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Milo Ventri

Milo stood and pulled the revolver from under the table, as it came into view of everyone, Jackie began to lower his gun, and set it on the table. "So, that's where that got off to, my guy in the department couldn't find that." Jackie chuckled a bit, "A marshal stealing evidence, that's pretty ballsy. Not as ballsy as this though Milo, ratting me out, setting me up, you're a dead man, you and sheriff Barbie here."

Milo walked slowly around the table and used the pommel of his sword to slide Jackie's gun further away before bringing it back around to slam into the center of Jackie's chest. Jackie crumpled instantly to the ground and Milo stood over him. "I wanted to do that for a while. You couldn't handle her if you tried Jackie, besides, she is the only thing stopping me from beating you bloody for the whole shooting me thing." Milo stepped back from him and checked his arm, it was only a graze but it was bleeding pretty good, got a bit more meat than was probably good, "Go ahead, do your cop thing, I'm probably gonna have to hit an urgent care or something to stitch this. I can't see it." Milo grabbed a nearby scrap of cloth and tried to staunch the bleeding.

Ash Ventri

Ash tried to hide his nervousness from the other wolf, she didn't seem to yet be aggressive, however, that didn't mean much to him, he was going to respond to her comments before the madness around them began to erupt further, the man on the elephant was attacked by a skeletal monstrosity, and assailed by others, yes, he seemed to be the unpleasant sort however the responses to him seemed unnecessary, at least until he began to truly threaten everyone, their families, then he passed out, this was already more than he had bargained for and culd feel his fear and panic pull him back to the forest.

"Don't worry, everything will be fine." His mothers voice rang clear in his mind, and the thought of home pressed itself forward, he stood in the doorway of his home with his parents smiling, "This will be a hard learned lesson, but, you will come to enjoy yourself, and you will learn so much." his mother was kind and sweet, a witch of great strength, she had told him of the fun and the mischief that goes on at a place like this. His father lead him out of the house and just as they reached the point where they would separate he told him, "Fear will always exist, you will never stop feeling it, but listen well Ash, you will have to stand against fear to protect what is dear to you, and you won't find those experiences here, go on son, take the world as it is or make it better, it won't change until you make it."

Ash saw as red hid beneath her pile of papers, others seemed to be visibly shaken as well, and as much as he wanted to run, his father was right, he had to stand up or he will always run. Ash let his breath out and felt the plates grow and shift until his entire form had become encased in the bone like plates, he felt his energy build in his hands and feet, preparing for whatever altercations may come, at the worst he would run, but his family wants him at this school and no amount of insane myths turned reality would stop that.

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No worries everyone, life comes for everyone, post when you can, I still may reopen the interest and just bring in some people.
Glad to see that someone else is still watching with me, I feel like I should re up the interest check.
Name: Ana Elizabeth Harlow
Age: 28


Height: 5'10"

Weight: 150lbs


  • Fencing
  • Swimming
  • Camping
  • Big Band and Swing
  • Historical reenactment
  • Quiet days and peaceful nights


  • Sporting events (Tolerated for Paige and Milo)
  • Most modern music
  • unnecessary shouting
  • fighting for the sake of fighting

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Special Talent: She is a Skilled Fencer, as well as a Skilled Seamstress.

Profession: She currently works at a high end fabric and clothing store, mostly to fund her hobby of making clothes for an online store, she tends to make costumes for reenactments and festivals as well as modern fashion and Doll outfits.

Bio/Personality: Ana grew up in Delta city alongside her best friend Paige, her family were kind and loving, they doted on their daughter and gave her the world, they however were not the richest family around and so her mother made sure that her daughter knew the basics of sewing and cooking, that way she could always take care of herself, however when she decided to learn to fence as a child, they were of course apprehensive at first but ultimately relented. Ana became quite skilled in swordplay and became the State champion in high school. Ana of course continued and became involved in a lot of recreation activities, medieval, civil war, whatever was around, she made the costumes, and fought the fights, and in a tournament in Northern Florida, she competed in the fencing matches, and met a man in the Longsword division, Milo, the two hit it off and soon were inseparable, they traveled the states and competed in tournaments and participated in reenactments, and generally had fun, at least until a drunk driver ran over her boyfriend, Milo was seriously injured, and it left him in a terrible place, Ana did all she could to help him, she wanted him to lean on her but he was so depressed that he couldn't even look at her in the eye let alone ask for help. Ana tried her best until Milo started to go from sadness to anger, he would shout and yell at everyone, he would lock himself away in his room and break anything around him, the last straw for her however was Milo had an outburst and tore up most of their apartment at the time including many of her own sentimental possessions, he wasn't the man he used to be, she knew that it wasn't right, that the person she knew was still there, however she could be there like that, so she took the advice of her best friend Paige and left, She hoped that the shock might snap him out of it, but she let him go too long and eventually both Paige and Milo were gone, Paige to Sol and Milo to the wind, not even his Family knew. She was the heartbroken one now, the man she loved was gone and so was her best friend, maybe she should move to Sol.

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Ash Ventri

Ash looked from one startling sight to the next, a spirit being ripped from a werewolf, a girl riding snakes, a man on an elephant, the notion that any of this was not confusing only confused him more as the young girl named Red questioned his current status. In his time at home with his adoptive family, he had only seen a few magical folk, a few mages and a handful of others, but the sheer number of people was overwhelming to someone unaccustomed to the crowd. Ash could feel the noise and the hectic nature of this gathering weigh down on him and again the plates formed as one of the other arrivals began to use his ability Ash felt his plates cover his hands and forearms, now covered in the chitinous plating he felt as though he was going to be attacked at any point, whether by the condescending man on the elephant or, in his mind, by the wolf in front of him.

"This is utter madness, why have I even come here?" The panic in his voice was palpable and magical tension around him surged as he prepared to either fight or run, "What world could you live in that this isn't confusing and mad?" Ash looked to all of the people around now, he was to close to the center of attention as the wolf that had been possessed had pulled a lot of it his way.

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I swear, I had contemplated using that exact power myself before deciding on the armor skill.

awesome, blackpowder weapons, no electricity. I will try and set up a sheet soon.
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