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Now with upgraded hardware.

Howdy howdy to all you potatoe lovers. ... Or non-potato lovers too, I suppose. *Gags*

Anyway, bad intro out of the way; welcome to my 1x1 interest check. I don't have much to show for myself, and honestly I don't have a good idea of my roleplay abilities either. But for those willing to press on; I thank you. :3

Welcome to the main focus of this shout out. Here I'll post any/all thoughts and interests. While these are my takes on my ideas, these are our stories. If you have something you wanna try, add, or do instead (other settings included); I'm always game. I expect most to play out during pms, though can move to thread if preferred. However, as always, Guild Rules Apply. That said, I'm pretty chill in quite everything.

  • Cuss? I don't personally, but go for it; though if I deem it feels right for the character, I might throw on in every 1,000 sentences or so.
  • 18+? Sure. Though I'd rather the focus be on plot AND character development; should our characters develop, I'd love for us to continue down this path in a fitting manner, whatever that may be.
  • Violence? Probably the only 'mature' thing I might ask for on occation. While I'd usually never go for the sad kind of violence(.001%), I sometimes like to have something for our characters to overcome, setting allowed.

Anything else you want to run by me, I'd be more than happy to find acceptable ground. And as a general rule, I'll accept most any idea; regardless of anything I've noted to indicate otherwise.

Anywho, now for my interests. While I don't usually carry plot around in my back pocket, I am usually good with giving direction. I can make a plot where needed, but this is your roleplay just as much as mine. If you want to see what we can mix together, I'd love to see where it takes us. The following aren't in any particular order, and I don't have much preference as to what is what. I have experience with both male and female characters, and am comfortable playing both. Find something you like; send me a pm.

Other themes I like include puzzle, fiction, alternate reality, fantasy, slice of life, strategy, future, past, apocalyptic.
In any case; thank you for your time to check me out. :D Enjoy~
Nerk and his pretty bird Ruxi just want to set the world on fire.
hey hey, my saturday nights should be free~

I can be your third. :3
Oh hey. I'm new here, but I was actually hankering for a tcg rp. Room for one more? :3
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