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Character Sheets
Derreck Richard Howell ~ Growing Up | It's Anything But Simple

Owen Morris ~ Dead Zone

Kevin Wilson Ford ~ No Turning Back

Noah Ellis Castillo ~ STARLIGHT

Sebastiano Benedetti ~ 1920's Gangsters

Gabriela Del Rosario ~ Black Velvet Sky

Jake Elliott ~ Isolate

Ashton Hawkins ~ The Mundane

Hegedüs József ~ Behind the Burning Hills

Daifallah Habib ~ INCORPORATED: Capitalism Incarnate

Rol'Naaris vas Vaepal ~ Mass Effect: Underworld

Yamada Tokihiko ~ Fractured

Robert Wilson ~ The Time Pocket Lounge

Ishibashi Nobusuke ~ Alien: Desolation

Kaijosh Frakjess ~ Star Wars

Yanagita Shunji ~ Mass Effect Andromeda: Frontier

Chegal Yeong-Su ~ No Turning Back - Surviving the Abyss

Benton Haynes ~ First Contact in the Situation Room

Star-Lord ~ Ultimate One Universe: Season One

Black Panther ~ Ultimate One Universe: Season Two

Inque ~ Santa Celia

Roadhog ~ World of Light

Junkrat ~ World of Light

Scordoru ~ Primordial Uprising

Cinros ~ Primordial Uprising

Marius Faro ~ Mass Effect: Renegade

Lucas Watson ~ Oblivion.

Nation Sheets
Kingdom of Netherlands ~ Precipice of War

Byzuaraia Empire ~ Fabula Elysia

Choedal Kingdoms ~ God and Country

The United Kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland ~ Point of No Return

Union of the Free States of Atronia ~ Mutually Assured Destruction

Batigefalé Empire ~ Age of Nations

Titan Company ~ INCORPORATED: Capitalism Incarnate

California Republic ~ The American Spring

The Kingdom of Natubai ~ A New World: Fate of Albion

New California Republic ~ War Never Changes

Federation of Central America ~ Precipice of War

Flotilla ~ Ashes of the Old World

Quskoenia-Weshia Union ~ The Last Laugh
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"A man has always to be busy with his thoughts if anything is to be accomplished." - Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, 1632-1723

Nation's Full Name
Kingdom of the Netherlands

Leader's Full Name
Cathelijne Eektimmerman

History of the Netherlands (1925-Present)
The Great War that brought terror and horror to the entire world had ended, but at what cost? Europe was devastated for the long war, the Netherlands was thankfully spared from the horrors of the trenches, of heavy bombardments, and tons of dead soldiers. That didn't mean that the war went by unnoticed. The Netherlands was faced with tons of issues that still affects the country to this very day.

At the start of the war, they made it clear that the country wanted to be remain neutral. The surrounding countries respected that wish; but as the war was getting worst, rumors began to surface that Britain planned to invade the country. To ensure that Britain or any other country invades, the Netherlands mobilized their army as two hundred thousand men marched to fortresses like the Waterlinie and the Defense Line of Amsterdam. The navy they started to patrol in the waters of the Dutch East Indies

The German Empire soon invaded Luxembourg and Belgium to invade Northern France. The German General Governorate of Belgium was established by the German Empire as about one million Belgians fled to the Netherlands. The government started on building small camps for refugees all over the Netherlands. Refuge relief was a major financial burden—costing 37 million Guilders.

Then, there were blockades all over the English Channel, the North Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean. As a trading nation, the Netherlands was hit the hardest with the blockades and trade restrictions. Rationing and Bread coupons were introduced after refugees came into the country from Belgium. The allied nations put heavy restrictions on the Netherlands, because they were still trading with the German Empire. They even tried to stop trading between the nations, but their attempts failed.

And their colonies (mainly the Dutch East Indies) were forced to close off trading with Europe and tried to trade in their own region instead. Shortages in the Netherlands rose as cotton, tobacco, tea and pepper were harder to get. Many colonists rose against the government as the war was taking too long to finish. The economy from both the colonies and the mainland suffered until the war ended. The 'Great War' lasted for a long time as it became more pointless.

When the war finally ended in 1925, many people didn't know what was going to happen to the world now. Britain hid from the world, Germany was fighting against their own revolution, France was in ruins, and the powerful Austria-Hungarian Empire fell apart. The Dutch government started trading with the nations, in hopes of putting the broken pieces of Europe back together. However, the East Indies among with the rest of the Dutch colonies had revolted against their ruler.

The East Indies were annexed by the Empire of Japan, crushing all in hopes of regaining control of the colony. Netherlands is in a better position than it was fifty years since the war ended, but they are still fixing their economy. With the war between Spain and the Pan-African Empire going on, the Dutch government is watching the simulation and planning for the future.
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Derreck Richard Howell

"Hardship often prepares an ordinary person for an extraordinary destiny."
-C.S. Lewis

Derreck Richard Howell

The Historian, The Librarian

Birth Date
04, November 1992




Relationship Status

He rather focus on getting his major and minor before going into the work force.

Apartment Number



In Depth Appearance
Derreck is often mistaken as being older because of the lack of hair and his tried eyes. His black beard is often trimmed and he won't let the beard go beyond the neckline. The dark brown eye color is often mistaken as if his eyes were black, if someone sees him far away. He's a tall guy, reaching 6'7", and his body is healthy as he tries to go to the guy once a day for a couple hours.

He doesn't have a ton of outfits to select and wear each day of the week. He would wear casual outfits around his friends or at his apartment room. When he is at the university, he would dress professionally in a leather jacket with jeans and a neat pair of shoes. He doesn't go overboard unless he's going somewhere special like a meeting. As for his workout outfit, he would just wear a tank shirt with shorts and a pair of tennis shoes.

A sleeve tattoo of a Japanese demon covers his right arm. But, many people won't known that he has a single tattoo because he always covers it unless he's at the gym.


Habits | Quirks | Oddities
  • Bites pencils and pens while he's working or bored
  • Loves talking about politics and history to people
  • Believes that there's more than one God
  • Whistles loudly when he's alone or bored
  • Snorts while he's laughing very hard.

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Drawing
  • Running
  • Zumba
  • Playing the violin

  • History
  • Politics
  • Watching TV shows
  • Reading novels
  • Going to the gym
  • Video games
  • Music

  • Driving
  • Irresponsible and childish behavior
  • Fast food
  • Lazy people
  • Being interrupted by someone

  • Driving
  • Heights
  • Failure

♦ Hardworking ♦ Complex ♦ Genuine ♦ Blunt ♦

If there's one thing that you need to know about Derreck, it would be that he's a hardworker. Either forcing on homework or helping out his friends with cooking, he will finish it and put care into it. That doesn't mean that he will try to make it perfect; however, he doesn't want it to be too perfect. And the work that he puts into can be almost anything. Friends and family members often call him a complex person, because he is difficult to understand and predict.

Despite his complex personality, he's genuine towards his friends and especially family members. Derreck is one of those people, who would tell his friend that their shirt doesn't match with their pants. However, that could also mean that he can get too honest with people including people that he doesn't like at all. He can become blunt and genuine at the same time and often enough the message gets mixed up. It either ends with the person being confused or very upset.

Overall, Derreck can be a kind, honest person; but, he's too complex and blunt without knowing or caring.


As the middle child of another sibling, life was already tough for both the mother and father as they tried to make it in Atlanta. When he was four, he realized that he couldn't get anything that he wanted because the money that his parents was barely enough to pay everything that they needed. He enjoyed to draw and books often, because the family wasn't able to get a television.

Life soon changed from the family as the father finally got a job in Texas, working at the oil fields. They made the long trip to Austin and settled in their life. Derreck and his other sibling realized that the move was the best opinion as their father came home with a check worth $14,000. After paying the bills, the mother brought home their first television and computer.

Derreck wasn't as amazed as his older sibling was about the television and kept to his books and drawings. But, he soon grew to like some shows that would air weekly especially the History channel. History was an interesting subject for Derreck and soon took trips to the public library to check out books about the history of countries and people. Because of his interest in history, he began to write and then he grew to love politics as well.

At his high school, he passed both English and History classes throughout his four years. His teachers asked that he looked into universities that offered History and some sort of writing major. So, he did and found the University of San Francisco. His teachers questioned the location, because the city (and the state) were very liberal compared to Texas. But, he wanted to 'explore' the country and the West Coast was a 'great place to start'.

His family supported Derreck's decision and helped him with his application to the university. They waited for the notification letter to arrive and they got it before his senior year ended. That was when he left from Austin to San Francisco for a fresh start to his life. With his family's money, he managed to get a place at The Daffodil Building, an apartment.

He arrived as a new place in a new city with none of his friends, hoping that he has a better life.

M I S C .

My favorite activity is to draw.

Anything Else
Derreck knew several friends, that were on his high school's marching band, and they taught him how to play the violin. He got his own and took it with him to San Francisco. And he likes to dance often and took Zumba class at his gym.

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"What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery
General Introduction
"There's always sanctuary in the deserts." - Byzuaran Saying
10,000,000 est.



Brief Summary
Many other civilization often tell people that the The Herema Desert is worthless to live because of its barren lands; despite their words, they are lying. The desert holds many different civilization from The Clans of the Kashar to Byzuaraia. Byzuaraia is one of the few nations that's surrounded by desert, besides the Sahtix Rivers and the coastlines. The nation is between (NATION #20), (NATION #16), (NATION #19), (NATION #25), and (NATION #10).

Because of their location, Byzuarains (citizens of Byzuaraia) are able to survive the harsh heats and the daily amount of sandstorms. And they also control apart of the Sahtix Rivers, which can provide fresh water to the citizens away from the rivers. It's also where most of the population of the country is located at; however, the remaining population live away for the rivers.

"Siarq is our special jewelry box, containing some of the most astonishing gems around." - King Daljodh Dahiya II, 1250
The geography of Byzuaraia is mostly deserts, the coastlines, and the Sahtix Rivers. To the south of the country, The Siarq Mountains stretch about three thousand miles. Inside the mountains, they contain some of the most enhanced gems and jewels in the world. That's why controlling the mountain range is important for the country, because that's their most important export item to maintain.

The coastline are also important, because they maintain trade with the rest of the world. Without them, they could economic downfall and unrest for the population. There's a chance that the coastlines could be taken by (NATION #9) and (NATION #25). They wouldn't let the coastlines fall to enemy control without making sure that it's worthless to them by destroying the cities among with it's ports and valuable things useful to the enemy.

