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Another summer down the drain and another entire school year to go through. Normally, students in junior year had SATs and whatnot to worry over. Well, Fernwood students did have to endure the grueling SATs but it was on top of intense physical training and superpower training. No one exactly called their abilities superpowers since it sounded tacky and unprofessional but that's basically what they were. Alexander was not sure whether to call his ability a blessing or a curse. He could hear anyone's thoughts whenever he wanted to but this also occurred when he did not want to hear them. It was a pain in the ass to get a silent moment in his own head.

It did not even help during tests. Teachers would have someone come in and nullify all powers during tests to keep kids with abilities like his from cheating. Alex supposed that was fair. He knew it'd be a hard year for him. He had stepped it up and took a few AP classes with the advice of his father who also he advised he do sports and clubs at the same time. On top of all that, he had a relationship and a social life to try to maintain. Would he even be in classes with his friends? He wasn't sure Shay, Rose, James or Jason would ever take AP classes. It wasn't that they were not smart enough to but they tended to enjoy the physical classes more over the required classes like history and math. Then again, he was sure everyone did except maybe Alcina.

All these possible problems had been running through Alex's head all morning as he sat in the backseat of his father's Mercedes with his younger sister, tuning out his parents' arguing. His head been turned toward the window, watching the trees rapidly pass the other direction. He had been quiet, immersed in his own thoughts until his mother's voice called out to him, dragging him out of the reverie.

"Alex, make sure Emma doesn't get lost. I'm counting on you to watch her... Dan maybe we should have kept Emma home another year. " His parents had kept Emma at a normal school at home her entire life instead of sending her to Fernwood. They had always thought it would be too much for her. Alex was never sure why they had always been so overprotective with her. Maybe they had hoped she could be a normal kid after going so many years without Alex home until the summer or maybe they really just hadn't thought Emma was ready. They had kept Alex home too until he was 7 afterall. Alexander shook his head at the thought. Emma had been ready long before he probably had been. She was a fantastic telekinetic without ever having been taught and she was way smarter than he had been at her age.

"Mom don't worry. She's going to be fine. She's ready."Alex told her reassuringly. " If she gets homesick I'll bring her home on the weekends." He glanced beside him at Emma and ruffled her hair. She had always looked like a small, porcelain doll version of their mother. She was a tiny little girl with curly blonde hair and innocent blue eyes. She had been quietly kicking her feet back and forth anxiously, her sneakers lighting up with each kick. He had to admit he missed being able to wear light-up sneakers. It didn't feel so long ago that he had been as small as her. He could remember how scary it was to go to a school with people who had crazy abilities and live without his parents for the entire school year.

"I'm ready,"Emma agreed, "I'm just sad because I'm going to miss you two but I'll be with Alex so that's okay."

"Aw my little girl!"Francesca cried, "You come home if you miss us too much!"

"You call us whenever you need to and come home whenever you want. That goes for the both of you." His father, Dan, stated. "Well, anyways, Alex. Are you going to do football again? I loved going to your games last year."

"I might join a week late. I want to see how my schedule is and see if I can balance it." Alex explained. Then suddenly something hit him and he groaned. "Ugh I forgot to sign up for driver's ed."

Francesca glanced over the car seat to stare at him in worry. "Alex, the thought of you driving is going to give me a heart attack! Can't you wait a little longer? Are the other kids taking it? Is Shay driving? Is she going to take it with you? Shay's being nice to you right? She's not getting you into trouble? Are you two having-" Dan clasped a hand over her mouth as they neared the school.

"Jesus Christ, Fran."Dan mumbled.

"I don't know mom. I have to see if I can still sign up."

"If they tell you that you can't I'll make a call for you no problem."Dan told him as they finally pulled up to the school. Alex got out and and helped Emma step out on to the sidewalk beside him as his father got out to get their suitcases from the trunk. He stared up at Fernwood Academy. It was probably one of the biggest schools ever built. There were maybe three schools in all of America for kids with abilities. They weren't well accepted into society and barely anyone but governments officials even knew they existed. Many states did not permit schools for them to be built. Thus, the school had to be big to house lots of people since there weren't many schools. It was 54 stories high and super wide. The front of the school was protected by gigantic gates. On top of the gates began a force field dome that came over the top of the school. It was near-impossible to sneak out the school but people figured it out anyway.

He could see through the bars of the gate that there was a huge crowd gathered around the fountain inside, waiting to be permitted into the school. The school itself had a old-school castle vibe going on for it that reminded him of Hogwarts at times. It looked as if it was built of stone but he knew it had to be something way stronger. There were many windows in the front for each dorm and on the sides of the school there were dozens and dozens of balconies. There was a pool area outback with water slides, sports fields, and lots and lots of land to train on. The surrounding area, including the area behind the road in front of the gates, was all woodland.

Alex watched as employees came out to take his and Emma's luggage for them. They wheeled it inside through a special, hand-print access door in the gate.

Francesca suddenly hugged Alex so tight he couldn't breathe. "My little boy!! Have fun okay!? Keep little Emmy safe and make sure she doesn't cross any roads alone. Hell don't even take her outside the school without our permission."

"Thanks mom. I will. Love you." He hugged her back and watched her hug Emma just as tightly.

"My little baby's growing up!"She swung her around, practically crying.

He glanced at the gate, knowing having his mom make this scene was going to draw attention. Jason Salvatore was already at the gate, mockingly smirking at him through the bars. He sighed. He smiled at him and waved. Alex thought maybe Jason would wait for him to come in since they had been good friends but he disappeared into the crowd, distracted by something.

"Fran you're embarrassing them just let them go to school."Dan sighed, "Love you guys. Take care."
Not too long after that, Alex found himself watching his parents drive away. Alex took Emma's hand and led her toward the school, "You excited?"He asked her.

"Yeah!"Emma exclaimed with a smile, "I can't wait! You'll show me everything right!? Can I meet all your friends!?"

"Sure thing."Alex replied as the gates opened. He was already starting to stress out and the year hadn't started yet. How was he going to balance everything? Maybe Alcina would be able to help. She was all over the place when it came to school yet she didn't seem to be losing her hair yet. His heart suddenly skipped a beat. Shay could be here. He gazed around, pulling Emma with him as he weaved through the crowd. He had hung out with a little bit in the summer but it had not been enough. He missed her so much. She was his everything. He knew he was young to value someone that much but from the moment he had met her he had been in love with her. She was his other half. He had to find her now that she had crossed his mind. He could hear Emma giggling behind him as he dragged her through the crowd, looking frantically for her. He wanted to see her smile at the sight of him and hear her beautiful voice. He wanted to ask her to help him show Emma around and tell her about how he was taking AP classes and all the fun stuff he had done that summer. Maybe she'd help him calm down a little. She was good at that.

With time, Alex would know he was right to stress over this year. However, it had been for the wrong reasons.



You're so beautiful.
I've never seen anyone as perfect as you.
How does someone look like you?
Do boys chase after you everywhere you go?
Your life must be perfect.
You belong with me.
I love you.
A Goddess.
You are perfect.
Everyone loves you.

You're so useless.
I've never seen anyone as weak as you.
How does someone end up as stupid as you?
Did your family really hate you so much they sent you here hoping you'd die?
Your life will be over soon.
You don't belong here.
You don't belong anywhere.
A walking corpse.
You're already dead.
It's too fucking exhausting loving you.

The ticking of the clock was the only friend that greeted the curly-haired blonde to a new day each morning. She'd open her hazel eyes to the dim bed room, slightly lit by the christmas lights that hung along perimeter of the room. She stared up at the ceiling as sadness crashed through her body in waves. This was happening way too often now. This was the second time this month.

Her hair was neatly laid out over the pillow like thin locks of gold. From a bird's eye view, she truly looked like a beautiful, perfect doll laid in a dollhouse bed. She could be mistaken for sleeping beauty herself, awaiting her prince's kiss in a radiant castle tower. However this princess wasn't in a pretty little dollhouse or a big castle. One could say she was laying in her grave.

Why have you come here?
I'm here to die.

Her name was Jessamine and she had been genetically enhanced by her father before birth to be the perfect child. The mother was unfortunately sick and fated to die thanks to an unknown stranger whose identity remained a mystery until this day. She was to be beautiful, to be smart and to be strong. When she was born, her father was so sure that he had done it. He had never seen a child so perfect in appearance. She looked just like her mother. He knew without a doubt that without the genetic modifications she would have turned out this way regardless. However, her appearance wasn't the important factor. He was looking for strength and intelligence like no other. He grew close to the child as she grew older and the child grew close to him. When Jessamine turned eight years old, he knew something had not gone according to plan. It was clear he forgot a few characteristics in the process of making her into his ideal child. She had become passionate about useless hobbies like dancing and fashion. She would speak nonstop about becoming a ballerina and ask for nail polish and for a bunny rabbit. Jessamine had little interest in practicing her powers or in martial arts.

The man's idea of a perfect child had not been a sweet little girl with aspirations. It had been a loyal soldier. A weapon.
He wanted to make use of her appearance to manipulate others. He wanted to use her intelligence to further do so and to uncover the deepest secrets and her strength to destroy enemies. He had not loved this child. He had loved the idea of what child was supposed to be. The more time he spent with her, the more he wanted to wring her neck. He absolutely hated her. She was a failed experiment that made him a joke amongst everyone he talked to. His reputation meant everything as a superior.

"Wow what a soldier!" They'd laugh mockingly as they watched her sit by the fireplace, playing merrily with some dolls. "Definitely a killer more merciless than the devil himself!"

She was going to ruin him.

Her striking resemblance to her mother stopped him from straight out ridding her from the world. Instead, he sat the nine year old girl down to play a "game" and tried to use equipment to mind control her and use her body as a puppet. However, he had been his own worst enemy in this situation. She had been given immunity to mind-tampering powers. It did not work. His only option was to break her down into nothing and build her up from scratch. He started playing with her emotions. He'd tell her how much he loved her and buy her whatever she wanted on some days. Then on others, he'd murder her childhood best friend in front of her and force her to kill wild animals even though she'd cry and beg not to. He even hit her sometimes. He had to make her stop smiling all the time and giggling like an idiot. He'd make her run back and forth until she passed out sometimes too. The abuse got worse the older she became.

Jessamine was obviously traumatized from these acts of cruelty. She was confused, sad and scared. However, she would not break. He had created her to be strong and strong she was. She'd find reasons to smile and even continue to dance around when her father wasn't around. When each birthday came around and he didn't race in to tell her happy birthday and give her cake, she knew for sure now that something was wrong but she was too afraid to ask. Finally when she was round thirteen years old, she mustered up the courage, tired of the abuse and confused to why her loving father would only turn up randomly for a few days and turn into a demon the next.
She walked into her father's bedroom to find him sitting on his bed, holding a picture of a blonde woman. He was staring at the picture so intently he hadn't heard her walk in.


She had whispered ever so softly in the eerie silence. Her heart was beating so fast against her little ribcage that she was afraid it might burst out of her chest at any moment. Jessamine was so afraid to finally ask why her daddy had all of a sudden changed. He looked up with a face she didn't recognize. His brows were furrowed more than they'd had ever been. Pure hatred danced in his eyes as they locked on the little girl standing in front of him, trembling in fear. She had never seen such malice and fury. He crushed the picture in his fist, physically trembling due to the anger swelling inside him.

"You turned daddy into a joke. "He finally managed to say calmly. "No one is ever going to take daddy seriously ever again. Your mommy died so you could be alive and all you've ever done is bring misery to me... God Jessamine you're so useless. "His voice choked up, tears swelling in his eyes. "I've never seen anyone as weak as you, Jessamine. The only thing you were supposed to be was strong and you couldn't even be that."

Jessamine shifted her feet, lowering her eyes to the floor. She had never meant to disappoint him. Was this why he was so mean to her?
She had stopped talking to him for months after he had killed her friend and made her kill squirrels and birds but the cruelty had begun before she had ignored him. What did he mean? "Daddy do you love me?"She finally asked quietly.

"You know Jessamine... I've tried. "He began lowly, "I've tried as hard as someone can try to love another person to love you but I just can't. It's so fucking exhausting loving you." She felt her heart drop into her stomach and she stared at the floor with wide eyes." It takes every cell in my body to try to do it and I can't do it anymore.. I just can't!" His voice rose to a shout and he punched over his night table. It fell to the floor along with the table lamp, the bulb shattering against the wooden floor loudly.

The room was dark now. It was moments later he felt a big, rough hand around her throat and breathing had become impossible. Gasping for air and kicking blindly, she thrashed as hard as she could, fighting to live. She wasn't sure why she had wanted to live so badly. Clearly, she was just a waste of space. Maybe it had been because a small part of her thought this was a horrible, long nightmare. Or maybe she still had hopes her dreams were alive. She tried screaming. She tried begging. None of it worked. Her lungs had burned so bad she thought they were on fire. Unfortunately, she was well out of strength. Jessamine shut her eyes, accepting death as it opened its gates for her.

That's when someone flicked the light switch and she felt the hand around her neck disappear. She hit the floor rapidly and slumped there, disoriented. She wheezed loudly, trying to collect enough air to sustain her small body. Though her vision was blurry and she could barely pick up her head, she managed to catch sight of another little girl with long black hair and olive skin standing in the doorway. She watched her father's feet move toward the girl. His big hand gently patted her on the head and he kissed her forehead.
"Not now darling, daddy's busy." He ushered her out and his black shoes turned to point back toward Jessamine's vision.

"Daddy has a new daughter now Jessamine. " With that, he left the room and left her to cry herself to sleep in the dark. That was the last time she ever saw her father. She found herself at a later point with a small pink suitcase inside a strange building, dressed in her pink footie pajamas. She couldn't quite remember how she had gotten there or how. Whatever happened in between crying alone in her father's room and ending up here was unknown to her. These details always escaped her mind upon revisiting these memories. A man in armor and a strange helmet was standing beside her, his hand on her shoulder.

"General Gale, this girl was offered as a recruit by Garrett Calloway as a peace offering. He said she's been genetically modified to be able to withstand mental manipulation and harsh conditions. She is supposed to be the perfect soldier."

"Garrett Calloway huh?" The tall man with the red hair at the desk in front of them asked. The inside of this building reminded Jessamine of an alien spaceship. There was high-tech equipment everywhere and everyone wore the strangest outfits. He stood up and eyed her up and down. "He's not really the type for peace offerings. My first gut thought was that he had sent a spy but now looking at her this is for sure his daughter."

"I don't know sir. She was brought to the door by some of his men and they swore she was ours to keep. Garrett never wants to see her again."

The man sighed, not happy with this answer. He came around the desk and stood in front of Jessamine. He bent down to her height. "She can't be more than fourteen. She's young to be a soldier here but I'm sure we could start her with some training."

"Sir with all due respect-"

"We're so low on recruits. We're going to have to take what we can get."The red-haired man interrupted the helmet-guy. He looked Jessamine in the eye, "Why have you come here?"

Jessamine felt the answer come out her mouth before she could process. She knew why she was here. It was crystal clear. "I'm here to die."

Four years later and Jessamine was one of the strongest soldiers the superior hunters ever had. She knew she was there to die but she had decided secretly that if she was going to die, she wasn't going to be the weak, useless person her father told her she was. She was going to die strong and being of use to people. She had got off to a horrible start in her first year but that's a whole other story to venture into. Having to enter an army with the knowledge that this is how she was going to die was tough to deal with. Jessamine had to watch her dreams die as she finally accepted she was never going to be anything else other than a girl with an expiration date. She wasn't trained as well as the other soldiers were. She wasn't handpicked from a selection of guardians to be here. There had been no harsh testing for her to get into the superior hunters like others had to endure. She was just here and she was the weakest and youngest out of everyone. Jessamine Calloway was a mistake.

General Gale couldn't work with such a traumatized, saddened child even after pairing her with some of his strongest soldiers for training. He made the decision to put her on special pills that made her forget every horrible memory she ever had and change her feelings of misery and confusion to happiness and hope. However, it would only last for a month. She would have to take another pill at that point. The more pills she took with each month, the smaller the gap between taking another pill would take. People started to respect Jessamine more as she started to train hard. She seemed to truly have motivation and even a great personality. She cheered others on and helped people. She acted like the person she had been before her father turned on her. Jessamine became known as a goddess to many of the superior hunters because she was so kind, warm and encouraging.

Jessamine knew the person everyone thought she was didn't exist as she laid there that morning. She had never felt so alone. Most people in the superior hunters didn't have a family but at least they had each other. She had many friends of course. Her best friends were Scarlett, Toby and Xavier. However, the last one wasn't a superior hunter. He was the prince of the superior and she just happened to be dating him. The few who knew this was happening liked to call her and Xavier Romeo and Juliet.

None of them knew the sad, lonely girl that lived inside her mind. As she sat up and took a glass of water and a small pink pill out of an orange bottle from her side table, she made a promise to herself that she would never let them know such a useless person.

She shut her eyes as she placed the pill on her tongue. She then gulped down the glass of water. Within moments, happiness swept over her and she forgot what she had been last thinking about. Her recent online purchase from Macy's came to mind and she excitedly jumped out of bed, curls bouncing behind her and ran out of her room toward Scarlett's to wake her up and tell her that her package was coming today.
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Shay leaned against a willow tree inside Fernwood Academy's gates, sighing and wishing she could sleep. She had to be up at 6:00 A.M to catch the train that took her to the academy. Now it was 7:15, and the damn place still had not opened up. Her uncle, Garrett, was not available to drive her due to a business meeting he had to attend. Although it did not bother her, she hated being up early. She surveyed the people littering the grounds ahead. There was Mike - a friend of hers since elementary school. He had nicknamed her "Moony" after her silver-grey eyes. It was one of her favorite features, next to her wings. Shay would have said hello, but he seemed immersed in his book and she did not want to disturb him.

She meandered over to a bench and sat down quietly. Laughter filled the air and caused her to whirl around. As meek as it were, they backed off. She sighed and rested her head on the back of the bench. Hopefully these underclassmen would learn to not be rude to others - especially in the morning. It was taking all her self control not to say anything. If anything bothered her, it would be bullying. Why people did it was beyond her. People could justify it anyway they wanted to but there was never a valid enough reason for it. She wasn't someone to just stand around and take it either, but she knew when to let it go. Now was that time.

