, to touches his bruises without drawing too much attention to himself. Not that he managed very well as touching them, caused him to wince and hiss.

"You okay?" A marine walking behind their prisoner/ escort said in a timid voice.

"Shut it." Serges demanded. So they did, all the way to HQ, a large, white building, about nine stories high, topped off with the world government's flag. "Here we are." Serges said, pausing in front of the door, before going in.

"Yes sir." A marine said with a salute to Serges and the rest of his men. "How are you guys doing today."

"We need to talk to the captain." Serges said with a grunt. "This man," he arched a thumb at the white haired man who laid him down and threatened him. "Needs to be made an example of."

"Uhm." The marine behind the desk pasued for a moment before shaking his head. "Sorry sir, The captain isn't in at the moment."

'Hmmm." Serges rubbed his chin. "And the lieutenant?" The marine nodded. "Good. Get him."

"Sir." The marine rose and started moving towards the door that led deeper into the HQ. "I'll be right back. The lieutenant doesn't have his com at the moment. You know how he is while he's training. If it's not important enough to go in person, its not important enough to bother him."

"Fine." Serges turned and nodded at the white haired man. "Have a seat." He started to make eye contact but thought better of it. Instead he turned to his men and made a series of quick hand movements which directed them to take up various locations around the room in the off chance their prisoner/ example tried to make a break for it.
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Mitsuki yawned, looking bored at the whole situation. He made his way towards the seat and flopped back into it, crossing his leg over his knee as he leaned back. "Captain isn't available?" he asked before clucking his tongue disapproval. "Well, that's a problem. I needed to speak with him."

"Shut it," a Marine growled from behind him, smacking him in the back of the head.

The blow jarred the swordsman's head forward, but he simply let out a sigh. "Such an unruly bunch," he replied. "You're a disgrace to your post."

The Marine fumed. He raised his hand to strike him again, but Mitsuki tilted himself away this time, rocking the chair with him. It spun back, balanced on one of its four legs. The white haired man's leg caught the Marine's arm this time, wrenching it painfully to the side as it was dragged by the force of his movement. His other leg struck the Marine's back, dragging him fully to the floor.

The chair finally dropped to all four again, Mitsuki's legs resting on the Marine's back as a foot rest now. "Hurry it up. I want to get this over with," he demanded to the Marines in the room.
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