And finally, the desert is useful in combat especially during sandstorms. That's why camels are commonly used instead of horses as a means of traveling around the nation and a way to fight the enemy. However, you will find a couple small villages and towns throughout the desert. Life is still going on for those people and they are happy with their homes.


Government & Society
The government of Byzuaraia is an absolute monarchy, where the King wields unrestricted political power over its people. However, the king can have a council along his side if he wises to form one. In this council, the king can have the maximum of fifteen people and the minimum of four. All of the kings had a council aside them for their rule until their death. After the king's death, the members of the council either apply for a political spot or retire.

The current king is Vaar Jatatier. The history of Jatatier family line started hundreds of years ago, where the family was living north of the Sahtix Rivers. They were facing execution for treason in the area and legend says that they flee towards The Herema Desert to escape death. Almost all of them died while they searched for water until they found the Sahtix Rivers. With the remaining members of the Jatatier, they were able to survive and soon founded the city of Syracosa.

Then, the rest is history.

As for the society, it's complicated to explain. The few, that live in the deserts, are suspicious and paranoia about outsiders and techonolgy. While the majority of the population, are more careless and civilized than the few. However, the military is more likely to select the few than the majority to protect their country. Because of their suspicious, they are more likely to know something quicker than anyone else.

Economy & Industry
Byzuaraia always had a barter economy until thirty years, when the king introduced currency to the country. Despite the introduction, many people still barter to themselves unless it's foreigners. They would barter at markets at towns or cities, where people from all over would come to get the next best thing.

Military Overview
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Owen Morris



Physical Description
Owen is 5'8” and his body is healthier than the average male in the country. His daily workout at the gym has helped out with his body and the Outbreak has helped out as well. He doesn't have any facial hair, because he doesn't think they look professional for a police officer. However, his short light brown hair is still there. The police uniform is his daily outfit before the Outbreak started. The uniform used to mean something, but now it's a target for those looking for supplies. Owen prefers to keep the uniform until it becomes useless; however, he has a second uniform among with his regular clothes in the supply bag.

Owen became a police officer, because he's a courageous and selfless person. Like many other officers, he's disciplined and calm towards others. And he's also high-spirited during serious events and often uses humor to calm others. He gets his personality from his father, who had a similar personality to Owen. However, since the Outbreak, he's slowly becoming an earnest and self-centered person. With a world without the use of law and order, he's adapting to the simulation rather too quickly. He already had to kill someone after they were changing towards him with a metal baseball bat and he also killed several 'infected'.

But, most of his personality hasn't changed for the moment.

Glock 22 (contains 40 rounds, two magazines total)
Metal baton
D1 Patrol Police Supply Bag (contains only bottled waters and snack size chips)
Police Duty Belts (contains handcuffs, portable personal radio, pepper spray, a taser, two flashlights, gloves, a multi-tool, and a small first aid kit)

Owen Morris' early life was difficult as he almost died at birth with his mother; thankfully, they lived through it. His father was a police office from New York City and his mother had a job as a sales person. They were the average middle class family, living in an apartment and having only one kid. School was fun and easy from Owen as he skipped a grade at the age of seven.

However, he wanted to become like his father and the most of the people in the father's and mother's family: A police officer. He begun to train from the hard work of being a cop in a city, especially New York City. From the age of ten to eighteen, he forced on school and his training until he mastered them. His father retired after serving for twenty-six years at the age of fifty-nine, saying that 'a man must rest before his death'. At the same time, he had graduated from high school and went to police academy for a couple years. It was difficult for Owen and he wanted to give up at times, but he pushed forward and became a police officer.

After that, he did his job for five years until he was transferred to Pittsburgh and did ten more years until the outbreak happened…

After the Outbreak
He was one of the first responders to a call about being attacked by a loved one. The simulation was horrible as the victim had bled to death and the loved one was covered in blood. It got more chaotic as he fired at the person. Then, he was called to the station for an emergency meeting about similar simulations that were happening all over the city. The police officers were told to defend quarantine camps and save as many lives as they could.

It was going well until the sixth day, where things went out of control. The quarantine camp, that Owen was stationed, was being overrun as the police officers were either fighting, dead, or escaping with the military. He chose to escape out of the camp with a group of officers and soldiers as soon as the helicopters left. The first thing that they did as a group was going back to the station, which was the HQ for the military now. When they got there, however, the place was empty among with the supplies. The group was upset and angry towards their fellow men for leaving. But, they found a radio and decided to contact the military. They were told that there was nothing that they could do for them and anyone else 'for now'. Despite the military's response, he knew that they were never coming back and they are hiding in naval ships.

Because of that, they decided to stay at the station until supplies are low and then split up. Thirty-five days later, the group had split up and Owen was the remaining person at the station before leaving it behind. He decided to stay in the city, because he wants to still protect it until he dies.
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Player Name
The Spectre

Kevin Wilson Ford



A sleeve tattoo of a Japanese demon covers his right arm. But, many people won't known that he has a single tattoo because he always covers it up with clothes.

Historian & Ambassador

Roslin Federation.

Kevin is an intelligent man since he went to Stanford and earned the highest grades during high school. He's also a great speaker, because of his charm and knows how to play the game very well. He is also has patience enough to not get upset or angry at most things unless it has to deal with his family. And he's a hard worker as well. Either forcing on work or helping out his friends out, he will finish it and put care into it. That doesn't mean that he will try to make it perfect; however, he doesn't want it to be too perfect.

Friends and family members often call Kevin a complex person, because he is difficult to understand and predict. However, that could also mean that he can get too honest with people, including people that he doesn't like at all. He can become blunt and genuine at the same time and often enough the message gets mixed up. It either ends with the person being confused or very upset. And he also is feeling guilty and depressed about leaving behind his family and the Earth.

Personal Effects
Kevin knew that he was never returning to Earth and seeing his family again. He brought about two bookshelves worth of history books. He also brought a couple pictures of his family and his home in both Europe and America. And he also brought some music among with plants, a fish tank with fishes, and a desktop filled with his works. Finally, he brought in a flat screen television with some of his favorite movies.

Kevin's family was originally from the European Confederacy before World War III began. Most of his family was in the military before the war begun, but things changed after it ended. The destruction of Moscow and other major cities caused the remaining family to retreat to the Americas aka Roslin Federation. Because of the event, the family didn't want anyone else to join the military unless it was an important reason. One hundred years since the war, Kevin was born in New York City to his family.

His family wanted him to become a successful person and live a happy life. Kevin, thanks to his mother, went to one of the best public schools in Roslin during his childhood. He found out that he had an interest in history and becoming a history teacher. History was a fun class for Kevin as he loved going back in time and talking about what happened during World War II and the first World War. He got the highest scores in his class on history and got his degree at the age of seventeen.

And because of his hard work, he was accepted to Stanford University. He wanted to get his major in history and his minor on political sciences so he could become an ambassador. The world was in a peaceful state until the Three Day War, where the Citadel was destroyed and humanity met the Devastators for the first time. After the war ended, the world was a different place. The remaining factions became The United Earth Council and Kevin was still focus to get his degrees. At the age of twenty-one, he got his degrees and took the Foreign Service Officer exam. He passed with flying colors and become an officer. Kevin spent ten years working as an ambassador for the world. During his time, he met his future wife and her son. Julia was from California and her son, Wyatt, was a child.

That was when the world learned about Project Genesis. Riots ensured and the world's military was willing to fight one last time against them. As soon as Project Genesis was announced, Kevin was selected among with others to have the role of ambassador on the ships. He was able to take his entire family with him, because they only allowed with three family members. However, the rest of their families have to be left behind. Julia gave birth to another son, Brandon, and he was able to come when the time came to leave. Ten more years later, it was time to leave behind the Sol System. He packed their belongings and important things to take on board. He spent months, saying goodbye to their families and friends that were left behind. Wyatt was angry and upset for a teenager and Brandon was young enough to be remembered this event.

They soon left for Mars and boarded the Vitae. This was a brand new start from both his family and humanity.

Code Word
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Choedal Kingdoms

Nation Overview
Choedal Kingdoms is an absolute monarchy country located north of Ardäin and Mille-Sessau. The lands are average for farming and the mountains are useful to miners. They are one of the few nations where farmers aren't the majority, the miners are the majority. Most of the lands aren't as rich and fertile as the land south of the nations; however, they have control of the mountains and that's where the miners come into the picture. Despite the increase in miners, there was still a need in farmers and they settled near the rivers, lakes, or the rich and fertile lands in the south.

And unlike other kingdoms, Choedal embraced gunpowder and other technological advances to their country. Before that, they were like any other kingdom until the death of King Éloi Léger. He was fifty-six at the time of death. The only children they had was their young daughter, Sofia Léger. And at the age of eight, she was crowned as Queen of Choedal. However, her mother became a regent for her until the age of eighteen.

Now at the age of eighteen, Sofia officially became the Queen of Choedal. She introduced the first tercio to the military staff and said to them that they will 'ensure control and power in the name of our nation'. Even known, the nobles distrust Queen Sofia and prefer Prince Fritz Léger to take control. Can the Queen please the nobles as well as the farmers and miners? Time will only tell.

Map Claim.

The earliest recorded history in the lands of Choedal is one tribe nearby the largest lake in the area. They were the largest tribe in the area and soon went into an age of war and terror to unite the tribes together. The leader was a ruthless person who threw men towards important villages and caused thousands to die. It isn't known if they believed in a god or gods, but there are mentions that they often killed for the 'Higher Power'.

Following the unification of the lands, the leader and his family suddenly died from unknown reasons. It's said that they died for a terrible plague. After their deaths, there was chaos in the lands for years until several powerful nobles took over the lands with the help of other tribes. One of the nobles was named Sir Greg and he was the smartest out of the others as he dealt with the tribes for going against them by killing their leaders in secret.

After the reunification of the lands, Greg had poisoned the reminding nobles and soon took the title of King in the lands of Choedal. It would be many years until he gave birth to Éloi Léger, but he ruled the lands and expanded the Kingdoms to the mountains and the coastline. After his death, Éloi took over his father's position and ruled the lands for a long time. When Qaelun declared their independence (years after being taken by his father), Greg avoided war with them and waited for their ambassador until his death.

After he died, her daughter, Sofia Léger, was crowed Queen and started to rule the lands as a way to forget her father's death. The nobles wanted his son, Fritz Léger, to become King instead of his daughter and they are worried about her rule.

