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Out of character

How long do you usually write?
Several paragraphs.

Do you enjoy writing collaborative posts for things like conversations, combat, etc.?
Yes. I almost always find that it's easier and more fulfilling to sit down for a few hours and write a scene in a collaboration of some kind than to play purely by post.

Is grammar and depth of writing important to you?
Yes. Part of my appeal to roleplaying is to improve my writing skills and write an engaging story, so both are important to me.

Are there any writing subjects you particularly enjoy exploring?
I enjoy exploring moral "shades of gray" areas in almost any setting but especially Star Wars, where the focus can be often on "light versus dark."

Is there anything you really dislike and want to avoid like the plague?
Nothing comes to mind at first thought, but I'm sure there will be a couple of things here and there. I'll make it known if I think of anything.

Is there something you are uncomfortable with happening to your character?
Again, nothing comes to mind at first thought. I'd like anything excessive to be omitted or faded to black, but I think that's covered in RPG rules anyway.

Do you have any short-term or long-term goals with this character?
I have a long series of scenes I'm intending to write up with someone already, but beyond that, I'm just looking to fill in some gaps in the roster and try something that I don't normally do.

Republic personnel files

Name: Xadi Vrutriri.
Species: Zabrak, Iridonian ethnicity.
Homeworld: Iridonia.
Age: Twenty-one, 21.
Gender: Female.
Military branch: Narit Forces Command, Republic Special Forces Division.
Rank: Private.
Unit and designation: Vyshtal Team. Designated as Vyshtal-6.
Role and specialisation: Operator. Yet to specialise.
Current place of service: ███ ██████ locale on Operation ██████████.

Republic Strategic Information Service reports

Report on physical appearance
Xadi stands at 6 feet and 2 inches tall with an athletic build and a healthy, clear complexion. She has an elaborate suit of tattoos covering the overwhelming majority of her body bar a narrow column of skin down her chest, the palms of her hands, and the soles of her feet. These tattoos mostly depict neotraditional Iridonian art of battles with some exceptions. Her name, blood type, and service ID are tattooed on the inside of her left thigh and the underside of her left breast. The traditional tattoos on her face denotes her family lineage and her Iridonian clan. She has a series of short, hooked horns at the front of her crown, which are largely bleached white with some gradient black at the bases. She maintains a length of natural black hair which is shaved around the back and sides, which she typically keeps tied in a bun or tail.

Xadi is known to wear pragmatic and simple clothing beyond the military uniform. She is known to favor simple attire such as tank tops and simple shirts. When dressing in the military uniform, she is known to consistently roll her sleeves and often leaves buttons of her attire unbuttoned. She has made some relatively minor aesthetic modifications to her armour, such as teeth on her helmet and imitations of traditional Iridonian art on the chest and arms.

[Facial reference: link]
[Armour reference: link]

Report on skills and talents, including the level of skill.
Unsurprisingly, as a successful candidate for the Narit Special Forces Command (NSFC) recruitment program, Xadi is something of an expert in close-quarters combat. In a standard test conducted as part of the candidate selection assessment, Xadi was tasked with clearing a building containing 47 simulated targets armed with less-than-lethal firearms. She completed the assessment 1 minute and 17 seconds without being hit using 9 weapons, 3 of which were melee weapons. Assessment data notes that she entered the assessment exercise with 3 weapons. At the conclusion of her training, she performed the assessment again. She completed the assessment in 39 seconds without being hit using 5 weapons, 3 of which were melee.

Beyond her close-quarters combat expertise, Xadi consistently performs above the 85th percentile in Republic assessment data in combat at up to 900 meters, and above the 76th percentile in combat exceeding 900 meters. She has demonstrated particular skill in unconventional warfare, as is common in NSFC operatives. She has demonstrated skill to NSFC standards in infantry weapons operations, field information systems interference, light ground vehicle operations, NSFC special application vehicle operations field and active combat medicine, high vetting signals, and high vetting commando operations, and high vetting intelligence operations. She is capable of efficiently operating the NSFC endorsed weapons and weapons platforms, deploying security spikes and other pre-developed information systems interference solutions, operating light vehicles in active combat conditions, conducting signals operations in a highly classified operating environment, and conducting commando and intelligence operations in a highly classified operating environment. Furthermore, she is capable of administering field and active combat medicine to self and others - such as blood transfusion, emergency amputation, and other functions of critical care - and capable of operating NSFC special application vehicles, such as the low-orbital infantry deployment covert (LOID-C) and assault (LOID-A) platforms.

Additionally, her Iridonian Zabraki heritage and biology supports her when operating in hot and arid environments. It also supports her when operating under high physical demand compared to most species.

