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This fool.

Robin immediately saw the battle wasn't going well, mostly due to the fact that Thundercloud seemed impervious to his attacks. He knew that his talismans could strike harder, but he didn't know how to properly utilize them. There had been stories in the past of Onmyouji capable of bringing down entire skyscrapers with a single talisman. His talismans were nowhere near as potent, but maybe they could be. He just needed to figure out how-“Kill the emo like he wants! I'll handle the rest!”

Dammit! Robin threw several barrier talismans in between the Stormtroopers and...MidKnight, was it? Hoping to shield the man from the bullets. Of course that meant MidKnight couldn't fire at Thundercloud either, as his barriers would block the bullets from his rifle, too.

Seeing that truck-kun came out of nowhere to try and Isekai Thundercloud, Robin wondered who set it on course to do it. Then it occurred to him that there was a mannequin who had been moving on its own, and suddenly stopped. A spirit, perhaps? wondered Robin. Not that they did much. Thundercloud stopped it, and turned toward the rest of them.

“Alright, you retards, time to die!” Thundercloud let loose another pulse of electricity, this time striking in a wide arc. Robin threw down more barriers, and seeing that he and three others were being targeted, overlapped them in a pattern to maximize the amount of protection. To limit the amount of people he needed to protect, he landed right beside Kestrel, meaning one less barrier needed. Noticing the damage, however, he knew that this building wouldn't last much longer.

"I need to consult with my sensei. Can you protect me?" Not waiting for Kestrel to answer, Robin began chanting again, a magic circle appearing nearby. "Rin! Pyou! Tou! Sha! Kai! Jin! Retsu! Zai! Zen!" Robin immediately attached a talisman to the circle, and there was a huge blast of smoke as he shouted "Pyu, pyu! Hakishujo!" When the smoke cleared, a large cat with two tails was sitting, yawning as if it just woke up. Robin immediately knelt before it. "Narumi-sensei! My talismans aren't powerful enough to breach my foe's defenses. Please, teach me how to better channel my magic."

The cat regarded Robin for a second, its tails twitching in annoyance. After a short moment, the cat opened its mouth. "Fish." Robin looked up at the cat quizzically. "Fish," the cat repeated. "You know the deal. You want my assistance, you want the teachings of a youkai, you need to make an offering. Until then, I have no obligation to do anything for you." The cat suddenly slumped down to the ground with a yawn, leaving a glowering Robin gripping his fist in anger.


Robin's mind worked quickly, as the blasts began to form in Thundercloud's hands. A quick glance around demonstrated that Robin was no longer alone. Who were these people? New heroes, hopefully. He hadn't seen them arrive, having been focused on Thundercloud. He took a moment to chastise himself. It would've been bad if one of these people had come to Thundercloud's aid, and here, Robin didn't notice they came. Seeing that the blasts were aimed not just at him, but those around him, Robin immediately threw his talismans at the ground in front of himself and the other people. Where the talismans landed, a flash indicated a barrier, transparent like a window, appeared.

Robin didn't know how strong the blast was, but he didn't think the barriers would last long. As he heard someone shout "I really hope none of you are with him," he immediately turned to pick up the woman behind him (inadvertently, and subconsciously, resorting to a princess carry,) and flew to get out of the way in case the barrier failed. He landed a short distance away, and put the woman back down.

Producing more talismans, Robin returned his gaze to Thundercloud. "You dare mock the sacred incantations of the Onmyouji?!" Robin said, as his attention shifted slightly to the henchmen who were running in after the blast. He decided to focus on the Storm Troopers, knowing that Thundercloud on his own was a match for him at this current time, and possibly the others here. "If you're all here to help, I suggest we try to isolate Thundercloud! He's the biggest threat in every way possible, but I don't think we can easily deal with him if he has backup!"

Robin threw Talismans at the henchmen rushing in, the small bursts from the paper exploding against their body armor. The armor was relatively unscathed, but one of the henchmen wearing it was sent down to the ground. The man was dazed, and would certainly have trouble getting up after feeling what felt like a dropkick to the chest. Robin took off again, holding Talismans in his hands as he floated in the air.
I'm so lonely.