The church is still apart of Choedal, but it isn't as important as it is in other nations. The government doesn't condone any religious practices because they don't care about it. The rulers before Sofia were in favor of separation of church and government. They are the first nation with that kind of view towards the church, which they don't like. Often enough, they would do something that got the government's attention and then leave. The simulation of the church is often peaceful enough that it doesn't cause any issues in the long run.

Few nobles are in favor of church and government working together as does Fritz Léger, the King's son. The church supports Fritz as the ruler instead of Sofia. If Fritz was ruler of Choedal, then he would welcome the church with open arms. Then, he would have to deal with the rest of his family and some citizens. However, Sofia has made it clear that she will support the separation of church and government.

As for the rest of Choedal, they are hardworking and skilled citizens in mining. Farming isn't as common as mining as they believe that their food doesn't taste as good as any other food around. It's an odd thing to think about, but that's what is so special about Choedal. They often put themselves down for not doing a good job or getting the job done quicker. They also compete against each other in many different things from sword fighting to drawing. Many other countries think that the citizens are backwater compared to other citizens because of that.

Choedal would often export coals, stones, irons, gems, and jewelry from the mountains to its trading posts and docks. However, they also export unique fruits, meats, and vegetables that only grow in region. They import farming equipment, luxury goods, wheat, and gunpowder. The industrial capacity of the kingdoms is one of the best in the world as they forced on the mines than the farms.

Choedal was one of the first nations to embrace gunpowder and tercio thanks to Queen Sofia, unlike their neighbours. However, they still have heavy cavalry and infantry to form the backbone of the army as tercio are being tested. Gunpowder is used on cannons in cities that have walls and forts in the middle of nowhere. It was added to the military as tercio were being added as well. A musketeer has been formed to serve as royal guards to the Queen and her family. It has not been adopted by the military.

The army is very organized since they have to keep an eye on a large landmass. Despite their organization, they often don't fight in the mountains since the last war with Qaelun. It cost hundreds of soldiers to die for the small piece. Since they declared their independence, the government is trying to avoid war to reclaim the land so they don't waste soldiers and equipment.

Claywork, forest tapestry, and clever clover are the color scheme for the military, even known their flag color has different shades of blue.
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Ⱥthistan ℱederation

Athistan contains fifty-eight nations and each of them is in the Federation. It was founded after the Qihona Incident caused the Terror to abruptly end. The nations formed the Federation to ensure their citizens that the world can move on from the incident and rebuild towards a better future. Each nations government votes on matters that gets the Federation's attention. The votes are then courted and the results are the answers to the matter.

When it's time to elect a leader, the nations must send a candidate with the necessary skills to meet. Then, the citizens vote on which candidate should be president of the Federation after weeks of campaigning.

President Roshawna of Yoskuevania

Persons of Importance
King Quandell of the United Kingdom of Stuacia
Prime Minister Afework of Osnela
President Zelalem Nebiyou of Republic of Echua

The Acelop are bipedal, humanoid, reptillian inhabitants of Athistan. Their most prominent features are their horns, which are unique to every indiviudal and help cool them with two fin-like ears present just below them, shielded from the Sun's heat by the horns themselves, probably evolved while the species lived further sunward on their respective continents. The species has three bone-like digits on their fairly blocky hands, connected to a fairly muscular arm about the same thickness.

They also possess specialized, self-collapsing ribs that protect their four lungs, made to allow the species to be drenched in water for an extended period, a relic of the species past that serves them to this day. They are cold-blooded, as are their cousins on Earth, which grants them a significant advantage in the hot regions of the planet (virtually everywhere that's not above 60°C). Their skin is made out of miniature scales aligned in what acts as a suit of armor for the species, making further protection unnecessary until recently.

The Xreihz are also humanoid, but they aren't reptillian and bipedal. Their body is able to handle hot regions of the planet and can move faster than the Acelop. The eyes are either blue or grey because of the atmosphere that affects them more. That doesn't mean that they are blind, even known a small percentage can become blind at any given time, and can see better and more clearer than the average Acelop. And they are think faster and react quicker, useful during combat or stressful simulations.

Their skins are darker because of the amount of heat that they have to deal with daily.

60% Acelop
40% Xreihz

Religion Description and Demographics
The Federation doesn't have an official religion, but it does endorse popular and well-known religions.




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The United Kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland

Government Ideology
Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy

George VI (Albert Frederick Arthur George)

Rough Population


History of Your Nation since start of Great Depression
When the Great Depression began, the British Empire suffered from high unemployment and poverty. The empire was still recovering from the Great War and the Depression surprised many government officials. Soon enough, the government took emergency measures to balance the budget and restore confidence in the pound by issuing an emergency budget, which immediately instituted a round of cuts in public spending and wages. Public sector wages and unemployment pay were cut by 10%, and income tax was raised in the pound. However, these measures were unsuccessful as unemployment rose and the gold standard dropped.

After years of measures to combat against the depression, a slow recovery begun in 1934 because of the withdrawal from the gold standard and the devaluation of the pound. As a result, British exports became more competitive on world markets. The revolution in India was proving to be difficult to keep fighting, so they decided to let India become independent. Even know losing India was hard for the British, they still got their massive colonies in Africa and Asia. And with Canada becoming the new Jewel of the Empire, things were looking up from them.

Now, the United States has fallen and Germany is in a state of revolution. The Allies have to end the simulation in Germany before either one wins.
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Noah, 14

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” ― Helen Adams Keller, 1880 - 1968


Noah Ellis Castillo




August 07, 1971




Since Noah is half Filipino and half Caucasian, his appearance is unique in the small town of Red Herrings. His eyes are almond shaped and have dark brown irises, making them look almost black. He has his father's angular face and his mother's large and thin mouth. The complexion of his skin color is medium brown and his nose is aquiline, because of his mother's Spanish background. The hair color is black, common for most Filipinos, and it is wavy. His hair is like his father's hair, but it can grow longer. Because of his healthy diet and not eating out often, his body is healthy and doesn't appear to be too chubby. His height is the average of 5'4" for most Filipino men, making him taller than his 5'3" father. His accent is American with a tinge of Spanish with a melodic quality in his sentences, which is why he is a good singer.

Because of his appearance, he often wears clothes that make him look neat. He would often wear bold sweaters with different patterns with regular jeans. He also has some jacquard cardigans when the weather is cold enough or going out with friends. A boy would wear Converses or Keds, but Noah wears boat shoes often enough; however, he does have a pair of Keds that he wears while going out with friends.


Noah grew with a stable family and they were pretty wealthy as well; however, his father taught him that people aren't as useful as resources. That makes him self-reliant, but he often blames his self for simple mistakes and feels guilty for asking peoples' help. He's also enlightened about the world around and knows things that no fourteen year old should. That's because of his mother since she showed him how to read newspapers and tell him about current events in the world. But, that makes Noah boring to some of his young friends since they rather play with games than talk about the Cold War.

If you get to know him, he's a romantic and imaginative person. Both of these personalities came from his mother and his self as well, given that they both love to draw and often would draw together once in awhile. He shares a couple personalities with him and one of them is that they are both realists. Orland had to work all day during his childhood and until he got enough money to go to college to become a doctor. He taught his son that the world is cold and harsh early on. Because of that, they both are anxious over simple things and mistakes.

Noah has been getting more anxious as he's becoming a teenager and something else is going on behind the scenes. He believes that he could have feelings for boys rather than girls. If his father finds out that he has feelings for guys, then he could get in trouble or worse. His father is catholic and believes that homosexuality is a sin. His mother won't know what to do, but she would most likely say that it could be a phase. Noah is hopeful that it's just a phase as well and he will be over with being gay by the time that he's an adult.

Because of that, he doesn't share personal stuff with his family and friends. His father is like that as well, meaning that he could hide secrets as well. And they both are focused on completing the task ahead and they don't like people who procrastinate often while working on something. Given his father's family, they were strict on him and punished him if he would procrastinate on homework. His father doesn't punish him if he doesn't do the work, but he would remind him of the work until he does it. As a teenager, he's getting annoyed by that and would often talk back or roll his eyes as his father is reminding him for the seventh time about his homework.


Orland Leones Castillo, 48 – Father - Orland was originally from the Philippines until he met Luiza at his work place as a doctor. They spent fours dating before getting married and moved to America. They went to California first, living in Los Angeles. While in California, Noah was born and Orland spent more time at the Children's Hospital to earn extra money. After a while of living in the city, they decided that they would move to St. Stephens and he began working at the local hospital. Orland became the town's doctor and well like by the citizens. He's the strict parent, who wants Noah to be successful.

Luiza Moreton Castillo, 44 – Mother - Luiza was born in Spain and grew up to become a nurse and join The Red Cross. She was twenty-six when she met Orland during her trip to the Philippines and fell in love. They dated for four years until Orland asked the question to her. Since she knew English, she was able to help her husband out with the Citizenship Test. After passing it, they moved to Los Angeles and started to work at the Children's Hospital. She gave birth to her son and first child, Noah. Orland spent more time at the hospital while she stayed home and took care of the child. Years passed by and they were tired of the city lifestyle and felt that it wasn't safe for their son. That was when that they moved to St. Stephens and she kept watching Noah. She's the cool mom, who would get her son anything and often allow him to do things despite her Orland's disapproval. And she started to work with her husband at the local hospital.

Elizabeth Newman Hart, 32 – Family Friend - Elizabeth was born and raised in St. Stephens. She was the A+ student in her high school and went to a local college around the time that The Castillo Family moved next door to her new home. She was the first one to welcome the family to the town by giving them a tour around town. After finishing college and earning her degree, she had nothing to do other than her job at the drive thru. That was when she was asked if she would take care of Noah, while they went out once in awhile. She was happy to watch Noah during the nights out. After years of working at the drive thru, she became manager of the place and took more care of Noah. When her mother went back to work, she still keeps an eye on him even know Noah's fourteen.



Noah is one of the smartest students in his school, because of his father's strict guidelines on school. And since his father and mother were in a school band, Noah decided to join one in the third grade and has learned how to play guitar, piano, ukulele, violin, saxophone, and the banjo (he learned that instrument to make friends with people from the southern states). He's also in the school's debate club and it has improved his critical thinking skills and made him into an effective speaker.

