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Hey, just stopping by to mention I"m still here, working on my CS. Should have it up by the day's end
(so long as my internet connection doesn't act up again.)

Anyone else who can't stop thinking about the Fullmetal Alchemist take on the 7 deadly sins? I know this isn't the same, but man, I keep thinking about it.

If this came out before the Seven Deadly sins, then I'd be the same way lol


Gluttony envy and pride

Oh! Cool. Then can I get pride?

As I said, someone already claimed it. But if they don't give me something by tomorrow, you can have it.

Oh. My apologies. I misunderstood and thought you meant that sloth was the only one free.
So then are Gluttony, Wrath, Envy, Pride still free?
Oh okay.
May I claim sloth then?
Hi! I'm new to the site, but not so much to rping. This looks really cool. Are there any spots open, and if so, which sins?
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