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Not all logias have elemental weaknesses like smokers, and unlike the ope-ope no mi, logia fruits offer their users a direct defense without any limit. Where as the ope-ope doesn't grant the user any such think.
Plus there's the stamina issue, which has already been pointed out.
As for the soul swap i don't think that'll be an issue as my character won't really be knowledgeable in the medical field
Possibly but i figured since it's no more OP than A logia, it was worth a try.
Has anyone claimed the ope-ope, and if so may i?
Also my character wouldn't start out with it right away. She'd get it when the others get their logia fruits
@SubjectVisionwhat's your discord?
How many more individuals do we need before the rp can move forwards with an OOC?
I believe the GM started we're starting with our characters at rookie level.
How many more players are needed before we can at least move to the ooc?
Is this going to be completely sandbox or will there be overall arcing story line(s)?
"What's the rush?" A deep, booming voice said from the doorway the secretary went through earlier. "It looks to me like you're having a lot of fun with my men here." A large face appeared from doorway,followed by a thick neck and a body that had to crouch to get through. "I mean, they're not the toughest of opponents, sure, but they're usually good warm ups." The figure stepped over to where the white haired marine was standing, and looked down on him, not in a metaphorical sense, but in the way that he couldn't look at him any other way. Which was one of the problems with was the major issue of standing over nine feet tall.

"So then." The giant folded his arms. "What brings you to our little corner of the world."
"Damn." The blue haired woman, Abbygail to most, ABby to her friends, and death in blue to her enemies, looked up at the sky in wonder. "That guy was really afraid of the marines around here." She took one last drink from her mug before putting it in her sack. It wasn't to take of course, but she was annoyed by the tavern owner's cowardice and this was the furthest she could go with taking her frustration out on him.

"Well at least he talked." She sighed, and took a left. Left, right. Left. Left. Right. it was a bit further than Abbygail was led to believe, but the little building, with the thatch roof, and a sigh on the door with two full moons, and a leg couldn't be mistaken for anything else.

Abbygail stopped in front of the door and read the title out loud. "The Moony limbs." She nodded, grimacing at the name. "Just like the owner said." Her hand reached for the door, before pausing right in front of the knob. "No." She said, shaking her head. "It's only the inside that's going to be gross. I can touch this one." Swallowing hard, she took the knob, hating herself for having to do it, tured it and stepped inside.

The giant of a marine sniffed, and pulled two nearby chairs behind him. Carefully he lowered himself down. The chairs creaked with the effort of staying upright. "Becasue I know it looks like you really didn't come here to lay low and leave the marine to their duties." He scratched his baby smooth chin.

"The name's Micheal, by the way. Michael Tanker." He sighed. "I'm the lietenant here. Afraid that captain is busy at the moment. Though I'm sure he'd rather do the talking." He shrugged his massive shoulders. "Though I guess you're better off with me."
Damn it! I thought I replied @@
I'll get a post up after I get home from work.
Sorry about that.
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