Since his father has medical skills, he was taught the basic skills that can save someone's life (like CPR for example). And his mother taught the most important skill to have: cooking. Before she went back to work, she taught her son anything about cooking from measuring to timing. And he loves to draw with his mother.
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Sebastiano Benedetti



Sebastiano has the common Italian male look that many people see throughout New York City. Since he was born in the north part of Italy, he has a long angular face and a large and thin mouth. The complexion of his skin color is light tan and his hair color is a dark brown. He stands at 5'5” and his chubby appearance is well-know to many, despite him being a healthy guy.

Sebastiano isn't in anyone's 'camping ground' as he would call it. But, that doesn't mean that he isn't willing to listen to offers for people that happened to be with these gangs and criminal enterprises.

A line cook & an illegal bartender.

He was taught by his previous owner to become a bartender and he soon became one of the best in the restaurant. The owner guessed that he had a hidden talent to being a bartender as he can impress a lot of people while he's mixing the drinks. Sebastiano knows how to play the piano as well, but it has been awhile since he played one. He's trying to get one to the restaurant, but he won't know how to hide it well. And he knows how to hide something in plain sight, thanks to his strict family. He always kept stuff hidden from his parents or risk getting it taken. He thinks the same way with his drinks. Keep the drink hidden or get them taken by the law.

Benedetti was the youngest child in a family of six. His father wasn't around as much because of working in the mines and his mother was busying with the others to pay attention to him. When he was able to speak and walk, he started to follow his older brothers' around. Almost all of the brothers didn't care except his second youngest, Ermilo. Ermilo wasn't the smartest person around, but he knew enough to stay out of trouble.

He began to train Benedetti things about the real world like washing dishes and cooking a meal for the family. Ermilo cared about him more than his mother and father. When things at home got worse, Ermilo grew tired of the tension there and planned to run away. Benedetti didn't learn about it until he saw him bags onto the bed. He tried to get him to leave with him, but Ermilo refused and said that he would be better at home than out in the streets with him. Then, he left.

After years of dealing with his father's death and life as a teenager during the Great War, Benedetti found him in New York City terminally ill. At the age of nineteen, he packed his bags and decided to move to America so he could see his dying brother as the war was ending. No-one else wanted to move with Benedetti. Ermilo was able to see his little brother for the last time. Before he died, he gave him the remaining money that he had: $1,000. He didn't share on how he got the money or did Sebastiano asked where he got the money.

At the age of twenty-six, he started work as a dishwasher at a local restaurant and bar before the Prohibition was in effect. After working for two years, he was promoted to line cook as the Prohibition was in effect. Business fell for a couple months until it started to serve drinks illegally to their customers. The owner needed a bartender that was willing to risk their lives for cash and he found Sebastiano.

At first, he declined because he didn't know how to serve drinks; but, the owner was willing to teach him. He accepted the offer and started training to become the bartender. The restaurant had been successful overnight and the criminal enterprises of New York started to take an interest in the restaurant. Sebastiano was making more money than he ever did as a line cook and he soon got greedy. He wanted to take over the restaurant from the owner's hand, but he would never allow that to happen. With the help of other workers at the restaurant, the group pinned down the owner and kidnapped him.

Sebastiano ordered that the workers 'take care of him outside of the city limits' and assumed control of the restaurant and the illegal bar in the basement.
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Union of the Free States of Atronia, Atronia.


When the Second World War began, the Union of the Free States of Atronia declared neutrality and forced on fixing their economy. The country enjoyed the regrowth of the economy and the boom of several industries and markets. For three years, the country stayed away from the war until notNazi Germany took most, if not all, of notEurope. With the notAllied countries losing, Atronia agreed to supply any exiled governments that fell to the notAxis forces. This angered the notAxis countries, especially notGermany. Then, the reports that notNazi Germany were killing thousands of ethnic groups were spread around the world. The civilians of those ethnic groups demanded that Atronia declare war on all notAxis countries.

The president agreed and announced a declaration of war against all notAxis countries. With the war starting, Atronians were ready to help out in the war in any way they could do it. They joined the military, worked in factories, provided aid to the troops overseas, and supported the troops in any way possible. Then, the Atronian government was getting pressured by notJapan. They had started attacks on several notAsia and island countries. Atronia promised that they were going to protect any notAsia and islands from notJapan. They renounced its trade treaty with notJapan and embargoed iron, steel and mechanical parts against notJapan. And they provided supplies to notChina, which angered notJapan, but they did nothing about it for a few months.

That was until notJapan attacked Atronia's puppet, notPhilipines. This was the final line for the Atronian government and officially declared war on notJapan. Atronia and notPhilipines forces tried to held on the island, but they were pushed back. With their navy, they started to aid the weaken notAllied forces. And a couple wins and loses later, they were able to push back the notJapanese navy away from their coastline. The island won't be taken back until around '45. In the east Atronia and notAllied forces were dealing with both notItaly and notNazi Germany forces. The notNazi Germany's Luftwaffe and the Kriegsmarine were too powerful to face in one massive battle. With the help of notFrance and several other notAllied forces, they attacked several ports and cities to get the attention of both the Luftwaffe and the Kriegsmarine. After a year and seven months of attacking, both the Luftwaffe and the Kriegsmarine were weaken enough that Antronia could launch an invasion.

The invasion of notNazi Germany occupied lands happened during the afternoon and it took about seven hours before they decided to retreat from the coastline. NotNazi Germany's defenses were too powerful to take on. With the invasion was lost on the east front, notJapan was losing the war to notAllied forces as island after island was retaken. With the war on the east front getting worst for Atronia, they decided to end the war by bombing the capital of notJapan without anyone knowing about it. It was at two o' clock during the day that reports of several Atronian bombers and fighters headed for the capital. Citizens gathered in the palace for morning pray for their troops in the frontline. Without any warning, they dropped the bombs and two thousand dead in the first wave of the bombing. Three thousands more died after the second wave ended; but, the leader wasn't killed. He was running later to attend morning pray; but, the capital was destroyed in the bombing.

However, both notAxis forces and notJapan weren't going to give up the war. Atronia decided it was time to revel to the notAllied leaders the world's first ever atomic bombs. Seventeen years under development and tests before they were revealed to notAllied forces. One bomb was already dropped within their own lands and it was proven successful. Two more were made to drop on both notNazi Germany and notJapan. It was called, Faragó' Project. The project was named after Atronia chemist Faragó Béla, who discovered nuclear fission in 1920. After sharing with notAllied forces the bombs, they warned both notJapan and notGermany to to end the war or they use the bomb. Both leaders refused to give up.

On 9 August 1945, Atronian bombers dropped one of their bombs on notNazi Germany's lands. The location was nearby the failed invasion by notAllied forces and this was payback. The notNazi Germany's leader quickly turned his self in and surrounded to notAllied forces. They had given the leader of notJapan twenty-fours to respond to the terms of surrender; but, he didn't have enough time to respond within the twenty-four hour timeline. A second bomb was dropped on notJapan's biggest port city on 10 August before notJapan surrendered, bring the end of the Second World War.

After winning the Second World War, Atronia has surfaced as the superpower of the world. The word, superpower, was dubbed by Former President Fazekas András in one of his speeches towards the end of the war. He quoted saying that “the children of the future will look at Atronia as some sort of 'superpower' figure. The country is entering an economic boom that surprised everyone, including President Halász Renátó, who already wrote down seven pages of how he planned to get the country out of the Grand Depression.

The automobile industry, the housing market, and so many others boomed as soldiers and workers were finally able to rest. Many of them were giving birth to babies and buying things for fun. Televisions were appearing all over America and cars were starting to be used by the middle class family. The Depression was over and done as the Golden Age of Atronia starts, but something was going on behind the scenes with the countries of the world.

The international community was upset at the Union of the Free States of Atronia because of the Bombing of notJapan's capital and the Bombings of NotNazi Germany and NotJapan. The former President Fazekas András among with his vice president, László Jakab, defended their actions and said that they had no choice to do it. With most of the countries feared Atronia, because of their coldness in the Second World War, they decided to not pursue charges; but, Atronia had to agree to be the majority helper in the rebuilding efforts in notEurope, especially former notNazi Germany. The formation of the World Conclave was an attempt at improving relations with the rest of the world.

Atronia is now facing new problems in their nation each day. Segregation and inequality of notAfricans into sharp focus on the Atronian government. Returned soldiers are having a hard time changing back into civilian life. And the superpower faced another superpower, the notUSSR. The world is changing faster than everyone ever expected and many wonder if the Union of the Free States of Atronia can protect the free world as the leaders of Atronia head to their first every meeting.

Federal presidential constitutional republic.

Head of State
President Halász Renátó.

National Anthem
The Boots of Atronia is the national anthem of the Union of the Free States. The anthem is based on "Marching Song" (Tiến Quân Ca), the national anthem of Vietnam.

After World War II, the Union of the Free States of Atronia's economy is entering a 'long boom' as many citizens are calling the post-war economic expansion. High productivity growth is continuing to grow as soldiers are coming back home.

Agriculture was improved as left over Ammonia became available for making fertilizers, leading to a permanent decline in real fertilizer prices. Tractors are quickly replacing horses and mules. Family farms are having a hard time compete against the farming business. The Green Revolution is still in full effect as Atronia is facing a 'baby boom'. Farming had already transformed during the war to help feed the soldiers in the front lines, now they are feeding the millions of Atronians. Aircraft and air transportation industries were helpful during the war, producing different types of airplanes for the notAllied forces. After the war ended, they still had a large surplus of machine tools and manufacturing facilities for airplanes. These industries are facing the highest productivity growth before, during, and after the war.

The housing market is facing also facing an economic boom as housing became affordable to the middle class. And military spending is raising as the country is planning ahead for the future in defending their continent. Since the country has a dense population, there is a degree of strain on social infrastructure in general and educational costs and civic projects tend to be intensive. Without an economy sufficient to the task, any other nation would face difficulties.

National Religion
The Union of the Free States of Atronia has a diversity of religious beliefs and practices, meaning that it doesn't have an national religion.


(PLEASE be sure to identify where on the map you are, preferably by posting a clip of the region you wish to occupy. We may have to move you around to make it work. Don't be shocked if you don't get all the area you requested.)

(Makeup of your population; ethnicities, languages, minorities.)

Notable Locations
Komoró - Capital City

Port of Skalakhorio - The tenth busiest container port in the world.

Mitikas - The second largest city in Atronia next to Komoró.

Iborfia University - The second smartest private college in Atronia.

Brenzalja Naval Base - The naval base that was used to build the nuclear bombs.

Attala Air Base - Home to the planes used to drop the bombs.

Kismező - The island east of the main land. A tourist destination.

