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America, 1885

The Civil War has ended, and the once fractured Union is now whole. Though the scars of the conflict have yet to truly heal, the young nation sets it sights on the great western expanse. In the beautiful, yet harsh landscape, a man can make his fortune. Many of the wild eyed dreamers and the quiet survivors stop by Longwater, Kansas.

The townsfolk generally keep to themselves while they occasionally barter and sometimes cheat the travelers heading further west. In spite of the locals, the town remains prosperous and content.

Some of the more vocal drunks claim to have seen things in the middle of the night. Winged creatures large enough to carry a man. Long buried men walking the town at night. Wolves the size of bison with eyes as red as blood.

The modern, sensible townsfolk and wealthy travelers ignore them, blaming the drink. Only Father Stone seems to take any interest, using their mad ramblings as fuel for his sermons.

Is their nothing to worry about? Or does the devil have his black heart set on Longwater?

So after watching the teaser for Undeadwood from Critical Role, and with Halloween just around the corner, I had an urge to try this out. I've been out of group RPs for a long time, having preferred to stay with just one person.

Players would be playing as either local townsfolk from Longwater or distant travelers who find themselves nearby when things start going to hell (literally). Expect zombies, vampires, demons and whatever classic horror monsters I might want to add.

Any questions or comments? I look forward to hearing from you all.
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Zombies and Westerns my two favorite things. I'm interested.
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Yeehaw, consider me interested
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Im game
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