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We are in agreement then

@HushedWhispers I'm still along for the ride as well. I hope things start getting better for you.
@Themerlinhawk Present and accounted for I would love to brainstorm ideas about the plot. Supernaturals are kinda my thing and I would hate to see this one go. Also, I'll be moving my Were Alpha to the CS tab.
Gah, that wasn't my strongest post, sorry

@POOHEAD189@FantasyChic Also, sorry, but oddly I ship it
Not having registered any other baggage, Malone shouldered her travel bag and followed her companions to baggage claim and engaged in one of her favorite pass times. People watching. She was a profiler after all. She observed as people immediately swarmed the point from which their luggage would start to come out. Apparently each and every one of them was more in a hurry than the other. So they needed the prime location to immediately snatch their baggage, the second it peaked out of the baggage claim shoot. Of course there was no guarantee that whoever was closest to the mouth of the luggage carousel would be lucky enough to have their suitcases come out first. Still, they wouldn't relinquish their spot. After all, their bags could be the very next. Or the next after those. Or the ones after those. And so on and so forth. While the people who's bags did come out first were forced to walk along the carousel and follow their bags until the crowd thinned and they were able to snatch them up.

It was a sort of Baggage Roulette.

And then there were those few, who apparently didn't have something better to do and were in no hurry to leave the airport, who waited way back at the very end of the revolving baggage conveyer line. Content in the knowledge that their luggage would eventually made its way to them. Had Malone registered a bag, she would be among those laid back few individuals. If you had nothing pressing to do, there really was no point to this pissing contest happening at the mouth of the baggage claim carousel.

While watching the crowd at the airport and trying hard not to do an on-the-spot diagnoses, Malone noticed something that caught her attention. It looked like their group was under the scrutiny of a couple of TSA officials. And the profiler had to wonder what they had done to deserve that. Sure, they probably made for an odd grouping of individuals. Especially now with Manny who had his nose in a guns magazine of all things. But somehow she didn't feel like Manny was to blame this time around. No. Something was off about those TSA agents and the odd looks they were giving them. Malone's casual posture didn't waver. She didn't discontinue her people watching either. Had she stopped, it would have looked suspicious for sure.

As soon as they'd retrieved their luggage the team moved towards the exit and Malone sidled to Madeline who appeared distraught. Ellie looked like a meltdown of their client was the last thing she wanted to take care of right now so the ex-FBI agent approached the woman hearing the tail end of Ellie's attempt at consoling and Madeline's snapping retort. As soon as she felt Malone beside her however Madeline looked at the profiler and appeared a bit chagrinned by her outburst. She nodded slightly in acknowledgement and quieted down.

Malone also nodded as a gesture of encouragement and smiled a little. As she did so her mind went back to the strange looks their group was getting from those few TSA agents. She would have to file this tidbit of information for later review. As well as relate it to her colleagues. In their line of work nothing was too odd or inconsequential. The strangest detail could be vital. On their way out of the terminal she noticed an interaction between Manny and Kennedy that could have been his usual shenanigans when it came to interacting with the newest addition to the group. But Malone sensed a deeper meaning to it. Not that Manny wasn't the playful sort. Especially where Kennedy was involved. The two of them had this barb wire-y banter going on with both of them throwing shade at the other. It was cute in a way. But this, right now. It was that, but also something else.
I'll try for a post today. Had some birthday related activities during the weekend, so I didn't have much time for the quild.
@Lyla Since steampunk is my favorite style in... well, everything, I'm gonna have a fun time picking my pic an starting off from there with my character. I'll try to have her ready this weekend

I'm decided on a Tinkerer, but wanted to ask if we are all going to get magic at some point. Or could there be non-magic folk?
@Naril Oh, God, that's horrible! You do whatever you need to do to get back on your feet. Save from drinking yourself half to death. No woman or man for that matter deserves it. It may sound trite or clichéd, but it is her loss. Both sides lose something upon a breakup. You feel it. If she doesn't, double loss for her! *hug*
@POOHEAD189 Careful, man, or @Penny'll sick the Elder Gods on you. Remember, our GM desires death an carnage to feel satisfied
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