Attala Range - The mountain range that's the longest range in the country.

Szobor Hölgy Igazságosság (Statue of Lady Justice) - The statue of Lady Justice in the city of Komoró. Based on the Szabadság-szobor (Freedom Statue) and Old Bailey's statue of Lady Justice.

Hősök tere (Heroes' Square) - A square that had the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and statues of important people that helped shape Atronia. Based on the real thing in Hungary.

Regime Personalities/Factions
(Important people in your country; leaders and the such, people that factor heavily into your RP. At the very least, the leader, your WC delegate and major political parties/factions if one party state.)

(Major institutions of the nations, such as legislative bodies, corporations and, most importantly, the military.)

Military Numbers Active Duty Component Total



Air Force

(Such as KGB/Waffen-SS/Pasdaran/Other type troops -- internal security, or paramilitary forces)
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Gabriela Del Rosario


Gabriela is still good looking for her age; a 5 foot 2 inches with an athletic triangle body and a sightly straight back. She got her long brown hair from her mother, but she would often tie up her hair into a French braid, and her thin mouth. Meanwhile, she has her father's hazel eyes and his rectangular face. The lips were a combination of her father's short upper lips and her mother's slightly turned outwards under lip, making her whole mouth rather thin. Her nose is straight and narrow. And her jawline doesn't project. A sleeve tattoo of a Japanese demon covered her right arm. It's based on her father's tattoo that he wanted to get during his youth.

She would often be wearing her service uniform which is provided by NATO when she's in charge. Her service uniform contains a navy blue suit coat and optional skirt, a white shirt, and neck tab. Her jacket has a single row of four gold-colored buttons and her rank insignia is the gold sleeve stripes. She's rarely seen wearing the white combination cap that many captains do. Her service uniform made her appear older than she is as many people had mistaken her to be forty or fifty years old. In her private cabin, she often wore a white tank top and gray trousers with gray boots. She sometimes gets her lunch in that outfit.

Gabriela has been in the military for eighteen years and her personality has changed since that time. Once an out of control teenager, she became a mature woman who made a name for herself. She's a dependable person, who has helped out during the attack on Earth and her time aboard several NATO-U.S ships. But, she isn't the only to ask questions about the mission. She also would take full responsibility for her actions, making her known to be a woman of integrity. She'd rather suffer the consequences of being wrong than lie and be caught. But, she wouldn't cover from another person's mistakes.

Her ambition is to finish this mission and return to Earth famous, but she knew that might not happen. To someone, she had been fear mongering often while talking about politics or other serious topics; however, she claimed that she was just “being a realist.” Gabriela is also able to make the tough decisions in life. She was the captain after all and was loyal to NATO. After her mother's and two other siblings' deaths in the attack, she hated the Martians for what they did to NATO and their citizens; but, she kept the hate to herself and tried to get help before she left for Seattle. With her new role and help, she has able to keep her anger towards Martians under control.

She might lose control if someone kept pushing her buttons and talked about the attack.

Gabriela was born in Porto, Portugal to a military family. Her father had been in the military for thirty years. Her mother was the “military mom” as she dealt with five children while her husband was deployed. The five childrens' names are Paulo, Victória, Flávio, Cristiano, and Gabriela. Gabriela was the second youngest and looked up to the middle child, Flávio. He was six years old when she was born and wanted to be like his father. And she looked up to Flávio as a role model than the other siblings.

When she was twelve, Flávio was in the Middle East fighting against ISIL. His vehicle hit a land mine and killed him among with three other soldiers. Her life forever changed when she learned that he died in the Middle East. She not only lost a sibling, but she lost one of her closest friends. As she became a teenager and her growth spurt got out of control, the thought of Flávio gone forever changed her. Gabriela started to smoke weed at the age of fifteen during a party at one of her friend's houses. At the age of sixteen, she didn't listen to her father and mother's advices and her life was going downfall until one night.

Gabriela was in the back seat as her friends were driving while intoxicated. Suddenly, the driver lost control and flipped the car seven times before stopping. Help soon arrived, but it was too late. Almost all of her friends had died on the scene and she was near death as she was dragged to an ambulance. Before they arrived to the hospital, she had died for about seven hours before she woke up on a hospital bed. Her family was thankful that she survived the crash, but she had to stay at the hospital for several months before she could return home. After she came home, she forced on recovery and finishing up school. Then at the age of eighteen, she joined the Navy.

She went to Escola Nava (The Portuguese Naval School) in Alfeite and hoped that she could become a line officer. She learned English, French, and Germany during her time. After getting the naval school done, she was sent to the United States by NATO. She went to the Surface Warfare Officers School and got basic training of warfare at sea, including ship handling, communications, ship maintenance and the ship’s operational and weapons systems. After Surface Warfare Officers School, she received intensive training aboard several U.S-NATO ships. Then, the attack on Earth by the Martians happened. She was aboard one of the ships when several ships started to attack cities around the world.

Gabriela kept her cool and kept the crew mates calm as they tried to stop the attacking, After the fighting between the Martians and NATO stopped, she had learned that Porto was one of the cities hit and learned that her mother and two more siblings died. Her father suffered life threatening wounds and was staying at one of the hospitals. She immediately requested leave and traveled to her wounded father.

She spent as much time as she could before she had to return to work. A couple months after the attack, she was greeted by several NATO officers and requested that they talk. They offered her to be in a classified operation involving the FTL drive, the new revolutionary technology made by researchers. They also showed her the frigate that would install the drive, NSS Intrepid XDS-5. And lastly, they told her that she would become the captain of the NSS Intrepid. Gabriela knew that accepting this offer would mean that she was leaving her remaining family behind, but she would be honoring both her mother's and siblings' memories.

She proudly accepted their offer.

Porto was one of the cities that suffered during the attack by Matians months ago. NATO had been trying to help with rebuilding several cities, including Porto. It was the second largest city in Portugal before the attack, now they are the eighth largest. Many of the famous landmarks were either damaged or destroyed, like the iconic Café Majestic and Sé do Porto (Porto Cathedral). Many other sites recognized by UNESCO were being rebuilt by private or public funds, which NATO has allowed for the moment. The city was still busy as Gabriela Del Rosario had left it a couple years ago, but something felt different about the city. She saw construction crews all over the city, rebuilding one area at a time. As she drove beyond the city, she finally saw her old home that had seen better days.

The house was originally built in the early 1900s and then updated by her family in the early 2000s. It had an incredible view of the Ponte Luís I (Dom Luís I) and Douro River. There's also a garden that her mother overlooked when she got the house. Since her death, her husband had decided to get a gardener to manage it. Gabriela went to the garden and saw her father, sitting on the only bench in the area. The day was coming to an end as she went to her father. She slowly placed her hand on her father's shoulder and saw his reaction. He smiled at the sight and gave her a hug as it had been a while since he last saw her.

"O que você está fazendo aqui? Eu pensei que você tem treinamento?" his father asked as she saw her daughter in her formal uniform. She sat down on the bench and told her father to take a seat. She didn't where to start, but she had to tell her father everything. Gabriela only grew closer to her father since her mother died. This was because that he was deployed all over the world, 'proteger o mundo de ameaças' he would often say to his children.

"Fath-." she caught herself as she was speaking English. His memory was getting old and he slowly was losing the ability to speak English. Once upon a time, he was able to speak several languages during his time in the army. From English to Arabic, he studied those languages to better understand the world. The children would often get lessons about English or French when father was around.

She spoke to her father in his native language, "Eu terminei o treinamento, pai. Mas, eu ter sido chamado pela NATO para uma missão secreta."

"A missão secreta?"

"Sim." Gabriela clarified to her father, "Vou dizer-lhe sobre esta missão, mas você deve mantê-lo para si mesmo." He nodded and she started to tell everything that she knew about this mission. From the FTL drive to the ship, she told him about everything that she knew. It took a few minutes and some words had to be repeated, but she felt better that she was telling the truth to her father. As the sun went down and the moon went up, everyone was able to see the stars above them. The lights in the garden turned on automatically.

"Eu sou grato que você me disse. Faz-me sentir melhor." he thanked her daughter as he gave her a hug. A tear rolled down his face as this could be the last time that he would see one of her daughters.

"Todos em nossa família seria tão orgulhoso de você. Estou orgulhoso de você, querida." he cried as he was still giving her a hug. Gabriela kept saying 'obrigado' as she started to cry as well. They cried for a few more minutes as she whipped her tears away and realized the time.

"É hora de eu ir.." she said to her father as she just stopped crying, "Mas, eu não quero deixar você e os outros para trás."

"Eu sei que você não quer nos deixar para trás, mas você já fez a sua se sobre esta missão." he said as he stood up from the bench and grabbed his daughter's hand. They started the walk to the rental car as her father kept speaking.

"Você está fazendo isso para sua mãe, Victoria, Cristiano e, especialmente, Flávio. E eles de lhe disse a mesma coisa que eu fiz para você. E eles de lhe disse a mesma coisa que eu fiz para você. Só não se esqueça sobre a nossa família e não morrer também." he told his daughter that as he opened the car door. Gabriela understood what he meant and she knew that it was time for her to go. Before she got in the car, she gave her father one last hug as she said to him,

"Eu te amo."

Her father hugged her back and responded, "Eu também te amo." She got in the rental car and started it up as she saw her father waving at her. She waved back as she backed the car up towards the street and started to drive away from her home. Gabriela was now looking forward to the future as she knew that everyone in the family would be so proud of her. There was just one more place that she had to stop before leaving Porto for good: the cemetery. It was late at night as the fifteen minute drive from the house to the cemetery was easy. There was no traffic at night and no-one often visited at night besides the night guards.

The car stopped nearby the cemetery and she started to walk towards the tombstone of her mother. The cemetery was empty and dark as she stopped in front of her mother's tombstone. The tombstones of Victoria, Cristiano, and Flávio were right next to their mother's. Flávio's tombstone was the first one up and then her mother's was placed next to his tombstone. And finally, both Victoria and Cristiano's were placed next to their mother as well. Gabriela remembered each and every one of them. Her mother was the greatest cook around and she would always be cooking, because she didn't want fast food in their kids' lives. Victoria wanted to travel around the world and often asked if she could go with her father. Cristiano was a great artist, who would often draw boats when the whole family was at the beach. And there was Flávio, the best middle brother that anyone could have. He always saluted at his father every time that he saw him.