Report on known combat experience, training and weapons training.
Xadi has extensive experience in unconventional infantry combat for her age bracket. From a young age, she has supported or acted in combat and combat training in course of the Iridonian Zabraki culture, particularly against local fauna and her peers. From her teenage years, she was trained by her elite clansmen and retired NSFC operatives in preparation for the NSFC candidate assessment program. Xadi since qualified in the NSFC assessment program, passed the selection course, and completed the NSFC training regimen.

Since completing training, Xadi has participated in one major operation. She has only recently completed the NSFC training regimen and has only recently been assigned to Vyshtal Team.

Report on role, specialization, and responsibilities pertaining to the subject’s military deployment.
Xadi is an operative in Vyshtal team, Narit Special Forces Command. She operates under Vyshtal-6, which correlates to her position in Vyshtal Team as operator number 6. It is important to note that the NSFC teams have 6 personnel per team and that the sixth position stereotypically reflects a relatively inexperienced operative.

As a new addition to Vyshtal team, Xadi is yet to specialize. She is responsible for her own bearing, equipment, and operations performance. She is accountable to the team commanding officer and executive officer and required to follow any lawful orders from the pair.

Detailed notes on political influence and associates.
Within the Republic Armed Forces and the broader Republic, Xadi does not have any noteworthy political influence or associates. Within her clan on Iridonia however, she has significant political influence and several political associates. This is not uncommon for successful candidates of the NSFC program who are often revered as expert warriors and even as heroes within the Iridonian culture.

Detailed notes on known rivals and enemies, within and outside the Republic army/navy.
Beyond old childhood rivals, there are no persons to note. It is important to note that Xadi has only been serving operationally in NSFC for less than 6 Coruscant months.

List and description of other known associates, including subordinates.
Sergeant Dhrih Marnath, Vyshtal-1. Male Iridonian Zabraki. Commanding officer of Vyshtal team. Specializes in signals. Three Coruscant years in active service.
Corporal Artora Cridmeen, Vyshtal-2. Female Iridonian Zabraki. Executive officer of Vyshtal team. Specializes in non-linear infantry combat, demolitions, and close protection. Eleven Coruscant years in active service.
Lance Corporal Ridu Suavere, Vyshtal-3. Male Iridonian Zabraki. Operative on Vyshtal team. Specializes in information systems infiltration and support droid operation. Seven Coruscant years in active service.
Private Rasha Jastrinas, Vyshtal-4. Male Iridonian Zabraki. Operative on Vyshtal team. Specializes in support weapons operations. Three Coruscant years in active service.
Private Losa Corandel, Vyshtal-5. Female Iridonian Zabraki. Operative on Vyshtal team. Specializes in long-distance combat. One Coruscant years in active service.

List of known belongings, including but not limited to planetary surface property, civilian and military vessels, vehicles, weapons, tools.
Xadi does not own any property. She owns a single civilian land vehicle on Iridonia which is currently in the care of her brother. She has been issued a blaster carbine, a blaster pistol, a vibroknife, a set of NSFC standard armor and harnessing, a non-specialised toolkit which includes security spikes, trapping equipment, and observation equipment, a non-specialised field medicine kit, and a pair of macrobinoculars. Further equipment, such as low-emissions blasters and other specialist equipment, is issued per operational demands.

Psychological evaluation of candidate.
Psychological evaluation of Xadi Vrutriri asserts that she is psychologically healthy and fit for service in intensive operations environments. With due consideration to her upbringing and cultural background, she does not display any psychological adaptions that are overtly counterproductive to good health. She displays stoic behaviors particulary regarding overt risk to life, as is common for NSFC personnel, although she contrasts this with coarse and insolent behaviors when confronted with minor inconveniences. The current hypothesis suggests that this is an expressive behavior and has no links to insubordination.

List and description of known and suspected flaws. To be put into restricted database.
As far as operatives of her caliber go, Xadi is inexperienced. She has some operational experience in the ███ ██████ locale but when compared to other entry-level operatives in the Republic Special Forces Division (RSFD), her experience in active deployment environments is starkly lacking. This is a problem that is distinctly apparent in the NSFC, where operatives are selected based on cultural upbringing, extensive testing, and comprehensive training. While her performance data reports above most RSFD entry-level operatives and she has been trained and tested in simulated environments, her performance under genuine stress and field conditions is yet to be verified and may form a risk.

Known interests of the candidate.
Xadi is incredibly focused on her performance as an NSFC operative and applies herself as such. She frequents exercise facilities such as the gym and the track where she trains for from 45 minutes to 2 hours per day. She plays in particular sports recreationally and she competes in several sporting events and categories. She most notably performs in swimming, weightlifting, and sprinting events, where she is regarded as an up-and-coming athlete and has even represented the NSFC in inter-service events. She is also known to enjoy cooking, where she often experiments with different ways to intake an athlete-standard diet, and takes pride in her cultural rituals and heritage.

