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The Monthly Adaptive Storytelling Contest is a contest run by @Jorick. It runs once per month on a slightly irregular schedule: the prompt threads go up on the third or fourth Friday of each month, submissions are accepted for three weeks, and the voting periods are one week long. The prompts will change wildly from month to month: some prompts will present restrictive challenges, others will be invite participants to write damn near anything they want, and a few might be plain absurd. While fulfilling the prompt will always be required, there will also be some additional challenges listed with each one that participants can take on or ignore as they like, but those who do the best job of fulfilling them (as decided by me) will get some praise as well. The overall goal of the contest is to challenge the writers of Roleplayer Guild to adapt to whatever the requirements may be and to grow by overcoming them and learning from the critiques of the voters. After all, what's the purpose of a writing contest if not to better one's writing skills?

You'll find the rules listed below. They might change a bit over time, but any alterations will be noted clearly in the prompt or voting thread that comes up following the change. Feel free to ask questions or make suggestions for the contest here in this thread or by sending me a PM.

Also, credit to @Pahn for the lovely contest banner up at the top of this thread.

Submission Rules:

1. Send your entry in a PM to @Jorick before the deadline: before midnight on <~3 weeks after thread posted> in the Pacific Time Zone.
2. Submissions may have no more than 5000 words.
3. One entry per person. Entries are gathered for posting after the deadline, so feel free to edit, tweak, or entirely replace your entry with something new in the PM before the deadline arrives.
4. Submissions will be posted anonymously in the voting thread.
5. No poetry entries allowed.
6. Characters and settings used for this contest must be original works. No fanfiction or non-fiction entries allowed.
7. All site and contest moderation rules are of course in effect.
8. I can and will disqualify entries that violate the above rules or fail to fulfill the prompt. The extra challenges are not required, they're just there for fun.

Voting Rules:

1. Submit your vote by posting in the voting thread before the deadline: before midnight on <~1 week after thread posted> in the Pacific Time Zone.
2. Submissions are posted anonymously for a reason. Revealing which entry was yours before the voting period is over will result in disqualification.
3. Contest entrants cannot vote for their own entry but are invited to vote for a competitor's entry.
4. Comments on and critiques of the entries are highly encouraged, but do keep in mind that criticism should be constructive rather than destructive.
5. The entry with the most votes in the end will be declared the winner. @Jorick will also highlight those who did the best job tackling each extra challenge.
6. All site and contest moderation rules are of course in effect.


The winner of each contest will have their name and work immortalized in the MASC Hall of Fame thread in the Writing Contests subforum. They may also receive a trophy that will be displayed on their profile, details currently being hashed out with the admins!

The additional accolades awarded by @Jorick are just for fun and confer nothing but bragging rights and a sense of accomplishment.
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I for one am super excited about this. ^^
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Do what I couldn't: Get the contest section trophies again.

Bring em back.

Bring em all back.
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