Those memories always made Gabriela laugh as she looked back; but, she saw her teenage self as well. The parties, drinking with her friends, smoking, and playing truth and dare. She managed to push those terrible memories back as she was forced in the present. She started to speak towards the tombstones in English, "I am going to be away for a while. I don't know If I am ever coming back, but I will always honor your memories and our family name. I am joining this mission so I can honor our family and our world. I will be going beyond our system and traveling around the entire universe to answer the questions of life. If I don't come back, I just want to tell you that I will miss you guys. But, if I do come back, I will bring you guys bouquets of flowers."

She placed her hand on every tombstone as she walked pass them. It was a way for her to say goodbye without saying the actual word. She started to walk to her car as it was almost midnight. She needed to sleep before the plane ride to Seattle, but she knew that she won't get any sleep at all.
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𝐏𝐡𝐲𝐬𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐥 𝐃𝐞𝐬𝐜𝐫𝐢𝐩𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧
Jack is a British-American man that was originally born in New York City. He’s the shortest person in his family with his 5’5 height and he can be often mistaken as a teenager. Despite his small height, he only weighs around 136.3 lb. That’s because he would often go on a run each morning and go to the gym, if he isn’t working on his job. He got his mother’s hazel eyes and his father’s black hair.

Often enough, he would most wear dark color clothes. He doesn’t go anywhere without his jacket no matter the weather. He also takes his beanie with him as well. He only wears jeans and casual t-shirts to places besides work. At work, he wears the white collared t-shirt with the dress pants and shoes. And he also has to wear the store’s dark blue apron. Jack doesn’t like the work outfit, but he only has to wear it on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Jake Elliott



Freelance Journalist & Clerk.

Jack is an interesting person to hang out with, even if he denies it. He would spend time worrying about the smallest thing, even if it isn't that big of a deal. Many would think that he has some sort of OCD, but he doesn't. It's just apart of him that he had since he was a child. His few friends love him for his charm and humor. Jack can lift someone's spirits up in the matter of seconds. He cares for others that are in pain, but he knows the limits. Reality is apart of him and he think things that are harsh to others. His brother hated that about Jack while he was living with him.

Work in Progress.

Jack Elliott was born and raised in Baltham with his other brother, Ivan. His mother worked at the Sweet Bay Hotel and his father was busy getting his masters in the University of Washington. They weren't the richest people in town, but they have been here for a long time. His mother worked at the hotel for several years since it's opening and his father had been attending the local community college. He was accepted into the university. His father wasn't around for only two years of his life and that was because of the university.

After graduating, he spent more time with his two sons for years before he had to work again. He became a war correspondent for the Washington Post. Jack knew that he also wanted to become a journalist as well and started to write 'stories' on his everyday life. When he was thirteen years old, his father went to the Middle East to cover the Invasion of Iraq. He was mistaken by U.S. forces as a threat and opened fire at him, killing him in seconds. His wife was upset by the death of her husband. Ivan and Jack were also upset by their father's death as well.

She claimed that her husband's death was unjustified, but she couldn't do anything about it. Jack kept pursuing his dreams of becoming a journalist. He graduated for high school at the age of seventeen and attended the University of Washington. Ivan couldn't stand living in the same town and moved to California with his lover. His mother died of natural causes, but Jack said that she still had a broken heart about her husband's death. Regardless, he did his four years required in order to become a journalist and graduate as well.

During that time, he met with a tattoo artist during his twenty-first birthday. Valerie Alvez was a hard person to read at first, but she became a good friend to Jack. He worked with the Washington Post for six years before leaving them and becoming freelance. Now, he often works at a local store as a clerk and does his freelance journalist stuff often enough. Since he found out that Valerie was a freelance writer, they often worked together on interesting stories.
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𝕭𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖌𝖊𝖋𝖆𝖑é 𝕰𝖒𝖕𝖎𝖗𝖊

Nation Name
Batigefalé Empire

Head of State, Age
Queen Mariana Varejão-Medellin II, Thirty-six.


City Names
Sobrado, Tarouba, Azia, Sarzedela, Bordonhos, Fagera, Bonete, Tierrachá, Sotoparada, and Tortoles.

Province Names
Cachorrilla, Salillas, Melim, Tanganheira, Jabalina, Escolta and Silvite.

Stability & Education.

Brief History
In the year 1800, the Batigefalé Empire was still in a bloody revolt against the Ávila Royal Family. The revolt was in its seventh year as the Ávilist (supporters of the Ávila crown) slowly pushed back against the farmers and the lower class members. The cities of Sarzedela, Tarouba, Azia, and Tierrachá were still controlled by the rebels, meaning that their last province was Salillas. The smallest province in the empire and the Ávilist military was getting closer to their cities. All of a sudden, the Medellin and Varejão families soon rose against Ávila in the capital city of Millares inside their palace. The siege of the palace lasted for two weeks before the wealthy families managed to enter the family’s master room; however, their had escaped by a secret tunnel. The city of Millares was under the rebel’s control and that caught the Ávilists by surprise.

The province of Salillas among with the cities were saved for the harsh treatment of the Ávilist military and the rebels were finally able to push towards Millares. The heads of the Medellin and Varejão families met together and announced that they were the new rulers of Batigefalé and sided with the rebels. Prince Lucero Ávila II stayed behind to protect his family as they fled to [EMPIRE/KINGDOM NAME HERE]. The Ávila Royal Family lived as Lucero was surrounded and placed under arrest by the newly established, Medellin-Varejão Royal Family. The remaining Ávilists either fled to that [EMPIRE/KINGDOM] or fought against the New Order until their deaths.

The Ávila Revolt was finally over in 1801 as Mariana Varejão-Medellin II took the title, “Queen of the Batigefalé Empire.” The fourteen year recovery was hard for the nation as their military and navy were crushed by both sides of the revolt. Their economy was in ruins to maintain the fighting and the population died for several reasons—they all tie back to the Ávila Revolt. Most thought that the country was going to back up into several smaller nations, but it didn’t for two reasons: Stability & Education.

The stability in the empire was restored as the Varejão-Medellin families took the crown for the Ávila family. Mariana Varejão-Medellin II was the first ever queen in the empire’s history and that caused many to consider her as powerful. And she truly cared for the lower class more as she ensured that schools became public and free to the general public. As she has written to one of the nation’s most well-known writer, “Everyone has the right to know what’s happening all over.” The education improved as Mariana allowed schools to be free. The lower class were able to finally send their children to school without paying for the first time in their lifetimes. Adults, of course, went to school as well to read more and learn about math and science. After they are finished with school (with high grades), they can either attend one of the universities in the country or just go into the workforce. Most went to the work force, but some decided to take that extra step forward.

However, all of that could be taken away as fears of the Ávila family returning to claim their rightful throne once more. If they were to have the support of [EMPIRE/KINGDOM], then things will get bloody. That’s why the Queen is improving relations with several nations before they decide to attack back. If she manages to get enough aid or an alliance with a Great Power, then they could have a fighting chance. In the year of 1815, Mariana Varejão-Medellin II is ready as always to lead her nation into the future.

Additional Info
The Batigefalé Inquisition is coming to an end because of several reasons. The Ávila Revolt was one of the big ones as it accelerated the decline. The Varejão-Medellin families knew how bloody the Inquisition was getting and they wanted to end it to ensure that the country would become more stable. The Old Faith (notCatholic) were still around and being taught as the New Faith (notProtestant) came to existence. Some could say that they were the last nation to practice the Old Faith. The Ávila family planned to 'rid of the Old Faith' before the revolt happened. It was one of the main causes that the lower class revolt. With the fears of Ávila returning, they planned on banning the Old Faith entirety and destroying any copies that proved the Old Faith's existence.

Flag was made by Lyniv & Batigefalé Empire is based on the Spanish Empire and the Portuguese Empire
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Ashton Hawkins.



Community College ~ Year one.

Ashton is not what someone would expect with the last name being ‘Hawkins.’ He is a mixed between latino and caucasian; however, he looks more latino than caucasian like his twin brother. He stands at 6 feet and has a skinner build than most eighteen year old males because he does not go the gym every week. He still looks like a sixteen year old to many people and often gets mistaken for a high school student. It’s a shame because he is very mature for his age unlike many other eighteen years old, that get high or drunk. His eyes were a brown before his powers appeared. Now, he has to wear sunglasses to hide his gray eyes for the public. But, his daily outfit of a t-shirt with a jacket has not changed at all.

Ashton was the son of his family that had it all figured out before he left his old mobile home. His brother was jealous for awhile because he was the smart one and had a plan for everything. For the most part, it is true that Ashton makes plans before doing something and likes for his plans to work out; however, it does not always work out for him. Despite that, he is a smooth talker because of all that practice on his parents whenever Isaac got in trouble with them. But, he is also a good liar to almost everyone that he has met. It has got him into trouble before and it will never fix itself especially now that he’s a shapeshifter

Since he got his powers, he is practicing on his social skills and lying to better use his new abilities.

Ashton was busy with school to care about ‘love.’ Sure, he dated several girls and boy during his time at high school. But, he still needs times to explore before answering his questions about love and any interests. So far, he likes people that write and play video games. And he loves people who read books and have interested in history and English. As far as looks, he would look at guys more than girls.

The Hawkins traveled all over the United States, living in small town and populated cities, before settling at Verona. While traveling around, both Ashton and Isaac were born at a small town hospital in New Mexico. Suddenly with a pair of boys, Caylee and Anthony Hawkins knew that it was time to stop moving. After three months of looking at different towns, they eventually found Verona and quickly moved into one of the cheap mobile homes. Anthony got a job at the local forestry by luck and produced enough money for the family to survive. Caylee was a stay-at-home mother and soon became friends with other mothers in the mobile park.

Ashton and Isaac are fraternal twins that grew close during their childhood. Isaac was the troublemaker that gave his parents headaches, but Ashton always came to his rescue and saved his butt—most of the time. When puberty came around, their relationship was strained for most of their teenage life. The typical argument and fighting happened often that caused the family to go crazy once in awhile. It got worse once the twins entered high school. Isaac went to parties and started doing party drugs while Ashton was a normal student who got average grades in class. Things began to change during their second year at high school as their attitudes towards each other changed.

Isaac stopped using party drugs and smoked pot once a week while fixing his poor high school grades. Ashton started to become closer with Isaac and helped him stay at course for the remaining years. Soon enough, they started to work all over town for money because of their parents’ warning that they would have to move out at the age of eighteen. They saved as much money as they could before their senior year ended.

