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@Andromedai I'll try to have my post up today.
@rivaan Novikova is the one with the earthbending, not Z /Nikolova/

Zoya Nikolova

Location: The Framework
Skills: Tranquil Fury, Concussive Roar, Martial Arts Specialist

“If you want to order me around, princess, you’ll have to buy me dinner first!” Z deadpanned unamused, her British accent crisp and clear in the atmosphere of the simulated reality of the Framework. The innuendo out there for anyone to grab a hold of or dismiss. So far she’d managed to wholly ignore Tinley’s foul attitude, but under the current circumstances enough was enough. Z felt a mild ire flaring deep within her. And it burned and spread throughout her whole being, intensifying and building until it was a scorching, devastating fury. Nik’s entire body was on edge, coiled like a spring, ready to explode into action.

But as the fury raged within Z, she had the most perfect moment of tranquility. And within it an even more perfect moment of clarity. She realized that as hot as her fury raged, her mind remained as calm as the eye of a storm. Her focus sharpened to a laser point. And with that realization a sort of epiphany followed. Tranquil Fury, huh? I see. Z remembered the bizarre power that the Director had mentioned she’d received together with the Concussive Roar. Yeah, I can work with that. Turning to Tinley then she spoke.

“And so let me get this straight…” Z looked Tinley unflinching in the eyes. “You demand of us to tell you our skills, but me asking about our opponents’ is somehow stupid?!?” Nik paused for a fraction of a second, raising her eyebrow. “Sure!” She finished, her voice as level as it always was and turned her back to Tinley, ignoring her altogether. Her attention focused on Cass anew Z completely missed Tess' timid attempt at dealing with the guards. They however did not miss it and all hell broke loose in an instant. Bullets flew their way. Someone earthbended a stone wall as protection. Cass took a few slugs with no obvious ill effects and Kelley also had a hand somehow in blocking the lead hail.

"Bugger this!" Z muttered taking cover behind the stone wall. She didn't have the time to analyze who got what powers. She could already feel the ire Tinley had sparked a moment ago burn wild within her. And yet, that same tranquility still held her mind. Sharpening her focus, pinpointing the best battle scenario for her. "You might want to plug your ears." Z noted towards the whole of the group, her tone serene as a lake in summertime despite the frantic circumstances. She took a deep breath, popped out of cover and let her voice loose. The concussive power of her roar stopped any new projectiles fired their way and pushed on to knock some of the guards down, but only managing to disorient the rest.

I guess this is as much as I'll get from the first go, eh? Z considered calmly as she reached for her telescopic batons and snapped them to their full length. "I suppose if we'd want to finish them off, now would be the time." She urged.
@Dr Catfish I believe you can find the pronunciation on YouTube if you need to hear it *nodnod*

I love weirdly spelled Irish names

I still need to condense her history to a 'brief spot on...' and maybe decide on any physical disabilities. Plus I'll have to wait for the OOC for the enhancement options, cuz I definitely want her to have some And the skills will come with that as well. But I thought I'd post it so you can see what I'm going for.
@BurningCold So I was wondering... Are gifs allowed or jpegs only for FC pics?

Zoya Nikolova

Location: The Framework
Skills: N/A

Z was inspecting the headpiece she was holding in her hands and marveling at the design and the engineering behind it, her mind beginning to drift further into her ruminations, when she was snapped back into reality as the word 'powers' floated into her ears. She refocused and redirected her attention to Director Fury in time to hear the powers of all who had yet to enter the framework. Z glanced at Niah, her VR helmet already on her head. Well, bugger! She thought. And, of course the Director refused to tell her and those still out of the Framework what powers those already in had received. He could be a prick like that! Well, since we will be in a simulated reality, I suppose withholding this information wouldn't do any real harm and a sort of a lesson would be learned. Doesn't change the fact that the man can still be a prick about certain things, though. Z mused as she considered her own powers. Tranquil Fury and Concussive Roar. The second was pretty straightforward. But what was that Tranquil Fury one about?! Guess I'll have to find out in the field. Z shrugged and put the head gear on.

She took a moment to get her bearings. A sign jumped at her proclaiming 'Welcome to Midtown' and the voice of Harrison Ford warned they had one hour. Harrison Ford, really!?! You couldn't spring for Sean Connery or something!

Looking around Z witnessed something that made her chuckle. Agent Cassandra Reed, their SO, was giving Tinley and some other blond who Z didn't know an ear full. Okay, that's kinda hot! Z thought as she observed the scolding a couple more seconds. Spying Niah, though, Nik rushed to her as she was handing Novikova her shades. I wonder what that's about? The question flashed through her mind as she gave her friend a quick hug. "Hey, sunshine! I'm so glad you survived this crazy crucible of an experiment!" Z stepped back and looked at Niah, who stood a few inches taller than her. "But, damn, you've got guts, girl! Entering a slightly tested virtual environment without a second thought." The explosives engineer added as she listened to Cass' briefing for the mission and her consequent instructions.

Nik groaned inwardly as she heard her assignment, which put her in one team with Tinley. Well, suck it up and push on. Nothing good will come of antagonizing her. When Niah voiced her question to Agent Reed Z could sense her discomfort and uncertainty at what was expected of them. She squeezed her friend's shoulder in comfort and support. "Just follow the SO's lead when it comes to anything physical and don't be afraid to give ideas and input. You'll be okay." Z smiled reassuringly and went to stand with her assigned teammates. She felt a bit apprehensive, being in the vicinity of Tess, but managed to wrestle her ridiculous infatuation down and prevented the blush from tinting her Middle Eastern complexion. Boy, this is gonna be one wild ride!

Although Niah's question to Agent Reed migh have been hesitant, it was still sound. So Z stepped forward to add her own two cents to it. Following Niah's question about how we are supposed to get past the guards... Is it safe to assume we'll be entering the building together and split off into our respective teams once inside? Also, is there any other information about the layout of the building and the positions of our marks that will help with the sweep and clean? Z might not have graduated from the ops academy, but it wasn't like she didn't have any field training. She was a soldier before she was S.H.I.E.L.D. And when facing an enemy of the Brotherhood's caliber, you needed any tactical advantage you could get.
Ah, if only Al had the correct equipment
Hm... Interested. I'll keep my eye on this.
@AmaranthOh, come now. Lys doesn't need Lucian... She has Elle
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