Turning her attention away, Shay watched parents bidding their children goodbye and tore her gaze away. Shay had only known her family for a few years, Garrett had told her, until a fire engulfed their house. From what she understood, she had been at daycare when it occurred. However her parents had been home to prepare for work. They had murdered; murdered by King Zakheav of Russia. His reasoning had been for political reasons, though Shay did not know them entirely. She was furious with the situation and missed her parents. From what Garrett told her, they had been the best parents ever: loving, protective, and above all else, selfless. Their positions were Guardians, which was a career Shay was striving for daily. No other career had been considered. She would follow in her parent's footsteps and avenge their deaths. That had been a promise she made to herself years ago that she would keep. Garrett had been training her for her position, too. He seemed as adamant about her avenging their deaths as she.

Shay glanced around, looking for a familiar face or voice. She hoped Alex would arrive soon; he meant the world to her. He was everything: her rock, confidant, sunshine.... The list went on. He had been her best friend for the longest time. She had seen him as often as she wanted over the summer break. Garrett kept her busy this summer by training her frequently and extra hard. She had asked him why but he wouldn't tell her and asking more only caused him to yell. That, she admitted weakly to herself, had been frightening. The teenager had not dared asking him again and had cleared her mind of it. He must have had a good reason.... Garrett loved her and protected her. She trusted him entirely. From the training, Shay had joked he was doing it for war. It did not occur to her that it might actually be the reason and the war she would be facing was beyond her comprehension.

Alexander's familiar voice broke through her reverie and she bounded up excitedly. She gazed around, grinning wildly. She spotted him and smiled even more. Emma was with him! That little girl meant much to her, too. She had always wanted a sibling, and everyone in their group had one: Jason had his twin brother, Alcina and Ariana were twin sisters, Rose had an older brother, Alex had his sisters' though two were missing. She didn't know where they were, much less Alex. Shay had tried looking for them, but the guardians yelled at her too. It was a common occurrence to be yelled at, though she never truly cared. This year, however, gave her a sense of foreboding that being yelled at would be the least of her worries. She shook her head, clearing her thoughts and reminder herself Alex could read minds.

"Alex!" she chirped in delight as she joined them and beamed. "Emma!" Shay embraced Alex tightly and knelt down to Emma's height to hug her. "Good to see you here, kiddo! How are you? And how's Mr.Alex? Was he a good boy this morning?" With a teasing grin, Shay picked up Emma and set her on her shoulders. She didn't want her to feel left out or scared and shrived to make Emma's day as cheerful as possible. Of course, she would do the same for the other,s but she didn't see them. Shay thought she had seen Jason skulking around but wasn't sure. Either way, she'd see him eventually. That was a thought powerful enough to wipe away any dark or unhappy memory: her friend's who were pretty much her family.
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Rose watched the trees pass in the other direction as she tiredly laid her head against the window. She was truly not a morning person. From 6am to 8am, the girl tended to be in a zombie-like state. She had managed to register her mother singing along to the radio as she drove. Her mother, Jocelyn, clearly enjoyed mornings way more than she did. This wasn't to say Rose was a boring person. Quite the contrary, Rose was as lively as her mother... Well, when she was awake, that is. Usually, Rose was wide awake the first day of school. She tended to get pretty excited over seeing her friends again. She was even more tired than usual this morning. She had barely slept the night before due to nightmares.

Despite it, she had managed to get herself ready this morning. Her fair hair was in a messy side braid with strands hanging down from both sides of her face and she wore some light eye make up and lipstick. She had pulled on a white lace dress at random and some flats. Rose hoped she looked presentable, especially with her boyfriend sitting next to her. She was pretty sure she was the only person in the world who can say she lived with her boyfriend with her mom at age 15. She had met him the summer before this one during a time when some idiots decided to use their powers to create a blizzard in the middle of the summer. He had been sitting outside by himself, practically freezing to death when she guided him into her home and took care of him. She soon learned he had no where to go and with her mother's blessing, he was allowed to stay. They had rapidly become best friends and it escalated from there. She had fallen so hard for this boy that he took up at least 95 % of her thoughts.

She gazed away from the window to smile at him and touch his hand as her mother spoke up from the drivers seat, "So Rose. Any reason you were up at 3 am watching Friends?"

Rose blinked and bit her lip, "Well. I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. "She went with. She was getting too old to complain about nightmares. "And now I pay the price for that."She said with a yawn.

"That you do. Just go get some coffee you'll be alright. You can nap after classes." Jocelyn said as she slowed the car to a stop. "Alright kids. This is our stop. "She bent over the seat to hug each of them. "I love you guys. Call me if you need anything I'm only a fifteen minute drive away. Be safe and James... Please make sure she doesn't get into trouble. Take care of each other."



"Alex!" The voice of an angel made Alex turn around. "Emma!" He grinned widely as Shay entered his arms and hugged her back tightly. "Shay! Oh God I've missed you so much."
He watched her hug Emma and say, "Good to see you here, kiddo! How are you? And how's Mr.Alex? Was he a good boy this morning?" Emma giggled as Shay set her on her shoulders. "Hi Shay! Mr. Alex was a bad boy this morning he ate the last toaster strudel! And the icing!" She said amongst her giggling.
He had barely heard Emma's words, too distracted by Shay's radiant beauty. He kept staring for a moment then he shook his head, "Wait what?"
Emma smirked at his dazed look, "Your boyfriend's an airhead."She whispered to Shay teasingly.

"Hey! I heard that!"Alex exclaimed and poked her arm accusingly. She giggled in reply. He sighed and looked at Shay, "So I'm taking AP classes... I don't know how well this is going to turn out. What classes did you sign up for?"
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"Shay! Oh God I've missed you so much." Alex told her while she greeted Emma and him.
"Hi Shay! Mr. Alex was a bad boy this morning he ate the last toaster strudel! And the icing!" Emma said among her giggling. Shay smirked and ruffled her hair gently.
"Oh did he now? I'll kick his butt for you and buy you your own toaster strudel." She told her and glanced up to see Alex staring at her, dazed. She went red and smiled at him shyly, looking away. They knew each other quite well and she had grown up with him, but he still caused her to become nervous. She hoped to God she never lost him, or Emma. They meant so much to her.
"Wait what?" Alex asked confused. He hadn't heard them.
She smirked down at Emma who said, "Your boyfriend's an airhead."She whispered to Shay teasingly.

"Hey! I heard that!"Alex exclaimed and poked Emma's arm accusingly. Shay stared at them with joy and compassion. She loved these two and twas happy that they had one another. Still, she wished she had a sibling - a biological one. It was lonely to stay home alone for so long while Garrett was out on business trips. She had tried to go with him so she wasn't lonely but he didn't let her go. Once, she had sneaked int the airport and almost onto the plane but a security guard had found her . Garrett had been furious but impressed, that she had managed to go that far and forge a ticket. She sighed and looked back to Alex, breaking out of her reverie. "So I'm taking AP classes... I don't know how well this is going to turn out. What classes did you sign up for?"

Shay's eyebrows raised. She wasn't shocked he had the classes, but was more shocked that she, too, had been accepted. "AP classes as well. I think the class director was drunk when he took in my application." Her voice was low so Emma wouldn't hear her last comment. "We'll be competing with Alcina now." She was the brain's of their group. She wouldn't ever be on Aly's level but that didn't bother her. Her dream career was to become a guardian and go to their college academy for it. It had remedial courses but they weren't major. She didn't try to fail but she didn't try too hard either. She only did if the classes applied to her dream career. This semester though she planned to take it more seriously because of the nature of her classes. These were going to be tougher this year. At least she would have Alex there to help her. Without warning, she turned and rested her head on his shoulder while still holding Emma's legs.


James stared outside, unable to imagine that his life were still real. Was he still living with Rose and her mother, or was he at the palace still? He sometimes felt confused and wasn't sure if something so great could be so real. He did not take anything for granted, in fear it could be taken away. He would rather have his intestines pulled out of him before he went back to the superior, especially under Victor's watch. It was a fate worse than death. There were terrible things he knew that could happen but he hoped that they never would. He loved Rose, Jason and their friends dearly. He was so terrified of losing them. He worked out at least two hours a day, every day, and trained with the Guardians almost every other day. He took it so seriously and wasn't one to put it passed him to relax.

James slept, but it was only a light sleep. He couldn't ever relax, no matter how hard his brother tried to persuade him with his power. James knew to hide it from the others and act as if everything were fine but there were always small traces of fear and panic underneath. He startled, was always aware of his surroundings, and scanned every room or sought out exits in buildings. Loud noises alarmed him, and sometimes he regarded the others with hostility, though he never meant to purposely. They had become accustomed to it and wouldn't yell at him for it, either. He had managed to sleep the previous night but it had only been for five hours. The irrational yet realistic fear of the superior raiding his life again was immense.

James didn't realize they were halfway to Fernwood until Jocelyn's voice returned him to the present. "So Rose. Any reason you were up at 3 am watching Friends?" He looked over to see an exhausted Rose. He hadn't even realized she had been up, because he had been too preoccupied with his own fears. He knew something was wrong, but wasn't going to bring it up in front of her mother. He didn't want her to worry. She was a second mother to him, but he knew nothing could replace his parent's. The thought of them brought sorrow to his heart and a deep ache to emerge in his chest. He quickly focused on the scenario at hand to distract himself.

"Well. I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. " Rose decided to say. James knew this was a lie, and that she received nightmares. He had tried to help her by using mind shield,s but he knew the superior were strong, too, like he was. "And now I pay the price for that."She said with a yawn.

"That you do. Just go get some coffee you'll be alright. You can nap after classes." Jocelyn said as she slowed the car to a stop. He felt his heart race with a thousand fears of what could happen at the academy. The Guardians could try as hard they wanted to stop the superior, but there were always loopholes. He had to tell himself to stop thinking about it at least thirty times before he could function correctly. "Alright kids. This is our stop. "She bent over the seat to hug each of them. James hugged her back and was silent, nodding. "I love you guys. Call me if you need anything I'm only a fifteen minute drive away. Be safe and James... Please make sure she doesn't get into trouble. Take care of each other." He looked at Mrs. Beaumont and nodded.

"Of course, Mrs. Beaumont. I won't let anything happen to Rose. You know me." He smiled and climbed out and ran over to the other side to assist Rose. "She's my little flower." He kissed her head, waved to Jocelyn, and then continued towards Fernwood academy.

"Rose." James began as he looked at her once out of sight of Jocelyn. "Do you want to talk about it?"
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"Well, well, well. I haven't seen you since your party boy days."

Cameron had been standing on roof of one of the buildings of Fernwood Academy. In particular, it was the dormitory that had the greenhouse on the roof. His arms were folded over the ledge as he gazed over it, watching the students pile up in front of the school.

He whirled around, curious to who the owner of the voice was. "Ah. Xander."He smirked, raising a flask that he had in one hand, "Want some?"

Xander joined him, taking the flask and taking a gulp. He passed it back to him, folding his arms over the ledge too. "What are you doing?"

"Just standing here. Quite hard to see that, eh? "Cameron asked, "I thought you were more observant than that."

"I mean in general, idiot. Are you part of the superior or not?"Xander punched his arm lightly.

He shrugged, laughing without humor. "Who knows. It's a mystery to everyone."

"A mystery that could very well get you killed."

"But isn't that more fun?" Cameron angled his body a bit to look at him. "You were sent here to kill me weren't you?"

Xander nodded, not looking at him. "Yeah. Ever since Veronica you haven't shown up to one meeting. And you know what, man? We're not completely unreasonable even though we were all told to remain emotionless and don't fall in love with people. Of course that's what you fucking go and do. Nonetheless, they let you go off drinking and gambling and whatever low-life thing you decided to get yourself into-"

Cameron punched him so hard that Xander went stumbling back several feet. He made eye contact with Xander, not speaking for a good thirty seconds. He turned away, folding his arms over the ledge again. "You know very well to never say that name to me. I haven't been doing that shit anymore. The superior give me something to do and I do it. I don't know what else they fucking want. "

Xander wiped blood off his mouth, composing himself. "It's not enough Xander. Your emotions are wild and you're unpredictable. Your true allegiance is with yourself and they don't like that."

"So what are you asking for, Xander? I know you're here to ask for something in return for my life."Cameron replied dryly.

"I want you to introduce me to your sister."

Cameron let out a incredulous laugh, "Pfft. My sister would hate you. Why do you need me to introduce her to you?"

"Because if she thinks you trust me, she'll trust me. Now do you wanna live or not?"

"Who says I won't kill you instead if you try to kill me."Cameron retorted. "Maybe I don't want a stupid fuck like you near my sister."

"Because you're not the only one who I was told to kill, Cameron." He moved to the roof and gestured toward an wooded area. Jason was with three thugs, seemingly just talking. "He owed these thugs money so I let them in on his location. Don't try to tell me you don't care about him because I know you do."

Cameron sighed, "Fine. Whatever. I'll introduce you to her tonight."

"No. Now."Xander demanded.

"Kill the thugs then." Cameron said.

Xander looked over the side, his trench coat billowing in the wind. His vibrant eyes focused on the men and they suddenly collapsed on the ground. Jason was looking around in confusion as this point. He turned back to Cameron. "There you go."

"Great. Now do you want to be introduced as useless bastard or shit-eating manwhore?"



Rose adjusted the strap of her pink cat backpack and watched her mother drive away. Once she was gone, she turned to James to respond to his question. She found no matter how stupid it was, she could not lie to him. Even if she tried, she was sure he'd be able to tell. They had spent so much time together that they knew each other more than they knew themselves. "I had some intense nightmares."She admitted, "I just couldn't go back to sleep after I woke up. I didn't know my mind could conjure up things like that." She sighed. Rose paused a moment, checking his expression. She quickly smiled at him and took his hand, swinging it back and forth. "No matter. Dreams are dreams. Reality's more important. Are you excited to see everyone?"



"AP classes as well. I think the class director was drunk when he took in my application."

Alex chuckled at her reply, "Honestly. Me too. I haven't been taking school too seriously in recent years but I guess this is a chance for us to fix that. " He scratched his head on her Alcina remark "Her level? Maybe you, but never me. I'm going to be banging on her door begging her for help every night. "

"Did I hear you two are taking AP classes?"

Alex glanced over his shoulder to see Alcina standing not too far from them, holding a tote bag with both of her hands in front of her. She was dressed in her usual casual chic attire with a plain tank, jean jacket and skirt along with some flats. Her hair was a lot longer than he remembered, reaching past her belly button. "Hey Aly!"He said cheerfully, beaming at her. "We missed you." He had known Alcina and her sister Ariana for a super long time. They had a small group of friends which included the twins, himself, Shay, Rose, Jason and now since last year, James. Though good friends with Ariana, she often went off with Riley often and he tended to stay with his group of friends which Ariana had found a place in.

She came over and hugged Shay and Alex, then Emma. "Hey sweetheart. First day at school huh? Nervous?"She asked warmly.

"A little bit."Emma admitted, "I'm worried I won't know anyone."

"No one does the first day. It's okay. You'll make friends easily. I promise."Alcina rubbed her shoulder and looked at Shay and Alex. "I'm so proud of you guys for taking AP classes. You're both going to do really good. If we're taking the same ones, we can do a study group together."

"Oh please God let that be true. I need you Aly I'm so screwed."Alex told her, laughing. "I'm too dumb for this. My parents are making me take them."

She sighed, "You're not dumb, sweetie. You'll be fine."

"Thanks, Aly. I hope so. Where's Ariana?"

"When we got out of my aunt's car, she went off to find Riley. "

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Shay jumped when Alcina's voice filled the air. She turned and beamed at her. Alcina was one of her longtime best friends. She could brighten up any room with her optimism Shay hugged Aly and then nodded. "Yeah, we're both in AP classes." She fell silent to allow Alex and Emma to speak. "It sucks! I hate being in these classes," she moaned and looked at Aly.

"We need the study group! I'm going to fricken die in these classes." She then looked around to spot for James and Rose and yelled over when she saw them, "Yo! Over here, Rose, James!" People turned to look over but Shay ignored them, waving her arms frantically and laughing at the stunned looks on some people's faces. "Over here!"

James looked up from his conversation with Rose, sighing. He gave Shay a thumbs up then turned back to Rose. "Aww, I'm sorry, Rose. I'm here for you. I'll help you stop them." He hugged her close and kissed her cheek. "I'll make sure to keep am ind shield on you, ok? I love you." He felt concern as well within him., Maybe it was nothing, maybe it was something. Either way he knew he needed to keep a careful eye on Rose. The superior could be lurking about and giving her nightmares because she was a Housen. He remained cheerful for her sake and impassive, keeping his concern at bay.

"HEY!" Shay yelled once more, "Don't ignore me, cinnamon!" James sighed at his nickname, managing an amused smile. It was the color of his eyes so she had given him the nickname.

"I think we should go before she loses her shit," He gently held her hand and pulled her carefully through the crowd with him. James looked at the group with a sigh as he came over.

"Shit, it's been ten minutes and you're all over each other already? God,"Shay jokingly looked at Rose. "I'm kidding, you know me. Missed you two so much! All of you! We just need Jason now." She looked down at Emma and grinned. "Look at you, being a little big shot, hanging out with the big kids."


Ariana left the car and bade her twin goodbye. It wouldn't be for long, however, because she knew that they would hare a dormitory together. It was the same set-up each year. Still, a pang hit her hard in the chest as she watched her twin leave. Ariana loved her but felt out of place with her friends. It was slightly awkward for her; they were close, and she was not. It was almost her fault but she felt more at peace with Riley. The thought of him made her grin uncontrollably. She gazed around for him and sat down on a bench near the fountain placed in the center of the entrance. It was the most conspicuous place to be, since most people stayed to the sides. She texted Riley,Hey I'm by the fountain at fern. R u here yet? Then, setting her phone in her purse, waited.

