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Post-op, cybernetic implant surgery...

  • Using the provided template, please create a character sheet and post it here.
  • All other posts to the OOC tab. Thanks.
  • If submitting multiple characters, please keep it all on one post, and just edit that post. That's for ease of navigation. Thanks!
Possible Character Concepts

  • Talent - At least one human with paranormal abilities; telekinesis, pyrokinesis, telepathy...something of that nature. We're talking about a one in a thousand. This person probably won't be as heavily augmented as some of the others, but the augs they do possess will be the kind that boost their abilities...and probably turn them somewhat twitchy and unstable.
  • Warden - A former law enforcement officer (preferably a detective/federal law enforcement type) that was scapegoated for a scandal that involved some sort of coverup of what was actually responsible. This dishonored individual was, perhaps, maimed in the process. They might well be working as a consultant or private investigator. They understand how government works; perhaps part of a DOJ task force investigating corruption that went awry of the vampires.
  • Fixer - An ex-criminal of some sort, working for a cartel or organization as a specialist, perhaps as a high tech burglar or smuggler. This person knows the streets, the corruption of people, how to grease palms and get things through security. They know how people are connected in the underworld and where to put the pressure on. These sorts of organizations are often used as fronts for the vampires and their more unsavory activities, such as feeding. Perhaps this character got in too deep, objected and was left for dead. The Vigil is not an organization concerned with legality -- it is at war, and a soldier that knows the enemy is valuable.
  • Face - someone, probably a woman, that caught the attentions of a vampire that prized her looks and social grace, but was overcome by his urges and left her bleeding somewhere, clinging barely to life when the Vigil found her. She had a high flying social life and a respected career, perhaps as a lawyer or a corporate executive or even an actress or known personality before the event. Her skills, her ability to control herself and put on a persona allows her to smooth her way into places where a hundred men with guns would be foiled. Her ability to manipulate people with the pheromone and emotional manipulation implants she has received have taken her natural talents at persuasion and turned her irresistible.
  • Come up with something and make it yours -- that's always a good sign. ;)

Also, here is a list of sample mods and equipment (feel free to invent stuff):

Character Stub
Character Profile:
You can be as lengthy or succinct as you want, but the character info we need is the character's history of vampire encounters, a brief description of their abilities and role and any additional biographic details you want to add. This can be done in a single paragraph. Should include an overview of cybernetic modifications that support their role on the kill-team.
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