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Those encountered at the Grand Armada

Those encountered on Baradissar

Those encountered on Ridenki

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The Princess

Marked by Zeus Olympios and Poseidon Polychromatikí.

Mismatched eyes
Olympic body
Spacer’s uniform
Unblemished skin

Learn the Truth (discover the world outside your sheltered past)
Human Superiority (it is your duty to protect lesser creatures)
Seeking Freedom (evade the Hunt)

Blood +2
Courage 0
Grace +1
Sense -1
Wisdom +2

In short, she’s very athletic and charismatic, but prone to getting in over her head fast.

A Lesson Learned (when you forgive someone who harmed you, and let them know, both heal and you Forge a Bond)
Forbidden Element: Metal (Blessing of Nemea)
Elder Arts (Ianuspater Auspex)
Poetry in Motion (always pick +1 option on Get Away)
Chasing Smoke (you can always try to Get Away)
Survivor (when you hit an Overcome, heal or Get Away with a 7-9)
Savior (take damage instead of another)

Redana bears the blessings of Zeus. The Nemean Blessing allows her to channel power through herself, hardening her skin and growing into an Amazonian figure of glorious battle. The Blessing of Freedom makes her capable of escaping any peril, should she choose to do so. And, from birth, the blessed st/YX nanites have worked to make her nigh-invulnerable; given time enough to heal a wound, they will close it over without leaving even a scar.

Spacer’s Rations (Food, 3-Use)
Iokheira Dueling Rapier (Melee)
Spacer’s Uniform (Useful, 2-Use)
Mag Harness (walk on any metal surface)
Abyssal Star Chart (Map)
Ianuspater Auspex The Eye of Hermes (Look Closely, 2-Use)
Paragon Nanite Capsules The Shepherdess’s Touch (Healing, Slow, 2-Use)
Fistful of Obols, beloved by the Gods (Precious, 2-Use)
Portable Smelter (2-Use, Repair, Slow)
Command Seal (1-Use, COME TO ME)

The first four are reasonably common, even the mag harness, which is useful for ship repairs. The latter four? Those are rarer gifts: a map from the lord of the deeps, the wonderful eye her mother implanted in her, the height of Ecumenopolis’s medical technology, and offerings highly coveted by the Olympians and those who worship them. The final two are the two sides of her relationship with the warrior construct, Alexa: the portable smelter for filling her cracks and chips with molten bronze, and the Command Seal integrated with the back of her hand by which she may give Alexa orders.

  • I grew up with Bella.
  • I promised to keep Bella safe.
  • I feel responsible for Alexa.
  • When I was on the run, Dolce fed me.

DAMAGE AND SPENDS — Refreshed as of arrival in the Azure Skies
GRACE - torn away by Thist’s stroke
BLOOD - sacrificed for Bella
SENSE - drowned under Hermes’ sorrow
COURAGE - wounded by Bella
Both Uses of Healing — the work of the Shepherdess’s Wand
One Use of Spacer’s Outfit - in the toxic engine room
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The Kennels

The Palace

The Games

The Servitor



Marked by Hera and Aphrodite


Inferiority Complex (prove your worth, at all costs, and at every opportunity)

Blood 0
Courage +2
Grace +1
Sense -1
Iron +2

A Moment’s Hesitation:
When you make a move against the Fellowship, they may erase a Bond they hold with you. Choose one: show them mercy, tell them something important, or act anyway, rolling with Despair

Steel Heart:
Your Wisdom stat has been replaced by Iron. You cannot Speak Softly without a Wisdom stat, and cannot Talk Sense with Wisdom or finish with Wisdom, either. When you Finish by outlasting them in a contest of power or endurance, roll with +Iron. On a 10+ they pass out

Tenacity Incarnate:
On 6- or a Fellowship 10+, gain Vigor and you cannot have Despair
Dark Authority:

Your companions are Threats and follow Threat rules. They make cuts and do not roll dice. When a threat harms the Fellowship and survives the scene, you may forge a bond with them. If you need more minions, damage a stat and forge a bond with a local Threat, recruiting them instantly.

Speak Harshly:
When you demand answers from someone weaker than you, roll +Iron. On a 7+, ask 2 questions (they must answer honestly). On a 9-, one of the answers may be a lie. You will not be told which one, or even if there is a lie. On a 6-, you may only ask one question.
  • What can you tell me about the Fellowship?
  • What are you hiding?
  • Where is ____?
  • No more questions. You deal damage to them, ending the interrogation.

The Bad Guy:
You are not part of the Fellowship. Any 10+ Finish attempts by either you or they against the other cause the target to damage all their stats and be Taken Out instead of killed. When you are Taken Out, you are out of play for the rest of the session, but will Recover between sessions. You do not Recover when the Fellowship does. When you join the Fellowship, temporarily or otherwise, replaced this playbook with The Redeemed.