She wore a floral neon t-shirt with a pair of jeans and converse. Around her shoulders was a knit cardigan. Ariana had tied her hair into a bun with a few hair strands hanging down to frame her face. The hair blew lightly around her face and she wished she could end the breeze - yet no-one was allowed to us many powers. It was mandatory procedure which she agreed with, but was regretting not controlling the wind sooner. She looked at her light pink nails and nervously checked her phone to see if Riley had responded.
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"Now, now... Boys. Can't we just talk this out?"

Jason knew he could just roast them like the pigs they were but he had gotten in trouble almost three times last year for starting forest fires.
He pulled out his wallet and quickly pulled out a ten dollar bill. "Look. I can start you guys with this and you can split this for some ice cream or something then I'll get on paying you the rest back."

Three thugs were surrounding Jason in a triangular formation at this point. They were all a lot bigger than Jason and wore ski-masks. They were in all black. They had lured him out into the trees not too long ago. They looked at him incredulously and then at each other. "Is this guy for real?"One of them asked

"Yeah. I've heard often that the youngest son of the big scary Salvatores was actually the stupidest." The other one told him with a laugh. He glanced at Jason finally, "Kid. You owe us each one thousand."

"No way. He's owed me a thousand for a good year now. That shit gained interest." The third joined.

"Well. I don't have it on me right now. "Jason said. "But I can show you the best abs you've ever seen in your life and that shou-" He watched them all suddenly collapse. They hit the ground with a thud, unmoving. He turned on his feet in a circle, staring at each of them. "Ha."He said with a smirk. "Fuck you."

A sigh made him turn back towards the depths of the forest. A tall blonde emerged, her hair in a curly pony tail. She had on a leather jacket over a red tank and jeans. She was wearing heeled boots as she always did. "God damn it Jason. I was about to run in here and kick their asses for you. How do you get yourselves in these situations?"

Jason winked at her, "I get myself in them just so you'll come to save me, baby." That gained the response of an eye roll from her. "Oh come on, Jess. I had it under control. I mean, check it out... They all passed out in fear."

"Sure, they did."Jessamine said and grabbed him by the sleeve of his jacket, yanking him along toward the school. "Just for once, stay in school. You don't have to be Cameron." Despite his random attempts at flirting, Jason knew he was like a brother to Jessamine. They had been friends for years since Cameron kicked him to the curb. She always tried to set him straight which Jason, though he appreciated, thought was pointless.

"I'm nothing like Cameron."Jason said defensively, anger filling his tone.

"You're his mini me, Jason. I know it's not your fault but take your life seriously. People care about you and you put yourself in so much danger. I'm still trying to work out issues with all the enemies you made." Jessamine said, stopping him. "You have your brother back. You have Rose, you have Shay and Alex and Alcina... I can keep going Jason. They'd all be so heartbroken if they lost you. "She took his shoulders, turning him to look right at his brother. "James is scared, Jason. Can't you see it in his eyes? He can't do this without you. Stop 'borrowing' money from people and let me deal with them. "

Jason stared at James, swallowing. She was right. James always seemed on edge now. He knew he had good reason to. The superior were getting relentless and the two of them were bright red targets. The difference between them was that Jason was better at keeping himself distracted from reality. He didn't mean to get into so much drama even though he personally found it fun sometimes. It was just the way he remembered Cameron getting money when he needed it. "Fine, yeah. I'll try to avoid it. I don't ask for people to come threaten me, alright? "

"That's a good boy!"She grinned, giving him a hug. "Now I know you could totally have any girl in the school if you wanted. Who's the lucky lady this year?"

He shrugged. He had dated so many girls he forgot. Hooking up with them was fun and they were often cute but he never felt much of anything for them. It just always seemed like they just liked him for his looks. They were never interesting to him. "That's a mystery, my dear." Jason said to her, "What's up with your prince?" He wiggled his eyebrows as he asked.

"Oh well, nothing new."Jessamine said and pushed him toward the crowd at school. "Go on and stay there this time."


Hey I'm by the fountain at fern. R u here yet?

The moment Riley received that text, he dropped the conversation he was having with his friends immediately. He went sprinting toward the fountain and threw his arms around the beautiful girl waiting there. "There's my girl!"He exclaimed, swinging her around by her waist. "God did I miss you!" He set her down, staring at her. He had never seen anyone more beautiful in his life and he loved her so much. He cupped her face, smiling. "How was your summer, princess? I know mine kinda sucked without you there. "

Everyone pretty much loved Riley. He was that super friendly kid who never got mad or said anything rude. However, he was gullible and naive. He had been hanging out with a new crowd this year and never even noticed how opposite they were to him. "You gotta meet my new friends, Ariana. You're going to love them."He wrapped an arm around her as a group of boys came over. They were all quite buff and none of them had a happy expression on their face. "This is Lindon."

A tall, red-haired boy with a pout on his face waved without much enthusiasm. "Sup."

"The huge guy that's walking around is Louis and then this is Bob, Jeff, Dylan and Megan."



"Yo! Over here, Rose, James!"
Rose looked in the direction of her best friend's voice and laughed when she saw her waving her arms around. "Look at that dingo."

"Aww, I'm sorry, Rose. I'm here for you. I'll help you stop them." He hugged her close and kissed her cheek. "I'll make sure to keep a mind shield on you, ok? I love you."

Rose hugged him back, squeezing him gently. "Aw no worries Jamesy. Can't really mind shield me from my own kooky mind now can you?" James tended to act like there were people going to attack them sometimes. She always wondered if it had to do with the past he kept hidden from all of them. She remembered finding him as a scared, young boy alone in the snow that day and knew she was right.

"HEY!" came Shay's yelling, "Don't ignore me, cinnamon!"

"Hold your horses, BEYOTCH!"Rose called and looked at James.

"I think we should go before she loses her shit." Rose had to agree with that one. She took his hand back and began yanking him over. She tackle-hugged Shay immediately. She and Shay had been best friends for years now. "You couldn't just let me and James finish a conversation now could you?" SHe smirked.

"Shit, it's been ten minutes and you're all over each other already? God,"Shay jokingly said and Rose stuck her tongue out, teasing back, "Oh please I saw you and Alex!"

"I'm kidding, you know me. Missed you two so much! All of you! We just need Jason now." She looked down at Emma and grinned. "Look at you, being a little big shot, hanging out with the big kids."

Emma smiled shyly and shrugged at Shay while Rose bent down to her. "Oh my God, Emma you're here!"Rose exclaimed excitedly. "It's your first time here, huh? That's awesome!" She high-fived her.
"We gotta show you around! You're going to love the ice cream stand."

"Ice cream?"Emma repeated, smiling.

"You betcha!"Rose smirked and straightened up on her feet to take James hand again.

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The Superior: Damien, Vincent, Persephone, Harry, Victorie, Faith


Vincent watched from his spot near the entrance of Ferrnwood Academy. Blonde hair spilled over his face and nearly into his eyes and he remained himself that he needed a haircut. Of course, Victorie, his best friend, would disagree. She loved his hair long, he remembered. He sighed and leaned back against a tree behind him. The new start of term for students would be one filled with excitement and anxiety, compared with the mundane work of school.

This year would be different and he knew why: the superior were going to finally come out of hiding. They were powerful enough now. Each faction of them had trained long and hard. Still, Vince thought they should lay low. Then again, his opinion didn't matter so he remained silent on the topic. The reason they were there now was to choose potential candidates to watch and then kidnap later on and see if they were worthy. Well, if they didn't, they would end up his 'care' and well....

His thoughts disbanded, he began examining the students carefully. His gaze kept flickering to Alcina who had recently arrived. After a few more seconds, he looked back to the group and sighed. "This is great. I'm having the time of my life, Damien." He craned his neck to look at Damien graves, the man that the citizens of the United States had thought died long ago. It was a lie of course. He had used a superpower to hide it. Vincent wondered how long it would take these idiots to figure it out once the superior began terrorizing the population. Not long, he supposed, but he thought most of the people here weren't intelligent. Maybe it was how he raised; to hate the exact academy he sat nearby.

He tossed his head sideways to push the hair out of his eyes and adjusted the collar on his dress shirt and absentmindedly dusted off his perfectly pleated and clean jeans. It was a habit of his to remain as solid as he could appearance wise. The Superior were not allowed to look disorderly - except, maybe for Persephone Salvatore, but not many people cared for her other than her powers. He hadn't spoken to her often, anyways - so why did it matter?



"Vincent," Damien turned to him with a sigh. "I told you to stop speaking to me like that. If I have to do it again, I'm going to hurt you." He stood, farther back than the rest, arms folded. His gaze was locked on Alcina and Ariana, his twin daughters. They had the strength and intelligence to be within the superior, but convincing them would be difficult, if not impossible.

That's why he planned on torturing them into submission. Alcina's hydrokinesis, mixed with Ariana's air element would be incredible. It was something he dreamed of and was silently prepping them for, though they hadn't the idea. The enticing aspect of it was that the two could create a hurricane together and destroy anything and everything he wanted them to. The twins' powers were the best deal a father like he could ever want, especially since Alcina also had invisibility sand Ariana could heal.

It almost beat the Housen brats' powers. To have them join however would be the difficult part. If it came down it then he would force them. The force was not something he would willingly use, though it was the last resort. He hoped they would be more intelligent than that.

Damien turned to Vincent who looked away, his voice level and calm. The darkness in his eyes caused Vincent to shutter. He tried his best to hide it but nothing missed Damien Graves. "Do I make myself clear, Hawthorne?" Vincent nodded and Damien turned away. "I better, because I don't think Torie would like to lose her partner in crime." He turned back to the lousy excuse of an academy and folded his arms. He wondered why they herded all the students into different areas, divided by their education level. Did they want the superior to kidnap people? It almost seemed that way to him. Either way it was easier for him to pick off potentials as he called them and murder the useless.



Victorie looked up from her spot on a tree branch near Vincent, looked down. Fair-haired with honey blonde hair mixed with her ocean blue eyes, she was popular amongst the superior. Vincent and her looked alike but shared no family history. It was something she was both grateful and infuriated with - though she knew deep down, why it was that they didn't share family history. It was nothing she preferred to discuss with anyone and pretended not to know. The idea of losing him as her partner though was distressful; although, she would love to see Skylar more than she was currently.

She frowned at Damien then looked sharply at Vincent. "Get it together, will you?" she huffed and folded he arms. "Don't be stupid, Vinny. You know I hate stupidity." She was the only person allowed to call him Vinny and she did so proudly. Wrinkling her nose, she tossed an acorn she had found at his head causing him to scowl up at her. The blue eyes she loved were darker now, though it was temporary.
"What was that for, Vick?" He demanded as he looked up at her.

"For being a weirdo," she giggled at his face and held onto the branch. "Don't do weird shit,"
"Fine, bitch,” He muttered and sat back down. "Cute outfit, you know," He commented off handedly and turned away so he wasn’t' facing her direction.

Victorie smiled at him as a dark red blush crept up her cheeks. Hardly remembering her outfit, she gazed down to admire it: she wore a marled blue tank top paired with ripped black denim. Her boots harnessed black spikes around them and she wore a black jacket as well. Honey blonde hair spilled out of her black beanie and over her shoulders. Tossing the remains over them, she glanced in his direction while a smile curled her lips. Canine like teeth were protruding out almost. It was a mutation of Torie’s that she wasn't sure if she liked or not, seeing as it made kissing such a hazard. "I know, right?" She asked with a laugh and watched him shake his head in amusement.

Her gaze flicked to Alcina briefly. This mind-numbing book worm was one of Damien’s pride and joys and she couldn’t understand why. It wasn’t as if the damn nerd had any personality or spirit. The other twin as just as bad in personality; but their only redeeming qualities wee their powers. Torie looked away from the group and to the students. Some of them were acting like a bunch of apes and it was pissing her off. She was going to kill one of them during this year if she was allowed too, anyway.



To the right and almost invisible - hiding behind foliage, or trying to be anyways -, stood a young woman with features akin to a ghost. It was her appearance and nickname therefore suiting her. Trying to act like one, though, was the problem. When missing, she was always the one found. Nobody else, of course, but she was not allowed to disappear. The conversation to her left was nothing but idle chatter. It was petty, and something she wished would just go away. If there was any option for her to be elsewhere - out of the superior for good - she would take it no matter the cost. It was almost a hell being here. Yet, it was her life now and she was being forced to accept it ten years later. All she could do was remain as invisible as one could manage and stick to her friends. They weren't anyone else's, either – just Torie’s.

Though her family history and own persona had its' downsides in the superior nobody, nobody would dare let a necromancer with her skill, leave. Even named after the dark myth of Persephone, necromancy and ghosts were in her blood. Ghosts were her only friend’s which suited her just fine. They were better than human company and weren't half as irritating.

Her gaze wavered between from the descendants of the superior she lived with, to the thundering oaf in front of her. The beast, as she called him was causing enough racket bring more attention than needed. Stumbling around the courtyard and forcing students out of his way was Ezra. Persephone wondered if he had been genetically altered to be taller and more muscular than an average human but was too scared to ask. The fact that he was stronger than half the superior and taller than almost all of them terrified her. If he found out she was asking questions, there would be hell - Ezra's unknown hatred of fair-haired girls kept her away. Ignorance was bliss in this situation. The less she knew the better her life chances of survival.



"Harrison." The young man looked over, trying not to grimace. Who the hell named their kid Harrison? Had they been drunk when they invited the name? He could've punched Damien for saying it but that was obviously only something a dumbass would do. It was an act he witnessed a few times but the giver was never seen again. That job belonged to some poor asshole who he hoped wouldn't ever be him. He looked over and raised his brows.

"Sup," He asked and snickered at the ridiculous the nickname the superior were given by foolish students. Unamused, Damien’s' stern gaze caused him to cough and ask politely, "Yes?"

"You're going to give the group a tight leash without loosening it an inch. You are going to befriend as many of them as you can without the Salvatore’s knowing. And make sure you remain close with Shay. I'll see you at Fernwood by 5:00 this evening. If you want to bring a friend, go ahead. I don't care who it is, just don't bring ghost. Got it?"

Harry snickered, seeing Persephone's quick narrowed gaze. It flicked away after a moment. "Sure, whatever you say. I'll decide who it is before we leave." Damien didn't reply but Harry understood his message: get it done or get tortured. The mere ideas that popped into his head were enough to cause anyone to shut up.
Harry turned away and looked at his old best friend in the crowd: Anastasia Shay Belikov. Though they had met years ago and remained in contact, he wasn't seeing her as often. Garrett had introduced them, hoping she would later join the superior and feel comfortable if he were a part of it. It had almost worked out, too, until….

Harry looked over at the others and watched Leslie look in earnest at Alex and Emma. He sighed. The poor thing needed more indoctrination to fully hate them and become one of them. He knew it was someone else’s’ job, though, so he remained silent. If the superior weren’t careful, she’d run off and do God knows what. Harry hated having the kids around due to their unruliness, but the superior had a knack for taming the children and manipulating them.

Harry huffed and continued to observe and ignored everyone else. Nonetheless he cringed when he heard Faith giggle. Her radiant joy made him feel sick inside. It was contagious sometimes and he wasn’t in the mood to deal with it.



Faith giggled as she watched a video on her phone of animals. She knew watching videos of animals were helpful for her power but it became overbearing. Learning how to act like the animals properly while shape-shifted was exhausting. She didn’t even want to think of the fleas, either. It made her shutter. When she wasn’t studying the animals, Faith felt at peace and a sense of clarity. How simple it was to be an animal, though lonesome if they were strays. They didn‘t have to be caught up in the mess she was in.
What she watched now was a mother dog with her newborn pups.

The owners of the dogs gave the dog’s space and food, all the while caring for them as much as they could. She couldn’t help but feel envious. Her brothers’ and hers’ mother hadn’t done a thing for them. Faith turned off the video and looked at the ground. Without noticing, her hair turned a light shade of cobalt unexpectedly; a color Faith used when sadness hit her. She sighed and looked at her brothers: Louis, Ezra, Mortimer…. The others were God knew where. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to know.

She looked around for Felix who was her best friend. Skylar, Torie, and some of the others were too, though she preferred Felix’s company. He was quiet, calm and, well, to others- intimidating. It wasn’t a quality she minded. In fact, it kept her brothers from harassing her at times. She sighed and began to look for him.

Fernwood Academy Students: Shay, Ariana, James


Shay watched as Rose and James came over and laughed with them and the others. Jason emerged moments later and joined them too. Shay pulled them into an unexpected hug as best she could and grinned. “I’m so happy we’re all back together, dude. It’s been too da-dang long.” She quickly corrected herself so she didn’t swear in front of Emma. Swearing was problematic for her and she wondered how many times she’d get yelled at for it this year. She didn’t mean too, but had heard it so much it at home that it had become part of her language.

Finally the guardians came out and gave them a quick morning announcement. Shay didn’t pay attention to it and sighed, waiting for it to be over. It was something about getting schedules and the usual first-day bullshit. It was only a prelude of what was to come later in the day. After it was over, the students moved into lines by grades to receive their schedules. There were huge bulletin boards on the wall, alphabetized by name. At each name contained an envelope of their information. To prevent students from stealing or messing with another’s information, it had flesh memory. It recognized each student’s fingerprints. People moved around, calling to friends or otherwise being obnoxious. Shay waited,bored, groaning at the wait. She hated it, but was part of the academy.

Shay looked over at Ariana and Riley, and then her eyes nearly fell out of their sockets. The dude nearest her was tall and muscular as hell. Shay thought she was under an illusion or a hallucination; but she wasn’t. Shay stared a few moments longer then turned away to look for Alex. Do you see that guy by Ari, Alex? He’s HUGE! In muscle! Shay then bit her lip and thought after. Don’t worry, you’re much hotter, babe. Love you.

When it was finally her turn, Shay moved to the bulletin board and looked for her name. She grabbed hers and opened t and moved out of the way fast before the crowd emerged on her. She sat by the window sill and opened it. Her schedule was lame as hell and she groaned inside.