At the age of eighteen, the twins moved out for the mobile home and into one of the apartments nearby the community college. Ashton entered the college while Isaac started to work at the local lumber mill. Caylee and Anthony came to check up with their sons when Ashton became violently ill. At first, the family wanted Ashton to check at the local hospital but he refused and went straight to bed. The next morning forever changed the Hawkins family and their views towards Ashton.

Ashton woke up for the long rest and went towards the bathroom. Right after his shower, he went to the mirror and saw his eyes. They had become gray for the brown that he got after his mother’s eyes. Naturally, he screamed and his brother came to his aid as he saw his eyes. They didn’t know what was happening, but they decided to get dress and go to the local hospital. Ashton entered his room and put on his clothes as he saw a poster of his favorite character for a popular television show. That was when the transformation happened.



At the moment, he knows that he could impersonate others of the same gender and talk in the same tone of voice as them. He has not tried this on a woman and he is worried about the consequences. It requires that he look at the picture of that person and cogitate on it for a minute or so. If he wants to talk like them, then he would need to hear a voice of them and process it in his mind. That is all Ashton knows about his new power.

The major drawbacks are that his powers do not last more than a day. He does not know how to control his power and it would active if he looks at that person for too long. As for his voice, it often works—mostly with a few setbacks. Ashton just needs more time to control his powers and limit the errors that he could make. Plus, he has not discovered other abilities and weaknesses yet. If he goes to sleep or is knocked unconscious, his form will disappear and Ashton will get his original appearance back until he changes.

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  • 𝐀𝐥𝐢𝐚𝐬(𝐞𝐬):

    • Joseph.
    • The Prospector; Utcaseprő; Kereskedő.
    • Mienk Kereskedő; The Spirit of Turul; Pálinka Szellem!
  • 𝐀𝐠𝐞:

    • Thirty-four.
  • 𝐒𝐞𝐱:

    • Male.
  • 𝐏𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐲:

    • Hegedüs, or Joseph, has dealt with a lot of shit within The Zone that would have driven a normal man insane. Then again, no-one is truly living an innocent life anymore. He believes that the reality is better than any sort of lie or fantasy. Those settlements are likely ambushed by mutants or other humans, which is worst than being attacked by mutants. Unlike other traders and merchants, he is not looking for fame or riches. He just wants to help out others where the world has turned their backs on Europe. He has thoughts of leaving the hellhole and going to America, but he wants to help his fellow-men out. If and only when the world cares for the survivors, then he will consider retirement and move away.

      But, that is nothing more than a fantasy. A false sense of hope, at most.
  • 𝐁𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐟 𝐇𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐲:

    • Hegedüs József has spent his life all over Europe, trying to live within the odious landmass. Many people are sure that he was born long before Europe became a toxic wasteland filled with thugs and criminals. "Too much" is all he said when someone asked him about his personal life. Besides that 'small' issue, he often goes to populated settlements and tries his best to offer aid and give out any supplies—for a small fee. He only asks money because it is the most essential thing that will get you food and ammo. And he also often helps out with the Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations that are brave enough to aid Europe.

      While he is out there, looking for supplies and useful stuff, he often has hired help with him. Hegedüs absolutely hates being alone because it could get you killed out there. For extra cash, he often gets help in settlements that he stops at. And no-one knows how long that he has done it as well. His English also has improved enough that entrepreneurs and tourists could understand him. Oh, he also dislikes those 'entrepreneurs' and 'tourists' that are there for 'fun'. He avoids those people no matter the situation.
  • 𝐖𝐞𝐚𝐩𝐨𝐧𝐬:
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Common Name & Motto

"The Guardian of the East." Titan, Guardian, Middle East Relief, Montu, United Republic of the Middle East (URME).


Originally, Titan Company was not always called that name. Before the Great Collapse happened, another crisis was happening in the world and it started in the Middle East. The company used to be a humanitarian organization called "The Middle East Relief." The purpose of that organization was provide aid and supplies to Iraqis and Iranians during the Iran–Iraq War. They also assisted Palestinian and Lebanese refugees during the war in 1982. The Middle East Relief gained much needed attention that interested other countries to help out the relief organization. Then things got worse as the Gulf War began when the United States invaded Iraq.

Less money was now going towards organizations like The Middle East Relief and more was going towards it's army. As the war got more deadly, thousands of refugees were in hands of the nearby humanitarian organizations. The Middle East Relief did their best to rebuild lives during and after the Gulf War. However, the United States invaded Iraq and it was the beginning of the Iraq War. The war would cost thousands of lives and caused ISIS to form in the aftermath. ISIS would also cause the European refugee crisis as millions tried to escape the collapsing Middle East. Things were looking hopeless but the Middle East Relief refused to back down and began their work. That was when they met a private security company based within the Middle East, Montu.

After reaching an agreement, Montu and The Middle East Relief joined forces to "better the situation in the Middle East." As Iraqi forces slowly defeated ISIS, Montu was able to provide that extra push needed to wipe them off of the map. While The Middle East Relief helped rebuilt several town and cities as they had been under ISIS control for several years. Eventually, the war with ISIS soon ended with a crushing defeat for ISIS and a huge victory for both Montu and the Middle East Relief. However, the Great Collapse came and it had a huge disastrous effect on the region.

Iraq and several other countries were falling apart as total government control was lost over the population. As the governments of the world were slowly collapsing, government regulations over companies were no longer being enforced. It was the perfect time to assume control for Montu and the Middle East Relief. Montu overtook the Iraqi government in the matter of days while the Middle East Relief immediately merged with several other humanitarian organizations and dying companies in the Middle East region. Soon enough, Iraq and Kuwait were being controlled and observed by Montu in 2035. The two organizations managed to get the attention of the royal families of the Middle East. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Yemen, and Jordan came up with an agreement to hold a meeting to discuss the 'fate of the Middle East.'

In July, the CEO of Montu and President of the Middle East Relief soon arrived to Dubai for the meeting. The details of what happened during the meeting have not surfaced; but in the end, both organizations were given huge amounts of money and allowed complete control of their actions within the region. Dubai soon became the organizations' new headquarters after the meeting. In a year, the city has grown into being the biggest regional hub for finance, trade, tourism, and shopping in the Middle East. This growth would result in the formation of Titan Company, the combination of Montu and the Middle East Relief, in 2040. Titan became the most powerful and influential company in the region. This new found power spelled problems with relations between the royal families.

When the annexation of the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain, the remaining royal families declared Titan to be a threat and warned others on 2044. Titan responded by hosting an 'annual meeting between the Middle East.' Oman, Yemen, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria responded and accepted the offer while Saudi Arabia declined to go and send a spokesman instead. The meeting was held in Baghdad, Iraq and details of that meeting also have not surfaced. But, all of the people that attended ended up dead within a two month period. All of the countries—besides Saudi Arabia—quickly fell apart and Titan took control. Their arrival was rather quick.

After the meeting, Titan once again were expanding their control over the Middle East region. Israel, Palestine, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan all went under Titan control in a three year period. With their defensive force, they decided to invade the ungoverned lands of Turkey and annex their remaining lands. In a one year period, hundreds of Titan forces died while launching an offensive strategies in their first and only war against a government. With Turkey under the direct control of Titan, it was not long before Afghanistan and Pakistan allowed the company to do whatever to them. However, Titan only took what useful lands were left and let the countries rot.

Saudi Arabia was the remaining government that Titan did not control in the Middle East. Instead of a direct attack, they waited for the dying royal family came to them. It took only two months (thanks to the blockade) before the family arrived at Dubai, but it was bitter sweet victory for Titan. The family allowed them to take complete control of Saudi Arabia, making Titan Company the first to unite all of the Middle East countries as one. In 2048, Titan Company began changes to their leadership making it run more like a government than a megacoroporation. Things were looking good for the company until one day.

Several cities in the Middle East were attacked by the returning ISIS forces as several bombings happened in the cities. Private forces quickly responded and attacked back, lasting days before ISIS retreated back into the deserts of the Middle East. The attacks left thousands dead and millions of dollars in damages to the cities. Titan vowed that they would wipe the ISIS threat for sure like they did in the early 2000s. However, ISIS supporters are everywhere and difficult to control and follow. Rumors surfaced that the 'royal' families of the Middle East are behind the support, but nothing can be confirm or deny and that scares them.

President and CEO Daifallah Habib, the first president of the United Republic of the Middle East, vows that he would wipe out the ISIS forces hidden within Iraq's mountains and caves. Habib is augmented, making him a target of several attack ads and threats for religious folks, and often shows it off with his metal arm and leg painted in tan. His goals, besides destroying ISIS, is to improve human augmentations to rival EDA Core.


Titan Company was once ran like a regular company until they controlled the entire Middle East region. That was when the company adopted a government body. The United Republic of the Middle East is a corporatist authoritarian government. Historians have point out on how similar the URME is to Portugal's Estado Novo in the early 1900s (instead of the URME being fascists). The Republic allows basic rights for the people and it acts as if it was not authoritarian. However, people who opposed the Republic often faced punishments and political parties are heavily limited. And there is not any form of elections happening as well, making Daifallah Habib leader for a very long time.

Major Industries/Brands/Subsidiaries

Titan Company - Private Security
Jannah Media Multinational - Entertainment & News
Dhole Evolved - Prostetics
Albach-Kawa Energy - Petrol

Company Culture

Titan Company has always been proud of caring for the people since the early days of Montu and the Middle East Relief. You could say that they consider the people before making decisions. It also means that the private security would always go save the citizens, which is a weakness that someone could use. However, they will fight in cities full of people if it means crushing the enemy or defending their lands. The culture is also like the one you would see while working in any other government. In short, Titan Company is both a government and a business; but, they tend to be government first.

They are also a humanitarian organization, which does not mean much on paper. But, they still say that as a token to remembering the past.

Security Detail

Titan Company also offers security to their people in the United Republic of the Middle East. Their active 'military' is one of the biggest in the world with about six hundred thousand men all over the Middle East. The majority of the troops are fighting ISIS all over different fronts, which might seem overkill to those that do not watch the news. However, ISIS strongholds are all over the Middle East and URME does not want them to be influencing anyone else to join their cause. URME also has stated that they are not interested in expanding anymore ensuring everyone that they want only the Middle East. That does not mean that they will defend themselves, if they have to.

The 'military' also allows foreigners similar to the French Foreign Legion which recruits applicants aged eighteen to forty. Like the EDA, augmentation is also encouraged in the military; however, being augmented is not popular to many.

