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Worldscape - The Colliding Worlds

Technological gadgets. Cybernetic Implants. Bio-Ware. Designer drugs that gift temporary powers. For the past hundred years or so, the Tinker's Union has helped shape the world with their technological marvels, making augmentations of all kinds available for the betterment of mankind. The crux of their combined achievements are most certainly the city of Titan's Fall. By itself it could be the crowning technological achievement of Man. The city of opportunity, order, and justice... If you're wealthy enough.

If the Tinker Tech world of gadgets wasn't enough, there's the Espers and Deviations.

Deviants are humans who have diverged from the evolutionary path and developed super-human abilities. These powers appear to come in unlimited variety, however Deviant abilities are currently understood to be hereditary, and carry an identifiable genetic marker. People with powers lacking this gene are classified as Espers, and their powers are generally assumed to be psychic in nature. Powers that can't clearly be defined, and are anomalous in nature are also typically categorized as "Esper" abilities.[Courtesy of SkeletalPrince]

According to the most recent census, there are approximately 30 million Deviants worldwide, and though the accuracy of that number is subject to question, almost 30% of that number are registered Espers. There could be many more that are unregistered, in hiding, or on the wrong side of the law. These powers come in all shapes and sizes, and groups often form around corporations and government or other organizations, Paragons and Villainous forces alike.

Lastly there's the rumors of the Arcane. Not much is known to the general public about the Arcane World, mainly just rumor and superstition. Agents of the Arcane tend to keep their dealings quiet, and are very secretive about their knowledge. If you're in, however... then you know.

They Named it "Titan's Fall"

Titan's Fall is a mega-metropolis located in what used to be the Dallas / Ft. Worth area of Texas. It was to be the site of Mankind's first fusion reactor. Reports claim that the area was struck suddenly by an unidentified object from orbit, critically damaging the facility and causing a meltdown. Only due to the efforts of renown hero and Templar, Titan were the majority of the people both at ground zero, and in the surrounding areas evacuated.

The loss of life was minimal thanks to the Templar and the evacuation. However the environment was critically damaged, and the mass electromagnetic surge wiped out electronics for hundreds of miles, further muddying the record of events. An unparalleled catastrophe that left a crater encompassing the entire Dallas / Ft worth area, no less than a hundred miles wide of unfathomable depth.

It was dubbed The Texas Abyss.

Rather than let nature and disaster keep that chunk of land, the Tinker's Union, Templar, and a number of corporations set themselves to building a newer, bigger Metroplex suspended over the corpse of the old on massive plates. A feat of engineering like no other. While the East Coast's Atlas City claimed the honor of mankind's first fusion reactor, everything is always bigger in Texas.

At the center of the city is the world's first Arcology, Templar Tower. A staggering alabaster tower at the city's center, over fifty-six kilometers in diameter at its base, and nearly ten kilometers tall above the surface. A structure so massive, they had to reroute air traffic to accommodate it. It's host to the majority of the population of the area, as entire cities are encompassed within its many floors. While much of the industry and corporate buildings encompass the surrounding areas, and exterior suburbs have formed around the rim of the city, pretty much everything you could want or need is located within the Arcology. It boasts bleeding edge hydroponics, generates its own power, and of course has its own economy. A truly self-sustained nation within the city where nothing is beyond your grasp, and they named the greater area after the hero that was instrumental in saving the lives that helped create it.

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Is this a roleplay? I see lots of lore but no explanation of what's going on for players.

Also - considering all the imagery, are the Templars an explicitly Christian organization?
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yeah its an rp migrating from roleplaygateway. and no the templars arent christian, they just stole the name and imagery of the original knights templar because theyre nerrrrrrrds
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What can I say: I am also a nerd...

This isn't even all the lore. And no, they're not a religious organization. The founder views heroes as modern knights and felt they should uphold certain ideals (courage, chivalry, nobility etc.).

Also Religion is........................ complicated in Paradox since there exists entities which feed on faith and devotion, but that kind of information is strictly governed by a group of secret societies because feeding the things that go bump in the night makes them real.
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