First: Animal Behavior
Second: AP Calculus
Third: AP Biology
Fourth-fifth: Power-training
Sixth: Lunch
Seventh: Advanced Fencing
Eighth: Self-Defense and Combat
Ninth: Survival Skills
Tenth: AP English
Eleven: Chorus
Twelfth: AP French

Roommate: Rosaline Gale. Room 218.

Her schedule sucked. It was all back to back courses without many breaks. Not only that, but it was mainly combative training. She sighed stressfully and waited for the others. She smirked at her roommate and knew Aidan had personally set that up. God bless him, she thought to herself with a sigh of relief.



"There's my girl!" Ariana’s head shot up as Riley ran over ot her and hugged her by the waist. "God did I miss you!" He set her down, staring at her. Ariana beamed and stood up to hug him then let go. Riley cupped her face, smiling. Her cheeks reddened but she didn’t mind. She adored him. "How was your summer, princess? I know mine kinda sucked without you there.”

“Riley! Hi! It was okay, and yours? I agree, yeah, you know, but I have my twin. Would’ve been nice to see you more, though,” she smirked. “It’s okay! We have time now – all year, right?”

“You gotta meet my new friends, Ariana. You're going to love them." He wrapped an arm around her as a group of boys came over. They were extremely muscular, but looked unhappy. She wondered why subconsciously but was too busy staring in awe and shock. They were huge… She had never seen people so buff in her life. "This is Lindon."

A tall, red-haired boy with a pout on his face waved without much enthusiasm. "Sup." Ariana smiled at him weakly, but nervously held onto Riley’s sides. She felt intimidated. They were just so big…

"The huge guy that's walking around is Louis and then this is Ezra, Mortimer, and Aubrey.”

“…Oh,” she finally managed to say, then coughed and smiled kindly. “Hi, I’m Ariana.”

The Guardians and principle came out and gave the student’s their speech. She listened but kept glancing at the news comers. She intertwined her hand in Riley’s, unable to relax. It didn’t seem right. They weren’t normal looking teens. Then again, she didn’t want to be judgmental, but her gut told her something was off. Later, she decided, to speak to him about it. For now, she’d act as if it were fine.

She moved inside and made sure to keep Riley by her side. After receiving her schedule and roommate she kept her envelope tightly in her hands and read it over.

First: Animal Behavior
Second: Pre-Calc
Third: Gym
Fourth-Fifth: Power training
Sixth: Lunch
Seventh: Healing
Eighth: Writing
Ninth: Advanced Martial Arts
Tenth: Extra training
Eleven: Self-Defense/Combat
Twelfth: Art

Roommate: Alcina Rivers. Room 214.

Ariana bit her lip. She had one free period and it was lunch. That sucked, majorly. She sighed and looked for Riley and waved him over to her fast. The better part though was her room mate was Alcina. It was standard but nice to know that they kept them together. She sighed and gazed around for her twin and Riley.



James smiled at the group and held Rose close. He watched as Jason joined and shook his head. He knew he had bene up to something but wasn’t going to interrogate him now. “Jason, “He sighed in greeting. “How are you? “He asked and nodded to Jessie before she disappeared. He looked at Rose and Emma and then smiled. “Yeah, all the ice cream you can imagine. We’ll take you to get some this semester okay?”

When he saw Louis, Lindon, Ezra, Mortimer and Aubrey, James froze. This was not happening. They weren’t here! He blinked hard several times and gaped. It was hard to believe they got in but weren’t even being discreet. James stared and nudged Jason, then used technopathy to text Aidan and Benjamin. He didn’t let Rose see and had the texts deleted as well. Thankfully he had the power to manipulate and control technology. “Stay close to me, Rose “He told her in an undertone and pulled her to his side tight. James tensed as he passed them and kept his head down.

Once inside, he stayed by Rose’s side. He waited to receive his schedule and roommate and felt unable to care for it. His heart hammered and his forehead and hands were clammy. James barely paid attention to his schedule after receiving it.

First: Animal Behavior
Second: Pre-Calc
Third: Weight-lifting
Fourth-fifth: Power training
Sixth: Lunch
Seventh: Advanced Fencing
Eighth: Free period
Ninth: Advanced Martial Arts
Tenth: Gym
Eleven: Self-Defense/Combat
Twelfth: Free period

Roommate: Jason Salvatore, room 215.

James looked around and quickly found Rose. He ignored Shay for the moment. After pulling her to his side, he forced a smile. “What’s your schedule, Rosie?” He asked and kissed her forehead and kept his arms wrapped around her lovingly, but it was, in truth, protective. He beckoned shay over who rolled her eyes and started towards them instead. He ignored her grimace for the moment. There were more improtant things on his mind than her dismay. James felt terrified and anxious but was trying not to show it for the girls' sakes and Alex's. He smiled at Rose more, forcing himself to think of happier thoughts. It didn't work but his expression brightened physically, at least. "I love you," he told her quietly and hugged her once more.

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"Where you think you're going goldilocks?"
Skylar had been making her way to sit with the others and watch the fetuses make their way into school. She had no idea why anyone gave a damn about it but she knew better than to disobey. However, arriving on time was a different story. Her layered blonde hair fell a couple inches past her shoulder and she wore no make up beside her eye make up. Skylar never felt like she had to try for anyone but apparently she was good-looking just like this to some people. Some superior liked to dress super hard-core in order to pose a threat without even speaking but Skylar stuck to some jeans, boots and a tank top.

Skylar turned, her leather boots crunching lightly against the dirt as she turned to glance at the speaker, lowering her shadess to glare at him. "The fuck are you? Who gave you permission to exist?"

A couple of guys had emerged from the bushes. She recognized them from being in the superior but she knew they were not from their group. "We were told you that our master wants to see you immediately. You owe him a conversation or two." One of them spoke up, moving forward threateningly.

"I don't owe anyone jack shit."Skylar snapped in annoyance. "God, at least you guys are giving me an excuse to be late." She didn't flinch when the one who spoke took out a gun and pointed at her.

"Don't act stupid, girl. We know you're not even superior blood. You're just another kid the superior decided to kidnap. You're not as strong as the rest of them. Us three can-"

Skylar raised her hand to him and smiled. She watched the speaker stumble as a sudden loss of energy washed over him. He would have probably collapsed if she hadn't taken the opportunity to twist her body around and kick him hard in the face, knocking him out. She elbowed another in the face and then punched him in the gut. No one could ever say that the girl didn't know how to fight.

She turned to glance at the final guy, smirking. He was stepping backward unsurely. "Tell your leader that the girl you were supposed to get kicked your asses and if he sends any more dipshits like you, I won't be as merciful as I was this time." She grabbed his scruff and shoved him forward a bit, laughing in his face. Spinning on her heels, she made her way to through the trees to join the others. Swiftly, she climbed up and took a seat on a branch next to Torie. "Sorry. Ran into some traffic."She said lightly with a smirk.

She watched as Felix climbed down from a higher branch to sit next to Faith. He smiled faintly at her and greeted her. This was probably more than Felix really did for anyone. He was definitely a hard book to read. Skylar, however, was good enough friends with him to know that he was in love with Faith and had a secret despise for the other superior.



Alexander had made his way up to the bulletin board with Shay and Emma. "Let's see the list of daily tortures we have to endure this year."He said dryly, moving to angle his body to protect the two girls from the obnoxious crowd. He had no idea why everyone was pushing and shoving just to see a stupid class schedule.

Do you see that guy by Ari, Alex? He’s HUGE! In muscle! Shay's thought rang through his mind and he looked around, craning his neck to try and see who she was talking about. It wasn't hard to pick out who she meant. There was a huge-ass dude chilling with Riley and Ariana. He had a buzz-cut and wore a white-tank that showed off his over-sized biceps. Piercing eyes looked back at him as the guy caught his gaze and Alex quickly moved his gaze back to Shay.

Don’t worry, you’re much hotter, babe. Love you.

Alex kissed her hair and smirked down at her, "I would hope so. That guy looks like he's on every steroid imaginable. I wonder what Riley and Ariana are doing with a dude like that. It seems like Riley's got a whole group of new kids or something."

He got his schedule and Emma's schedule after Shay did and took a photo of it on his cell phone. He began examining it as he moved out of the crowd, moving Emma along.

First: Animal Behavior
Second: AP Calculus
Third: Gym
Fourth-fifth: Power training
Sixth: Lunch
Seventh: Advanced Fencing
Eighth: AP English
Ninth: Advanced Martial Arts
Tenth: AP Government
Eleven: Self-Defense/Combat
Twelfth: AP French

Roommate: Lindon Brown, room 217

"Kill me."Alex moaned, hanging his head back. He sighed and looked at Shay for a moment before yelling, "ALCINA!"

Alcina emerged from the crowd a moment later, holding a paper-copy. She joined Alex and Shay, "I'm guessing you guys got hard schedules." He noticed every couple seconds she kept glancing at Ariana and the group of boys.

"Yeah. Look at mine!" He cried frustratedly, showing her.

"Well I'm in AP Calculus and AP English with you. "Alcina said, "We can work together okay? No worries!" She gave him a encouraging smile and patted his shoulder.

"Thanks Aly. I just hope I can do this... Let's see your schedule."
Alcina's schedule ended up seeming a bit tough as well. He wondered if she already took most of the APs in the school yet because she was actually taking a fun class this year. "I should have took cooking." He said jealously.

First: Animal Behavior
Second: AP Calculus
Third: AP Biology
Fourth-fifth: Power training
Sixth: Lunch
Seventh: Advanced Archery-> Teaching
Eighth: AP English
Ninth: Advanced Martial Arts
Tenth: Orchestra
Eleven: Self-Defense/Combat
Twelfth: Cooking Class

Roommate: Ariana Rivers, room 214

"So, errr... Aly. Who are all those big dudes Riley's hanging out with?"

Alcina folded her arms, "I have no clue. I've never seen any of them here before. They're all new kids apparently. I think I'm going to walk over and make sure Ariana's okay before we go inside to check into our rooms. "

"I'll come with you. "Alex offered and looked at Shay. "You in?"
He then remembered Emma and looked at her. "Go to James and Rose. We'll come get you in a minute."

"Okie dokie!"Emma went bounding up to the couple.



"Jason... How are you?"
Rosaline followed James gaze to find Jason approaching the two of them. She grinned and went running up to hug him, "Jaaaacee!"

Jason laughed and hugged Rose back, "Hey blondie. Have a good summer?" He set her down, ruffling her hair. "I'm amazing as always, thanks James how are you-" He suddenly stopped speaking and tensed. James had froze up too. Rosaline wondered why they were so freaked out. She once again followed James' line of sight and found herself looking at Riley. Riley and Ariana were hanging out with a group of guys she didn't quite recognize. They must have meant trouble because the twins seemed to definitely recognize them.

"God damn it. Yeah I see them."Jason said when James nudged him. "What the hell are they even doing here? Did they fucking enroll or something?"

"Okay wait who are they? What beef do you guys have with them?"Rose asked. She knew she could be quite nosy sometimes but if they thought they were going to react like this and expect her to stand there oblivious, they were crazy.

James finally spoke to her, grabbing her waist and pulling her close to his side as he did. Normally she did not mind this action. She always felt so safe feeling his warmth against her body. “Stay close to me, Rose “ He had said.

Rose leaned into him out of force of habit. She glanced up at him, "Okay. No problem with that but what the heck is going on?"
He never really got around to answering. The crowd ended up pushing them along to get their schedules. She found she didn't really care about her schedule right now. James looked truly afraid and it was freaking her out. She could see the sweat gleaming off his forehead in the sunlight. She tried to hug him comfortingly and ended up feeling his heart racing against his chest as she did."James..."She drew off nervously. He still said nothing up until the point he finally received his schedule. He had withdrew in order to go get it. Rose hastily got hers as well but hadn't opened the envelope to really look at it. He was at her side the moment she had moved out of the crowd.

James pulled her back to his side and gave a sad attempt at forcing a smile. On the other hand, maybe she just knew him too well at this point for him to try to fake anything with her. “What’s your schedule, Rosie?” He asked and kissed her forehead. She couldn't help but blush whenever he kissed her. He tried his luck with another smile but Rose knew better. He had hugged her to him again and she could once again feel his heart hammering.

"I love you." James had finally said quietly after a long silence.

"James I love you too but I know you. Those guys really spooked you and I want to know why. "Rose said stubbornly. "Did they ever hurt you? Are they here to bother you?"

Jason rejoined before he could answer and as did Emma. Emma had skipped over. "Alex said to stay with you guys!"

"Hey kiddo!"Jason greeted her, "First day of school exciting?"
Emma nodded, "Yeah! I can't wait!"

Rose tuned out the rest of their conversation as she was distracted by Alex, Alcina and Shay approaching the group of dudes James had just freaked out over. That was when she noticed Riley and Ariana were with them. "Oh geez."She whispered. She wasn't sure what happened exactly but Alex had suddenly dragged Riley to the side roughly. It was so unlike him to treat anyone with anything other than kindness. She wondered if he had said something about Shay.



"Wow Ariana! We have the same classes!" Riley showed Ariana his schedule. It was EXACTLY the same just as Riley had demanded. He hadn't been trying to be a stalker. He had only wanted to be there to protect her. He had a single with no room mate so Ariana could come in any time she wanted. "We're going to have so much fun together!"

"Yeah. Totally."Lindon said with a slight grin, chuckling.

"So this is the pipsqueak you talk about."Louis joined and folded his arms. He eyed Ariana up and down. "She's a bit too innocent looking to my taste. Pretty though." He tilted his head. Riley knew he was probably comparing her to Shay who was a bit more of a biker chick. Louis was creepily obsessed with her. In fact, a lot of these guys got creepily obsessed and he wasn't so sure he liked them but he had to hang with them. They were ensuring him a spot in the superior. Most would think that it was a horrible idea to join the superior but they were so strong and powerful.

For years, guardians had been training to try to get on their level. The only way to become as strong and powerful as them was to become one of them. Knowing Ariana's relation to Damien, he knew she'd play a big role in the future. A war was coming and it would have no mercy. He needed to be strong to protect her from it. He had seen what the superior could do to people and there was no way he was ever letting anyone hurt her.

"Uh no one asked for your opinion and of course she's pretty. She's absolutely gorgeous. " Riley retorted and hugged Ariana to him.

That's when Alcina showed up. He swallowed. Alcina was so pretty too. He was afraid one of them would take a liking to her. He wasn't so sure he could protect them both from these people.

"Hey, Riley..."Alcina said, glancing around at the group. She folded her arms uncomfortably. He wondered what the girl was going to have the guts to say. He knew she froze up in front of crowds.

"Hi Alcina."Riley greeted, "What can I do for you?"

Not to his surprise, Alex walked up behind Alcina a bit protectively. Alex and him had been friends for years and he knew firsthand that Alex could size up a bad situation when he saw one especially due to his mind-reading. He also knew he would do anything for his friends. He felt a bit better knowing at least Alex wouldn't forget Alcina despite his devotion to Shay and he would make sure Alcina was protected as well when things got bad. Not that Alcina and Shay couldn't protect themselves. He just knew they wouldn't be able to handle what's going to come on their own. They needed to have each others' backs.

Riley watched as Alcina and Alex looked at each other, probably exchanging thoughts. She finally looked at Riley and said, "I just wanted to borrow my sister for a moment. I would like to discuss our schedules."

"Oh, sure."Riley untangled his arm from Ariana and swallowed. Louis was staring at Shay so intently. It seemed as if the piercing gaze would actually make holes in her skull. Alexander's expression changed super quickly and his eyes seemed to fill with flames as if in a cartoon. He turned his head to glare at Louis, clenching his fists. Not a moment later did Alex grab Riley's arm a bit roughly and drag him to the side. Riley could imagine what Louis must have been thinking to make Alex act like this.

"Who the fuck are these guys, Riley?" Alex whisper-hissed. "They're fucking freaks. I don't care if you think you're friends with them. They're not good people. Why on earth would you be-"

Riley covered Alex's mouth. He had to shut up before Louis or someone heard him. He knew with their anger problems they would turn and start a fight with Alex. "I know they're kinda weird but just trust me. I'm hanging with them for a reason-"

"You really think they're going to help you protect Ariana? From what even?"Alex demanded, "I think one of them has coke in his pocket I'm not entirely sure-"

"Look Alex just trust me okay? You know me. "Riley carefully filtered his thoughts, "We've been friends for years you know me."

"I really don't trust you right now because I thought you knew better to hang out with people like this. Do they even treat you well?"Alex asked. Riley could imagine steam coming out of his ears. He wondered how much willpower it was taking him not to approach Louis. Unfortunately, he was getting the heat instead.

"Y-Yeah they treat me fine. They won't hurt anyone don't worry. "Riley told him. His voice hadn't sounded as sure as he had willed it to. They were pretty brutal to him because they didn't see him as one of their own yet.

"Whatever man. If we've been friends for years, you should be able to tell me the truth. "Alex said, rolling his eyes. "Keep that Louis kid away from Shay or I might end up in jail for murder."Alex suddenly snapped. He turned and went to make his way quickly back to Shay and Alcina.

"Wait, Alex. Let's shoot some hoops after school, okay? I'll tell you more then."Riley tried. He hadn't known Louis was going to start thinking some perverted shit or whatever he did. Now Alex was going to be mad at him for days...Maybe even weeks. Alex wasn't someone that got mad too easily but when it came to Shay... He would forgive nothing.

"I don't know. Maybe."Alex grumbled in response, not turning back to look at him.

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Shay followed Alex and Alcina towards Riley's group and Ariana. Though James had beckoned her over, she wasn't leaving these two to fend for themselves. She watched as they neared the group and couldn't help but stare at the tallest one. He was so muscular. She was in awe and fear. It was frightening how much muscle h had - Shay thought he could break every bone in her body with a punch. Still, she reflected that she took care of herself and worked out as hard as possible. It was not easy to intimidate her either. She bit her lip when they approached and listened to the conversation. When Alcina took Ariana aside, it left Alex and her.

