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Had a full shift, and physical therapy so I didn't have a chance to put up a CS. Tomorrow I"ve got another full shift but it's not till the afternoon so I'm going to try and get one done before
What are the limits for an elemental attribute?
I mean what's considered an element? Would substances from the elemental chart all be usable? What about the element of the mind, and other esoteric elements like Aeither?
Off tomorrow and my leg is feeling a little bit better, at least I can sit for a few minutes at a time, so I'll try and do a CS then.
Hey just a heads up I might not be able to participate in this, not due to a lack of interest or time, but because I really messed up my knee somehow and it hurts a lot to sit down. :(
Oh wow. I didn't know this had gotten so active so quickly! I'll get started working on my CS once I get home! Sorry about the wait ^^;

@JackDLemmy That will be explained once the OOC is out ^^ But the characters won't have 'powers', but abilities and skills like, "Thrusting Thunder Lance! " or "Holy Light! "

Ah okay. Thank you that does make more sense. WAs a bit worried the abilities would get too out of hand too quickly.
So for the powers are our characters going to just wish for the ability like electric manipulation or are they going to make a specific wish that's going to be the power, or?..
How many people/interests do you want in total before moving to the ooc?
A bump because I'm interested.
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