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Name: Ona Xelea
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Species: Egred

Fighting Style: Agile fighter, uses mobility and constructs to remain out of reach while pummeling with multiple tricks from different angles.
Favoured Constructs: Chains, Tendrils, simple rocket thrusters and a few blades. Ona Xelea is very adaptable with his constructs and uses as many as he can to his advantage. Often mixing them up to confuse and overwhelm an opponent.

Bio: Ona Xelea was born on Crilia 64V, in Space Sector 0194. An odd planet. Home to the Egred people. A little more technologically advanced than humans, but with a more feudal philosophy. With a caste system in place, it was very difficult to change where you sat in society. Ona Xelea was born into the Labourer Caste. However, he wasn't content simply working in the factories. He dreamed of joining the King's Swarm. An elite regiment of soldiers who answered only to the King.
He was the first Egred, not from the Warrior Caste to challenge a member of the King's Swarm in an attempt to join their ranks. While he did put up a good fight, he was beaten by the professional soldier. He did not give up though. A year later he tried again, as per the traditional duelling laws.
Ona was beaten again, but this time, a figure standing in the crowd took notice. Chargals Thraegzaks, the previous green lantern of Sector 0194. Chargals took notice of Ona's determination against impossible odds and decided to keep tabs on the boy.
Ona was then named to be Chargals's replacement should something happen.
That time came when Chargals looked into a weapons shipment entering into his sector, only to be killed by the Risen Demons.
Ona Xelea was than inducted into the Corps, and tasked with protecting his sector, until being transfered to the new task force.
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Age: 35 years old
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Fighting Style: Initially, Dan approaches a fight tactically, trying to make use of all his known advantages. However, if Dan is particularly passionate about the fight at hand, he becomes an explosion of unfiltered aggression.

Favored Constructs:
Beast Mode - Dan creates armor around himself in a hard light personification of his rage. Sometimes it's a werewolf, sometimes it's demonic, other times it may look a little different, but they all function the same way; provides hard light armor to enhance durability and extra melee damage output.

Six Shooters - When he's not a beast in man clothes, Dan leans toward his southern roots. As his most common construct, Dan materializes twin six shooters that can never run out of ammunition as his go-to enforcement weapons.

Flying Blades - When not using his revolvers, Dan will materialize sets of blades that resemble throwing knives, except much larger. These blades move at Dan's will and can change direction at a moment's notice. He uses them most when trying to pin a target to the wall or the ground.

Goblins - Dan's imagination embraces fantasy far more easily than realism. To that end, he can construct a deformed, cartoony version of a human far more easily than he can produce one without flaws. These deformed visages are lovingly referred to by him as his Goblins. The goblins are not independently sentient and are completely controlled by Dan. The amount of concentration it takes to control other hard light beings as well as his own body simultaneously is extremely mentally taxing, which is why he only uses this in dire emergencies and can handle no more than 2 goblins on the field at once.

Bio: Dan is a 17 year old kid in a 35 year old man's body, figuratively speaking. Born and raised in Texas, Dan kept himself entertained by watching monster movies and horror films in between living in a world surrounded by cows and hipsters. After Dan got out of college, he married his high school sweetheart, had a daughter and pursued a career in writing, making his imagination come to life on paper.

His writing career was off to a rough start. He was lucky enough that his wife, Donna, was making good money as an FBI special agent. Life was good until one day he got the call he never wanted to receive. His wife had fallen in the line of duty, victim to a terrorist organisation led by a person known only as El Chacal (or "The Jackal). Dan and his daughter adjusted to their new situation, but not smoothly. He started taking freelance jobs and submitting articles to any periodicals that would pay him, just to keep the lights on.

One day while he was walking home, a consequence of not being able to afford a car, Dan was stopped and held up at gunpoint by a thug covered in tattoos. Initially panicked, Dan's eyes came across one of the tats on the criminal's neck in the shape of a Jackal. Suddenly his vision tunneled and his apprehension went out the window. Rage was all that remained. Baring teeth and letting loose a roar typically only heard from lions, Dan tackled the hoodlum and tore into him until the man went limp, losing consciousness. Dan stood up, victorious, silently swearing that he wouldn't stop there. He would go all the way up the chain to El Chacal himself and avenge his wife's death. That's when a glowing object came down from the sky and stopped just in front of him. An emerald ring emanating light and power spoke out. "Dan Stagnum. You have the ability to overcome great fear. Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps."
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