She gazed up at the muscular boy - or man, she wasn't sure what his age was - and swallowed hard. He was staring intently at her. Shay gazed at his biceps and down to his legs. He had to be at least 250 pounds - there was no way he weighed less. Shay jumped, seeing Alex's expression change and finally broke her gaze with the guy. She stared in shock at the unexpected anger on his face and frowned. What had he been thinking to anger Alex? It had to be inappropriate and bad to make him react that way.

Shay watched Alex roughly take Riley aside and looked back at the muscular guy and his red-haired friend. She looked between them and then inquired, "So, I take it you bench press. How much do you bench? What are your names?" She shifted uncomfortably on her feet,grabbing her right arm and holding it. Still, Shay kept her shoulders down and her stance poised. It wasn't something she'd let bother her. Also, she doubted he'd do anything; but a feeling in her gut told her otherwise. Shay took a few deep breathes and then inhaled sharply when she was grabbed from behind.

"Shayla!!" The familiar yell of Mike's gruff voice filled the air. Her eyes widened and she looked over her shoulder. "My buddy! My winged-devil-angel-girl!"

"I can't be both- " She gasped out as he spun her around lightly and laughed. Mike held her tight so she couldn't wiggle free. She giggled, grateful for his distraction, though worried he might be hurt by one of these two.

"Yes you can!" He let go of her and set her on her feet. Shay dizzily grabbed his arm, laughing. The courtyard spun around her. The worry of the two guys had vanished momentarily. "You're like half Satanic and angelic. I don't know how you do it. But me? I'm just... Neither. My wings aren't a great color, it's like God looked at me and said 'fuck your wing color' but that's okay, because I'll dye them this semester."

"God, I forgot how crazy you are. Jesus Christ." She grabbed onto his arm, laughing and staring at him, trying to warn him of the tow nearby. He grinned at her, followed her gaze, and raised his eyebrows. He was able to sense danger as one his powers and perhaps sensed something was off. It had to have been it because he normally wasn't one to interrupt others. "dye your wings? Is that even a thing?"

"No but we'll make it a thing and we'll be the presidents of it. Okay? Mike and Shay, the founders of dyeing your boring mutations another color."

"Alright, Mikey, whatever you say." She laughed at him and turned to find Alex coming back. She sighed in relief and Mike nodded to him, briefly staring at him. Shay guessed he was letting Alex know he sensed danger and that's why he had come over. She wasn't sure why else, since not much else had occurred.

Mike nodded to her. "I'll be on my way and I'll see you in class. And if I don't, I'll find you, and drag your ass there, AP buddy." He winked at her and moved away to his own group of friends.

"I swear," She muttered, snickering. He also had the ability to track people. His powers were underrated and not many people took them seriously. Shay however could find the value in them. She watched him leave and turned back to Alex. Shay intertwined her hand with his and looked at him, eyebrows furrowed. What happened, Alex? Can you tell me please? And can we move away? They're so weird...

"It was nice meeting you but we have to go. Chow." She wasn't eaiting for a yes or no. She waved to the three and glanced at Riley with concern. He was going down a dark path and she was able to recognize it. Shay swallowed. She'd speak to him when he wasn't around these guys who looked like thugs. She moved away with Alex, tightly wrapping her hand around his hand. She rested her head on his shoulder and looked up at him once they were away. "Sweetie, are you okay?" Her tone was soothing and calm. She rested her hands on his shoulders and rested her forehead against his. "I'm here. I love you. Breathe, okay?"

The teachers beckoned the juniors and seniors to the auditorium for a mandatory lecture. It was a half day so they were able to start class after all the damn lectures and presentations. Shay led Alex there, keeping a firm grip on his hand.


James wouldn't answer Rose's questions. Now was not the time and he wasn't going to divulge much information. He wasn't sure what to tell her - that they were thugs, murderers, and offenders? He wasn't sure where to begin without mentioning they were superior. It would become obvious and he wasn't sure he could handle her knowing about that world. James wanted her out of it for the rest of her life. It seemed as if that wasn't going to happen anymore. He was thankful that Jason approached despite being late. He fought back one of his signature sighs of dismay and looked at his twin.

He grinned at Emma though and kept her close to them. Using technopathy, he texted Jason, "Wtf are they doing here?" He kept Rose and Emma blocked by Jason and his body. He didn't want them to set their filthy gaze on these two. James glanced at Emma and grinned. "You're going to have such a great time here, Em." He told her enthusiastically, although he found it hard to say. It wouldn't be a fun time if the superior came around.

James followed Rose's gaze, keeping his hand in his pocket by his phone. He blocked Emma's view of Alex but watched through a nearby reflection from someone's phone. Alex had taken Riley roughly aside but he didn't know why. He guessed Louis had said or thought something provocative about Shay that angered him. He knew the Louis and Lindon well enough to know it had to have been the case. James exhaled deeply, turning Rose away and looking at his twin intently. There was fear in his eyes but wouldn't let Rose seing it. He needed to speak to Persephone to see if she knew about any of their plans or schemes, but he doubted he would be able to communicate with her. She was always too deep in the superior or not allowed to have a phone. That meant he had to sneak off to the camp and he wasn't leaving Rose's side with these superior around.

James ran a hand through his hair and smiled for Emma's sake. He followed the others inside and baid goodbye to Emma since elementary school kids had a tour of the school. He made sure she was moved safely away and not by the superior before striding off with Rose and Jason.


"They're not even trying to be inconspicuous." Scarlett stared outside from the Guardian's lounge nearby the front entrance. "It's unbelievable."

"They knew we can't do much without risking student's lives," replied Liam with his arms folded as he massaged his forehead. It felt as if someone were constricting his blood vessels.

"I know that," Scarlett retorted with an eye roll. "I'm stating the obvious."

"When you knew the answer?"

"I'm going to take the broom near you and shove it down your throat."

"So pleasant, aren't you?" Liam glanced at her as the other Guardians and Superior Hunters watched their hundredth bickering match.

"Not with shits like you."

"Can we please not argue?" A guardian asked them tiredly and looked at them. "We need to focus on the task at hand. Our students are in danger as long as those superior are around. Not to mention the ones lurking in the forest."

Scarlett bit her lip, trying to maintain her composure and not punch a wall. She took deep breathes, nodding. "Right now they're not doing anything but conversing with one another. Skylar took out a group of sups. The thugs with Jason are dead mysteriously. Seph's trying to hide. Damien's scheming. Not much is going on. I'm sure Torie and Vince are plotting evil shit. The usual."

"Were those visions or just observations?"

"Both." She sat down and grabbed her iced tea lemonade and drank it whole to keep herself from gazing at the others. It was common knowledge that she had been friends with the superior. She had been once as well. Still Ben had her captured and hadn't given up on her yet. It had been two years and her attitude and behavior was only starting to become satisfactory. She sighed and set the glass down after swallowing her tea.

"Do you know what they're going to do?"

"I'll make a scroll of all their plans and ideas and send it to you." A collective sigh answered her and she forced a smirk away. One of them left to go ask Ben to handle her instead because they didn't have enough patience. She sat down and stared down at the notebook left for her to scrawl down her visions. She picked up the pen and sighed. "Who do you want me to look at in particular?"

"Anyone," replied Olivander, thanking God she had finally cooperated. Scarlet looked down and concentrated hard. She began to write down ideas though they weren't surprising to her. Louis wanted Shay as his own and more, Ezra planned on obsessing over Alcina. As a result of James' keen protection over Rose, she wasn't involved yet, though her father - Victor - had plans for her. Damien wanted his twin daughters as superior. She kept her notes vague because her head hurt from the thousands of plans and ideas. Besides, she hated most of the people in the room and it was irking her to help them. Liam of course was on her nerves constantly. They had been friends from the superior though she wasn't allowed to mention it. It was something the group wouldn't know about.

Scarlett set the pen down and pinched the bridge of her nose. She took deep breathes and continued to stare at her notebook. It wasn't going to help that Ben was coming because his kindness to her made her feel guilty for being uncooperative.

"I don't know why Ben cares abut her or think she's helpful." A guardian named Kerry muttered to her friend, thinking she wouldn't hear it or see it in a vision. Scarlett blocked out their conversation and refilled her iced tea and continue sip it, waiting for the next lecture coming her way.

The guardians and superior hunters would never understand the puzzle that was Scarlett.
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Alcina had hastily taken Ariana to a completely different area. She made an effort to stay silent until they were far enough away. "Hey uh I'm sorry to take you away from Riley and all but who are all those boys?"She began softly, "I don't recognize any of them and the way Alex reacted makes me feel like they could be big trouble. I wouldn't suggest hanging out with them until we all get to talk to Riley about it if that's okay. I saw even James and Jason tense up at the sight of them and I'm getting such a bad feeling." Alcina knew she started to ramble a bit when nervous. She took a deep breath and gave Ariana room to reply.

This whole year was giving her bad vibes. She couldn't shake the feeling that everything was going to go really wrong. She glanced back over at James. The boy didn't even want Rose to look at the group it seemed. She tilted her head. No that wasn't it. He didn't want them to see her. That many new students was entirely possible but what were the odds they were all friends the moment they came here? Granted, James seemed to get stressed out easily, however, she had never seen him like this. Each boy had oversized, defined muscles that seemed to be bursting out of the sleeves of their shirts. Not to mention, a lot of them were really tall. She considered steroids as a possibility but it could have been a number of different things as well. If they were this physically adept, who knew what kind of abilities they had?

"Look at him, Ri... He's shielding Rose and Emma from them. Something isn't right and you know it. Alex is like a big teddy bear that would never hurt anyone. Why would he grab Riley like that if it wasn't really serious? You gotta give them some space and convince Riley to do the same. How about you and I go check out our dorm together?"


When Alex returned, one of Shay's friends Mike was there. He usually didn't like the guy all too much because he and Shay got a bit close sometimes but he appreciated his presence right now. He seemed to have led her a bit away from the creeps and was making sure nothing happened to her. From the look he gave him, he knew even Mike could realize they were with weirdos.

Mike nodded to her. "I'll be on my way and I'll see you in class. And if I don't, I'll find you, and drag your ass there, AP buddy." Then Mike left to a bit of Alex's relief. He wanted to talk to Shay alone.

That fucking Louis bastard was thinking about Shay's butt. He moved in front of her protectively and fiercely glared at him, only to get a malicious grin in return. A number of thoughts crossed his mind, including how many ways he could get away with a murder. Maybe he could kill him in his sleep and bury him in the forest deep somewhere where everyone would just assume he was another missing kid. He was pretty sure no one would even care.

What happened, Alex? Can you tell me please? And can we move away? They're so weird...
Shay's voice in his head broke him out of his reverie and he looked down at her pretty face, instantly relaxing a bit. He nodded and tightened his grip on her hand, now just realizing she had taken his. He began leading her away as began to speak them. "Don't even speak to them."He said through gritted teeth as he moved her away.

Alex stopped walking over they had gotten inside. He sat down on a couch and took a deep breath. He had never felt anger like that in his whole life. It felt like he had been possessed by someone else. He had never actually wanted to hurt someone let alone kill them. "Sweetie, are you okay?" He tilted his head to look at Shay as her beautiful, soothing voice reached his ears. She had the voice of an angel. With the wings and her beauty, she had to have been one. It all added up. How did she end up with a kook like him? The idea of that Louis getting anywhere near his Angel made him so sick inside. Anger started to fill him again and he clenched his fists. He vowed to never let anyone hurt her. After a long, deep breath, he managed a small smile. "I love you, beautiful. I'll be fine. I'm just not used to getting so mad I guess. " Alex replied, putting his arm around her. "That guy was just the creepiest dude I've ever had to listen to. I feel violated even having to hear his thoughts." He shuddered, "Stay far away from all of them okay? Promise me."

His gaze fell on the teachers that were beckoning people into the auditorium. "Ugh. Kill me now."He groaned, getting up. "I hate these stupid lectures. They say the same dumb boring shit." He let Shay guide him anyway. He'd probably just play a game on his phone or something. There was no way he could pay attention to this after all that.



Louis smiled and waved to Shay, "Goodbye. See you soon, Shay."
He loved this so much. That Alexander was so MAD. He had heard he was a mind-reader and couldn't help himself to trolling the kid. Plus, the thoughts were true anyway. He would have loved to shove Shay against a bed and give her such a good time she couldn't walk the next day. He had thought it in his heads with other wording that had been much more dirty. Louis had been hoping Alex would have turned on him to fight him so he could have had an excuse to beat the brat to death. Damien had insisted on them trying to fit in with the crowd but he was fairly sure if one teen started a fight with him, he couldn't be blamed.

"You're an idiot, you know that?"Lindon asked Louis. "You're going to blow our fucking cover if you keep sharing your pornographic thoughts with Alex. "

"Tcch."Louis rolled his eyes, " He doesn't even know the superior exist. I was just messing around.

"Yeah, well QUIT it."Lindon snapped, making Louis turn to glare at him. "Damien is going to have us all tortured."

Louis hated when Lindon got on this whole goody-two-shoes act. The little fucker always kissed up to Damien. He wasn't having it. He had come here to have fun. Rounding on Lindon, he moved closer and grabbed his shoulders roughly. "Lindon shut the fuck up before I snap your fat neck. You've seen me lift entire trucks now imagine what I could to do to you? Yeah maybe I'd get in some trouble with Damien for it but oh wow would it be worth it to shut your big mouth forever." The sound of silence that followed was amazing.

"I assume you all know now that Shay is mine."He told them, pacing around. "None of you are to touch her without my permission. As for Riley, he's still one of them. It's going to take time until he's finally one of us so you're going to have to deal with the peppy little shit for now."

As if on cue, Riley came running back over. Louis bit back laughter. He looked such an idiot. He stopped before them and looked at Louis. "Hey Louis can you not think creepy shit about my friends please? It really offends them."

Louis looked down at him. What a shrimp puff. He was so much shorter than him. "Oh did I? I am SO sorry, Riley. I never meant to offend anyone. I will be much more careful now."

Riley smiled, "Thanks, man!"

"Hey! Anything for my new best friend!"Louis wrapped an arm around him. He glanced at Ezra and Mortimer, biting back laughter.



Jason wondered if James knew Rose was the cat that curiosity killed in the phrase. If no one would tell her something, she'd go find it out. He went to her side, knowing it would probably annoy James a little but it was worth it. Rose deserved some sort of answer instead of being left in the dark. It might clue her off to the superior existing but he didn't care. She was one of his long-time best friends and he was not going to lose her because she was under-informed.

"Look, Rosie,"He began lowly. "James and I have come across those guys in the past and they are completely insane. I am not over-exaggerating. They are the type of guys you see going to prison on the news for rape except these guys never get caught. If you go near them, they will hurt you and try to take your clothes off. I know you're a boss ass bitch as you claim but even you aren't a match for them. I probably can't even fight all of them either. You will get overwhelmed. They always have backup if one of them approaches you. They will take advantage of you being short. One of them can disable your powers if you are in a certain radius of him and the tall steroids looking motherfucker has super strength. I am warning you from now-Do. not. fuck. with. them."

Rose stared up at him with wide, green eyes. She looked so innocent with her baby-face and small body stature. It was the type of face that would get attention. When the superior see something innocent and pure, they will definitely try to ruin it. She had to be kept away from them. "Holy doritos... Where did you guys find people like that? Prison?" He couldn't help but almost laugh. She had voiced last year that she had been trying to curse less and as a result, a range of strange phrases had been coming out of her mouth.

"Believe it or not, I have yet to be imprisoned. I am too good-looking for prison. "Jason said to her, "I've just crossed them during my little adventures."

"Ah, yes. Your little journeys to the center of the earth." Rose said sarcastically. "You must be talking about the little adventures where you disappear for days and come back out of no where. You should tell James all about how you do that. He'd love it."

Jason ruffled her hair, "He knows all about them, silly goose. Now promise you won't go near the psychopaths, please?"

Rose saluted him, "Yes sir! I promise!" He sighed. It was hard to tell when Rose was being serious. She was always cheerful and throwing jokes into everything. Then again, it might have been his fault since it had turned into a more light-hearted conversation. He and Rose were always joking around with Shay. The three of them might as well be called the three stooges.

"I'm holding you to that missy."Jason said sternly.

She nodded, "I'm being serious I just don't want to let them to ruin my mood you know?"
Her attention was suddenly taken by the teachers ushering people into the auditorium. "Oh my God not an assembly."She whispered in horror and got on her knees. She hugged James legs, "You can't make me go in there! Pleeeasseee noooooo!"

Jason followed her gaze and grimaced, "Oh hell to the no I'm ditching that bullshit. You two in?"

"YES. Let's ditch and go find where the good food at before everyone else."Rose said, not letting go of James legs. "FOOOoooooOOOOd!"



Dalton leaned against the window, eyes set on his brother most of the time. What the hell was Riley doing with all those superior? He had been ordered not to act on it and was beginning to despise himself for listening. Why didn't he just go out there and yell at Riley? He glanced back at the meeting. Scarlett was writing possible future plans while the rest of them were running out of patience for her attitude. On the contrary, Dalton was quite amused with her as always. He enjoyed her attitude. It was the only entertaining thing out of these boring meetings. He was sure they would stop as soon as Tobias walked in. Toby and Liam were the younger group leaders while the older ones like Aidan had separate meetings and only meshed all the groups together during emergencies. Everyone knew messing with Toby's girlfriend while he was in the room as a desire for death.

He glanced over at the new girl, Lucy. She was in a corner spinny chair, twisting back and forth on her heel. She had brown hair that came just past her shoulders, back in a headband. She was wearing a lightweight cardigan over a tank top and jean skirt. She stood out like a sore thumb amongst everyone, looking obviously unexperienced and even appeared a bit too young to be here. She looked like she belonged down with the rest of the students. She had her head down like a kid in a classroom trying their best not to be called on by the teacher. He had known her back in the day when he was still a student. She was a sweet girl but she was bit too peppy for his taste in friends. He wondered if she was ever going to say something today. He had been here a few years now and he barely said a word unless he felt his input was necessary.