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President Habib
"We are finally the guardian that the East needed for centuries."

General Information

Daifallah Habib | Male | Thirty-two | 06 August 2016


Life for Daifallah Habib was easier to live in than anyone else during the Great Collapse. Being raised in Dubai and having the best education that money could offer was the thing that made Habib into the man who he is. He went to college and then university to fulfill his dreams of becoming a businessman. It took him a few years of hard work and determination, but he got it with his degree. Even know the world was dying around him. Dubai was safe for all of the chaos, thanks to the local police force. That was before Montu and the Middle East Relief took over the city and government.

He joined Titan so he could make the Middle East a better place to live in. Years of working up the corporate ladder paid off during the attacks by ISIS. The original CEO, Taajuddeen el-Kaba, was attacked during the mass confusion. The injuries were serious enough to cause the company to worry. While he went into surgery, they came up with a plan and approached Daifallah Habib to offer him the CEO spot. He gratefully accepted and waited for the results of the surgery. Sadly, he did not make it because of lost too much blood.

After a day of mourning, Daifallah Habib was promoted to CEO and given control of the government. Much of Taajuddeen's original plans were removed to be replaced by Habib's. After two months of planning, he had changed the government into something different and interesting. Regardless, he has the best interest of both the people and Titan.


Habib has always played in the corporate game during his time before he became CEO of Titan. He enjoys playing the game so much that he gets into it by challenging and questioning everyone. People know him as a man that barely has any friends instead he has his advisers and loved ones. However, he has a public life with the people and travels all over the Middle East to give speeches and enjoy time with family. The private life seems too boring for Habib, but he does have to keep somethings in the dark. He is generally a cool person to hang out with often.


Since the death of his mother and father, Habib tries to keep his relations with his brothers active. They always tried to bring the family together by hosting events during holidays. Almost all of his brothers work for Titan besides one that became an artist, which was questioned by everyone including Habib. Desptie that little issue, he tries to keep the family together as much as he could do. However, he has to run a country and a company at the same time. It makes things more difficult. As for friends, he does not have many. In fact, most of his friends are advisers that he help with running a country. He has grow close to them despite being in office for only a couple weeks. He hopes to have more friends, but he is happy with spending time with them.
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Rol'Naaris nar Taazzor; Rol'Naaris vas Vaepal; Rol



Twenty-nine years old


With their weak immune system, Rol'Naaris rarely takes off any part of his armor unless he is fixing up his wounds. No-one beyond the Migrant Fleet knows what he looks like without that mask. Rol tried his best to get armor that made him stand out for the other Quarian on their pilgrimage. That's why he got Devlon Industries' Light Explorer Armor VII for a store in the Citadel during his pilgrimage. Despite being an outdated model, Rol made sure to update its' shields and protection of weapons and biotics. Even before he returned to the fleet, he managed to raise one of the shoulder pads up and changed it from a navy blue to a tan color. After the Reaper War, he still kept the same old armor on him and refused to change it for a better model. It had survived this war, it will survive for a long time.

Even when he joined the Spectres, he refused to use their Quarian armor since it was not better compared to the other armors on sale in places like Omega or Illium.

Rol'Naaris was born on board the Taazzor in the year 2157 on the day that Relay 314 Incident (or the First Contact War coined by the humans) happened. Rol spent his childhood aboard on the Taazzor with his mother and father. His mother worked in the technical division, while his father was in the Marines. When he was old enough, his mother took him to places like the Citadel to gather parts no possible to obtain within the fleet. This was Rol's first time that he had been outside of the Taazzor and saw other species in person. It was breathtaking and amazing. He often wandered off before his mother chased after him and took him back home. When he learned of the pilgrimage, Rol was ready to venture beyond the fleet and live in the Citadel.

The truth was that life as a quarian was harsher than he expected.

His father, however, was in the Marines that was born on a military ship and taught about warfare by his father. Rol took interest in the Marines because of his father and grandpa. He taught his son everything he knew about military strategy that he was taught by the Marines. A couple of Marines aboard the Taazzor told him bits of other warfare strategies that krogans and humans use. During his early teens, Rol studied as much as he could on the history of warfare for several races and he also took a look at the Geth War. He soon took interest in history, politics, and the Marines. Years of reading into Sun-Tzu and the Krogan Rebellions were useful facts to learn and he developed a love for planning out tactics.

When it was time for Rol to take part in the pilgrimage, his family and friends gathered around to give gifts before Rol left. His mother managed to get a book about what foods and drinks Quarian can and cannot eat and drink. While his father gave him a Kassa Fabrication Nexus omni tool and a Haliat Armory Stiletto pistol. Shortly after, he left behind his family and friends and headed to the Citadel. Despite facing prejudice for other races, he liked his pilgrimage. He found out so much about the history of Humanity and their culture that he planned a trip to visit Earth. And he made his credits by working at a repair store. While he was trying to gather the credits, Citadel was under attack by the Reapers.

Rol managed to survive the battle by following C-Sec into one of their police stations. As the pieces of Sovereign and the Geth fleet rain down onto the Citadel, his apartment was completely destroyed—his things were destroyed and his roommate was killed. All of the credits, that he had earned, were gone into repairing the damages and trying to move on. But he could not move forward and left the Citadel to complete his pilgrimage two years later. It took him six months to find some worthy to return to the fleet. It was some pieces for one of the Geth ships that he brought off of some scavengers.

He was accepted by into the fleet with open arms, joined Vaepal, and began working in both the Marines as a strategist. When the Admiralty Board was talking about a possible war with the Geth, Rol supported the war and pushed other crew members to realize that war was the answer to their problems. A year after the talks, the Special Projects arm finally found a way to weaken the Geth. While the Board was voting on war, Rol was a vocal advocate for the war. After hours of debating, the Board had declared war on the Geth and Rol got to work. Despite not having enough time to be taught everything in the Marines.

Quarians on their pilgrimage had to return to the fleet to prepare for war. Rol was responsible for placing the returning into positions suitable to the Vaepal and planning ways to attack the Geth fleet. The Migrant Fleet had updated with include weapons on-board civilian ships, an action that he strongly agreed with. They began their assault as the Reapers invaded Earth and burned Palaven. Things were going well for the fleet until the Geth accepted the Reaper's help, destroying any chance of an easy victory. Vaepal didn't need weapons since it was a military ship.

Everyone was too busy to deal with the Reapers that the Fleet suffered huge losses. Vaepal was attacked during one of many ambushes that nearly got Rol killed. He still believed that the fleet could win, especially since Commander Shepard came to their aid. After several victories (with the help of the Commander), the fleet managed to push the Geth back towards their old homeworld, Rannoch. That was when the Battle for Rannoch began. Hours of fighting brought a major victory for the quarian, earning their homeworld back. Surprisingly, the Geth suddenly supported the Quarian conquest and joined Humanity in the battle for Earth.

Rol didn't support peaceful co-existence with the machines and requested that a Geth not board the Vaepal; however, he wanted to help with the fight against the Reapers. So, he joined other strategists to come up with plans on how to defeat the Reapers (if the Battle of Earth was a massive defeat) as soon as the Admiralty Board finally declared war on the Reapers. When the time came to fight on Earth, he was selected to join a group of attackers that planned on landing in North Africa. Several attacks were planned all over the world so the Reapers could be spread out thin. He was a part of the attack on Earth; however, he didn't go to London at all. The battle itself was more difficult than the Battle for Rannoch. People were dying left and right as Rol helped hold the line.

Then, the energy vaporized the Reapers and the Reaper ships stopped working. The war was finally over.

Afterwards, Rol was treated in the city of Alexandria and spent time there before returning to the fleet. Around that time, Tali’Zorah Vas Normandy had also returned to the fleet and began her work with Rannoch. Her influence and actions during the Reaper War grant her command of the newly built Diplomacy Fleet. He was offered a spot aboard Tali'Zorah's body guard. He refused and focused on rebuilding Earth with the others. He has traveled all over the Middle East, the Great Basin and the Mojave and Sonoran Desert. Rol went back to Alexandria to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Battle of Earth.

Psyche Profile:
Rol'Naaris is just like any normal quarian: strategic mind, judgmental, hard-working, decisive, and overly analytical. Those traits have been useful and useless to him throughout his life. Rol tends to make only a few friends that like to have discussions about stuff and hang out often. He has no trouble relaxing and enjoying himself with his friends, but he doesn't share his emotions with them. And he cannot be able to provide emotional support towards others. Plus, he can often be too honest to deal with. Romantic relationships are also his weakness as he doesn't know anything other than warfare. Rol also has a thing for organizing.

He is also judgmental towards Geths because of their actions during the last few years. And the fact that Rol despises artificial intelligence and labels them as 'a threat to the galaxy.' Besides Geth, he is willing to have a healthy discussion with different ideals and opinions. And he likes human movies that have anything to do with humans destroying AI; but, he favors The Matrix and Inception. He also likes reading novels, writing essays, watching documentaries, and listening to classical music. And he always wanted to have plants along with trained dogs and go to famous landmarks.

And he also always wanted to start up a museum since he loved other species’ histories. He dislikes narrow-minded people, gossip circles, people who can't handle dark humor, metal music, alcohol, and dirty/messy places.

Rol'Naaris was most likely picked to be in the Spectre-led task force because of his involvement with the Marines and they noted him as a great strategist during the Battle for Rannoch and he also helped his commander during the Battle of Earth. He was also one of the few Quarian that went to Earth during the battle, which gives his experience in the heat of a firefight.

And Rol also knows how to use both a shotgun and a sniper unlike other quarians. He likes the sniper rifle better than the shotgun, but he would use it if he's in the front lines. In short, he's the sniper of the team.

Sabotage, Tactical Cloak, Assassination, Agent (Operative), and Fitness

Equipment and Resources:
Devlon Industries' Light Explorer Armor VII (it includes a modified version of Asymmetric Defense Layer that fits perfectly into the look of the armor), Haliat Armory's Equalizer IX, Kassa Fabrication's Polaris VIII, Elanus Risk Control Services's Hurricane V, and Haliat Armory's Stiletto VI

Sample Post:

Rol hasn't have the chance to be in a romantic relationship, but he is sure that he could most likely be either gay or straight. However, it doesn't bug him at all.

He made some friends during the Battle of Earth and talks to them often. And he also still talks to people from the fleet as well. And he also has met Tali’Zorah after the Reaper War for a brief moment. Plus, he is more than willing to provide his services to rebuilding the Earth.
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