Thundercloud. Robin remembered not missing any of the supervillains who were killed. But even though the former heroes all succumbed to the virus, in the back of Robin's mind, he logically concluded, statistically speaking, there had to be at least one supervillain or hero who survived. So when the news came on that Thundercloud was not only alive, but up to his old antics, Robin was less surprised and more distraught. Of all the possible supervillains, why did it have to be him?!

Robin had been a bookworm for most of his life. His solution to any problem was to research it, know it inside and out, then use the most effective means to solve it. Robin was a bit of a prepper, and had a plan for any situation. In his downtime, he liked to research supervillains' strengths and weaknesses, on the off chance he would somehow become involved in a situation with them. That was before he discovered his Grandfather's study. And of all the supervillains that Robin hated, it was Thundercloud who really stuck out to him. Robin had researched the obese man, pouring over video and witness accounts of his actions. Robin deduced that he was a lazy man who preferred to take things easy, stuffing his face whenever he got the chance, letting his minions do the heavy lifting for him, and only getting involved if it seemed like things would fail. Much as he would be loathe to admit it, Robin found it an effective strategy, if not detestable and cowardly. On a professional level, Robin found his methods distasteful. On a personal level, Robin was disgusted with his mannerisms and lack of class. The librarian had no time for slobs, and no patience for those who would actively try to hurt others to attain their own goals.

Robin had immediately departed. Despite the rain, he had been taught how to magically coat his talismans to be somewhat waterproof. This was after it started storming suddenly a few days ago. His sensei had taught him a technique for creating a talisman that can survive the elements. While he hadn't perfected it, it was good enough that short of diving into a pool of water, Robin would still be able to use his talismans. The magic that had permeated them would not deteriorate. Taking back alleys and remaining low to the ground, Robin flew off towards the scene, wearing only a ski mask to protect his identity. He had landed just outside the police cordon, and was trying to figure out a way inside, when he noticed a young woman sneaking in. Following behind the distraction she created and remaining out of sight, he waited to see what she could do. Robin watched the young woman as she made her way into the lobby. Did she have some sort of plan? Maybe she can-"I was shocked to learn that a powered individual survived the virus."

The young woman called attention to herself. Thundercloud's disgusting form looked unamused. And by the looks of things, she didn't have a plan past that. Her face said it all. She expected something to happen, but it didn't. Robin sighed, now seeing that he was needed sooner than expected. Before either the villain or the woman could do anything else, Robin produced a few talismans from his jacket, holding them between his fingers like playing cards. He stepped forward out of his hiding spot, walked slowly to interpose himself in between the woman and Thundercloud, all while speaking a mystical Japanese chant. As he spoke, blue flames ignited at the ends of his talismans. "Rin! Pyou! Tou! Sha! Kai! Jin! Retsu! Zai! Zen!" All at once, he tossed one of the handfuls of talismans at Thundercloud as he shouted, "Aku ryou taisan!" They flew like throwing cards toward the fat man, burning bright with magical fire. And where they landed, they exploded like firecrackers, filling the room with a thick smoke. Robin had confidence in his aim, since his Sensei had him practice card throwing along with magic. And as Robin watched the smoke, he brought the other handful of talismans at the ready, reaching into his jacket to grab more. Without looking at the young woman behind him, he addressed her. "I hope you can do more than announce yourself, miss."
To @Zapdos and everyone whom it may concern,

Keeping in short, I have decided to rescind my participation from this roleplay.

As I haven't made any IC posts, I'll proceed to soft-delete my CS from the Characters sub-thread.

I wish you all great fun in the roleplay, do write awesome stories.

With regards,

Sad to see you go, but I respect your decision. Good luck.
You know, I never really liked electric Pokemon, to be honest. I've always been partial to dark or poison types.
No, that wasn't my intention...
If it's possible for her character to one day be like that in the far future, do you think my character could be as powerful as I originally had him?
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