"Who wants some donuts!?"
Dalton did not need to look over to know Jessamine was here. She came in with a big box of donuts and a couple coffees in a coffee traveler, her long curly ponytail swaying behind her as she beamed at everyone as if they were her favorite people in the world. She always had a certain type of charisma he could not quite comprehend. He could not find it in himself to hate her despite his distaste for super peppy people. There were a phew sighs of relief as it had been sort of awkwardly quiet and tense. She began handing out coffee as people began hungrily opening up the box of donuts once it had been set on the table.

Jessamine sat down next to Scarlett with a huff of exhaustion. He leaned her head on her shoulder, glancing at what she was writing. "I brought you your favorite latte. You're welcome." Jessamine was probably one of the only people he had seen Scarlett be nice to. Usually the two acted like the good cop, bad cop kind of friends. Scarlett would scare everyone and Jessamine would be sickeningly sweet to them. It was actually quite efficient. She glanced over in Lucy's direction, "Oh no I forgot we had a new guardian this year. Here you can have my coffee if you want honey-" She began and then stood up, completely distracted by a different thought, "I hope you guys all said hello to Lucy and made her feel welcome!"

A couple of them looked at each other in confusion. They hadn't even noticed Lucy there since she had been so quiet. Lucy looked up like an animal caught in headlights, "Umm... Hey." She said quietly.

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Ariana followed her sister but kept glancing over her shoulder. She didn't necessarily trust those men but she trusted Riley's judgement. Still, the pang in her stomach told her otherwise. She hadn't seen him often in the summer and she wondered if this was why. Had he found these guys and decided to hangout more with them? She wondered if she had done something to offend him.. Her sister's voice broke her out of her reverie.

"Hey uh I'm sorry to take you away from Riley and all but who are all those boys?" Alcina kept her voice quiet, something Ariana was grateful for her doing. Who knew if they could hear them or not? "I don't recognize any of them and the way Alex reacted makes me feel like they could be big trouble. I wouldn't suggest hanging out with them until we all get to talk to Riley about it if that's okay. I saw even James and Jason tense up at the sight of them and I'm getting such a bad feeling." She stared at Alcina who was rambling now, nervously. She hugged her twin and nodded.

"Sure, Alcina," She agreed calmly to ease her sister's mind but couldn't help but rebut once. Ariana smiled at her. pleasantly and tucked hair band her ear. "It's Riley, Al; I trust him. But as you wish." She gazed around to find Mike now entertaining Shay. It struck her like a cord breaking on a violin to see him acting that way. Although they weren't close friends, Ariana was aware of his power: the ability to sense danger. He must have sensed it enough to come by Shay's side while Alex berated Riley.

What had that guy said to anger him? It baffled her. She wasn't used to seeing Alex this mad. Ariana watched nervously and then looked at James. He had Rose nad Emma behind him and was trying to use Jason as well. Alcina must have seen too, because she commented next on it. Furthermore, she must not have agreed with her earlier comment. Her heart twinged inside and she bit her lip. The anxiety was starting to affect her now.

"Look at him, Ri... He's shielding Rose and Emma from them. Something isn't right and you know it. Alex is like a big teddy bear that would never hurt anyone. Why would he grab Riley like that if it wasn't really serious? You gotta give them some space and convince Riley to do the same. How about you and I go check out our dorm together?"

Ariana sighed in frustration now and turned back to face Alcina. "Okay, Aly, I get it. I do. I will give them space." She paused and then nodded eagerly. "I'd love to do that. I hope we get the lake view. Come on!" She hugged her twin and glanced once more over at Riley before disappearing inside with her. She changed the topic, no longer wishing to discuss Riley. The butterfloes in her stomach, the ache in her chest and heart, were starting to mount. She had to talk about something else. By now she hoped Alcina could catch onto the subtle signs of a rising anxiety attack.

"I'm so happy you're my roommate, Aly. It'd be so weird if you weren't. I love you. I'm so glad you're my twin and I have you." She hugged her tight and stared at her silently, hoping she'd pick up on it. She didn't want the surroundings students to know that slow-Ariana, unlike smart-Alcina, was having anxiety. They weren't nicknames of her creation but the others. "We can go to the assembly later. Right?"


The tough thing about Rose was never knowing if she was serious. The joking nature of Jason, Shay and Rose was something he dreaded. How would she survive this without being serious He needed to know she understood. The way Jason explained it to her did the act itself justice, but he was terrified she wasn't buying it. Tears of frustration, anxiety, and dread were making him flustered. He tried to breathe calmly, like his therapist taught him, but it only worked so much for him. The sheer knowledge the superior were here openly and the Guardians had done nothing was enough to send him over the edge.

What if Mortimer had seen Rose? It looked like he had... The guy had eyes for blondes and could pick them out of a crowd faster than a cheetah taking down a gazelle. He watched as the students piled into the school now. James hoped Moe hadn't seen yet and turned to Rose and Jason, tuning into their conversation.

Rose saluted Jason after hearing his speech. "Yes sir! I promise!" He sighed. The fact she wasn't being serious only angered him irrationally. Why couldn't she just say she understood and be done with it? While he didn't want Rose knowing about his past, or why he acted how he did now, he wished she could pick up on it.

"I'm holding you to that missy." Jason said sternly. James thanked him with a quick nod and looked at Rose.

She nodded, as if knowing they weren't buying it, James figured. "I'm being serious I just don't want to let them to ruin my mood you know?" The couple watched as teachers ushered students into the dutioruium for the usual pre-school lectures. He hated them but maybe the distraction would have benefitted them. "Oh my God not an assembly." She whispered in horror and got on her knees then huggedh is legs. He glanced down with a smirk on his face at her. "You can't make me go in there! Pleeeasseee noooooo!"

Jason followed her gaze and grimaced, "Oh hell to the no I'm ditching that bullshit. You two in?"

"YES. Let's ditch and go find where the good food at before everyone else." Rose said, not letting go of James legs. "FOOOoooooOOOOd!"

"Okay first," James looked at her as he brought her aside, still attached to his legs now. They had managed to dodge the teacher's vie and now were free to roam - as long as they didn't get caught. That he could manage. He turned his attention back to Rose.

"You have got to tell me you fully understood what Jason told you without making it a joke. This isn't high-school shit Rose; it's serious and more serious than you may realize. Those guys are actual criminals and have escaped jail together at least four times. Please don't make this a joke or something because it's not." He paused, waiting to see her reaction and then added, "And yeah, we can go get food. What would you two like? I'm in the mood for eggs."

With one final glance around, James looked to see if anyone was nearby. He couldn't see or sense them and finally relaxed; but only slightly enough not to raise alarm.


The guy interested in her smiled and waved to her. "Goodbye. See you soon, Shay." Shay froze and looked over at him. See you soon? She raised her eyebrows at him and grimaced as if to say "yeah right". Thank God Alex took her arm and pulled her inside because she was seconds away from giving a snarky response. Her temper had flared and then died down quick enough.

Alex led them inside silently, making Shay wonder what he could have possibly heard. She knew the dudes were creepy, but had it gone that far? She had never imagined herself in a situation like this. It made her nervous and anxious and all she wanted to do was go cuddle Alex and watch a marathon of movies. She wondered if that would be possible. Would those guys come around again? The likelihood of it seemed realistic enough. When they sat down on the couch, she waited for him to speak. She knew he was collecting himself. When he finally spoke, Shay felt a wave of relief and turned all of her attention onto him. She loved his voice so much. She scooted close to him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"I love you, beautiful. I'll be fine. I'm just not used to getting so mad I guess." Alex replied, putting his arm around her as well. "That guy was just the creepiest dude I've ever had to listen to. I feel violated even having to hear his thoughts." He shuddered, "Stay far away from all of them okay? Promise me."

"I'm so sorry you heard it, hon. I agree he was really creepy and they were overly built too. I don't like that much muscle. Damn, what do they need it for?" She was unaware of it but in a month or too she would know exactly why. She swallowed and rested her head against his. "I promise. I promise on everything I will." Though she was a reckless girl and enjoyed the thrill of danger, she knew better than to go looking for that kind of trouble. Shay smiled at him reassuringly and kissed his forehead. "I promise. You can count on me. Alex. I also know you rarely get pissed at shit." Shay watched his gaze turn to the auditorium and followed it with a groan.

"Ugh. Kill me now."He groaned, getting up. "I hate these stupid lectures. They say the same dumb boring shit." He let her guide him anyway even though the two of them didn't want to go. She hugged him close to her and kept a firm arm around him. She felt safer by his side and hated how girls looked at him as if they had a chance.

She glared at Brittany, a girl their age and grade who fawned over Alex and tried to get them to break up often. The girl looked a like frightened rabbit and scurried off like one. She glared once more and sat them near the last row so they could get out fast. Despite this, the teachers beckoned them closer and Shay scowled at them and moved only a few rows up with Alex. She pulled the arm rest up to lean against him and rest her head against his neck.

She smiled up art him and kissed his chin to reassure and calm him more. God, she loved him. She couldn't imagine her life without him. Her eyes teared at the thought and she ducked her head so he wouldn't see. She never wanted to know what it would be like and that dude cheeped her out. It made it seem as if she might know this year. She felt dread but never let it show. She turned her head back up and leaned against him and hold him. She didn't care if PDA wasn't allowed. It wasn't as if they were making out like Chris and Hanna were a few rows down from them.

She sighed and looked for the others but it was hard to find them. She figured the Salvatore twin brothers had skipped. Alcina and Ariana were somewhere but she didn't know where. Shay would have like them to all sit together but she wouldn't force them to sit through this dumbass lecture. She tried to tune it out by thinking of happier topics - such as being with her friends or flying. God, she was so excited to fly...


Liam watched Scarlett then Jessamine with an impassive mask. He wished he could go hangout with Skylar and her sister, Leslie, but he was stationed here now. It was irritating and he really wished he could yell at Scarlett for her lack of effort. He knew she could do better than this but she wasn't even trying. Of course they knew the basic plot lines. Still everyone fawned over it like she had revealed a huge secret. "Thanks babe," He heard Scarlett say to Jessamine with a smirk.

He couldn't help but admire, despite his anger, at their teamwork. The two were successful superior hunters and guardians. They had found more superior than any other duo. Scarlett's tactics among Jessie's sickeningly sweet attitude were surprisingly one of their most defensive-offensive strategies. Nonetheless, after their fight when she had been in the superior, he'd never forgive her nor like her anymore. He couldn't stand her but he kept it to himself for the rest of everyone's sanity.

He sighed and looked around at Jessie then to the new girl, Lucy. He stared in shock. Toby's little sister was here now? The whole damn family were Guardians now. Liam knew Toby had the most dangerous position: being a double-agent at Victor's castle in England. Liam also knew Toby was aware of his status as well but the two kept each others secrets. He wondered where Toby was and wished he'd join already. He could not stand being in here alone. At least he had Jessie but she was with Scarlett, so it was hard to count on that.

"Welcome Lucy," He greeted and smiled at her sweetly. "I'm Liam, one of your brother's friends'."

"Fake-friend," coughed Scarlett under her breathe and drank her latte as if to say she had a tickle in her throat. She'd have more than a tickle" she'd have his fist or knife through it.

It was quiet enough that nobody could make it out but himself. He clenched his fists and kept a calm exterior though inside he was boiling. He looked around to see if Ben or Toby had entered but they hadn't. Where were they, he thought impatiently? He sighed and tried to focus on how he would train Alcina and Ariana this year. He needed them to work together power wise and unite their powers. Their wind and water were going to be huge against the superior. With Jason's added fire and Shay's ability to create storms, the four were power-houses. Rose's force-fields were vital as well to protecting everyone. Alex, with mind-reading, could warn the others of oncoming danger. His telekinesis? Powerful and defensive together. James' ability to naturally know what to do strategically were an added bonus. Liam knew this group could be unstoppable if they all had enough training and the mindset. He also knew the superiors were aware of this as well. Hopefully he could start with the Grave twins and Aidan could get the two girls. Alex needed work, though.

He sighed. How could he look the kid in the eye when he knew his sister's and dated one of them? It was so awkward. He promised Skylar though he would keep an eye on Alex and Emma and protect them to the best of his ability. That was the least he knew he could do for her. Liam turned his attention back to the meeting as older Guardians came in to round everyone up. Thank God. Could they finally end this so he could do his duty?
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"Okay, Aly, I get it. I do. I will give them space." Alcina sincerely hoped Ariana was being serious. She felt an odd sense of incoming doom for some reason. Something wasn't right this semester.

"I'd love to do that. I hope we get the lake view. Come on!" Ariana had hugged Alcina and ushered her in the direction of their room. It was obvious the girl was changing the topic to combat rising anxiety. She could understand. She was starting to feel the same way herself. She took out her phone and began texting Toby about the group of boys and Riley as they walked. It took her a moment to register that Ariana was speaking again.

"I'm so happy you're my roommate, Aly. It'd be so weird if you weren't. I love you. I'm so glad you're my twin and I have you."

Alcina glanced at Ariana and smiled faintly, "I love you too sissy. "She hugged her tightly, pausing her walking, "It's going to be okay. You'll see." She broke away from the hug and led them to the room. "Yeah we can go later."She had agreed when Ariana asked about going to the assembly later. The room was quite large. Upon opening the door, one would see a large common area with two couches and a TV along with a small kitchen and table with two chairs. There were two door on the right and on the left. It was clear that the two on the right led to the bedrooms and one led to the bathroom. There was already a large luggage cart by the door with all of their luggage piled high on it. There was a sliding door in the common area that led to a small balcony with a view of the lake.

"Looks like we got the lake view. "She told Ariana with a smile. "Do you wanna go get breakfast in the cafeteria or want me to make it?"



Rose had detached herself from his legs upon him moving to the side. She knew James could be quite a serious boy but this was a whole new level. She straightened up on her feet and looked up at him, giving him her attention.

"You have got to tell me you fully understood what Jason told you without making it a joke. This isn't high-school shit Rose; it's serious and more serious than you may realize. Those guys are actual criminals and have escaped jail together at least four times. Please don't make this a joke or something because it's not."

"Honestly. He caught me a little off guard and I didn't know how to react."Rose said quietly. It was the most serious she had probably sounded yet. She had never been good at being serious. Her initial reaction was always to keep the conversation unserious especially when something scared her. She didn't like to show fear and out of her anxiety, she'd try to play it off. She realized now trying to play it off was just making James upset and for his sake, she'd give in a bit. "I don't understand how they got in here and why... If they're like criminals and...rapists... or whatever shouldn't we tell somebody?" She shuffled her feet nervously, gaze glued to her pink converse. Her voice had got real quiet upon stating the "r" word.

Jason came over and rubbed Rose's shoulder. She glanced up at him. That was something he normally did not do. Jason never struck her as the comforting type. "I have a feeling the guardians already know but I'll alert them. Just stick with us and you'll be fine. And James, I think I could go for some waffles."



Lucy had never imagined this was what the guardians did at meetings. She had thought they were all super serious and sat around knowing exactly what to do. It seemed like everyone was just lost. On top of that, there was a strong tension between Scarlett and many of the people in the room. Lucy herself felt intimidated by Scarlett even though she seemed like the only one doing something productive. There just wasn't anything friendly about the woman. She decided it was probably best to stay quiet and let the more experienced people handle the situation. It was only three months ago that she had no idea superior even existed. It felt like as soon as she officially been signed on to be a guardian, they had just decided to add on, "Oh and by the way... Superior exist and they kill guardians often. Just so you know."

Lucy was pulled out of her reverie when a coffee cup was roughly set in her vision by a very-well manicured hand with at least three rings decorating her fingers. Bracelets jangled with the movement of the wrist. She glanced up at the speaker. "Here you can have my coffee if you want honey-" It was Jessamine. Lucy had seen her time and time again hanging out with the guardians when she had been a student. She remembered asking her brother if she was a guardian and being quite confused when the answer was no. She had only been told recently that there was a government faction called superior hunters.

Jessamine always reminded her of a barbie doll with the glamorous way she dressed and how her hair was always so perfect. Men seemed to be swooning and left stuttering wherever she went. It was almost a little weird. Lucy doubted the girl had ever had one pimple. She could admit she had always been a little bit jealous but she was comfortable enough in her own average appearance to not let it get to her. Anyway, Lucy was always under the impression the girl had WAY too much coffee. She was positive that Jessamine didn't really need the coffee she was giving her.

Jessamine had quickly been distracted by a different thought, straightening and clapping her hands together as she rose her voice, "I hope you guys all said hello to Lucy and made her feel welcome!"

Lucy could have groaned. The last thing she wanted was the attention on her. They looked at each other at first, exchanging glances Lucy couldn't quite catch. Heads tilted toward her as people leaned over the table to look at her. They all whispered things back and forth before mumbling greetings. She was able to pick up words despite their whispering. "Child" and "young" were two common words she heard.

Lucy looked around, feeling like a deer caught in headlights. "Umm... Hey." She could have slapped her forehead. Her voice had been as quiet as a church mouse. She had hoped to give a stronger tone and come off as someone as old and capable as they were. She down casted her gaze and shrunk into her chair, assuming that was the most recognition she was getting today.

"Welcome Lucy," A voice made her jump a little bit out of the chair. That was another thing about Lucy: she was super skittish. "I'm Liam, one of your brother's friends'." She turned her head to smile at Liam. He was a much more familiar face than all of them. He and Toby had been friends for years and she was used to his presence.

"Thank you. I remember you well." She told him and gave him a smile.

"Fake-friend," came a cough from Scarlett, making her glance over. What the hell was her problem? She wondered how Toby could date her.

"Aww how cute is she!?" Jessamine smiled, "What a little baby-face. Don't worry Lucy. Liam, Scarlett and I are basically your aunts and uncle since we're so close with your brother. We'll take good care of you." She put her arms around Liam upon hearing Scarlett, hugging him tight, "Liam is a total babe, Scarlett hush."

"Liam is a total babe, huh?"
Heads turned as Toby entered the room with a smirk on his face. He was dressed in a nice button down and jeans. He basically was dressed like the type of boy to bring home to your parents. His ice green eyes set on Liam, Scarlett and Jessamine. He came over hugging Jessamine from behind and by consequence of her position, Liam as well. "I see we're all talking about serious business here, mis amigos."