Major achievements on record.
Xadi successfully qualified for NSFC selection and later graduated from the NSFC training regimes on Iridonia and Coruscant. With the elite and extremely competitive nature of the program, this is an incredible achievement on its own merit. In addition to the credit to knowledge, skills, and abilities, this grants her some rapport among her peers in the RSFD and the extended Republic Armed Forces (RAF).

Xadi has represented the NSFC in the freestyle swimming and sprinting at various lengths. She has yet to receive medallions but she has performed to a high standard, particularly considering the competitiveness of the inter-service sporting events.

Major failures on record. Confidential.
Xadi has displayed symptoms of significant psychological duress during phases of her training. This led to the psychological inquest that identified her coarse behaviors as expressive behaviors. While this would not be significant in most arms of the RFD, this is particularly significant in the RSFD and the NSFC, where operatives are often subjected to excessive stress in the course of their operations. Current reports assert that she is fit for service, but routine observations are ongoing.


Declassified from vetting level 2, segment codeword █████.

This document has been created for the information of local force commanders. This document is valid for 2 days after receipt and will be destroyed at lapse. All censored information in order to declassify the document to confidential has been blocked with the exception of relevant identities, which have been notated instead.

The following is a transcribed verbal account of the background of Private ████ ████████ "Vyshtal-6". The account was gathered by an interview. The interviewer is Captain ██ ████████, HQ Republic Special Forces Division. The account has been certified as true and complete by witnesses, Warrant Officer ███ █████, HQ Narit Special Forces Command, and Analyst ██████ ███, Republic Strategic Information Service. The interview was conducted at 16:02 local time at site ██████, ███████ sector, Coruscant.

