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Sorry man. Work picked up and I had a lot to do with little time. This holiday season was a bit more than I was ready for; but I'm back and can finish my character. But yeah. Still interested. :3
@TheWindel Ah, sorry sorry. Just saw Nexus under the list. Wasn't sure if you were looking for janitorial duties or whathaveyou.

Regardless, glad to hear it ^-^ I'll work up a cs for, probably, machina; unless you'd have a suggestion otherwise.

So I know I'm a bit late for the bump asking for fresh meat (five days); But do y'all still want or need another? I see the join status says full.

Also, if yes; do you need a specific team member? I see four factions if one is a bit lacking.
I might be interested. >.> looking at all 5.


or perhaps colorless? Send forth the second Karn...

Now with upgraded hardware.

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