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Vale wondered if she did the right thing in having her elemental friend hold back its attack. Of course, she had just sliced apart one of the orcs with her dagger herself; but that was before they had decided to fall back. She spent most of her life helping lost souls out of her forest. It would've been a shame to silence another lost soul just because he thought he could muscle his way in. Anywho; She had hopped her last display hadn't given away her abilities. She'd stick with the insisting of her mage-y prowess in any case. Even if she was just a beginner, she still had plans to be the best wizard ever.

Vale dusted herself off and sheathed her dagger. Her elemental had settled back into the ground, no longer controlled by her, and she skipped over to the owlbear to make sure the beast was all right. It was good to see the old man take care of her, though she was prepared to save her if things had gotten dire. At the mention of heading north, Vale looked at Ellenara in remembrance that the day wasn't over and they had much stuff to do. "Ah! North! I would be grateful if the plants could take me along. I had a horse I could summon, though who knows how well it would've fared if the terrain became rocky."

Vale paused momentarily. "Is everyone that's heading into the mountains ready? Or do we require a small break before we depart? I'm should be fine if we decide to just bully through."

Morning came for the combatants. The sun was hidden behind the clouds and the temperature was nearly freezing. The zombies had somehow disappeared while everyone rested. Various noises flooded the island, though too far away to see or distinguish what was being said. Anna was already packed and ready to go. Willing to follow the group unless otherwise noted. Harridan, too, was awake. Looking off towards the tower, though perplexed on weather or not to head straight there or if they should see what their neighbors were up to. All through the night, her mind hung on Mila's words. Resigning herself to the back of the party.

"Alright Goat Girl. You know Where I say we need to go. Of course, If any of you others have a better course of action; I'll follow as well. I think perhaps I have too much baggage to let myself in command of others. But, there is a way back home; and its through that tower. Just choose every decision carefully. You never know what can or will harm you."
Anna the Merchant

Looking quite cheery with her bag full of clanking coins; the merchant looked up at the inquisitive cat and nodded. Dim may have not participated in the shopping herself, but it was still her coins that Mila used.

"Oh-ho~ Am I that poor of a peddler to be identified so easily? Though I suppose it is rather hard to keep my heritage that much of a secret with this ... birthmark of mine. Though I am a merchant, tehee. My mom, my aunts, my sisters. We're all merchants and always have been. As for this place, It seems like an ordinary outrelm-"

"Right." Harridan interjected, looking at the moon. She doubted any more conflict would stir up tonight, even though the zombies seemed a bit much; even if their new cleric friend split through them like butter. Mallory would also notify her should something unexpected arise. "I suggest everyone get as much rest as they can. When the sun rises, we'll head to the tower and see what tomorrow will bring. Perhaps we can even get on top of it and see if there is anything worthwhile nearby."

And with that, the halfling laid down; using her bag of holding as a pillow and stared into the black sky. Watching as clouds began to roll in.

The merchant had returned to her wares, packing and doing a little bookkeeping of the past transactions. Completely uninvested in Harridan's declaration.

Following dinner, Vale had just about enough scouring through books as she wanted. But still her curiosity remained. Just what kind of books were worthy of a royal? A trip back to the library, and a smile to the bookkeeper; she began her interest in the books. One by one, she took a book off the shelf; taking note of the name and general size of the work before putting it back as she found it. Moving on to the next one, and the next, and the next.... Somewhere at the start, she could've sworn she noticed the bookkeeper glaring at her. What reason this could've been, she had no idea. She was granted access to the books, so she shrugged it off. Nothing ever happened of it, so she assumed whatever the keeper's problem was, they were able to get over it. A lot of the books she had remembered pulling out from her actual studies, opting not to bother pulling those out. Of course, while she did end up looking at every single book; most of her knowledge of what the library contained were just fleeting thoughts. Nothing of interest ever did jump out at her, other than her favorite garden travelers guide.

A couple of hours had passed, and she had run out of things to do. Normally at night, she would be in the forest with the nocturnals. Though she didn't dare leave the keep while she remained a guest. She did, however, bring her latest stitching work with her. A small project already almost finished, but given her quick summon; she had little time to grab or start anything else. She found a nice place in the middle of the library to work. Stitching away at her little project; finishing the trim and testing it's quality. It was nothing to compare to lady Marvos' attire, but she was quite proud of it. A little work on her hair, and she'd figure herself to be quite ravishing. Maybe she'd treat the party to her new look come morning. Though, going off to fight a dragon and some giants in it wouldn't be ideal.

It was still extremely early in the morning by the time she finished her dress. Still plenty of time to waste away. She figured she might as well get cleaned up for the day's activity. Heading into the bath house to relax. It was no spring at the base of the mountains, but it felt good all the same. A coy little smirk inched across her face, using her psychic powers to allow her to breath water for a good period of time. The she submerged herself, not coming back up to the surface and watching the door; waiting for another to enter. Of course, the sun hadn't risen yet. And as she waited for a time that never came; hours went by. The bath house still and quiet as she waited at the bottom.

