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How long do you usually write?
One to two to several paragraphs

Do you enjoy writing collaborative posts for things like conversations, combat, etc.?

Is grammar and depth of writing important to you?
Yes, to the point of understanding. I'm not a Nazi about it, but I want to be able to understand it without struggling.

Are there any writing subjects you particularly enjoy exploring?
Grey shade stories. I like showing different sides of a single coin and exploring character development.

Is there anything you really dislike and want to avoid like the plague?
Auto-killing and god-modding my character.

Is there something you are uncomfortable with happening to your character?
For this one, I'm pretty all right with most things. As long as you check with me first of course.

Do you have any short-term or long-term goals with this character?

Exploring the differences between Military life in the Empire and working under Sith.

Fleshing out life in the Empire and showing that Troopers aren't just empty headed flesh bags. They don't always miss and when killed, they leave something behind.

Make a fun soldier style character that others enjoy interacting with. Either when they are shooting at him or fighting with him.


I designed Drey as a non-force using character that could be involved with the Military and the Sith. This means he's just as likely to be put on military missions as he is to be working under a Sith. I wanted to explore how someone in this position would have experienced and seen the world in the Empire. He is also available to add to anyone’s story as long as you don’t use him purely for canon fodder or intend to set him into a situation he will not logically survive.

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Nothing jumps out at me as incorrect or even underpowered, which I expected from you lol. Has my stamp of Approval.
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