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I'm actually a lot further along than the other one. Just need gto get to a computer ^^;
@JackDLemmy So, you made any progress on your CS?

Kind of. i went further with my Frankenstein idea but figured that even though i love Agent Frank and made a new timeline for him I'm happy with, but i don't think i could really do the character justice.
So i decided to use Nemuri Hachi since shes more up my alley
Agent Frank (Monster Hunter international)
I'm leaning towards Frankenstein's monster.
Hey everyone. Just letting you guys know I'm still here. Just waiting on one or two more Character sheets before posting because I want to see what kind of ability range we're dealing with.
Still looking for another character?
Not all logias have elemental weaknesses like smokers, and unlike the ope-ope no mi, logia fruits offer their users a direct defense without any limit. Where as the ope-ope doesn't grant the user any such think.
Plus there's the stamina issue, which has already been pointed out.
As for the soul swap i don't think that'll be an issue as my character won't really be knowledgeable in the medical field
Possibly but i figured since it's no more OP than A logia, it was worth a try.
Has anyone claimed the ope-ope, and if so may i?
Also my character wouldn't start out with it right away. She'd get it when the others get their logia fruits
@SubjectVisionwhat's your discord?
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