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Imagine a small town in the Japanese countryside. There's only a single rail line with two car trains passing once an hour and no more. Most of the roads are little more than dirt paths. Rice paddies outnumber houses. Temples, shrines, bamboo groves, flower beds, and forests. It gets very dark a night, the people are outnumbered by animals, and the fireflies come out in profusion every summer.

This town is home to more than just people, even if they don't all know it. If you go out to the right places at the right time of day, some of the people you talk to might be something else in disguise.

Golden Sky Stories takes place in such a town. This roleplay is based on a tabletop game, although we won't be worrying about the game's mechanics, although if you're familiar with them, feel free to take the weaknesses and powers of henge into account. This is a roleplay about a small town, and is meant to be a chill, heartwarming sort of experience. Your characters are animals with a little bit of magic, and you live alongside humans in town, helping them with their small problems and learning a thing or two about friendship along the way. There are no big villains to defeat, or epic quests to be had. Heck, there probably won't even be any fighting.

The actual roleplay will probably be a bit episodic in nature, with each "episode" being a single little story or scenario your characters get involved in.

Yokokoshi Town

Yokokoshi is a small town in rural Japan. A river runs through town and splits it, or maybe it's more that a large part of the town is on an island and the river splits around it? The town is mostly residential, although there are some shops, restaurants and bars downtown, and a couple supermarkets and convenience stores. There are a lot of old forests on the island and near town. Local kids like to go out and play in them, or sometimes make an expedition all the way to the mountains nearby. Bike paths wind their way through town, cutting through wooded areas and connecting some of the places with more traffic. They're also one popular route for people to get to school. The biggest of the local shrines is on a hill and a bit secluded from the busier parts of town.

People and Places
Yoshiro - The head priest at the local shrine. He's older, wiser, and knows about henge and even some other local spirits.
Saki - A part-time miko.

The Characters
Your characters are henge, animals with a bit of magic that lets them take on human form. Henge are still primarily animals, they live like animals, don't need housing, money, cell phones, and so-on. They get their food as animals, and when they transform ,they appear fully clothed.

Henge human forms aren't perfect. They retain their animal instincts in some ways, or their ears and tail might still be visible. It's not like it's a huge secret, though. Most of the older residents in town know about the henge and will pretend they didn't see your bigger slip-ups. Henge can speak like humans, even in animal form.

Henge can also perform other feats of minor magic, depending on what they are.

I addition to henge, there are humans, animals, local gods, and other spirits or youkai wandering around. It's a wonderful world out there in and around your little town.

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I'll write up a character sometime today or tomorrow. Most likely a Mouse, but maybe a Tanuki.

Edit: Been busy with school work, but I'm about halfway done with my sheet. Will post tomorrow, since it's pretty late where I live right now.
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Definitely gonna go kitsune.
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Considering a lucky black cat.
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Ended up being a lot smaller than I was expecting it to be - may update it in the future to pad it out more. Sorry for taking as long as I did lol.
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