CAPTAIN ██ ████████: We're recording now, [Vyshtal-6].
[VYSHTAL-6]: Alright. What's first?
CAPTAIN ██ ████████: Let's start by establishing your background. You were-
[VYSHTAL-6]: With respect, is that necessary, sir? Being in the NSFC makes that pretty clear-
WARRANT OFFICER ███ █████: Do as you're told, [VYSHTAL-6]. We don't want to be here either.
[VYSHTAL-6]: ..sure, whatever. Sir.
CAPTAIN ██ ████████: As I was saying, private, you were an Iridonian clansman. Please elaborate.
[VYSHTAL-6]: I was born on Iridonia, like almost everybody else in the NSFC. I was a clansman, like almost everybody else in the NSFC. The shamans saw the Narit star over me, like almost every other-
CAPTAIN ██ ████████: Private.
[VYSHTAL-6]: Fine. So I was born into one of the five clans, right? I lived not far outside of one of the major cities. Shortly after I was born, the shamans took me away - as they do to everyone - and they burned my feet in a fire. They saw the Narit star through the smoke, which means that I was destined to attempt to become ay'Vyshtal Narit, or join the NSFC. If I failed, I would be disgraced and exiled as a failed warrior.
CAPTAIN ██ ████████: What does ay'Vyshtal Narit mean?
[VYSHTAL-6]: It means "knight of conquest", but it translates more literally to "warrior of force". It's how operatives in the NSFC are regarded in Iridonian culture. It more-or-less means something like a "great and honorable warrior-heroes who doesn't compromise". The ay'Vyshtal Narit have a long history in Iridonian culture as folk heroes and such.
CAPTAIN ██ ████████: And because of this, your life came to revolve around preparing for NSFC selection?
[VYSHTAL-6]: Pretty much. While I lived with my family, I was taken in by the clan elders and NSFC veterans. It was an incredible honor for my family. Almost everything I did - what I did, what I ate, who I talked with - was judged based on how useful it was to me training to join the NSFC. I didn't have much to do with the education the rest of the kids got, and with what involvement I did have, I was rushed in and out the door and treated like some senators kid.
CAPTAIN ██ ████████: Were there many other children from your clan that were training to join the NSFC?
[VYSHTAL-6]: I met seven other kids in my clan who were Narit star kids from my earliest memories to when I left. A few others that weren't Narit star kids tried, but none of them had the commitment and the help.
CAPTAIN ██ ████████: You mentioned you were treated like a "senators kid." Could you elaborate?
[VYSHTAL-6]: Nobody was allowed to talk to me except the teacher. It wasn't that anyone was unclean or unworthy or anything, but it was that they might be a distraction. Having the Narit star is an honor, but only because it is a responsibility. It means that in order to even have a chance, I had to work and train at almost every waking moment and that I had to try and join the NSFC, or I would be disgraced. There are no prospects on almost any Zabraki planets for a disgraced Narit kid.
CAPTAIN ██ ████████: Before you can attempt NSFC selection, there's a ritual you have to pass. Can you explain that?
[VYSHTAL-6]: We go through the rising festival as is tradition, but after we get our zhaboka, we have two trials. They wake us up before first light that morning to visit the shamans and recieve our blessings. At last light, after the rising ceremony, we're sent into the forest to hunt a target beast with any other Narit kids doing the rising at the same time. We must return with the head of the beast and the zhabokas of all the others. Only the one that can manage that can go on to attempt NSFC selection. The rest are disgraced.
CAPTAIN ██ ████████: How many are normally competing at this ritual? How many did you compete with?
[VYSHTAL-6]: Normally two or three. The largest group I've heard of is five. I competed with one.
CAPTAIN ██ ████████: Did you kill them?
[VYSHTAL-6]: Killing is forbidden, it disgraces the whole ceremony if someone dies to another Narit kids. I did hurt him in our fight though. I still talk to him actually, he's lame in one leg from our fight.
CAPTAIN ██ ████████: So after you passed that, you went on to qualify for the NSFC. Tell me about the selection process.
[VYSHTAL-6]: Selection is managed by the NSFC, with a few representatives from the RSFD. The Republic is pretty picky about what is and isn't special forces and the NSFC are an incredibly proud bunch, so the stakes are high. The selection program runs for two weeks and almost everything that you're tested on before you can graduate from NSFC training, later on, is assessed. In order to qualify, you need to meet the minimum standard on everything - which is a high standard - then to graduate, you need to improve on those first numbers by a different percent on each one.
CAPTAIN ██ ████████: How intense is the selection program?
[VYSHTAL-6]: I was prepared for it and it still took me by surprise. There were five of us - one from each of the clans. That's the standard number. The first week is all individual assessments. After that, whoever is left - for me, it was all of us - is all put into a squad and shipped out to ██████. We get five objectives. No equipment, no resources, just the objectives. During that time, we're followed and assessed by droids. If one of us fails anything or one of the objectives aren't fulfilled, we all fail and get sent home. It's up to us to manage our time. I've never met anybody who got more than 6 hours of sleep over that week.
CAPTAIN ██ ████████: So all five of you passed. Do you know any of them still?
[VYSHTAL-6]: They all got shipped out to different squads but I still speak to all of them. They're all doing well.
CAPTAIN ██ ████████: So then you completed the training, which went for...?
[VYSHTAL-6]: Three years.
CAPTAIN ██ ████████: Three years. The NSFC are very proud of their training program. Tell me about that.
[VYSHTAL-6]: Ah krak, are they proud. They don't believe in training, they believe in perfection. They insist that every soldier that graduates should be fully capable of every generic facet of the job while deaf and blindfolded. It's still easy to fail, but at least they help you now. At first, it focuses on becoming familiar with the Republic and how that all works. Most of us are sheltered to focus on our training, so we need the context. They actually make us sit in on basic training classes with the Republic Army. It builds up towards full contact simulation the sort of work we do in NSFC, like close protection, raids, █████████ and █████████████, and intelligence gathering.
CAPTAIN ██ ████████: And on graduation, you received a ceremonial weapon. Tell me about that.
[VYSHTAL-6]: Right. When we graduate, we hand in our zhaboka that we got at the rising ceremony and receive a new one. This one is made with modern material and technology, like durasteel and vibroblades. It's mostly ceremonial since even in close quarters we use blasters, but we do take them with us if we think we're being sent on a suicide mission. It's an old cultural thing that's become a protest symbol. If we die, we want to die fighting with the weapon that our ancestors used. We are known to use them when we're sent to ████ ████ [into combat against force users] since they can handle the glowsticks.
CAPTAIN ██ ████████: For the record, what are you referring to with glowsticks?
[VYSHTAL-6]: Lightsabers.
CAPTAIN ██ ████████: Alright. Last question: since then, you've been posted Vyshtal squad and assigned to operates in the ███ █████ locale. Can you elaborate on that?
[VYSHTAL-6]: Yeah, so we've been trying to track down ████████ ████████ on ███ ██████ ahead of a Republic diplomat going out to negotiate spice trade. The SIS has some evidence to suggest that there is ████████ ████████ and they requested us to come out and try to get rid of them. We're ███████ █████ ██ █████████ ██ ███████.
CAPTAIN ██ ████████: And how have you been getting along with your team?
[VYSHTAL-6]: Well enough. After everything, it's rare that any new recruits are treated any differently. We all have this great respect for one another and camaraderie in our squads. [VYSHTAL-5] and I are getting close, and [VYSHTAL-2] is teaching me a lot that I never would have known about myself and what I do.
CAPTAIN ██ ████████: Alright, I'm going to stop you there. Let's come back to this after a break and discuss Operation ██████████.
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