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@Aladdin_sane you sir have made some compelling characters, I mean I have never wanted someone slapped in the mouth so badly in my life. Well done, well done
Milo Ventri

Milo listened to the grizzled sailor and when he revealed himself to be Vika's father he had to hold back a bit of surprise, this was awkward, he hadn't been expecting to meet parents just yet, odds were that Vika may never meet his. "A pleasure to meet you Captain, and have no fear, I know the drill." Milo had on a look that spoke volumes, he seemed to be quite content, confident even as he spoke, this man was a hard working man of a true trade, he would see if Milo wasn't giving a good show of it. Some of Vika's behavior was pretty astonishing, public displays of affection with a guy she had just started dating, right in front of her dad, pretty ballsy if he did say so himself.
As the Captain left them to their own devices Milo smiled and looked to Vika, "Well, a good egg huh?" He let out a small laugh, "That is not the phrase I would have thought to use but hey, whatever get the point across." Vika made a quick comment about his clothing for the evening, he was wondering what everyone else around town would be wearing, gladly he was happy to know that some tried to look nice and some were silly enough that he couldn't stand out to bad, "Well thank you, though I think I am paling in comparison to box man over there." And he pointed to the man in the cardboard suit, "But I know I pale to you, you look lovely." He smiled sweetly, as he spoke, she really did look great, "Drink or dance? What do you feel like?" he said as he held out a hand to guide her wherever she wished. The crowd today was large but a few people were standing out, Marinalia, she was clearly visible, playing with a dog, Milo was surprised someone would bring their dog, but to each their own. What concerned him was a larger man arms crossed looking menacing, he was clearly not security, and it seemed of course Miss Marinalia was trying to speak to him, these two girls have more moxie than he really knows how to deal with, but that's half the fun.

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It is pronounced like My low
I posted a response in there somewhere maybe Milo will actually talk to people in town, maybe.
Milo Ventri

Milo dashed about his home looking for something nice to wear, as it stood, he was quite lacking in the fancy dress department since leaving home, he hadn't thought that it would be an issue. Milo did manage to pull what looked to be an old steampunk outfit that he had put together from when he was living back home, without the gadgets it would be a suitable substitute and honestly he had thought he looked rather dashing in it.

Milo finished getting dressed before his phone buzzed on his desk, he lifted it up to see a picture of Vika and her sister already at the party, "Well, I best hurry then." He mumbled to himself. Milo walked into the main room of his shop on his way out, and stopped by his racks, a moment passed as he wondered to himself, would this be as bad as that jazz night? Those men were willing to go pretty far and maybe he should be willing as well to respond. No, that wasn't the person he wanted to be here, it was part of what made him hard to be around back home, never knowing when to let parts of his life be separate, he just needed to go and enjoy himself. He walked out front and got into his truck, it was too cold to be biking and besides he liked the suit. and made his way downtown to the party.
When Milo arrived there were already a lot of people about and music was playing. He walked about trying to see if he could spot Vika and her sister, but they were oddly hard to see at the moment, however he did manage to be given and drink and was sipping slowly as he wandered, it was only a moment longer before he noticed a man in what appeared to be a cardboard suit, all of a sudden the party felt much more relaxed knowing that someone had a decent sense of humor about it. Nearby he caught glimpse of Marinalia, and then Vika talking with an older gentleman, So he walked over to them, "Hello, I'm sorry if I am interrupting, and more so that I'm late." He said the last part looking to Vika, "Still not used to getting around the city it seems."

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Seen post work on reply later. Or tonight :)

Good copy, he may get a visit from the feds anyway so He may be busy.

Milo is in the Shop if you want to get Paige involved there.
Milo Ventri

Friday afternoon
Final Round Armory

Milo had spent the past couple of days working on a couple of projects, one of which he turned over and over in his hands, unfinished, still rough shaped he knew that there was something special to behold in it when he was done. the blade was set aside for the time being and he resumed his work on paying pieces, a set of civil war style cutlery sets and a some decorative door knockers, they were easy and they made a quick buck, but his mind bounced back to the blade he was making, he had thought at first he could finish it by this weekend and give it away but it seemed that he overestimated himself, it was going to need a few more days for sure. It hit him as he was working, he needed to double check. Milo pulled out his cellphone, and pulled up a text conversation he had been having with Vika, he typed away, smudging the screen terribly, "Still on for tonight?" and set the phone aside. The city was having a street party and they had been talking about going, some new fish place opened up and was doing something for it, he hadn't had any good seafood since arriving which is sad since his shop is right on the water, it had just been to chilly to sit out and fish.

Fendren Thraas

Fendren quickly exited the magic store, what an odd woman, she almost seemed kind, like a normal person, no, she was a mage like the rest, she couldn't be trusted. Through the narrow streets he managed to recover the trail of his intended mark, the man that had lit the fire earlier, he seemed to have made his way home. The mans home was nice, decorated on the inside and lit warmly with a hearth, no doubt built by his slaves Fendren thought though he had no clue. Nearby was a small building, a jewelry store @BrightSteel, Fendren scaled the building up to the roof and perched across from the mages home. The man stood in his window looking out at the glistening snow of the city, but all he saw was a brief glow as Fendren loosed an arrow of magic energy piercing the window, then the man. Fendren ducked down off the rooftop before the body hit the floor, one, one mage of many, Duncan would be proud he told himself as he affirmed his own anger.
Fendren Thraas

Fendren looked outside the shop and couldn't see the man anymore, he must have moved on, the longer he waits the harder he will be to track. Fendren was too preoccupied by his thoughts to notice the young woman come up to him and introduce herself as the 'bestest witch' around, an idea that could have made him laugh but almost cute.

"I'm afraid I was merely taking refuge a moment. There was a commotion, I didn't want to be involved, besides, potions do nothing for me."

Fendren looked around, there were many potions around and they were of all kinds. Fendren once could drink them and benefit from the effect, and for a moment he lingered in the memory, before he looked back to the woman. This woman introduced herself as a witch, a mage, yet another that defies the order. Fendren was unsure of this one though, she was still young, could she be saved from this fate? No, there was no room for doubt, she would become a target just like the rest, just not yet, not here.

"I should be going, I have business elsewhere."

As Fendren spoke, he could feel his anger welling, his runic scars glowing with his own inherent energy, too many witnesses, he was unable to get the advantage, he still had surprise as long as he keeps his cool, but this was not an easy task.

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