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Name: Marcus Carter
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Year: 3rd
Discipline: Physical
Bio: Marcus carter doesn't talk about his past often. Having taken great lengths to hide it. The truth isn't anything sinister. Just boring. His parents had owned a secondhand store. Nothing exciting ever came through. So, when he received an email offering excitement if he went to the Bookstore, he went. Upon finding out he was magic, he completely reinvented his personality. No longer the boring son of a thrift shop owner, he was a magician.
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Name: Ashley "Ashe" Mercier

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Year: 3rd

Dicsipline: Illusions

Bio: Ashe was born and raised in the French quarter of New Orleans, the first son of a fortune teller and a gambler, he had carved a way for himself by hustling tourist and making whatever he can in the gulf. Ashe first learned that he had been called to Brokmarts while trying to con a man by doing some simple card tricks, however when he went to reveal the card, he draws the Joker, a card he knew was not in his deck, yet there it was, and with the mark walking away with his money unmolested, on the back of his Joker, was the address and a name, Brokmarts.
As it happened, the location was in Brooklyn, unable to pass a chance at embracing the magic of things, he only had to mention it to his mother before she was encouraging him to chase destiny. The trip was not too terrible, greyhounds run everywhere after all, and people were willing to bet some money of the trip, that or snacks.
Brokmarts at first was a disappointment, a seemingly unassuming little bookstore, he couldn't have gotten the deck from this place, but what was that Joker doing there, this place had to be something. As he entered the building the man behind the counter asked for his invitation, Ashe handed him the Joker and was led into the academy proper, now things were starting to pick up. The testing began, a stern woman conducted the majority but at the end of it all, they accepted him into their Illusory program.

Applicant: Ashley Mercier

Problem solving: Applicant proved extremely capable of creative maneuvering.

Ethics/Morals: Applicant shows a certain lack of moral integrity, when given opportunities to assist other for minimal benefit he often chooses to ignore it.

Magical Aptitude: Applicant show slightly above average aptitude, unless his slight of hand was better than I thought.

Learning speed: Applicant shows great mental elasticity, his history with cardistry and sleight of hand proved to be of his benefit.

Teamwork:Applicant was willing to work alongside others, though often it seemed only when he had more to gain than if he went alone. there is promise, but does need improvement.

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Name:Quincy Morgenstern

Age: 22


Gender: Male

Year: 1st

Dicsipline: Knowledge

Bio: Quincy was born in L.A. California to very superstitious parents they had always been about healing crystals and such and for a while Quincy thought they were crazy. So once he was old enough to move out he flew the coop as fast as humanly possible and moved to Brooklyn . He passed by Brokmarts multiple times never knowing it's secret. He had always been a reader so every once in a while he would think of going into the little bookstore but never acted on it. That was until he got a epilogue in one of his books telling him to go to the little bookstore. Figuring why not as he enjoyed reading anyways he walked to the bookstore and was surprised when it turned out to be a school for people with magical aptitude and after taking the tests found out his discipline turned out to be Knowledge.

Test Results

Problem Solving: Tester Struggles with being creative and works better when given precise directions and a plan

Ethics/Morals: Tester has a balanced sense of morals and will help people when in need but also looks out for themselves in certain situations

Magical Aptitude: Tester has a normal sense of magical aptitude like most of the students that attend the institute

Learning Speed: Tester showed to be able to learn new skills or topics quite quickly and easily and have a firm grasp on their concept showing he truly understood them

Team Work: Tester seems to be neutral in this subject working well when by himself and working well when In a group of course it can be improved as he showed to get easily frustrated when they wouldn't understand the assignment

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