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4 mos ago
Current… Shameless plug :D But still. Come one, come all! Let's have fun!
5 mos ago
So many interesting D&D races I want to try out :D
6 mos ago
Since I have nothing better to do at the moment, Imna create another D&D character on Dicecloud :D
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6 mos ago
Yup, it's tat time again! *goes off to the YouTube to lust after dancers*
6 mos ago
What devil made me buy Just Dance 2018?!? Mah knees are screaming T_T LOL


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@PrinceAlexus I'm fine with low key and something she can't really control maybe and doesn't always happen, but only sometimes.
@PrinceAlexus I was leaning more toward paranormal, rather than magical, closer to esp and sixth sense type of stuff But I would deffer to you what it ultimately end up being.
@PrinceAlexus How would you feel about an ex-firefighter turned fire inspector with an acquired psychometric ability /learning an object's history by touch/ after a near death work accident?
@Stormflyx If I'm not mistaken that's Valentina as your avie Also, I have the distinct feeling that should our GMs decide to take Flo on, Elle would get a kick out of teasing her *shrugs*

Gah! Double posting! It just feels wrong
@POOHEAD189 Aw, shucks I kinda like her too
Short post to move us along and also... I had to play Devil's advocate here... With no carbon dating to authenticate that thing And admittedly even that method is not foolproof.
Elle approached Al. Even though she was just as excited like him and the Baron at the prospect of discovering evidence of still living in this day and age dinosaurs, she couldn't help but feel the pang of skepticism. Too many people out there tried to create a sensation claiming they've discovered the bones of non-prehistoric dinosaurs by submitting falsified evidence. And people call me a phony! El groused in her mind.

"Come on, Al. You know better than this." Elle put an arm on the younger man's shoulder and squared the Baron with an unwavering and uncharacteristically serious gaze. "With all due respect, Baron, but I have to play Devil's advocate here." She pointed at the skull in Al's hands. "I've seen way too many good knock offs from people trying to make a quick buck, banking on the sensation it would cause to discover non-prehistoric dinosaur bones. If you don't mind. Who authenticated this for you?" El patted her young colleague on the shoulder and detached herself from him. "Me and Al here know all too well that when it comes to dating things in the archeology world, it's mostly a guessing game. Even if our guesses are what you might call educated."

The serious tone left Elle's eyes as suddenly as it appeared. "That said!" The Countess grinned. "I'm more than excited to find out if this Mokele M'bembe of yours is the real McCoy. But quack though I may be called, I still need to follow the scientific methods of my field when authenticating artefacts and corroborating theories." She clapped her hands, her eyes sparkling with mischief. "So tell me, what else do you got?!"
So far I've been observing... But my interest hat wants to be thrown in this.
I don't mind homebrew as well.
I miss the Sunday Group *wistful*
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