Cut Them (Loveless Family):
The Nemesis may make Cuts under specific situations. If the Fellowship ignores you, you may Cut them. When you Cut something under the protection of the Fellowship, it begins as a Soft Cut. If nobody can responds, or if they respond but fail, it becomes a Hard Cut. Cuts made against targets the Fellowship cannot protect may be as hard or soft as you like.
Bella may make Cuts when she acts in Redana's best interests (according to Bella or Empress Nero)

Cornered Rat Cat:
While you are Damaged, your attacks gain the Dangerous tag

Avatar Imperial Regalia:
You have Protection. This gives you immunity to a Location stat of your choosing, and you may choose which one to be immune to at the beginning of any scene.

Dark Power:
You are a Threat to the World

Alone Against The World
When you fight against them by yourself, you can try to Keep Them Busy no matter who they are, how outnumbered you are, or how poor your position is, even if they are a Group, Gang, or Army.
When you Keep Them Busy by yourself, they take damage once you are done Keeping Them Busy.

Limitless Skies
You can appear anywhere you can see, effectively teleporting through the air. Whether this is actual teleportation, divine insight, or extreme speed is up to you. You roll with Hope when using this to Get Away.


Bella is a melee weapon
Clever Tricks (Useful, 2 Uses)
High Mobility (Armor, 1 Use)

The Empress Nero Claudius has given Bella a ship, a crew, and a command. It is ridiculous to expect her to grant a twice-marked failure real supplies. Bella’s title is worse than just for show, but by Zeus’ glittering smile, do not suggest that where she can hear you.

"I will capture Redana, no matter what the cost."
"My feelings for Redana confuse me."
"I do not understand why Alexa acts the way she does."
"...Redana betrayed me."
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The Construct

Marked by Athena and Hera
Seeking Peace

Courage: +3
Blood: +2
Wisdom: +1
Sense: +0
Grace: -1

Agenda: What is my Purpose: Find a reasons for who you are and what you do.

Built For This
You have only one purpose in this world: You were built to explore the Horizon. You must follow your orders. It is what you were made to do. You do not have your own society. You are artificial. You Command Lore about your creators, their secrets, and their science. Tell us who made you - it may even be the people of another member of the fellowship. You also Command Lore about yourself - your purpose, your functions, your creation. Only you can tell us what you are.
This Move cannot be Shared

By Your Command
You were created to serve, and serve you shall. You have three Locked Bonds, and you begin the game with the first one filled in with the name of another member of the fellowship. These Locked Bonds are:
-Like it or not, I must follow _______ ‘s orders.
-I have chosen to follow _______ ‘s orders.
-I have grown emotionally attached to _______ .
When someone named in your Locked Bonds gives you an order, you are filled with Hope if you follow it, and filled with Despair if you ignore or go against it. Either way, this Hope or Despair only lasts for one roll.
When you Forge a Bond, you may write a name into an unwritten Locked Bond. Once it is written, it is permanent. You can never change or erase a Locked Bond, unless a Move specifically tells you to.
Locked Bonds count towards your maximum of 3 Bonds with a single

The Robot
You cannot eat Food, and the Healing tag has no effect on you. When you Fill Your Belly, you must use Fuel--the ichor of the Gods-made just for you. You can be healed by items with the Repair tag.
You do not need to breathe or sleep to survive. Your severed limbs or eyes can function remotely from your body, although you need an item with the Repair tag to re-attach them.

Hold Them Back
When you successfully Keep Them Busy by grabbing them, pinning them, catching them, or otherwise holding them close, you grab them. Someone you have grabbed cannot move and cannot harm you, but otherwise this works just like Keeping Them Busy normally does.
You may end the grab at any time to do one of the following things:
Throw them to the ground. They land prone right where you want them.
Slam them into something, hard, dealing damage to them.
Talk Sense or Speak Softly with them, rolling with Hope. You hold them close until you’ve said your piece and they’ve said theirs.

Advanced Sensors
When you Look Closely, you may ask one question from the list before you roll. You may choose whether or not you still want to roll after hearing the answer to your first question.
You may only use your Advanced Sensors once per scene.

What are you made of?
Stone and Bronze
You are a very tough golem, built of marble and bronze, and animated through the will of Athena. Add your Aegis (Armor, 1 Use) to your Gear.
When you Fill Your Belly, when you are Repaired, or when you get a 10+ on any roll, restore 1 Use to your Aegis. It can never have more than 1 Use at a time.

A pair of spears, presented to me by Athena herself (Melee, piercing)
As a replica of Athena, I share her multilimbed nature and can walk or run on walls and the ceiling.
I have a riding pod, perfect for defending my ward or restraining naughty kitties.
Redana, as a clever princess, has a small crucible of bronze with which to patch chips in my stone (Repair, 2 uses, slow). She’s also figured how to use the Seal to summon me to her side whenever it is needed (1 Use). Now, if only she could figure out other things…
Crucible: [ ][ ]
Seal: [ ]

I must obey any order Redana gives me.
I enjoy the elaborate tea ceremonies I have with Dolce.
I'm slowly sharing the booze recipes I've accumulated with Vasilia.
Isty and I played tag in a flirty way.
I told Redana who I am.

