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I'm Pip! He/him pronouns please!

Very queer friendly, very chilled, GMT+2 time zone.

I prefer talking on discord and you can find me @ pipar0ni most places.

I love 2-3 paragraphs of lit, I'm open to adult themes and if we're RPing I need you to be at least 18 at the absolute minimum.

I'm happy to play M/F/NB characters and trans characters too! My only caveat is that being trans can't be the character's only defining feature. As with any character, they should have some nuance.

I prefer OCs to Fandom!
I love history, fantasy, horror and sci-fi!

Come at me with vampires, werewolves, faeries and other mythical and fantastical creatures!

You're welcome to hit me up to discuss a setting!

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Hi, my name is Pip!

I'm 30 years old, I'm transmasc nonbinary (he/him). I have been roleplaying since I was 18 years old. I'm a pretty old hand at this. This whole 1-7 tags business is a bit restrictive. I like pretty much everything!

Before we go any further, I only RP via discord, as I tend to forget that this site even exists 98% of the time. If you would like to add me to discuss anything, you are most welcome to. My handle is pipar0ni.
Here are 10 RP facts to get to know me and whether or not we'll be compatible partners.

1. I am a monsterfucker through and through. If you are interested in any kind of vampire, werewolf, Eldritch Horror (and I do mean that! We love ALL monsters in this house, not just the humanoid ones), I'm your guy.
2. I roleplay all genders, all pairings (FM, MM, FF, trans, T4T, any flavour you like) and all dynamics (Idk I've seen some people advertising themselves as sub or Dom, so I suppose I'm a switch?)
3. While I like smut as much as the next guy, it's not the focus. I am plot driven, I like romance and pining a lot more. It makes the smut all the sweeter when there's good buildup. I'm not into that Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am.
4. Just a personal preference, but I love a size difference! A Tol and a Smol make me happy. I also like age gaps provided that everyone involved is an adult! (Anything less than 10 years is not an age gap <3 ) These are not non-negotiable! They're just things I like and I'm trying to find my people.
5. I am a (sadly) very busy person. My work involves a lot of out-of-work-hours work, so my time is just as limited on weekends as it is during the week. I may not be able to reply every day. Please be respectful of that.
6. Dark themes are on the table. This includes dubcon and noncon (which must be THOROUGHLY discussed first!!!), incest, gore, horror, trauma. Provided that it is integrated into the plot, let's go! My hard NOs are spit and scat. What I think makes for compelling fiction does not dictate my real-life morals and if you think otherwise, keep moving.
7. Do not Godmod my character, I will drop you like nuclear waste.
8. I don't mind spelling and grammar mistakes but I would prefer if they were typos rather than consistent errors.
9. Quality over quantity! While I can go long-form if I'm feeling super inspired I find 2-3 paragraphs suits me just fine. But please I need to have something to work with. 3 paragraphs of fluff is not going to cut it.
10. I love discussing plot and things OOC. Chat to me! I promise I don't bite!


Do you like dragons? Do you like royalty? Do you like forbidden romance with loads of pining? This Dragon Shifter x Prince(ss) plot can fit so much mutual pining and betrayal in it *Slaps hood*. Bonus assassin subplot for added drama! Ask your salesperson about our fated mates add-on, free of charge!

Maybe you're a fan of organised crime? Can I interest you in a Mafia Boss/ Regular Joe(sephine)? Two kiddies promise each other that they'll get married to each other if they're still single by the time they're 30. As they get older, this becomes an escapist fantasy for the both of them from their situations. Due to some *Plot Relevant Drama* they become separated only for the Regular to, on their 30th birthday, receive an invite to their own wedding! With someone who is now heading up the Cosa Nostra. (For those interested, this plot can come with the bonus feature of Gender Fuckery)

This plot will have you howling at the moon! A werewolf happens to have a wrong-place/wrong-time incident and ends up very badly hurt! They are healing themselves but it's going to take a lot of work. Only to have some kindly soul on a nature walk stumble across them and rush them to the vet and then offer to foster them while they get well. Problem is that Wolfy's temporary living situation is turning into a bit of a Foster Fail when their new human decides to keep them. And Wolfy hasn't got enough strength to turn back and explain themself just yet. (There's no bestiality in this (unless you're into that? Let's discuss!) But there is plenty of room for; knotting, A/B/O dynamics, primal play, scent marking/kink, found family, fated mates, and so much more!)

This is maybe a little niche. But in a world where werewolves and vampires are enemies, can one diplomatic coven leader and werewolf royalty somehow manage to spin a fragile peace between their two kinds? What if they fall in love in the process? How long is forever? In this we have; mutual pining, forbidden romance, enemies to lovers.

Feel free to add your own kinks or tropes for only FREE.99!

And if any of this has made you think of something you would like to pitch to me, go for it!

Our toll-free Discord line is : pipar0ni ! That's Pip-a-Roni (with a zero for the O) as in Pizza.

I look forward to hearing from you!
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Hello friends!

I'm Pip as in seed, Pipar0ni like pizza!

They/Them pronouns, MM FM FF any gender combo you can think of.

I love fantasy, history, horror, sci-fi, and above all, romance!

I'm 29, so if any interested parties could be 18+ minimum, please and thank you!

I am 1x1 only, I can't do group RPs, anxiety says no.

I'm pretty chilled when it comes to reply length and speed. I don't have time in my life to send you 15 heavy lit paragraphs and frankly I find that that drags down the quality of the interactions if every reply is so long. At least from my end it does. That said, I do provide Koala-Tea responses, provided you are patient with my postgraduate academic schedule.

I would love love love to talk OCs and plot with you! Please feel free to drop me a DM or hit me up on discord at: pipar0ni
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