It was a bit disappointing, to be honest, but she eventually left. Gathering her things and opting not to put on her new dress as she made her way back to the library. The sun was ready to rise and with it the party's task at hand.
xD Thanks, Endurance is your health stat.
So... >.> Marbles. Fun, yeah? Unfortunately, not that type of marbles. In the vein of ripping off Fire Emblem, I'm looking at a new system to fulfill my own desires. I don't really know what systems there are already out there, but this is, at least what I think, I want. So this is what I'm going to use. But more on this in a bit; first, the story:

We chosen few have been sent from our normal lives to fulfill the role only heroes travel down. Down a path of pain, suffering, reward, and power. This tale is not a happy one, but one we hope ends in favor of a brighter future. The entire world will be enveloped in an inescapable darkness that not even the brightest of stars can illuminate. Mankind's only hope is destroy the source of this shadow in the distant future, after the darkness has expended itself in conquering the world. Enter our heroes. Beings from the past, before the darkness had taken hold of the earth; pure of its infection. We group of beings out of time can interact with the splinters of magic brought by the darkness to fuel our abilities further in the dream to one day return the world to light.

This is just the basic system for the interest check. Feel free to ask questions on anything I might have missed, or things you are just unclear about. As for party size, I'd think 4~ish is a doable start. I'd like to not get too ambitious as I try to piece together this hectic mess, but I'll try to take in as much as I can. Most rolling will be done on discord, and this will be mostly play by post because of time restraints. Saturdays will be most of my game management days, though I'll have time all through the week.

It was a wonderful night, sleeping in the lap of luxury. though now that morning had come, it was time to fulfill their end of the agreement. The party was quickly ushered down to the arena once she had signed away her participation to this contest. All the rules were pretty standard, though the fact they couldn't leave the island at all until the tournament's completion struck a bit of a sour note. She understood why, but it almost screamed its a trap the way she read it.

They were given a minute to prepare, which was more than enough time for her to do what she needed to do. Greeting the tin man as he joined up. Elora readied her bow, nocking it and watching as an arrow formed and readied itself. A faint smile spread across her face. She was ready. Though she removed the arrow, letting it dissolve in her hand. No need keep her bow primed until the match had officially begun.
Anna the Merchant

It was always nice doing business with folk, but it was too bad that she wouldn't be able to restock her supply until she found a way back. Furthermore, even though the halfling seemed to recognize some of her items; a lot of her stuff still seemed foreign to her. Not that the party didn't look foreign to herself, but she'd might have to help out the party when making a selection. Whatever got her paid. Anna hopped back to the camp everyone was sitting at. "Good news everyone~ My items, while supplies last, are free to be sold. I'll have the prices marked as such, but I'm afraid this is all I have until I'm sent back to my world to restock. Sadly, this also means this is what food we have until then. I just checked the woods and the small pond on the other side. No such beasts to gain food from. Ah well.~" Joining the rest of the group, Anna didn't do much unless directly interacted with. Usually off in her own world, humming a tune or a lullaby.

With a grumble, Harridan went back to the merchant. "Are you sure you wont sell me that shoddy bow of yours? .... In that case I'll take one of them Blessed Shortbows of yours. I'll need a quiver full of arrows as well." It was forever ago since she last touched a real weapon. But this was the place, if any, to pick one up again. Not that she had to use it, but now it was an option.

"Thanks for your purchase; no refunds~"

"Yeah." Harridan began rearranging her bags, putting her backpack inside her bag of holding and grabbing her weapons and rods; putting them in a place with easy access.


Harridan kept tabs on the merchant while everyone spoke. It was interesting to see someone who seemed to actually have some inkling of what this place actually was. Still, she looked familiar and that could mean trouble. Returning back to the group, her frog followed behind her and she replied to the cleric. "While, I'm sure you're not tired at all; you should take a rest along with everyone else. No telling when another light show will bring more trouble. If you want, you can keep me company. I'll be standing guard all night in case someone does appear."

"And you, goat girl; not so fast. The dwarf has a better idea, of sitting and waiting. At least until we're all ready. While I'm sure nothing is going to randomly exit the structure, no need to barge in at the end of our peak performance. And you, valkyrie." For some reason Harridan had trouble looking at the bathed woman; adverting her eyes to the skies and studying the lack of clouds. "I'm sure it will be some time before snow falls, if that horse of yours told us something accurate. Find something warm."

Harridan pulled out her bed roll and laid it down in a bundle with her bag of holding and back pack; pulling out a handful of platinum pieces. "And you, merchant. Let us discuss business in private. I'm curious on what wares you hold." Harridan leading her north, behind one of the trees.
Anna the Merchant

"Tehee, thank you kindly for giving me a chance. My name's Anna, a travelling merchant out to make a quick buck. But, are you not the ones who summoned us? No, that is rather odd. Being the one who arrived here, I would be the one coming to visit you under normal circumstances. Except I was whisked away without any warning. Hmm. Well, I don't know anything about how I was taken with out any action on my part; but this place seems oddly familiar to one of the other worlds that pop up once and again. Normally you have to travel through such a place to visit the other side, but I was just on a convoy with other merchants like myself."

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