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Captain Vasilia
Marked by Zeus and Artemis
Seeking Peace


Chef Mate Dolce
Marked by Hera and Artemis
Seeking Adventure

Vasilia’s Agenda: Viva La Revoluction
Dolce’s Agenda: All For One And One For All


Blood: +1
Courage: +1
Grace: +1
Sense: +1
Wisdom: -1

Blood: -1
Courage: +0
Grace: +1
Sense: +1
Wisdom: +1

Combined (Always with Hope)
Blood: +0
Courage: +1
Grace: +2
Sense: +2
Wisdom: +0

Paired Core

Birds Of A Feather: You play as two characters. The Pair can split up or stay together as they
like, allowing you to be in two places at once. They each have a separate Look, separate Stats, and a separate personal Agenda.

The Pair has separate bonds for each of them. Each of the Pair can only have one Bond with someone else, and others can only have one Bond with each member of the Pair.

When they Fill Their Belly, the Pair only spends 1 Food, but they each heal one damage.

Working Alone: When The Pair is separated, they make rolls with their separated stats and get the Spotlight separately.

-When one of the Pair is acting to rescue, protect, or rush to the side of the other, they roll with Hope.

-Working Alone is dangerous, as you rely on your teamwork. When you take damage while Working Alone, you must also pay a price.

Working Together: When The Pair is together, they act as a single unit in perfect harmony. They combine their stats when making a move, and they share the Spotlight together. If either of you has Hope or Despair, you both do.

-When you Keep Them Busy together, only one of you needs to stay to Keep Them Busy. The other may disengage and begin Working Alone.

-When you Get Away or Look Closely together, you may split up. If you do, each of you may choose different options from that move's list, and you are now Working Alone.

-When one of you takes damage while Working Together, the other takes damage to the same stat, if it is undamaged.

Heroic Association: The Pair Commands Lore about an organization, instead of a society. You come from a company of mercenaries, bounty hunters, heroes, or some other such group. You Command Lore about who they are, what they want, their place in the world, their culture, their rivals, their enemies, and their laws, just as everyone else does.

Daring Devils:
-When you need a cool prop appropriate to your environment, like a chandelier to drop, a window to leap out of, or a vine to swing from, it’s there.
-When you use the terrain to protect you, you may Overcome using +Grace instead of +Blood. Leaping off of tall places to escape danger always counts as using the terrain to protect you.

Who Are the Pair?

Fated Pair: The two of you are inseparable, a perfect combination. When you are Working Together, you roll with Hope.

The Pair Custom

Heroes of the People: You do not need to roll to Speak Softly with common folk, friends, or coworkers - simply ask, and they will answer.

Taste my Blade!: When you engage in swordplay with an enemy, you may Keep Them Busy with +Grace. On a 7-9, after their retaliation, you may insult them or make a quip to Keep Them Busy again, as if you'd rolled another 7-9 result.

Mismatched Pair: Each member of the Pair takes a Custom move from a different playbook. Keep track of who took which move. Each of them may only use their chosen move while Working Alone.

Vasilia: Listen Here You Little Punk: When you Talk Sense by telling them what will happen to them if they do not do as you ask, Talk Sense with +Blood, and on a 7-9, they cannot ask their favor of you until after they have done what you asked of them.

Dolce: I've Got A Bad Feeling About This: When you're certain something's wrong here, you may ask the Overlord to tell you the safest way out, and also the quickest way out. They will answer truthfully

Vasilia’s Gear
-An elegant sabre, the twin of Dolce’s (Melee)
-A grav-rail glaive with its own independent gravity field (Melee, Clumsy, Dangerous)
-An elegant, long-barreled SP rifle (Ranged, Reload, Piercing)
-An brace of pistols, blessed by Zeus (Ranged, Piercing, Dangerous, Recharge)
-An Anathame. A knife with her name on it. (Protection against a Location stat, will betray her at any opportunity. Damage a stat to destroy permanently.)

Dolce’s Gear
-An elegant sabre, the twin of Vasilia’s (Melee)
-A tasteful variety of well-preserved foodstuffs (Food, 3 Uses [X][][])
-Household odds and ends, turned to creatively underhanded purpose (Useful, 2 Uses [X][])
-A travel-sized cocktail kit, amply supplied (Slow, Vigor, 2 Uses [][])

Vasilia’s Bonds
-If it’s a night for drinking, I’m with Alexa. No one else.
-Iskarot and I have a professional respect for each other. And, personally, his straightforwardness is refreshing.
-Bella carried me to her room. Shared of her private stock of wine. And for a moment, we might’ve trusted each other.

Dolce’s Bonds
-Redana and I have spent hours together on the observation deck, watching Poseidon’s wonders.
-I am convinced that Alexa can taste, she just hasn’t found a meal she could taste yet.

-Paired Custom: Taste my Blade!
-Paired Custom: Mismatched Pair
-Stat increase: Vasilia takes +1 Sense
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