"It is very serious."Jessamine retorted, letting go of Liam and sitting down, "Liam's babe level has been put into question by... SOMEONE." She dramatically swiveled her body to accusingly and jokingly glare at Scarlett.

"Nah." Toby put his arms around Scarlett, resting his chin over her head, "She's also a total babe and wouldn't do something like that." Lucy grimaced. Did he not know his own girlfriend? This chick clearly would do that.

"I don't know Tobias... That kitty's got claws."Jessamine said with a giggle.

"Don't we all?"Toby replied and finally looked over at Lucy and smiled, "You having fun, sis?"
"More fun than being in Disney world."Lucy replied with a nervous smile. Toby knew she had been super nervous for her first day. She hadn't been acting like herself all morning.

"More fun than Disney world? Now that's too much fun."Toby let go of Scarlett and straightened. He turned to address the entire room. "Alright. Welcome Section 13. Liam and I are your section captains. Scarlett and Jessamine are guests. They are superior hunters who are here to help just as they did last year. Please treat them with respect because by no means do they have to be here. They are here of their own free will." Lucy wasn't used to Tobias being so serious and commanding. He acted so different when they were at home.

"I'm sure you're all aware of the superior infiltration situation we have. " He began walking around the table as he spoke. " A couple other sections already have plans devised but in my opinion they're all bunch of horse shit."

Lucy could tell there were a couple other newbies in the crowd because it seemed they weren't used to an authority figure out right cursing at them. If he hadn't been her brother, she would have been shocked.

"The reality of it is they're clearly a bunch of idiots. They're not making any effort to conceal themselves. However, I'm not saying we underestimate them and put our guard down. I'm suggesting the opposite and overestimate them in every way possible. Being stupid could sometimes be more dangerous than being smart. They're not going to sit down and plan out a whole attack. They're just gonna get bored and kill someone or attack a girl because one guy gets a desire to see under a girl's skirt. They're teenage boys. Keep that in mind. " He held Lucy's gaze warningly a moment before moving on. Lucy clenched her fists. Of course he wasn't going to ease up on her. He was going to be overprotective and treat her like a little kid like he always did.

"The other groups seem to be worried that they're devising a plan and they think they have a bit of time before these superior actually do anything..."He said with a dry laugh, "So they're all sitting in those rooms trying to figure out what is being planned."

Lucy wasn't sure she agreed with him. She had always thought taking a step back and trying to put herself in someone's else shoes before acting had been smart.

"You know the usual-'Oh maybe a couple of us could eavesdrop on them or sneak by Damien's camp and eavesdrop there'" He imitated the guardians with an eye-roll. "We all know what happens when a couple people try to eavesdrop by Damien's camp."He drew a line across his neck with his finger. "You'll soon get to know that I'm not afraid to disagree. I think immediate action is necessary. These guys are not afraid to do immediate damage and I guarantee something will happen within the first week. I have proposed to Aidan and some of the other elders that we take immediate action to get these people out of here. Everyone seems to think immediate action is not possible since it could pose a danger to the students. I say the longer we let these creeps stay here, the worse danger they potentially hold and the more damage will be done. I want to plan an immediate attack that involves many guardians overpowering them once they're all together in an area and minimize the amount of other people hurt at all costs. However, most people disagree with me so I'm going to open up the floor right now."

He loudly slammed his hands on the table, waking up a few people who nodded off. "Now I want to hear every single one of you open your mouth today-even the ...."He looked down at the sign-in sheet for a moment, pausing, "Even the five of you who are experiencing your first guardian meetings today. Don't think this is like a class room and you can hide from the teacher calling on you. You will all be giving your intake like it or not because even if you think it's shit it might end up being useful."

"How soon of an attack are you talking about?"Jessamine spoke up first. "A attack on them needs to be coordinated. I have written down each one of their powers. Aubrey will be a pain in the ass with her power negation. If she catches sight of us before we are able to get a good hit in on them, we're gonna be in trouble. Even with that, we don't know if she is constantly negating powers in a certain radius or if she only does it when she sees fit. This means we might have to be prepared for a situation where even if we outnumber, we will have dream manipulation against us. Mortimer can trigger a day dream and render someone completely useless. Ezra can chuck an entire train at us if he so wanted and Louis can actually just immobilize multiple people at once. Then Lindon has plant manipulation and this place is surrounded by a million god damn trees."

"I'm thinking within the week. I realize how powerful they are and that's why I think that's even more reason to get them the fuck out of here. They are obviously going to target Damien's kids and then the two princesses who are all just young kids with no idea what is coming at them. As students here, they have a right to feel safe and protected, not constantly predated on. "Tobias told her. "But now that you mention Aubrey we will probably have to take her out before any of them as fast as possible."

"You might do better with getting her alone,"Lucy interjected, "Then attacking her when she's in the group. If you get her alone there's less chance she's using power negation. They're probably expecting we might attack them when they're all together."

"Good point."Toby told her, "Thanks."

"Then by that point wouldn't we be better off attacking each of them alone?"Someone asked.
"There's no way we're getting find them all alone."Another disagreed. "Those guys are gonna stick together."
"We can find a way to lure one out from the others with maybe those girls right? Scarlett said Ezra ahd Louis had things for two of the girls- "
"No way! You can't just use people as bait. Plus if they were going to attack they don't split off alone, they always bring back-up."Jessamine retorted a bit angrily.
A couple people began heatedly arguing back and forth before finally someone shouted, "HEY!"

The table became silent as everyone looked at the speaker. Dalton was standing over Jessamine. He glared at them all before he finally pointed at the list. "My brother and his powers are on this list. "His voice was heavy with emotion. "Is he considered an enemy to you people? Are you going to attack him too ?" Some people looked at Jessamine for an answer. A lot of people seemed to be kept in the dark on this one.

"Dalton..."Jessamine began slowly then stopped. Silence filled the air. Toby looked at her in surprise as well.

"Not gonna tell me huh? "Dalton asked angrily. Lucy imagined fire brewing in his eyes he was so mad. "Well let me tell you something, miss Jessamine."He sneered her name with fury and mockery, " My brother is a student in trouble, not one to place on a list full of maniacs. I would all hope you guys feel the same in here, right Toby? " Lucy edged away from the table with fear. She was sure he was gonna flip the entire table over. She had thought he was scary before but now she was terrified of him.

"Sit down, Dalton."Toby said calmly as he organized some papers. "We have noted that Riley is hanging out with them. We're not sure why or how this situation ended up. We were actually hoping you could tell us but of course we will have him separated immediately and have someone also explain to him that they are not his fr-"

"Yeah you say that but what the fuck is this then?"Dalton took the paper, holding up. He shook it in Jessamine and Scarlett's faces, making Toby stand up in anger. "Written so nicely in pretty script is my brother's name. Oh look here. Next to his name it's noted: dangerous. Whatever your plans seemed to be, the superior hunters have a different one in their head and she has the fucking nerve to sit in silence instead of telling me why she wants to get rid of my brother."

"I didn't say get rid of him."Jessamine spoke finally. "He just might be dangerous and I think he's unsafe to keep in the school. There are a few rumors going around that they've done something to him and I don't want to take any chances-"

Dalton started to laugh without any humor, interrupting her. "Unsafe to keep in the school? Where do you fucking want to put him then?"He ripped the paper in half and stormed out furiously.

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James watched Rose's reaction and sighed. He hadn't meant to intentionally scare her, but help her understand. At least she had allowed herself to show fear. He was thankful she know understood it. He hugged her close and kissed her head. He couldn't imagine those freaks of nature touching her or anyone else in the group for that matter. He rubbed her arm gently with his and looked at his twin. He was thankful that Jason's had been tangled in this mess like he had been; at least, not in the same way. He was glad he was here to help the others because nobody but them in the group understood the true terror lurking.

"Sounds good," he replied to Jason and kissed Rose's head gently. "Let's go to the cafeteria. I wonder if Shay and Ale went - I think I saw them go - but I don't remember seeing Aly or Ariana." At the mention of the last one, he glanced sideways at Jason. He knew how much he liked her and wanted to be with her. Perhaps he'd get his chance with Riley hanging out with the superior. It was sad to say though; he knew that it shouldn't be that way. He had to help that boy out of it before it was too late. Perhaps it already was too late. He felt so sorry for him and knew he had to be there to help Riley because the power was too much to bear alone. That much James knew and understood in ways nobody else could unless they had it on them.

He sighed and began to lead Rose and Jason to the cafeteria while keeping a firm grip around her shoulders protectively. He felt so on edge that he could just scream.


"I can help you make it." Ariana replied after Alcina offered to make breakfast. She sat down in a chair and sighed. She wanted to spend as much time as she could with her twin but also Riley. She couldn't imagine being without him. Beside her twin, eh was her best-friend. People had made jokes that they'd get married and even asked them when they would. The tow would brush the jokes off, but deep down, she had started to wonder too. Still she had never wanted to ruin the friendship. Riley was an intricate part of her life she wouldn't risk losing. She would prefer a hundred years of torture over losing Aly or him. The two were important to her.

Her muscles tensed and her throat felt tight. She gritted her teeth and looked at her clammy hands. She quickly set a hand on her chest and felt her racing heart. It felt as if someone were sitting on it. Her breathes came quick and unevenly, and the room began to blur around her. The sheer idea of losing Aly or Riley was setting her off and she couldn't stand it anymore. What would she do? Was Riley hanging out with criminals? Were they... No, no, way, superior were gone... But then who were they? Ariana knelt down to her dufflebg (which had been transferred to their rooms) and pulled out a small box form the inside pocket. She quickly took a Xanax pill out of it and quickly swallowed it whole. Then, she hid it again safely, and zipped it shut once more.

She stood up and quickly joined Alcina in the kitchen. "What are we making?" she asked innocently as if nothing had happened but there was no fooling Alcina. Ariana had been trying to quit taking the medication lately, but kept relapsing and taking it. She wouldn't look at her twin as she began to prep for whatever they were going to cook for breakfast. They were independent than most teenagers, as a result of their aunt and uncle rarely caring to do anything for them. They housed them and provided food but that was s far as it went. She had no idea why their aunt and uncle hated them so much, but understood they weren't the parenting type. She gritted her teeth has her hands shook and quickly gripped the counter to stop them. She hoped Aly didn't bring up the topic because she wasn't certain if she could handle it.


Scarlett's vision blurred as the group conversed among one another. Her gaze locked ahead of her, though she wasn't seeing anything in particular. Though Toby entered, Scarlett had not reacted. Her body was tense as it normally was during a vision. In her mind's eye, she saw the a faint outline of the throne room at Victor's castle; or rather, King Victor, if she cared to be technical. The blurry outline showed two females, but she couldn't tell their age. She squinted, trying to make it out. Faint visible traces of someone short and the other female, taller, were there. A man's frame was seen beside the taller girl. Her head throbbed as she focused harder. There was a boy beside the girl. It looked like James Salvatore. Distant voices filled the room then a repetitive wailing of someone else. She could have groaned. The same vision kept coming, but this time, it had more information. It kept coming in pieces since it wasn't setup completely. She hated when she had half-visions, as she called them.

A flash of light and Scarlett was in another vision. This time, it was clearer. She squinted once more, not realizing she hadn't blinked in ten minutes. A short red-haired girl with a fiery mane was speaking before the people on TV. She inhaled, blinking in shock. What was Cassidy doing here? She wasn't involved... Unless - the previous vision. had aligned with him - but she wasn't certain how yet. Scarlett went to explore the vision more. but a pounding fist broke her concentration. Quick, heated conversations followed, and she blinked rapidly to see it was Dalton. She looked around and saw Riley's name written in Jessie's paper. She flinched and looked u pat him.

"Dalton," she hopped up, blinking still. Her visions when they were strong, baffled her senses. She felt overwhelmed and shakily ran after Dalton. Once he was in the hall, she joined him and took his arm, blinking again. "Dalton, no, wait. We noted he's been put on the power and that it's going to make him be different. We don't want to hurt him or anything. We want to help him. If anything, he'd be put in the superior hunter base cell so we could work him off the power."

She paused, letting him take it in then took his hands and gently squeezed them. "I'm going to be here for you, Dalton, regardless if you like me or not. I won't let anyone hurt your brother. I promise on it. I'll be guarding him from afar and up close. I won't let anyone, at all, hurt Riley. I feel terrible he's in the predicament he's in and I will do everything I can to get him off the power. Okay?" She hugged him tight without waiting and stared at him intently. "You might want to keep an eye on him like I will be with my visions.

Dalton stared at her, his anger diminishing a bit before murmuring a thank you and walking away rather hastily.
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Rosaline leaned over the mirror, carefully applying mascara to her fair lashes. Her hair was up in a styled ponytail and she was wearing a jean skirt with a black, cropped halter top. She wore some black wedges with it. It was a little different than her pink style but she liked to change it up sometimes. She had done her eye makeup much more dramatic than she ever did. She looked older and perhaps even a little sexy. She couldn't wait to see James face. He wasn't even going to recognize her. She finished with some contouring and a bit of light pink lipstick. She smiled at her reflection excitedly.

Today had been so boring. Every single class just talked about their syllabus and what they would be doing during the year. It was the same thing over and over though it was nice to see Aidan again. She had crashed after class and slept for a good 3 hours in a strange position on her couch. She was surprised Shay hadn't drawn on her face with sharpie marker this time. Speaking of which, she couldn't wait to go to a party with Shay again. The two of them were always the life of the party. It was so exciting to have James there even though he didn't seem too crazy about going. She hoped he'd learn to have fun tonight; she couldn't wait to see him genuinely happy again.

Rose picked up her phone and put it in her bag before heading to the common room with a loud exclaim, "I am ready guys!!!"

Alex was standing there in a nice shirt and jacket along with his usual jeans. Helooked over and gasped. "Whooaaa hey there hoochie mama, looking hot!"He told her, coming over to high-five her. " I've never seen you do your makeup like this. Wow you look so different! I bet this is all for Jamessyy.."His voice had drew into a teasing tone towards the end as he took her hands and swung her arms. "Little seductress, aren't we?"

"Only the best for James." Rose told him with a giggle. "Now where's my handsome man?"

"Girl please, I've been waiting for my beautiful angel for ten minutes now but the BITCH taking her sweet time." Alex replied, laughing and raising his voice for the word bitch.

"Well if you're looking for a beautiful angel, say no more." Jason's voice filled the room as he pushed the door open and leaned against the frame, winking at Alex then batting his eyelashes. "Hey handsome."

"Oh I don't think so. Not today, Satan."Alex turned away jokingly, giving him the hand. Rose could easily he was trying so hard not to crack up. "Be gone, demon!"

Rosaline burst into giggles, having to sit down because she was laughing so hard. She loved these goofballs so much.




Alcina moved into the dorm, holding an envelope. "The principal gave me this. Apparently we've both been invited to some sort of academic awards dinner this week. Do you want to go? " She thought it was so strange during the first week of school there was an awards dinner. The only rational reason was one was cancelled last year or something. "I mean at least it's free food and we get to go in a limo." Alcina had no idea that the principal had been a shape-shifter and the limo driver was a superior who'd take them to Damien's home for dinner.

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Shay excitedly pulled her purse over her shoulder and cleaned up her room. She hated coming back to a messy dorm. If anything bothered her, it was clutter. Most people thought she was a slob but it was the opposite. She may have acted off now and then (or most of the time), but she tended to be neat. The party tonight was going to be a blast. Mike was going along with most of their grade and the senior year. Even Jason was coming. She was so excited. The parties were so much fun and she looked forward to them. She turned to her iPod which had been blasting music while she readied herself. She bit her lip and wondered if she looked ready enough. She paused and evaluated herself.

A dark curly mane trailed along her back and over her shoulders.It was styled with the notion of mimicking ocean waves. Winged eyeliner, along with blue eye shadow were prominent in her face. She had on dark red lipstick with silver hooped earrings. Her nails were painted red to match her lipstick. She wore a lacy black bodysuit with an open back and high waisted shorts. Underneath were mesh leggings. She grabbed her combat boots and then slipped her leather jacket on. It was her signature.

The voices of Rose, Alex, and Jason filed her ears and she felt her heart flutter. She hadn't seen Rose, Jason, or Ariana all day as a result of having AP classes. The classes were dreadful; the homework list was three times the normal amount in regular classes. She had begged Alcina to help her and offered to pay for all her lunches and also shop with her to help her buy clothes. She quickly left her room and shut the door behind her.

Moments later, she had joined the others and smirked as she leaned against the doorway. "Wow Jason already flirting with Alex? Isn't it a little soon? I mean you haven't even left our dorm yet." She came over to Alex and pulled him into a loving embrace. God, she wanted to spend eternity with him. It was so rare to find someone this young as a teenager. She knew she would rather be tortured a thousand years than to ever have anything happen to him. She wasn't aware how realistic that was going to be within the next year. "How's my boobear doing?" She glanced at his outfit and blushed redder than her lipstick and nails. If he looked handsomer earlier, it was nothing compared to now. She rested her head against his shoulder and stared up at him. I love you, she thought to him, you look amazing.

James cleared his throat as he came in with his hands in his pockets. His brown hair was smoothed back and spiked at the top. He wore an expensive pair of designer jeans with black boots. He wasn't sure how to dress, so he'd pulled out his nicer clothes. He was shuffling his weight from one foot to the next. He was shaking inside, his throat dry. By now, he must have drank three water bottles. Jason was going to find his room to be messy and disorganized as he scrambled for coping mechanisms. James glanced at his brother as he thought it. His twin was always the more social one. He tended to be more shy and wasn't socializing with many of the students. For the most part he stuck with Rose and Jason.

Then he looked over to Alex and Shay, then finally to Rose. His jaw dropped as he stared at her transformation from earlier. Her beauty never seemed to change. She could only become more and more gorgeous- which he already thought was impossible. He swallowed hard. He had to try having fun for her. He forced a smile for her sake and hastily marched across the room to her. "Rose you look amazing... Wow... I didn't know you could be anymore gorgeous then you already are." He hugged her tightly and took deep breathes. Maybe it would be okay. Rose and Jason were both here.

