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Current… Shameless plug :D But still. Come one, come all! Let's have fun!
2 mos ago
So many interesting D&D races I want to try out :D
2 mos ago
Since I have nothing better to do at the moment, Imna create another D&D character on Dicecloud :D
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Yup, it's tat time again! *goes off to the YouTube to lust after dancers*
3 mos ago
What devil made me buy Just Dance 2018?!? Mah knees are screaming T_T LOL


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*is intrigued by the space-y Warehouse 13 vibes she's getting from this*
@Sierra Thanks *blush*
*blooped a thing in IC for all the impatient ones to keep them busy for a lil while*
Sinth lay on her bed, lost in thought. The experience was not new to her and yet it felt new every single time. It was one of the experiences of being corporeal she feared the most when she was offered this body for the first time. She was concerned that she would get lost in the pleasures of carnal sensations and would abandon the flights of the mind she'd so enjoyed while existing as code. And yet, here she lay, the battle battered body of Trill, sprawled across her own, and her mind was soaring, while her own flesh luxuriated in that sweet physical satisfaction. A slight smile played across her lips readily assaulted by inquisitive synthetic fingers.

"In times like these I regret not having nerve endings on this piece of junk." Trill murmured, her lips caressing Sinth's skin above her left breast. "You're lips are fucking gorgeous! I wish I could feel their warmth on my fingertips." She whispered wistfully, withdrawing her hand and straightening to a sitting position in the bed. She looked down at Sinth. Her still human eyes shining with a hidden emotion. Overcome she averted her gaze and made a move to get up.

"I never want you to leave." A quiet voice stopped her dead in her tracks.

"I know." Trill answered, a tremor in her voice. "And that is why I leave." She stood up. "I'm wrong for you on so many levels." The cyborg female quietly sobbed and quickly exited the room before she had time to reconsider.

Sinth sat in bed, pondering. Trill was a member of the Outfit, just like her, but operated mainly out of district 13. They both felt the attraction as soon as they'd met. And in the interest of working together on occasion, tried to fight it. But the body wanted what the body needed. One evening after a life or death situation they'd felt the age old need to reaffirm life through love. After that their relationship had progressed on an on again, off again basis. Their bodies spoke where their minds felt unable or unwilling. But whereas Sinth was at peace with herself and what she was, Trill suffered from unending internal turmoil. She could not forgive the injustice meted out against augments and androids, and yet she hated her own modifications for robing her of the senses she once possessed and could experience the world around her with.

The AI had tried a number of times to aid Trill in rediscovering her new senses. Teach her to experience the world as a cyborg, rather than as an un-augmented human, but the blocks the other woman had placed upon her consciousness were too strong. Not wanting to become a project for Sinth and risk the affection between them turning sour, Trill had decided for both of them to move on. Brake up. Stop! She'd requested one last night to end it all with a pleasant memory and Sinth had agreed, thinking she would have been able to dissuade Trill from her intentions. She was wrong. The AI sat in bed, unable to cry, but desperately wishing she could. She wondered if synthetic intelligence had no soul, why hers hurt so much. Her stark white eyes tracked to the end-table at the far side of the bedroom. The simple urn, placed in the middle, answering her question.

Sinth got up from the bed and walked to the urn. A silvery plaque read: 'Trill Sumner/2163-2200/Beloved'

A knock on the door pulled Sinth's attention from the urn. "Beloved." She whispered, grazing the plaque with the fingertips of her synthetic hand.

@Genni "Sweetheart, if there is poking to be had, it would come from me." Says with a deceptively begnin expression on her angular android face.
@Genni Oh, come now She's a 123 year old AI, she knows better than to allow herself to get poked by unwelcomed appendages
@Genni I mean... With her personality, it would take an awful lot of Susie to provoke Sinth into a face off But who knows
@Guardian Angel Haruki I thought Bernie was the one who succeeded /the one I've been shooting at/ and Barney failed.

Edit: Sorry for double posting *facepalm*

Poor Barney, so conflicted Getting intimidated left and right.
Has Barney backed away from Callie as a result of Safira's Intimidation? Is Bernie the only one holding Callie now?
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