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Mahree Mais-Ede

Mahree did not know what to expect in the coming hours. She had little skill, little strength, she felt like a target to the rest of the students she stood amongst. The only one she could truly trust was Dash. Even then, the younger girl feared to keep her friend from succeeding. She feared she would be the reason should Dash fail.

She caught Dash’s reassuring smile as they all lined up and listened to Overseer Genbit’s speech about the Tombs. There were rules, surprisingly, yet Mahree felt it didn’t matter; if there were rules, there was someone who was going to break those rules.

As all of the student’s started to file inside, Mahree made sure to stick close behind Dash so that she didn’t get lost in the crowd. Dash was Mahree’s only hope, this the girl knew. All the strength she ever felt was because of Dash. She was stopped suddenly though, by Overseer Genbit. The young girl shrunk as he stood next to her, waiting for some sort of harsh words or punishment to come from his mouth. What she didn’t expect though was a training staff to be dropped at her feet. The young girl slowly bent down to pick it up as other students filed past her, some glancing at her, others ignoring the small scene completely. She glanced up at the Overseer as he spoke, the girl’s mind taking in his words and almost feeling as if Dash was not the only one who cared.

The way he spoke, what he spoke almost made it seem as if he had been in her position at one point. Had he been forced to train to become a Sith as she was now? Did they truly have something in common?

Mahree nodded up towards Corinth before he moved aside, allowing the girl to pass. Mahree held the staff tightly in her hands, glancing back at the man questioningly as she slowly walked with the rest of the students into the Tombs.

Quickly Mahree began to realize she had been separated from Dash due to the stalling at the entrance. The young girl began to feel panic swelling up from inside of her, but she did her best to keep it under control. Overseer Genbjt had given her a form of defense, one of the few things Mahree felt very comfortable in using.

After trekking past various students going in different directions, many giving each other wary looks as they were all prepared to defend themselves, Mahree came upon a large, open pit. The young girl looked at it nervously as she came closer before realizing a pair of hands grasping onto it's edge. Rushing forward and peering over the edge, Mahree's eyes lit up as she noticed it was Dash.

"Dash?! Are you alright?" She asked, bending down as she grasped one of Dash's wrists with her free hand to help pull her friend up.
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As Dash fell over the edge, fear pulsed through her veins. Her arms snapped out and snatched the pit's edge. She jerked to a stop. A small cry escape her lips, her legs dangled just above the shadows. Her eyes glanced down into the darkness. The tips of spikes glistened with malice intentions, stained by a faint coat of red. All the breath in her throat stalled in her lungs.

Adrenaline raced within her veins, snapping her from her fear. Her arm reached for the ledge only to fall short. A second attempt proved nearly as fruitless as she dug in her feet and shoved upward. The rocks that gave her grip crumbled from under her weight. Dash yelped when she slipped only to catch herself again. Her mind frantically searched for possible escapes.

The walls were too gravelly to provide proper friction. No other beam or ledge nearby. Each option, her mind ticked off as she weighed the danger in a rapid visual. Seeing no perfectly safe way out, she took a chance. Slowly Dashara began to sway side to side. Her mind counted each one.




On the last one, her other arm lifted and snagged the edge. She tightened her hold. With all the effort in her body, she began to pull herself up.

"Dash?! Are you alright?"

Relief washed over Dashara when she heard the familiar voice of Mahree. The girl's hand wrapped about Dash's wrist and began to aid her up.

"Yeah, I let me guard down," she began before flopping onto the ground on her back. Inhaling to recover her air and settle her panic mind, her torso sat upright.

"Someone shoved me from behind. I only saw the Zabrak kid, the one with the droid. So... how good are you at wall running?" Dashara's eyes settled on Mahree when she asked the question.

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