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Hello friends!

I'm Pip as in seed, Pipar0ni like pizza!

They/Them pronouns, MM FM FF any gender combo you can think of.

I love fantasy, history, horror, sci-fi, and above all, romance!

I'm 29, so if any interested parties could be 18+ minimum, please and thank you!

I am 1x1 only, I can't do group RPs, anxiety says no.

I'm pretty chilled when it comes to reply length and speed. I don't have time in my life to send you 15 heavy lit paragraphs and frankly I find that that drags down the quality of the interactions if every reply is so long. At least from my end it does. That said, I do provide Koala-Tea responses, provided you are patient with my postgraduate academic schedule.

I would love love love to talk OCs and plot with you! Please feel free to drop me a DM or hit me up on discord at: pipar0ni
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Welcome to RPG!
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