Shay snickered, not taking her gaze off of Alex. James continued to hug Rose and glance at everyone. She noticed his pupils were dilated and he kept clenching his fists. What was wrong with him? The kid needed to reflex. She felt sorry for him nonetheless. She bit her lip and looked at him gently. "Rose and I tend to be the life of the party. I hope you'll have fun." Then she added, "Are we ready now? And did you hear that Ariana and Alcina were invited to some special academic award dinner? Weird.." She shrugged and excitedly headed to the door. "I think if I were ever invited to one, that it would have to be national news." She laughed and waited for Alex and the others to catch up.


Ariana sat on the couch in the living room of the dorm. She had her head resting over the arm rest and was watching TV. Gilmore Girls was playing. She loved this show so much. It was so cute. Before that, she had been binging on Boy Meets World. After she had taken her Xanax pill, she had managed to relax. Her anxiety had decreased and she felt loose. Hopefully Alcina wouldn't know. She was keeping them hidden in her dufflebag under her bed. She had hung out with Riley all day today since their schedules were identical. It was weird to her, but perhaps it was a mistake. The only class he wasn't in was her healing one since he didn't ave that power. Her heart ached just thinking of him. She was so used to him being around her that not being by him felt unusual.

She reached over and grabbed a handful of popcorn from the coffee table in front of her and groaned when the bowl toppled to the floor. "Son of a gun," She groaned and sat up and moved onto the floor to clean it up. After tossing out he small pieces and regathering herself a snack, she sat back on the couch. Ariana curled up on the couch and rested her head against a pillow. She pulled the table closer to herself this time and ate her nutella and grape jam sandwich. She had cut a banana and set thin slices on it. She was halfway done when Alcina came over to her. She smiled up at her twin. "Hey, do you want to watch Gilmore with me?"

Ariana frowned when Alcina told the news. Her stomach swooped though with excitement. Academic awards? She had qualified for that? She grinned, sat up, and then paused the show. "You mean both of us, right? Me too?" Ariana crossed over to her and took the envelope. After reading it, she stared with wide eyes and stared at her. "Holy crap, I was invited. This is great!" She nodded hastily though her gut was telling her otherwise. "It's weird though why is it today and we weren't told sooner?" Ariana bit her lip and looked at her nervously, awaiting her sister's opinion.
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"Jason makes me feel like all he cares about is my good looks."Alex joked, turning to yell at Jason, "My eyes are up here you pervert!"

Jason chuckled and winked at him, "With a rack like that, how can I glance away?"

Alex teasingly made a face at him. He embraced Shay back and held her at arms length to look at her. She looked as gorgeous as she always did. How did she even end up with a doofus like him? "Look at you! You look amazing!"He twirled her gently around and hugged her again, "How are you so perfect? Can you teach me?" Stroking her hair, he smiled at her, "Your boobear is doing fantastic. I love you."

"Oh my God!"Rose's exclamation rang through the room. He turned to glance over at her as she hugged James,"You are so handsome and cute and perfect and adorable and great and-"She had gently taken in his face in his hands and was going on a string of compliments until Jason came over to cover her mouth. He shrieked soon after and moved away, taking his hand off.

"Ew! You licked my hand!"Jason cried. She giggled at him and stuck out her tongue. She threw her arms around James neck, going up on her tippy toes to reach it. James seemed a little more freaked out about this than the average shy kid. He was clenching his fists and he looked afraid a man with a chainsaw was about to jump out. Rose seemed to have noticed too and she was planting a kiss on his cheek every so often and hugging him. She was whispering reassurances in his ear as well. Was this about those guys they all saw earlier? Alex decided he should stay close to Shay tonight. He was sure James would have fun once he got there.

They all left momentarily after. Alex arrived to the party with his arm around Shay. Music so loud blasted through the room he could feel the bass vibrating under his feet. There were tons of people here already, all packed into one suite. The balcony doors were wide open and kids were packed out there too.
There were people playing video games on the couch and board games on the floor. Others were dancing by the stereo. However, he was pretty sure everyone was drunk and it wasn't as innocent as it looked. Rose immediately had started to sing along to the song loudly, swinging James arms.

Jason walked in front of them suddenly and looked at James and Rose. "Rosaline, my beautiful friend, take care of my brother for me. There are cute girls waving to me in the corner. Don't leave him alone." He darted over to a pair of giggling girls in the corner, putting his arms around them.

"That didn't take long."Rose said with a sigh and hugged James side, staying with him despite some people calling her name to get her to come over. "You guys want drinks? "

"Yeah can you put some rum in a coke for me?"Alex asked. He planned on getting tipsy for fun but no further. He glanced at Shay, knowing she probably had other plans. He wanted to make sure he could look out for her and take care of her if she got drunk.



"I don't know. "Alcina replied to Ariana. She wasn't so sure she trusted this but what else could it be? It didn't even state the location of the event. She read over the letter a few times, a bad feeling forming in the pit of her stomach. However, Ariana had never gotten an award like this before. She'd be so excited. "We usually get told a lot in advance but I'm guessing it was supposed to be last year and it was cancelled. Let's check with Liam maybe?"
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Once inside, Shay felt the stress of the day wash away. She watched Rose start singing and dancing with James. She glanced at him. His pupils were dilated and he looked terrified. She frowned at him and went to come over but a group of dancing people separated them. She scowled and waved to Alex and thought to him, "I'm over by the window!" She sighed and turned to glance around herself. There were tables lined up with food. Her eyes lit up when she saw the brownies and immediately grabbed one. If there was anything she loved, it was sweets. She began eagerly munching it and then jumped when a hand retched on her shoulder. Shay looked over to see Mike standing beside her with a wide grin.

"You know those aren't regular brownies, right?" She stared at him uncertainly and then her eyes widened. Shock filled her. She thought it had been regular brownies. Regret filled her and she groaned loudly. This is what she got for trying to eat sweets. She couldn't help it. They were just so tasty.

"Oh shit - did Henry bake these?" She cried and looked over at Alex. Mike nodded with booming laughter as he watched her reaction. Henry was notorious for baking sweets and making them look innocent. She hadn't known eh had come back this semester. Shay groaned and spat out the rest of the brownie and tossed it. "I wanted to drink,"she grumbled and watched Mike laugh and move away with other friends. Usually she chose one over the other. She sighed and waved towards Alex again. God, she loved him so much. She would do anything for him. "Sorry, babe, I'm out for the night." She knew it would hit her quick and was trying to warn Alex. Now she felt guilty. She hoped she wouldn't ruin his time here.

She giggled dizzily and grabbed onto his waist once he had come over. "Dance with me, boobear. We gotta light this place on fireee." She began to sing to the music quite loudly and expertly. She had been in choir since she could remember. It was one of her lesser known talents. "Oh we gotta turn up the crazy. Livin' like a washed up celebrity. Shooting fireworks like it's the fourth of July. Until we feel alright. Until we feel alright!" Shay grabbed onto him and began to dance and kiss him as the room began spinning around her. "WOOO!!"

She hung onto his neck and grinned up at him with a wild look in her eyes. "I love you so much Alexander Remington I'll marry you right here and now if you want." She started to laugh at what she had said. Did he love her that way? She hoped so. She pulled closer to him. "Go, go insane, go insane. Throw some glitter on it, make it rainn." She had started to sing to the next song now with giggles. Her gray eyes were lit with joy and passion for him. She had never looked at anyone the same way. She hugged him close and rested her head against his chest. She was so glad to be here with him and Rose, also James; wherever those two were, anyway.


James' eyes could not have been wider: The flashing lights blinded him while the music made him cringe. He could feel his body vibrating from the overwhelming loud music. Out of the corner of his eye, he heard someone sing, "Don't threaten me with a good time!" and saw it was Shay. She was singing at the top of her lungs and dancing wildly with Alex. He was so thankful that it wasn't Rose. James gulped in air, unable to focus. It was almost a remake of the old superior parties, but less wild. The room began titling sideways and he felt his stomach churn. In his mind's eye, he could see Lee along with Xander, Skylar, Torie, Felix, and even Faith. They were dancing, drinking and other illegal activities. Someone was begin tortured in the other room though nobody paid any mind to it. In front of him though he saw the academy and Rose's beautiful face. James clutched his head. The room swerved sideways and he felt himself stumble. His breathing became sharp and ragged and he felt his throat tighten.

It felt as if there was an elephant standing on his chest. Around his neck it felt as if there was a noose which was beginning to tighten. Was it over? Was this it? Would he die here? James felt like it. Either he'd die or faint. He wast' aware of it but he was sobbing uncontrollably. He only knew because he felt sudden moisture all over his face and on his hands. James started screaming for Jason, knowing that if he saw his twin, that it would be okay. It meant he was not with the superior anymore, because he couldn't tell where he was anymore.

Was he back? Oh God. Had the worst enemy power reactivated? Would he be a monster once more, unworthy of Rose's love and devotion? He fell to his knees and rocked back and forth. "Jason, Jason, Jason," He ripped out tufts of brown hair, unaware of people staring at him with shock. "Cameron? Seph?" Were his siblings here, safe and sound? James reached out for someone and then curled back up as his panic overwhelmed him.
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The town was quiet all but for the sounds of crickets. The group of kids were huddled with flashlights in their hands and with anxious expressions on their faces. After sneaking past the shields, the group had been walking over the hills towards the town for the last ten minutes. It had been suspected to be impossible to get past the shields or the gate. The moonlight reflected the shadows of the five children against the wet grass as it dampened their shoes with each step.

There were four girls and one boy. One girl appeared a bit older than the others with brown hair in long braid. She was constantly whispering to two younger girls, snickering every so often. The last girl with the wavy blonde hair in the hoodie hadn't noticed quite yet that she was being left out. Her gaze had been fixed on the boy and the scene ahead of her.

"Emma. Can you believe we really got out? This is legendary."

The blonde looked at him with a smile, "No me neither." Emma had never been one to get in trouble. She had been riddled with anxiety for most of this experience. Her parents would be furious and as would Alex. However, slowly the feeling was being replaced by adrenaline. She had never felt so free. Running over clear hills with nothing by the starry sky above them felt so magical. She would have never guessed she would have found friends on the first day of school. She had figured she'd be stuck as the kid sister of Alex hanging with his friends all the time. Not that it was a bad thing, she loved his friends. Still, she wanted her own life.

Emma had just met them all today in her classes. She and the boy had hit it off in one class and then the next class she had found herself being invited to a sleepover party. However, she hadn't known that would entail a crazy game of truth or dare that would lead them all to breaking the school's most important rule: no going off campus without permission, especially at night and especially if you're in the lower grades.

"This is it!" The kids skidded to a halt in front of a large, abandoned manor. The windows were broken and the paneling was peeling off. Dirt covered the house and cobwebs in the windows. It was clear it had been abandoned for a long time. "This is the abandoned house I was talking about guys. Legend has it the ghosts of the people who died in there still lurk the halls." The brunette waved her hands for dramatic effect and grinned, "So Emma. You're going in right?"

Emma glanced at her, recalling it had been her dare. Fear set in as she stared the place. It looked dangerous and really creepy. They wanted her to go in alone? She looked over at the boy, Jacob. Her heart dared to beat so hard it popped out of her chest whenever she saw him.

"I don't know guys. That place seems kinda dangerous." Emma stated uneasily, "But I'll do it. "

"You will?" The girl said in shock, "Wow Emma. You're braver than I thought.'
"You'll totally be the coolest girl in the grade. No one else that comes here ever dares to go in." The other girl agreed.

"I heard no one comes out after going in."Jacob said and looked at Emma with a smile, "I'll come with you. To make sure you're safe and all."

Emma blushed a little. Who was she to act like a sissy in front of Jacob? "Oh please. It's nothing. "She said, "It's just some dumb house. You guys are such babies."She confidently began moving toward the house. She went up to the door and opened it.
Jacob ran to her side to come with her apparently but when she took a step in, he slammed the door behind her, laughing hysterically. Quickly, he locked it and ran back to the others.

He came over to them as Emma's yells echoed. It was clear she was also banging her fists on the door. The girls burst into laughter. The brunette took out her cell phone and dialed the police. "Hello, a young girl is trespassing at private property at 141 Toulane Drive..."



Alex struggled to get through the crowd back to Shay. He craned his neck over the heads as music boomed beneath his feet. It was a wonder how they didn't get caught with how loud the music was. He saw her eating a brownie and groaned. There was totally pot in that. He finally managed to get over to her. He could his body stumbling as he walked."Wow Shay. I think there was a lot of alcohol in that drink. I'm already tipsy." Shay reacted by grabbing his waist and declaring they dance. She started to sing and dance, giving him a kiss as well. The room was spinning around and it felt like the floor was slanting. He couldn't see anything but the beautiful girl in front of him singing. He took another drink from his cup and set it down. "Marry me right now? I think I'm too drunk to remember what to say."He laughed. Every time he looked at this girl, he had to restrain himself from overflowing with compliments. She was just so gorgeous. He was staring at her with a far-off look, barely hearing what she was saying. Alex finally gave in to his desire and passionately kissed her.

That's when Alex's phone started ringing. He picked it up as he let go of Shay a moment.
"Excuse me sir. Is this the father of Emma Remington? Could you come pick her up from the police station?"
Alex couldn't believe his ears. He murmured a reply and hung up looking around. His eyes set on Rose and he grabbed Shay's shoulder in a hurry, pulling her over to Rose. "Stay with Rose... Rose take her back to the others. Don't leave her alone."




Rose couldn't quite say she had ever seen anyone react like James before but she had seen something close with one of her uncles. He had been in the Superior War in his youth and he still got flashbacks. It wasn't hard to figure something horrible had happened to him. She had found him out in the snow freezing to death after all. However, she had never asked about his past. When he was ready, he would tell her. If he'd never be ready, that was okay too. She cared about making his future better more than learning about his past. Whatever had happened, parties seemed to be a trigger. He looked so scared that it hurt Rose to look at him. He started to stumble and sob hysterically suddenly. Everyone in the room stopped to look over besides the few who were too close to the stereo to really hear him. She had to get him out of here.

She had never seen James cry and she had never wanted to. Her heart was shattering into little pieces. It was like watching a puppy get kicked. This was so awful. She put her arms through his armpits and began trying to pull him off the floor but it was a little hard to do it when eh was rocking and chanting Jason's name. He said two others but he had no idea who they were. Thankfully, Jason had dropped his fangirls to come over. He helped pick James up and brought him quickly into the next room. Rosaline quickly followed, shutting the door behind her before she attacked the stupid kids that was now giggling at the whole spectacle.

Jason sat him down on the edge of the bed and hugged him tight. They were in someone's bedroom. He rubbed his back and shh'ed him soothingly, seeming so unlike himself. Rose would had never thought this comforting side was in Jason. She silently clutched the edges of her skirt, feeling useless as he comforted James. She had no idea what to do. She came over finally and hugged the other side of James. "You're here."Jason told James. "You're in the school with Rose and I. You gotta open your eyes and look at this cute blonde who's hugging you. "

He finally looked at Rosaline. For a second, she was confused to why he was brushing her cheeks with his hands and then she realized she had been crying too. "It's okay. He's just scared. I'm sure you can tell he's been through a lot but don't worry. You're doing a really good job helping him heal. Just give him a second to come back to us. You know what would help? Why don't you go grab some food and a drink for him?"

"Right... Okay I will."Rose managed quietly. She slowly got to her feet and then walked back out into the party. The loud music assaulted her ears once again but it wasn't as joyous a thing as it had been before. She hated it for making James so upset and she hated herself for dragging him here. She hadn't realized this could trigger him and she felt like a big idiot. Whispers about him being crazy made her look up and glare. "I rather be crazy than a judgmental asshole like you. You don't know what he's been through, how dare you."She snapped at people suddenly, making them stare with wide eyes. They clearly hadn't think Rose could hear them. She glared at them as if her eyes could throw daggers for a moment longer, further silencing them until she could move on to the food table.

Rose glanced over her shoulder as she filled the plate with James' favorite snacks and a slice of pizza. Alex was talking to her and bringing Shay over. "Sure! She's safe with me." He ran off immediately as soon as she spoke. She hoped everything was okay."

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The petite blonde dancing with the ex-superior/knight was gorgeous - which was an understatement. No one in the superior, not Torie or Skylar, compared to her. He licked his lips. She would be his. That was clear. She was innocent and naive and the missing princess. Nobody would know if she was gone or anything, except her friends/family. He couldn't ask for anything better. James wasn't good enough for her. The poor sapling had turned into such a scrub. The dumbass couldn't even handle a party. How did he expect to protect Rose? James wouldn't be bale to, of course. Clearly all he had to do was blast music and scare the idiot. He snickered to himself and adjusted his collar.

Once Rose was separated into the party, he moved in then paused. Alex drunkenly moved Shay towards Rose then raced off. His eyes widened with glee. This was.. This was perfect. However there was one thing: unfortunately, Rose was sober. He sighed. He did have the advantage with his power. He moved towards her before Shay could move closer. He gently grabbed her arm and smiled down at her. "You're coming with me," he told her and focused a daydream on her mind. She would see James coming out of the party and hanging out with her. He smiled and took her away from the party.

Inside the empty dorm room, he looked at her and shut the door. The daydream was off. He took out his gun and aimed it at her and smiled. "One wrong move and you're dead, Rose,"


One moment Alex was kissing her and she was returning it; the next he was saying he had to leave. Shay watched him move her towards Rose in confusion. What was wrong? As he had pushed her over to Rose, she stumbled and hit the floor. She moaned dizzily and looked around with wide eyes. Where was Rose? Had she not been by the snack and drink table? She got up clumsily and looked around but didn't see her. Being away from Alex made her nervous now. She bit her nails and looked around for him but he was gone.

Shay tried to follow but the crowd was dancing wildly now and made it hard. She frowned and tired to find the Salvatore twins but they weren't here either. Were they in a separate room? She sighed and looked down at the food table. Her stomach growled loudly. She skipped the brownies and began to stuff her face with pizza. Shay grabbed a bottle absentmindedly from the cooler nearby too and began to chug it too. She looked for her phone and began trying to text Alex instead to find out what was wrong.
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