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I'm still here! Though I've got a full shift coming up so probably won't be able to get involved quickly
I'm definitely interested in this. Though I'm still a little unclear as to how the Aeons work. Would it be possible to get examples for each type of Aeaon?@TheHangedMan
mspaint doodles?
Still here. JUst really having trouble finding pictures for my characters dogs and trying to find a better picture for my character. Thinking of making her younger so her battle style focuses entirely on coordinating attacks with her pets.

Name:Beat (The Golden Child) Tsukuru

Age: 17


Gender: Female

Appearance: Beat stands 5'1 and weighs 109 lbs. Her hair is mid length, purple and nearly always in a state of chaos. Her eyes are silver colored, when she's not wearing color contacts to hide them. She prefers lab-coats and black pants.

Personality: Outwardly Beet is endlessly optimistic to the point where she never takes things as an actual threat against her. In her mind everything that stands before her is just another stone to step over, puzzle to solve, or enemy to crush or friend who has yet to realize what exactly is going on. There's never a dull moment, except for the boring ones, and when those come up they won't stay dull for very long. She's incapable of sitting still for more than a moment. She's head over heels in love with animals, especially her own, and has an affinity, obsession, for science, machinery in general.

She maintains a firm stance on science as well as the ways it should be used, regardless of what's going on, but many times her ability to think logically over powers her empathic perceptions, leaving her often confused as to the state of emotional being of others.

Inwardly, Beets is a different person. She is constantly worrying about the state of the world and how she may effect it some day. Due to her hard life and the time she spent in the research facilities she knows just how cruel the world can be and seeks to ease that darkness however she can, which she is certain she can accomplish either through her mechanical brilliance or simply making sure the world government never manages to get its hands on her again.

Backstory: Beet grew up an orphan in a tiny village. At first life was hard, with only her adoptive mother and two wolfe-dogs for company but eventually she developed a skill with machinery, building her first robot by the age of four. The skill quickly spread and before long the village began to prosper with robotic workers. Their wealth grew so renown the world government took an interest in her. Before the age of seven she, and her canine companions were on a marine ship heading for a secret research base beneath the city of celestial dragons.

The next nine years went by in a flash. Beet found herself enthralled in the technological wonders which were afforded to her at the research facility and was quick to pick up on even the most complicated of scientific theory. Before long, she was no longer in classes learning, but standing shoulder to shoulder with the greatest minds, helping to conceive the next revolutionary gizmo or gadget.

Life couldn't have been better, and she would've died a happy woman if her natural curiosity didn't get the best of her. Upon the development of what she, and many of those around her, believed would be the crowning achievement of technological potential, the chaos garden, things changed. Instead of sitting back and allowing for testing to on without her, as was the typical practice Beet slipped on board the marine ship which was headed to test what she would later learn was a weapon's system.

The horrors which transpired on the island, horrors which had been made a reality because of her two hands was more than she could bare. After the initial testing, before the beta phase, she she tampered with the system, an act which saw to it that everyone involved in the creation was killed, before fleeing with her two wolf dogs.

Sadly, the escape wasn't as flawless as she believed, and her companions nearly perished, protecting her. Luckily, she managed to save the animals by combining them with various mechanical parts which she managed to procure at water 7. From there she stowed upon another shape and made her way out to sea.

Genius level intellect-Even by the brightest minds at the World Government's disposal Beet is considered a superior intellect. Her intellect, when coupled with her imagination and dogged determination means that there's not much in the way of physically possible that she can't do, and a few things that should be physically possible which she's managed.


Relationships: Can be left blank, optional. For crew, what does she do in the crew, and how much she like the captain for example?

@Archmage MC

Hey guys, I can't decide between an Eldritch type fruit or a fairy type fruit. What are your opinions?

Personally, I'd say fairy, because it's probably easier to build a well rounded fruit than an Eldritch would be. I mean, right off the bat you could say that the fruit's abilities are useless against anything with iron in it. I think they also lose their powers when they cross over running water, but I'm not too sure about that one. Also, you don't have to worry about the temptation of reality warping/ sanity warping abilities which are pretty much always going to be OP.
1. I agree with @Jerkchicken. The eldrich fruit sounds like its far too spread out. Reality warping and regeneration alone are worthy of being individual fruits

2. How many spots are open for this?
Hey, just stopping by to mention I"m still here, working on my CS. Should have it up by the day's end
(so long as my internet connection doesn't act up again.)

Anyone else who can't stop thinking about the Fullmetal Alchemist take on the 7 deadly sins? I know this isn't the same, but man, I keep thinking about it.

If this came out before the Seven Deadly sins, then I'd be the same way lol


Gluttony envy and pride

Oh! Cool. Then can I get pride?
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