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Hello all! *bows dramatically*

I'm flightless-angel-castiel. But feel free to call me one of those three words; none of them bother me and it is a long name to use as a whole.

Before I say what I like roleplaying, let's get the preferences out of the way.

1. I do not roleplay free. I've had this problem before; where I've stressed I do high-casual to advanced and still got more than one person doing one-liners. I love details, the thought process of the character and what is going on in their head. I would really prefer the person to match me and I'll return the favor. I'm okay with two paragraphs, even one big one. Just make sure it's good and well-written.

2. I like talking the plot out before diving in. I like having a few things planned out instead of feeling like a fish out of water. Though, this doesn't mean you can't surprise me. Just make sure it doesn't screw with the main plot, whatever it may be.

3. I like being friends. You don't have to talk to me OOC but I'm pretty friendly. And don't be afraid to ask me questions or ask me to change something or even say you aren't interested anymore. I'll be the same way.

4. I usually roleplay MxM. Typically, in group roleplays, I'll make female characters. I can play both female and male. I've never tried out trans* or anything but I'm really open. I'm open to MxF, FxF, whatever. I haven't really done an FxF, though. Though, if we do MxF, I prefer the female.

5. I want a partner who can reply at least once or twice a week. I have a lot of free time on my hands at the moment but that doesn't mean I'll be on all day. I'll be on and off so expect a reply from me every other day. Unless I'm a roll and really enjoying the roleplay, I'll probably reply a lot more and quicker, too. Do not leave me without telling me. I've had that happen and it hurts; I try to not do that. You aren't going to hurt my feelings. Just talk to me.

6. I usually roleplay either through PM or email. Typically email, these days. But PM is fine. Threads just don't allow you to get as dark or dirty. I do roleplay mature and actually like it. But I don't mind fading to black, if you're that type. And I don't mind thread, either, if you're the fade to black type.

7. I actually think that's all I have. So this number is for no reason. Let's move on to things I like, yeah?


There's actually one fandom I really, really want to roleplay and you can guess what it is, by my name. Yes, Supernatural.

I would prefer canon characters and I ship both Destiel and Sabriel. I will not budge on the characters being with anyone else, sorry. If you're interested in both the ships (Sabriel doesn't have to happen, I know not many people ship it (I don't mind side Jess/Sam)) or just one, I usually play the Winchesters. I find I relate and connect to their characters more and can play them better.

But I won't mind trying my hand out at Gabriel or Castiel. I'm pretty sure I'd roleplay them just as well. It can be canon, AU, whatever. I'm actually open to a lot of ideas for the SPN world. Actually, really, any idea. I find myself loving SPN AU roleplays. I've never really done a canon RP, now that I think about it, so either one is okay. I actually have a few AU ideas, if anyone's up for a Destiel and/or Sabriel one.

Keeping my fingers cross for that because that's what I enjoy roleplaying the most.

Another fandom I'm willing to play in the sandbox of is: The Hunger Games. I don't mind canon or original characters. Though, I've never roleplayed canon and I'd rather not, to be honest. I wouldn't mind original characters and I'd prefer it to be MxM with an interesting plot. Maybe just like the Hunger Games but with two males in the place of Katniss and Peeta? Or even a girl and boy, I'd just prefer playing the girl in that case. Or even female and female, though that isn't something that really screams to me.

Another: The Host. I've read the book but really cannot recall it. I saw the movie recently, though, and am basing my experience on it. I would really love to do an MxM with this. But again, other pairings are okay. This one just really intrigues me and I'd really like to do something centered around this plot.

I'm in a lot of fandoms but I don't like roleplaying all of them. For now, I'll leave just these three and see if anyone bites.

As for non-fandom, I like a lot of things. I'm also open to a lot of ideas. Let me name the things I'm not used to roleplaying and don't really want too;

Sci-fi. Like, space and being on a spaceship or anything like that. I'm not good at grasping those concepts when it comes to roleplaying, for some reason.

Magic. I'm not too knowledge on a lot of magic-related things. Now, if we figure a plot and your character is magic, totally cool. Just don't expect me to know a super lot. I know a few things but it's just not something I really prefer.

Medieval. I love TV shows and movies in this time setting. I suck at playing it. Really, I've done roleplays with this time setting, and other ones, but, considering I live in the here and now, I'm just best at doing more modern ones. I'm not opposed to other time settings, depending on the year, but it just depends on if it goes with the plot or not.
Right now, my mind is going blank. Maybe those are just the main three things I avoid, I don't know. But anyway, I'm really open to anything else. I like roleplaying a lot of kinks, myself, but I don't like a sex-driven roleplay. I prefer a slow build up to romance and the right dusting of sex. That goes for all of my roleplays.

I really like supernatural settings (obviously). Ghosts, ghouls, vampires, werewolves, all that, I like. I wouldn't mind hearing a plot for something like that.

I like plotful plots. Not the whole 'guy meets girl in high school, drama' thing. I've done enough of those to not like them anymore. Maybe I'll do them, if there's an interesting enough back story or something. Like, a good enough twist. I do love drama, though. I love roleplays that have everything real life does.

I really like kidnapper/serial killer roleplays. I haven't done many of these and the ones I started fell in so I'd like to try something like this. I don't really have a plot in mind but er.
I'm open to a lot of things, okay? So you can just name your craving and if I'm interested, I'll let you know! I'm gonna stop this here since it's so long. Just PM me or reply to me here and we'll see if we wanna roleplay together!

Hopefully hear from some of you guys soon~
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Hello Flightless,

I did enjoy The Host. I read the book and watched the movie as well. I don't remember all of the details of the book, the movie is more vivid for me. I had not thought about actually doing a rp with this setting until I read about it. I enjoy MxM roleplays and am not huge of instant loves type of stories. My characters are more like me, full of doubt, unsure and second guessing about relationships in general.

One liners make me feel dirty. I don't do it.

I am not sure what level of writer I am. Thus I will give you a bit of a look-see on my style. If you find you can tolerate my craft I would love to hear from you.
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Hey I'm looking for a new mxm partner, medieval to magick to supernstural if not all three at once. I have a few ideas, but I would love to discuss a dark dirty plot with you. Absolutely no limits ; 3 I love making slowly develooed intense characters, pm me.
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I will do a sabriel rp or Destiel rp. I got some ideas for them. I can play Dean or Sam or Castiel or Gabriel
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