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Hello friends, this will be a final goodbye. Thanks for the warm welcome and the fun times. Farewell.
I believe it's time I said a final goodbye... My presence has been dwindling and I don't want to hold up any actions. Good luck to all remaining and have fun.

@Lucius CypherFeel free to have Shem get lost in the woods or something.
@Pyromania99@Rune_Alchemist Damn it, but I ship it!
@POOHEAD189I think someone will have to slap her around to rouse her or smelling salts if they wished to be more gentle
Shem'et came to consciousness slowly. She was confused. Was she sleeping. She couldn't remember. The crafter sat up and felt things shimmy down and fall beside her. Shem lowered her gaze to see what it was and saw a piece of parchment, a small pouch and some herb. And suddenly it all came back to her. Master Chodok asking her to check on the situation with the mines. Bookie tasking her with finding iron sand, Barthem offering her gold for every pound of Greenwarish she could bring back to him. The pixie. The flummoxed orc.

Shem'et's head snapped up in time to see the orc rousing.

"Damn pixie. Must've hit us wif a sleep spell. Looks like she got away too. Ere's hoping she don't come back an try nuthin." The orc grumbled looking at the Greenwarish beside Shem.

The crafter cleared her throat. "Um... it would appear we've been had by that little puck indeed." She stood and quickly put herself in order. Grabbing the parchment she noticed something scribbled on the back. It was a quick note from Jarynth wishing her well and hoping they could meet again once they got back to town. The tabaxi chuckled softly. "Hope you are okay too, feather boy!" She muttered softly while retrieving the pouch she assumed Jarynth had left for her. Looking inside she realized it only had enough iron sand to lace the sides of the pouch. Not nearly the five pouches worth Bookie wanted. The colorful elf had also marked the spot where he'd found the stuff on her map.

"Right!" Shem'et dusted herself off, put the pouch in her back and focused on the orc. "Well, it would appear I have some more exploring to do. But why don't you take the Greenwarish I've collected and give it to Barthem instead." The tabaxi gathered the herb and offered it to the orc. "I really don't mind and you've suffered enough trying to find some for the merchant." Shem handed the orc the Greenwarish and picking up her stuff made to continue her task of drafting the map and finding the necessary amount of iron sand.

@Lucius Cypher
@POOHEAD189Nice! But Malone is still unconscious She can't join you even if she wanted to.
@Lucius Cypher It's why I asked. It's okay. I don't need to know
@Pyromania99 Damn! Someone scored! Or did she...

@Lucius Cypher Would you permit me a History check to see if Shem'et would know that butcher lady?
@Lucius Cypher Very well, thanks. I'll have a post for you late today.
@Lucius Cypher How much of each iron dust and herb did we find?
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